One Amazing Birthday!

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It was his 40th birthday, his wife in Afghanistan, his kids had celebrated with him but it hadn’t been a wonderful birthday this year. His partner in crime, Robert, had decided that he was going to go to a strip or gentleman’s club to have some fun after the fact. So in the days following his birthday he steeled himself for a fun evening albeit one that he knew would end in blue balls and frustration. Considering he had to been one of these places only once in the last 18 years he figured he’d have a bit of fun, I mean let’s face it, every guy loves titties and ass. Chad had never been to one in Virginia but figured they were all a lot alike. The girls here had to wear pasties on their nipples, and were also required to keep the thong on. Some other establishments he had been in had required much less, many all nude.

Chad and Robert took their seats about 8pm that night and watched the first few girls up on the stage, watching the dancing on the poles while drinking. It was fun, not quite arousing yet, except for the little blonde pixie that strongly resembled Harley Quinn bouncing around the room playing hostess. She talked to them for a bit finding out why they were there, besides the obvious. She giggled when they told her and leaned down and whispered in Chad’s ear, “Well you don’t look a day over 35, and you’re cute.” With that she kissed his cheek and bounced away to get them another drink.

“Oh guys,” she said as she flitted back over, “Watch these next couple girls, I love them both.”

Robert looked over at me, gave a wink and watched as the next girl came up on stage, “Daphne, welcome to the mainstage,” the DJ said as she sauntered up onto the platform. She looked a lot like Winnie Cooper from the wonder years except a bit larger rack and did things Winnie never would I’m sure.

“Hey,” Robert said, “That’s the one from last time I was telling you about.”

She could definitely work the pole, and her ass was just about the right size for me. I really liked everything about her, but I figured Robert wanted a shot at her again after his story in the car. I just smiled and after some pushing from Robert, I went up and tipped her sliding a few ones into the garter type strap on her thigh. She smiled back and jiggled her ass a bit, enticing but still just not the one.

Let me say, every guy knows when he goes to one of these places what he’s looking for. That one that catches your eye, the one that’s not your everyday girl. Some guys go for redheads that they normally wouldn’t ever date, or bigger breasts than those they usually get to play with. Something outside the usual. You have a smorgasbord of choices and you don’t want to be limited, especially if you’re going to get more than just a table dance from her. You want a girl from the very beginning that turns you on.

So as Daphne finished her routine I looked at Robert, who was enthralled, and knew he was hooked for at least the next few minutes. “Now gentlemen, let’s welcome Cassandra to the mainstage,” I looked over. “Hmm, I thought, definitely not my normal type I go for but I like the way she moves, pretty face,” I was looking her up and down while processing all this, and then she glanced back over her shoulders, it was dark then so I couldn’t tell exactly what color her eyes were but she beamed a come hither smile and damn, if I wasn’t hers yet it was almost a lock. Cassandra looked back again as she slid down to the stage floor, her little skirt riding up exposing her ass, she watched my face as she began to wiggle. Everyone else seemed to fade away for a moment as our eyes locked and she danced. I got up and went to tip her, brushing against her ass as I slid the tip into her thigh band.

As I watched her work the pole and spin her way down all I could think was this was at least the girl for the first dance of the evening. Her breasts, small but pert, ass small but toned, and her smile and face, were the real attraction. Yes, I had noticed every inch of her body, make no mistake, but watching a female entertainer’s face always seemed primary for me after glancing her body over. Here’s why, those women that get trapped into doing this, or hate their job, their eyes are dead, faces even when they smile seem expressionless. You don’t want that girl doing your dance, she may be amazing but you know she’s only doing it for the money. The other girls might to but those with light in their eyes, having fun, playing it up, those are the ones that 9 times out of 10 will put their everything into a table dance, conversation, lap dance. LIFE!

Cassandra came down off the stage and smiled as she slipped her outfit and shoes back on and then made her way over to where we were sitting. I pushed out a chair for her asking her to sit. From the moment she opened her mouth I knew I wanted her on my lap, we talked, she told us about the pricing for dances and her preferences. She was as cute as could be and I wanted some private time with her. But before that could happen the DJ announced it was two for one table dances, I looked at her, asked her if she’d like to do one right then. bakırköy escort She smiled and stood up, “Sure I would,” she replied. I handed her the money and she slowly began a sensuous dance. Now you can’t touch them and they aren’t supposed to touch you at the tables but damn, if my mouth could water right there it would have. Robert even smacked me…” Damn she’s hot dude.”

