One of Those Days Ch. 04

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Thanks to SexyKitty_B for editing.

Dani came in through the backdoor and was hardly surprised to find her brother and me fucking on the living room floor. I was on my back, my legs high up in the air, with my own panties draped over my face. Tyler was on his knees shafting me slow and deep.

“God, have you guys been at it all day?” Dani asked. Neither of us answered and we just kept doing what we were doing.

Tyler had — like his sister — skipped all of his afternoon classes and had been fucking me non-stop ever since he’d gotten home. I was sore, sweaty and exhausted. He had left no hole untouched!

I had had three major orgasms and multiple smaller ones, while Tyler had shot about five loads. I had swallowed one, taken two up my cunt, one up my butt and one in the face. I had particularly liked the one to the face, because he had been talking to Dani on the phone while shooting that one. It had made me feel small and insignificant!

And now here I was, on my hands and knees, getting fucked like a bitch.

“Sis, I know I promised to fuck your ass as soon as you got home, but…” Tyler grunted as he pointed down at me.

“No worries,” Dani replied as she started taking off her clothes, “I’m sure I can find something to keep me busy.”

“I really missed you guys,” she whispered as she approached us, completely naked except for her shoes and socks.

She sat down on her ass in front of me and scooted closer until her twat was right under my face. I knew what was expected of me and so I started eating out my girl.

“Did you do it?” Tyler asked as he kept on fucking me.

“Yeah, I dumped the loser,” Dani replied, knowing that her choice of words would entice her brother into shafting me even harder.

I poked my head up, licked my lips and said, “Judging from how much cum there’s in here, he had some fun before getting dumped.”

“He did,” Dani replied, as I got back to licking her twat, “But most of it is his father’s.”

Baffled, I chuckled, “You little whore!”

Tyler, equally surprised and shocked, stammered, “You… fucked… his…”

It was all he could utter, before being overwhelmed by another powerful climax. As his cum was shooting up his shaft, he pulled out of me and for a moment I thought he was either going to cover my ass or back in his goo, but he had something else in mind.

Tyler jumped up, took about two medium steps and squatted down over Dani’s face, aiming his throbbing dick at her nose. Just a moment later, he shot his cream and covered her entire slut face with his gooey sperm, creaming her eyes shut and clogging up her nose.

“You asshole,” she chuckled softly, but didn’t move an inch. It was obvious that she was far more horny than angry or even annoyed. I kept licking her, my tongue going berserk over her sensitive little clit, trying to give her as much pleasure as I could.

When Tyler was done ejaculating in his sister’s face, he was about to get up and move back, but Dani put her hands on his knees.

“Don’t go… stay where you are and get on your knees,” she whispered.

Tyler, although a bit confused, did as his sister requested, straddling her chest; his flaccid dick dangling against her neck.

“I want you to do that again,” Dani said, determined and clearly horny.

“What? Cum in your face?” Tyler asked dumbfounded, “Look, Dani, I’d love to, but I don’t think…”

“Mom, stop licking and get over here,” Dani stated, interrupting her brother. I got up and kneeled down directly above the two fingers of her right hand which she was energetically wiggling around. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what she was planning to do with those fingers.

After slipping them into my already battered twat, she looked up at me and whispered, “Mom, jerk off Tyler… I want a second load in my face!”

Liking the idea, but somewhat doubting the feasibility of her nasty plan, I slowly wrapped my hand around my son’s tiny dick and started tugging him ever so slightly.

“Dani, your father is probably on his way home now. I don’t know if we have time for this,” I warned her. Dani obviously didn’t care and started moving her fingers in and out of my twat.

“So, I went over to Carl’s to break up with him…” she whispered.

To our pleasant surprise, she started telling us in explicit detail what she’d done over at her – former – boyfriend’s house. The constant interruptions, getting creamed in the face in front of Carl’s mom, sucking and fucking his father in the shower and cuckolding Carl while wearing his sister’s clothes.

I noticed Tyler’s dick getting hard again. Not surprisingly, as this was one of the hottest and nastiest things I had ever heard. Dani’s fingers were driving me insane too and I was well on my way to having another orgasm.

She continued telling us about the family meeting. How Carl’s mom had sucked his cock, how his father had fucked his daughter, Dee, and how Dani herself had been on cleaning detail. Then, finally, how pendik escort she had ruined Carl’s orgasm for no good reason, with the help of his mom.

While she was telling us how she and Dee had made out for a little bit just to spite Carl even more, Tyler moaned loudly and started convulsing. I aimed his half-hard dick over Dani’s face as I stroked him to a finish, not far off from an orgasm myself.

As soon as Tyler was empty and stumbled away from us, completely spent now, Dani turned her cum-drenched face towards me and said, “You too… cum in my face too.”

“Jeez Dani,” I whispered as I lifted myself off of her fingers, straddled her head and started fingering my sodden twat, while using the fingers of my other hand to feverishly rub my clit.

I quickly made myself cum and squirted in my daughter’s face, over and over again. She loved every nasty moment of it, turning her head left to right, moaning and whining. When I was done squirting, I dismounted her and collapsed on the floor, in the middle of the living room.

