On The Sand At Night

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I own a small hot rod shop in southern California. Not a big place, just 8 bays. I have two guys working for me and we have probably eight or nine cars in to work on at any given time. The work is really fun. I enjoy it immensely. Some times though the customers can drive you crazy. And the government, fuck them! Seems like every federal, state, county and local government agency is trying to reach into you pocket or put you out of business. And if there isn’t enough already they seem to always be trying to come up with more shit to harass you with. Being a small business owner, especially in Southern California is a bitch sometimes. I still get up every morning and go to the shop. Like I said, I like what I do. I put in 10 to 12 hour days six days a week and often go in on Sunday for a few hours if there is something that I need to get done.

Once in a while I just have to do something to relax and relieve the stress. That’s when I discovered walking on the beach. Not during the day but and dusk as the sun is sinking into the western horizon. It’s beautiful, serene and relaxing. The sound of the surf, the warm wet sand under you feet, the gentle sea breeze, the smell of the salt air, it’s almost over whelming. There is a small beach not far from my shop that few people frequent in the evenings. The beach was very busy and crowded in the daytime, but virtually no one was there in the evenings. No houses on the shore line, as it is a state park. I guess you are not supposed to be there after dark, they close the gates to the parking lot and lock them. I found a place at the north end of the beach on a side street where I can park and after crossing a rock outcropping gain access to the beach. There I can walk and meditate by myself. Once in a while I will pass someone else, but not often. I go there about 3 or 4 times a week. It really helps me, lets me think and get things sorted out.

After I had been visiting my beach as I began to think of it, for a few months, I noticed a lady a few years older than me also walking. Sometimes we would meet approaching each other sometimes walking the same direction but a little distance apart, not wanting to invade the others space.

I probably should describe my self to put thing into perspective. I am 62 years old, reasonably good physical condition and health. A few ladies have told me that I am fairly good-looking and well built. I’ll let them judge that. I’ve also been told that I am an alpha male type and come across with a high degree of confidence and trust. Not overbearing but strong. Maybe that’s a good thing. Either way that is who I am.

After this lady and I had passed each other a few times we began to nod and say hi or good evening to each other. Not a big deal, but it was nice. I did notice that when she acknowledged me she would also give me a nice smile. That was nice too. As time went on we became friendlier in our greetings.

I have got to tell you in all honesty that I do not read women well. I often don’t notice some lady taking an interest in me until it is too late. Don’t know why that is. Maybe it’s that I don’t see anything in myself that they would be interested in. Just have never been any good at picking that sort of thing up.

Anyway back to the evening walks. Thing went on this way for about a month until one day she stopped me, put out her hand and said “My name is Kate, what is yours?’

Stopped me in my tracks she did. Sheepishly I took her hand and gently shook it, “Terry my name is Terry, glad to meet you. I see you walking this beach often. Do you live close by?”

“Yes, I don’t live far from here and I just love walking on this beach in the evening, it’s so quite and serene here, so relaxing. I notice that you come here often also.”

“Yes, I do,” I replied. “Do you mind if I walk with you this evening?” I asked.

“Please, I would enjoy your company,” She invited. We walked on up to the north end of the beach making small talk. I learned the she lived on the other side of Pacific Coast Highway about two blocks in a quaint two bedroom cottage that had belonged to her family for two generations. She was single, had been divorced over twenty years ago and had ended a 15 year relationship about three years ago. She still worked, because she liked to and was pretty much content with her life.

When we reached the end of the beach, I told her that it was time for me to head home and that I would see her again in a couple of days on the beach. She said that that would be nice and hoped to see me then. I turned to cross the rock outcropping to get to my truck when she asked if that was where I usually parked. I told her that it was and she mentioned that that was a no parking zone, in fact it was a tow away zone and she was surprised that my truck had not been towed by now. You see, there is the damn government screwing things up again. She then invited me to park in front of her house. Parking was ok there and she wouldn’t istanbul escort mind. I thanked her and took her address and decided that I would do that. I then left and she started back toward her house, which was at the opposite south end of the beach. As I drove away I thought, you big dummy, you could have offered her a ride home. It would have only taken you a few minutes and wasn’t that far out of your way. I told you I was a little slow on the uptake sometimes.