What kept me on the edge of my seat was even as she shook what she could right here, she smiled and her eyes constantly watched me to see where I was looking and how much of my interest she had. I actually couldn’t wait for the damn two for one dance to end because I wanted to get this over with and get her back in a private area for a lap dance.

As soon as Cassandra finished she sat back down and I offered to buy her a drink, she leaned over, “Or if we go back for a dance you get two, one for you and one for me.”

“Let’s go!” I told her with a smile.

After paying and getting our drinks ordered, we sat behind a cushion on this extended leather couch. Cassandra started by leaning over my lap, I asked if I could spank and she just smiled and slapped her own ass. “Of course,” she whispered. After two decent, feeling out spanks she slid onto the couch with her knee nudging my cock, rubbing it getting a feel for what she was working with.

Cassandra climbed up on my lap and began grinding, we spoke as I ran my hands over her body up and down, teasing her pasty covered nipples and squeezing her ass. I’d like to tell you more but that first ride is a bit of a blur. It felt so good, and she gave it her all for the full time. Towards the end she said I could choke her a bit if I wanted. Damn, right then I’m pretty sure I lost a bit of a load in those boxers. It had been over three months since I touched a woman. So this was sensory overload.

When the dance finished Cassandra said she’d come back and say hi, I immediately headed to the overpriced ATM and pulled out more money. Knowing there’d be a round two for her tonight, although I briefly contemplated the red head working the floor, Cassandra had been perfect. I wanted to try her again to see if that same amazing feel was there. She came back a little while later having been outside on a break and then working the second stage.

She plopped down next to me, and began talking, as Robert was currently engaged with the adorable redhead that we had both ogled a bit. She was giving him a table dance that both Cassandra and I admired while the music played. “She’s one of my favorites here,” Cassandra sweetly said.

She also pointed out a few girls that came up on the stage and told us to watch the next one coming up on the mainstage, that she was the true pole dancer in the club and probably the best at it. We watched the tall, dark skinned girl work up and down the pole, amazed at her dexterity at flipping around and her strength. In between all this she had pulled out her cellphone and shown us a picture of her adorable daughter. A little while later, knowing we were going to have to leave soon I asked Cassandra if she wanted round 2. Her eyes lit up and she confirmed with a nod and lip bite. This time she didn’t hesitate at all she slid up and straddled me and began grinding nearly immediately. My hands found her ass and squeezed, I took a pasty covered nipple between my teeth and ran my tongue around it and generally did everything I could with her.

Cassandra spun around on my lap and put that perfect ass down flexing it around my cock, grinding on it, moaning and playing it up perfectly. I brushed her hair to the side and told her to tap when the pressure got too hard as I squeezed her neck, I bit down in the soft side of her exposed neck as well, her sensuous moans turning me on even more.

“It’s not fair you are leaving right after this, I’m going to be horny the rest of the night,” she whimpered.

Just as I knew she was getting close, or damn she was good at faking the buildup, I told her to spin around and grind her clit against my cock. I could feel the swollen little nub rocking again me, and I lifted up so that her feet knees weren’t touching the seat, letting her rock freely as I grinded against her. I pulled her down and whispered, “Cum for me!”

She definitely soaked the front of my dress pants, so some of that arousal was real, and she whimpered and came, looking pretty tired after she finished. As the bouncer in back told her our time was up, I asked if I could get her number so she could let me know when she worked in the future. But instead of taking her number she gave me her phone and I typed in the number and my name. I got a quick hug and then headed out to find Robert ready to go.

As we left, I figured that was it I wouldn’t hear from this girl again. About two days later I got a text from her, telling me who it was and asking how I was doing. Over the next week we chatted about five minutes a day via text. She did finally ask when I’d be coming back, letting me know she’d love for another visit. I told her I’d try the following week beşiktaş escort and then we flirted a bit back and forth. The next trip was even better. I decided to spend a little extra for a more private couch area. Knowing it would only be one dance this time, and I went by myself after my friend back out so she wouldn’t hurt her new boy toy’s feelings.