“Mom, I…” Dani started to say, but was interrupted by the sound of the garage door opening.

“Shit,” I whispered as I jumped up and started gathering my clothes. Dani and Tyler did the same and we all ran out of the living room and up the stairs. Tyler headed for his room, while us girls headed for the bathroom.

We threw our clothes in the laundry hamper and as I stepped in the shower, Dani started washing herself at one of the sinks. I heard Ryan walking into the hallway, closing the door to the garage. I think we were both assuming that he’d simply head into the living room and stay there, at least for a few minutes. Imagine our surprise when we suddenly, after barely ten seconds, heard footsteps on the stairs.

In a panic, Dani made a run for the door. But when she realized she wasn’t going to make it on time, she ducked in behind it, hiding between the half open door and the wall. Realizing hubby would walk up to me as soon as he saw me, I jumped out of the shower, turned off the faucet, grabbed a nearby large towel and dashed towards the half-open door.

“I thought I heard the shower,” Ryan smiled as he approached me, his eyes filled with lust.

“Hi there,” I whispered, nothing knowing what else to say.

“Why are you showering with the door open?” he asked, glancing down the night hall.

“I… I uh… I guess I like the danger,” I stammered, thinking on my feet.

“You what?” he replied, stumped, “Dani and Tyler are…”

“Dani’s out, she’s still at her boyfriend’s,” I said, glimpsing at her, naked behind the door.

“So? That still leaves Tyler…” Ryan whispered flabbergasted, as he turned his head towards his son’s bedroom, where muffled gunshots could be heard, indicating Tyler had started playing his video game again, “Imagine him seeing you like this.”

“Yes, imagine that,” I smiled as I dropped my large towel – hoping hubby wouldn’t notice that my twat had been fucked raw. He didn’t, of course, as he was too busy going crazy over the mere fact that I was naked this close to Tyler. If he only knew…

“Jesus Bev, you fucking slut,” he blurted out as he unzipped his trousers and quickly took out his throbbing dick. As he stepped forward, about to enter the bathroom, I put my hand against his torso and whispered, “Stay right there.”

Two more steps and he probably would have noticed Dani. I knew I had to keep him from forcing his way in, so I slowly sank to my knees in front of him and slowly wrapped my mouth around his huge, hard dick. It felt a bit weird, tasting another cock – after servicing Tyler all day long – but I powered through…

“Right here? In the doorway?” hubby whispered, flabbergasted.

“Right here,” I grinned, as an even nastier idea popped into my head.

“Close your eyes [suck], hands [suck] next to your body [suck]… if you [suck] take one step [suck], if you open your eyes [suck] or, if you try [suck] to [suck] touch me [suck], I’ll stop [suck] [suck] and you can go [suck] jack off [suck], understood?” I asked, bobbing my head up and down his massive trunk, teasing him immensely, with all those little sucks.

He pressed his hands against his sides, closed his eyes and tilted his head back slightly, fiercely nodding his head and whispering, “Yes ma’am.”

“Good,” I whispered, as I started sucking him off properly now. After about a minute of intense sucking, I pulled my mouth back and looked up at him, checking to see if he was still obeying me. He was. Then, I glanced over at Dani, who was watching me with lust-filled eyes.

I gave her a little head nod, signaling that the coast was clear. Cautious and a bit on edge, she slithered out from behind the door and was about to sneak around me, thinking I was doing this just to create an escape path for her. Imagine the look on her face when I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards me.

When I wrapped my hand around her father’s dick, gently tugging it and pointing it up at her, maltepe escort she caught on. Shocked, but eager to taste her father’s fat cock, she slowly got on her knees. I let go of Ryan’s cock after giving him another little suck, then scooted back on my knees, surrendering my spot to Dani.

Slowly, she wrapped her hand around his throbbing shaft and gently touched his sensitive cock head with her lips. It flexed. She smiled and gently wrapped her mouth around it. Being a skilled cock-sucking whore, like her mother, she had no trouble servicing her father for almost six minutes.

She was smart enough to know that he wasn’t hers to finish, so she teased him, never establishing a proper rhythm and interrupting herself constantly. I was so proud of my little whore! She was really tormenting him and loving every moment of it. After letting her have her fun, I signaled for her to move back. Reluctantly, she took her mouth off her dad’s dick and scooted back.

I swiftly took her place again and gave Ryan’s balls a few sloppy licks.

“No peeking,” I whispered as I slowly rose to my feet. While I walked up behind him, I reached around his middle and wrapped my right hand firmly around his poor, throbbing cock. He moaned as I started pumping him slowly. Being as horny as he was, he didn’t care that I was nudging him forward just a little bit — unblocking the doorway, providing Dani with a way out.

She caught on and, clearly excited, slithered out of the room, briefly slipping a finger up my ass in the process.

“I am going to make you cum on the floor,” I whispered in his Ryan’s ear, loud enough for Dani — who kept watching us from the night hall — to overhear.