Two days later I returned to the beach in the evening. I found Kate’s address and parked in front of her house. Locked up my truck and headed down the street the two blocks to the beach. As I reached the beach I noticed Kate sitting on one of the picnic table benches at the end of the beach.

“Good evening, would you like to accompany me for a walk on the beach this beautiful evening?” I asked her.

She jumped up and replied, “Yes, You good looking man, I would like that very much.”

We started off up the beach at a very leisurely pace and began talking about nothing, just talking and walking together.

I began to notice Kate as a physical person. She was fairly tall, maybe 5’8″ to my 5’10”, slim, but with a good figure. She usually wore a blouse and a full skirt. It was a little hard to tell how good her figure was dressed this way. I could tell that she had nicely shaped breasts and a pretty face and a very infectious smile. She had short grayish hair that framed the delicate features of her face. Her eyes and smile seemed to light up when she spoke to me. We walked up the beach and back, which took about an hour. We made small talk and it was very pleasant being with her. As we headed back across PCH to my truck and her house, she invited me in for coffee. I accepted and we had coffee and talked for another half an hour. I then excused myself, as I had to get home. On the drive home I thought, what an enjoyable evening. I really appreciated her company.

I returned to the beach two days later, parked my truck in front of Kate’s house and walked down to the beach. There she was sitting on the bench of the picnic table.

“Waiting for some one?” I asked with a smirk.

“Yes, But you will do for now,” she replied and got off the bench and joined me. By the time we reached the north end of the beach the sun was just beginning to set.

Would you like to sit on this rock outcropping an watch the sun set?”

“Yes, that would be nice,” was her response sitting down next to me.

We sat there next to each other, close but not touching and watched the sun set. I could feel the heat of her body and it felt good to be next to her. When the sun had set and darkness was beginning to overcome us we got up and started back down the beach. After we had walked a short distance she reached over and took my hand in hers. I gave her hand a gentle squeeze, which she returned. Small things but carry so much meaning sometimes. We walked hand in hand down the beach. We parted at my truck and she went in and I drove off. I was beginning to really like this lady and lady she was. Ok, so I was finally figuring out that she might like me too. That was good, but I decided that I was not going to rush this, as I didn’t want to scare her off. Just take it slow and easy.

We went on like this for another month. Holding hands as we walked along the beach. Making small talk, but nothing heavy. Sometimes I would go in for coffee after we walked, but not always. It was just a very warm, pleasant relationship. Things started to change a little one evening when we returned to her house. We had progressed to the goodnight hug when we parted in the evening, but on this particular evening she tilted her head up and we kissed. Just a nice warm soft, sensual kiss. We leaned back from each other, smiled and said goodnight. I thought about this encounter all the way home and throughout the next day. It was nice, very nice.

I didn’t see Kate again for two days. I called to ask if she was going to walk on the beach that night. She said that she was and was I going to be there. I told her that I was, but would be a little later than usual. Told her that I would meet her there.

I didn’t arrive at the beach until about 8:00 that evening. We had missed the sunset and it was starting to get dark. There wasn’t time to do our usual walk all the way up the beach and back, so we would probably cut it short and only go half way before turning around. As I approached the beach I saw her sitting on the picnic table bench waiting for me.

“I hope you haven’t been waiting long.”

“No, not long at all, just glad that you are here now,” she replied as she rose to greet me. As she came close to me she took my hand and gave me a quick loving kiss on the cheek and we started off up the beach.