I slipped in about 1 am and when she saw me, Cassandra immediately hopped up from the table she was at and came to sit with me. We talked for a bit and then I asked her to go back to the private area. When she heard the splurge of the minor upgrade she bumped my hip with hers and smiled. We ordered the coinciding champagne that went with that upgrade and she immediately once again started that knee against my cock working it up. She grinded for a few minutes until the champagne got there. This hot little dark skinned girl with a killer British accent brought in our drink and glasses. She also told us a story how she had almost burnt down the private room earlier that evening with the sparkler that goes in the champagne.

As soon as she was gone and we had a drink Cassandra was right back on my lap as I adjusted my cock to go straight up instead of down the leg of my pants this time. She centered on it and grinded away. I whispered in her ear that I wanted her out of here. She needed to break that rule and give in this time. I knew several things about her private life and while this was dangerous territory it was also a thrill. Cassandra grinded away and whimpered that she would love to but she wasn’t sure. We still had about ten minutes to go when they announced all alcohol had to be drunk and gone in the next five minutes. So we sat up and finished the champagne off, knowing it was going to hit us both. Cassandra then got a little wilder and rode me hard, as I slipped a hand up brushing her lips her mouth caught my fingers and she sucked. “OMG,” I know I gasped, thinking, if she does that for too much longer I’m going to cum right here, right now.

“Promise me one thing,” she asked as my fingers left her mouth, “If we do this, not saying we will, but if we do, you’ll fuck me hard, be rough.”

I know she felt me throb against her, “Fine, if we do this, I’m going to fuck you so hard and rough,” I replied, biting the side of her neck and telling her to spin around.

I pulled her head down by my chest, as she straddled me, putting her hand on the back of my neck, and then she leaned in kissed my neck and nibbled as she ground her clit into my cock and came. She smiled up after shaking for a minute, she slid off my lap onto the couch, “I can finish you if you want,” she said, “just give me a minute.”

“No honey, I’m good,” I told her.

“God, I’m going to have to go find a dry thong after this,” she exclaimed turning red as she said it.

I could feel her juices had soaked into my lap, I really wanted to taste it from the source and I told her that and she smiled. Maybe someday.

I walked outside and talked to her while she smoked, normally a huge turnoff, like a deal breaker for me, but hey everybody has exceptions. Cassandra just happened to be mine so far all the way around.

A few days and texts went by. We talked a bit, knowing her home life was a bit jumbled at the moment I tried not pushing. But I threw out the offer for lunch or a late night drink sometime a few times. She said she was extremely tempted but just couldn’t, at least not yet.

It was just over a week before I was back in there again by myself. This time with a broken foot. This hot little tease definitely knew how to work me and get me in to see her, but I did make her ask each time. Not prove she wanted me there but express a desire that she did want me to visit. I slid in to a table, they were quite busy that evening. I sat there for a few minutes, when she hopped up from a seat near me, her back had been to me, and she smiled and walked over asking how long I had been there.

We talked for a few minutes while I waited for my drink to be delivered and then she asked me what I wanted her to do, if she should get up on the stage as her time was nearing, or if she should just stay and talk or did we want a dance in the back. “Let’s go!” I told her.

As we sat down opposite another dancer with her partner for allotted time she once again pounced. I knew I had to be gentle as she had just recently, as in the day before, gotten her nipples pierced. I lightly ran a thumb over them, god I wanted that pasty off, I wanted to lick and tease her, I respected her position as an entertainer but I would be lying if I didn’t say I wanted her stripped and riding me right then.

We talked, flirted, drank, grinded. Once again leaving my crotched soaked with her wetness. She got my fingers in her mouth again and I really just was getting to the point I wanted to throw her down and fuck her until she begged for a break. She told me that she wished it was that easy and she finally got dressed after they told her time was up. We took our drinks back out to the table. I beylikdüzü escort went out with her while she smoked and we talked a bit again.

