One Hot Day

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Full disclosure. I’m not a writer, and have no aspirations to be. I just had a once in a lifetime experience and wondered if knowing that others read my account and got off on it, if that would be as hot as my usual exhibitionism. So here it goes . . .


O.k., I’ll admit it. I’m a bit of an attention whore. Men or women, boys or girls, I love to catch anyone checking me out. My nipples tingle and my pussy pulses when I feel eyes on my body. I want to read their thoughts, the dirtier the better.

Of course, the easiest marks are the teenage boys. And the best time of year is summer. I’m home now on break from college. It’s been hot, so I’ve taken every opportunity possible to put on an itty-bitty bikini and head for the lake. As my brother and I have to share a car, I have a ready-made supply of prying eyes.

He’s 18, starting college in the fall. He and his friends are enjoying one last summer together before all heading their separate ways. They’ve been checking me out for years, and I’ve never tired of their attention. When my curves bring out their bulges. Mmmm, I just love it.

We had a good day. The lake was crowded with a lot of really good-looking ataşehir escort bayan girls. The competition was stiff, but I was certainly making my share of stiffies. I let my bro’s two friends take turns putting sunscreen on my back. They’re always so eager to please. After a few hours of fun, we were all hot and tired and ready to go.

After dropping his friends off, we headed home. I was dying for a cool shower. It had been really hot and the sweat and sunscreen needed to come off. As usual, I left the bathroom door open a crack to let li’l bro get his fix. As I stepped out, I knew immediately he wasn’t going to disappoint me. I could see in the mirror he was getting his peek on.

While the cool shower had made me clean, it had done nothing for the heat inside. I was horny as hell, and no boyfriend to help me out. I can’t say it was pre-meditated. Although I had welcomed his peeking for years, it really had never occurred to me to take it any further. That day, I just needed more.

“Hey Just,” I said, “I know you’re dying to get in the shower. Go for it, you don’t have to wait for me to get dry.” And with that I yanked the door open, standing absolutely escort kadıköy stark naked for his popping eyes to take in. Not surprisingly, he was frozen in place. “Hello,” I said, snapping my fingers in front of his eyes, “come on, get in there.”

He slipped past me, averting his eyes as though too embarrassed to look. He stripped with his back to me, but as he got in the shower I got a quick look at his profile. He was in hard-on city. Hah.

While I couldn’t see clearly through the frosted glass, I could tell that his erection wasn’t going anywhere. I stayed in the bathroom, ostensibly to talk. I wanted movie recommendations (yeah right). He finally shut the water off. I made sure there was no towel within easy reach, so he’d have to get out. He tried his best to hide his shock that I was still there, naked as a jaybird.

I kept talking, watching him towel off. My pussy was absolutely throbbing, it was such a thrill. I bet he’d never been longer or harder. “Just, you really have a great body, you’re going to be getting a lot of ladies at college.” He laughed and said, “Yeah, I hope so, but I bet none of them will be as hot as you.”

That was all I needed bostancı escort to hear. I stepped towards him and said, “Just, please don’t stop me, o.k., just go with it.” I dropped a bunch of towels on the floor, then but my hands on his shoulders and pushed him down. He obeyed, laying down in front of me, his beautiful cock ready for me.

I put a foot on each side of his waist and slowly lowered myself. My breasts hung tantalizingly down, finally inches from his face. I smiled and made them gently sway over him. “Suck them,” I implored. He didn’t disappoint.

Now normally, I need foreplay. But sometimes, I’m so far gone so fast, well, wham bam thank you ma’am is just what I need. As he played with my tits, I reached down and brought his cock to my entrance and slowly sank down. The poor boy couldn’t take it. I had no idea how much experience he had, but I’m guessing very little, as he was thrusting and whimpering and came in under a minute. I didn’t care, and as he didn’t get soft we kept a rhythm going and I was coming myself in no time.

We lay there together for awhile. As we finally came to our senses, we looked at each other and kind of laughed. “What just happened?” he said.

“I don’t know bro, but savour the flavor, but it isn’t going to happen again.”

“Yeah, I didn’t think so.”

We got up. As he headed for his bedroom, he stopped, turned, and said, “But I can keep looking, right?”

“Oh yeah.”

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