As it was late summer, the weather was still very warm. The sand was warm under our feet as avcılar escort we walked. We made small talk on our way up the beach until we reached our turn around point. As we stopped to turn around to head back my arm slipped around her small waist and I held her closer to me. This was much better than just holding hands. When my arm encircled her waist she stopped abruptly and turned to look into my eyes. We stood looking into each other’s eyes for a minute or two and then our arms encircled each other and we pulled each other into a long and passionate kiss. Her lips were warm, soft, inviting and exciting. As we kissed she parted her lips and I felt the tip of her tongue reach mine. We stood there holding each other and kissed for sometime before letting go and starting to walk back down the beach. Instead of holding hands now, we each had our arm around the other’s waist. It almost felt as though were joined at the hip. It felt very good. I let my hand slide down to feel the cheek of her beautifully shaped ass. She offered no resistance. I held it and massaged it the rest of the way back down the beach.

The attraction between us seemed to be growing, with mutual consent. I still didn’t want to rush things too fast. When we parted in front of her house I gave her a long and passionate kiss and let my hand gently cup her breast through her blouse. Again there was no resistance, if fact it seemed as though she actually pressed her breast deeper into my touch. As we parted I told her that I would meet her the next night at the same time. The next day was particularly warm and again I was late getting to the beach. Again the sun had set by the time that I met her. We started of up the beach arm in arm. She seemed very happy and we were really enjoying each other’s company. Again I let my hand slide down to caress her hip and the cheek of her well formed ass. Did I just notice something? I felt no panty line under her skirt. When we reached our turn around point I took her in my arms and kissed her. Open mouthed, tongues touching, hard on raging. As I moved my hands up and down her back from her lower cheeks to her shoulder blades, I felt no bra. Was she naked under her blouse and skirt? I hoped so. The thought was scintillating. I knew that she could feel my erection pressed into her stomach and she did not pull back. I wanted this woman, I wanted her badly, but was still not going to rush things. Take it slow and easy and throughly enjoy the trip. She offered not resistance to my touch at all, in fact whenever and wherever I touched her she seemed to press her body into me, accepting what I was doing and asking for more. We stood there on the beach embracing, kissing and touching each other for some time.

I pulled her down onto the warm sand and held her in a close embrace and kissed her as passionately as I knew how. She responded in kind. I started unbuttoning her blouse and she offered no resistance. She began unbuttoning my shirt and pulled it out of my trousers. I removed her blouse and laid it on the sand next to us, she placed my shirt on top of it. I was right, no bra, and just two perfect globes in the golden moonlight. Her raspberry nipples stood erect and succulent a top her perfect pert breasts. I looked into her eyes as she smiled at me and rubbed my chest with her hands. This was too good. I kissed and suckled her breasts and nipples as she embraced me and kissed my neck and ears. I moved my had down to pull the hem of skirt up and began caressing her inner thighs. They were smooth, warm and soft. I slid my hand higher up her thigh to touch her vagina. No panties, what was this. It was good that is what this was. I stroked her pubic mound, feeling the softness of her trimmed pubic hair. She moaned in response to this. I slipped my finger down to feel her labia, which by this time was very, warm and wet. I slid my fingers up and down her private lips and eventually slipped one finger inside of her. I felt more heat and wetness. She responded by moaning softly and raising her hips up into my hand and fingers. I could feel the muscles inside her vagina contracting on my fingers as I stroked in and out of her. I started to move down on her so that I could put my mouth on her pussy, but she stopped me momentarily. She unzipped the zipper at the waist of her skirt, raised her hips and slipped it off, depositing it along with our other clothing. Her she was naked in the moonlight. Shear beauty lying there before me. She spread her legs inviting me in. I didn’t hesitate and move my mouth down to kiss and suckle her hot wet pussy. I lick, kissed and sucked on her pussy vigorously. I licked, nibbled and sucked her clitoris until I felt her climax. She didn’t scream, just tightened and tensed every muscle in her body, closing her legs on my head so as not to allow me to escape until she was finished. I could feel and taste the wetness pouring out of her as she climaxed. She must have had at şirinevler escort least two or three orgasms before she released me and collapsed back on the warm sandy beach. She was breathing heavily and I could feel her heart racing.