When we went back in there was a two for one, I knew I wasn’t going to pay for another private dance tonight so I went with this. She smiled and broke the no touching rule, but subtly, her legs were in constant contact with mine and I watched her face until she turned sideways and bounced that cute ass again.

Cassandra got called up to the second stage again, and I watched her go up, even with the broken foot I hobbled around to a closer chair and just watched. She played it up, shaking to a few people that were around watching and then turned back to me. Cassandra grinned and those eyes shined as she got down with her face near the stage and that ass up in the air, facing away from me. I watched her eyes as she shook her ass. I could only imagine what was going through her mind right then.

The night finally wrapped up after one more two for one dance, which she maintained the contact again and then I left. We texted a bit in spurts over the next week. Flirty at times, other times real conversation about life. I wanted to see her outside of work. Lunch, and hell yes, if I could get her alone, I wanted to taste her lips, and more. But I really just wanted to see her outside of the loud environment.

I had told her I was working on a little story for her and when I told her again I wanted to see her outside of work, she said she’d wanted to read it before deciding if we were going to go forward with seeing each other outside of there that way.

So as I opened the laptop to finish I found the whole thing had been deleted. I had been working on it a few nights ago without saving when my computer had rebooted itself. Damn. So I started again, trying to put back word for word. Which works out well when you have a great memory for things you’ve already written.

I sent her the story and she said we could talk about it if I visited Sunday when I said I would be there next. Or if I wanted we could discuss it later in text after she got off. We talked a little that night but she teased me. I really wanted to see her, torn, I didn’t want to spend the money for a lapdance, I’d rather spend it on taking her out, having lunch and whatever else, but I knew I’d relent.

Sunday night rolled around and a buddy of mine went to the club and when I walked in Cassandra had just come from the restroom and she leaned in behind me and whispered, “Nice ass!” I grinned hearing her voice and spun around to give her a quick hug. The place wasn’t too busy so I knew we’d have no problem getting drinks or dancers to our table if we wanted. Although I really knew I only wanted this one, Cassandra, by my side tonight.

Carlos, slid in got a drink and watched some of the girls, one stopped to talk to him and Cassandra leaned in from her chair next to me and her hand slid onto my knee. “Can you take me in private I want a bit of time with just you.”

“I’ll be back brother,” I said to Los as I slipped away hand in hand with Cassandra. She smiled, eyes sparkling again.

“We can do either dance you want, the private one or the semi-private one if you want to save a little tonight,” her smile still bright as she hopped around.

I paid for the semi-private one, mainly because I wanted beer instead of champagne, she smiled and told me this was fine for tonight. As soon as she started her dance she changed it up a little. She put her shoe up on the bench between my legs and went to unstrap it, brushing her hand against my rapidly hardening cock a few times. Nudging me against the side of the couch right next to the curtained doorway she spun around and put her hand on my thing to brace herself and then dropped her hand back just a bit, looking over her shoulder at me she squeezed my shaft and stroked lightly before plopping down. I knew she wasn’t supposed to use her hands and she had definitely been hiding it coyly from view as she did it.

Cassandra spun again and squared her already throbbing clit down on my lap, “So, how are you doing? “she asked with a giggle as she grinded against me.

“Oh, I’m fucking excellent now, how are you doing?” I responded.

“Chad, I’m dripping and I just got on you, was everything you wrote true?” she asked.

Looking into her brown eyes, I had often thought they were milk chocolate colored and what’s funny is when I had asked her that is exactly what she told me. A mix between milk chocolate and a mocha. I pulled her close and whispered into her ear, “Every part up until the things we’ve not done yet, those are just really strong hopes or promises, whichever you want them to be.”

Cassandra gave a small shiver and pushed her clit down hard against the head of my cock. Even though there were clothes between us, our desires were evident. Leaning in close to me hiding her face with her hair, masking the rest of her body, she slipped a finger in her thong and quickly pulled it back out. I watched as she lifted her finger and shifted back to riding me, her finger nearing my face. I could see the wetness on it as she brought it to my lips, softly running her finger over it before letting my tongue swirl and taste what she offered. She leaned over just as quickly again and this time turned just enough to give me a quick peck and lick across my lips before sitting back.

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