It took a few minutes for her to recuperate, and then she pulled me up so that she could hug me and give me a big wet kiss.

“I loved that, it was wonderful! I could do that forever, you make me feel so very, very good!” She said to me in a very soft seductive voice that was barely above a whisper.

“It was all my pleasure to please you my love.” I replied. There I had said it the “L” word. It was like an elephant standing next to us on the beach. This would change everything. But I had said it and felt that I meant it. My only hope was that she felt the same. If she didn’t this could end it right here and now. I waited anxiously to see what her response was going to be.

She pushed me back slightly and sat up, then stood. She reached her hand out to me and pulled me up by my arm to stand in front of her. She undid my belt and trousers and slid them along with my underwear down to the ground. She pulled my hand so that I would step out of them and knelt in front of me. She put her hands around my raging erection and caressed and stroked it gently. She placed her lips on the head and kissed it. She swirled her tongue around it and then took me into her mouth. The sensation was wonderful. She sucked my cock deep into her mouth and throat for a few minutes. Then suddenly she pulled back, stood, grabbed my hand and hurriedly pulled me toward the water. She was laughing and obviously delighted.

We ran into the surf until we were deep enough to start swimming. We swam out a short distance. We began caressing and touching each other as we treaded water. This limited what we could do while trying to stay afloat. We would engage in a full body embrace and let our selves sink into the water, we would then release and rush back to the surface to catch our breath. Soon she stopped and turned and started taking long strokes to return to the beach with me in hot pursuit behind her. Once back on the beach she grabbed me and pulled me down on top of her on the wet hard sand. My mind wanted her, my body wanted her and I believed that she wanted me also. She spread her legs to accept me as I lay on top of her, the surf breaking over us as we embraced. I entered her with one smooth slow stroke, She gasped and hugged me tightly. As I moved in and out of her she responded in kind moving to me in perfect unison. The only thing interrupting our rhythm was the surf breaking over our joined bodies. We made love like this until we both came, me just momentarily before her. When we had both climaxed we lay holding each other as the surf continued to break over us. It was warm out that night and the cool surf washing over us was refreshing.

“It’s been a long time and I have been wondering how long it was going to take you to realize that this is what I wanted.” She spoke softly into my ear.

“I just wanted to be sure that this is what you wanted.” I replied. “We’d better get out of here before we get caught. That would be embarrassing.”

With that said we got up and raced back to our cloths. We dress hurried over our wet bodies. And headed back to her house. Fortunately there was no one around, so we guessed that we had not been seen. We were both giggling over what we had done as we walked. We had acted like a couple of teenagers, but it had been fun and exciting.

We returned to her house and she invited me in to shower to wash off the saltwater and sand. I accepted and we went in. She led me back to the bath and we undressed and turned the shower on. This was my first chance to see her nude in the light and I must say that she had an incredible body, tight, petite and well proportioned. Pert small breasts, a small waist, small trimmed muff and nicely shaped hips and rear were all part of the package. She was pretty and inviting.

We entered the shower and began soaping up. It was incredible to run my hands over her shapely small frame and feel her soft smooth skin under my fingers. I spent extra time washing her pussy and she seemed to appreciate the attention. My dick also received a fair amount of attention from her. We turned of the shower and dried each other off.

“There is something that I would like to do and I wonder if I could get you to help me?” She asked.

“What is that?” I replied.

“Well, I’ve been thinking about shaving. Would you like that? Would you like to help me do it? Would you find that sexually appealing?” She asked.

“In a heart beat, fantasies do come true!” I exclaimed.

With that she turned and opened the door of the bathroom sink vanity and started removing items and putting them on the vanity. While she was doing this I had the most delectable view of back or thighs and ass that almost drove me crazy. My cock got instantly hard and ready for action. I stepped up to her and held her around her waist and pressed my stiff member up against the crack between her cheeks. She responded by backing into me and grinding her ass against my cock. She removed my grip on her and turned around and smiled as she said, “Later for that, right now you have work to do.”

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