“No no,” he grunted softly, “I… was hoping I could… you know… cum in your mouth.”

“I bet you did,” I chuckled, “But that’s not going to happen!”

“How about on your tits then,” he asked.

“No,” I whispered strictly, “On the floor.”

It would have been a minor inconvenience for me to either swallow his load or let him cum on my tits, but for some reason — probably because Tyler had been banging and filling me up non-stop all day — I just wasn’t inclined to humor him.

“Please Bev,” he begged, “I… rea…”

That’s as far as he got unfortunately as I sped up my stroking and made him go off like a firehose.

“That’s a good boy,” I giggled condescendingly as I glanced over his shoulder at the mess he was making. He shuddered, groaning like a little bitch as he couldn’t believe he was ejaculating all over the bathroom floor, instead of in my mouth or on my tits.

“Bitch,” he sighed as his climax was drawing to a close.

“You’re welcome hon,” I said, as I let go of his cock and slapped his ass, “Time for your shower.”

Before he could say another thing, I walked out and closed the door behind me, sharing a wicked smile with Dani.

“That was so bad,” she whispered as she accompanied me to the master bedroom.

“Should I’ve let him cum on my tits?” I asked, as I started rummaging through my underwear drawer.

“God no, that was absolutely perfect,” Dani replied, “I love it when you’re this mean and conniving.”

“Oh, do you?” I asked as I turned back towards her, holding a pair of red panties and matching bra.

“Then again,” Dani whispered as she sat down on the edge of the bed and spread her legs, “I also love it when you put your face in between my legs.”

I smirked, dropped my red set of underwear and walked up to the bed, dropped to my knees and bent my head down to give her freshly washed twat a thorough lick. Dani lovingly caressed my head as I licked her little pleasure button. After a minute or two, Dani pushed my head back a little bit and got on her knees, still on the edge of the bed, but now facing away from me.

“Why don’t we try something a little nastier?” she whispered, as she bent down, opening her ass cheeks up. I realized what she wanted, and as I wasn’t opposed to the idea of rimming my little girl, I slowly bent my head down again and stuffed my tongue in between her ass cheeks. Meanwhile, I wriggled two fingers into her twat and started fingering her.

“Oh yeah, you fucking whore,” she grunted. Harsh words, but then again, considering what I was doing, not exactly untrue.

“You’ll do just about anything, won’t you… you cheating cunt!” she grunted as I continued pleasuring both her holes. As my mouth was otherwise occupied, I didn’t reply and just listened to her dirty talk as I kept rimming and fingering her.

“Poor daddy [moan],” she whispered, “He [moan] has to cum [moan] on the [moan] fucking floor… like [grunt] a [gasp] fucking [moan] bitch!”

“Say it!” she blurted out, already shuddering from the onset of her climax. I took my tongue out of her ass and replaced it with the thumb of my free hand, coarsely wriggling it in, making her squirm and moan even harder.

“Your dad is a fucking loser!” I whispered, fingering both her holes now. Dani climaxed instantly.

“I kartal escort think ‘ll make him cum on the floor more often from now on,” I chuckled.

“Jesus mom,” Dani squealed as she bucked and veered up and down on the bed.

“And in the mean time, I’ll continue to be an easy whore for you and your brother!”

“Oh,” she squealed as she pressed her face into the mattress. She screamed and howled for more than forty seconds, trashing and bucking through her nasty climax.

When she had had enough, she simply crawled off the bed and stumbled out of the room, not even giving me a second glance. I smirked as she slammed her bedroom door shut. God, how I loved getting disrespected like this! Not wanting hubby to catch me naked and horny, I quickly put on some clothes and headed down to the kitchen to start dinner.

It had been a busy day. We’d all had enough action for one day — well, everyone except for Ryan. He was frisky all evening, constantly caressing and kissing me, clearly hoping for more, but I didn’t bite. I let him cup a feel now and again, but that was about it. With Tyler and Dani staying in their room the rest of the evening, there was very little else to report.

When we went up to bed and Ryan snuggled up against me, I could feel his erection poking me. It wasn’t the first time that he went to sleep with a hard-on, but it was probably the first time that I let him, feeling as horny and as slutty as I did. I could easily have made him cum, but I didn’t…

In the morning, as usual, I was awake before Ryan. When I glanced over at him, I could see his morning erection tenting the sheets, like a sore thumb. I grinned and carefully snuck out of the room, heading for my son’s room. I was not the least bit surprised to see him sitting on his knees on the edge of his bed, getting his cock sucked by his equally naked sister. Dani poked her head up to look at me as I gently closed the door behind me.

“Just in time,” she grinned as she slowly continued tugging Tyler’s dick. I grinned, took off my robe and walked over to the bed, now as naked as they were. Tyler gawked at my rack as I sank to my knees right in front of him, taking his sister’s place.

I was about to lower my head and start sucking, but he had something else in mind. He quickly wrapped his right hand around his massive shaft and started pumping it, aiming it straight at the center of my face. I briefly glanced over at Dani — who had squatted down next to me — and shared a little smile as we both knew what he was going to do.

“What about dad?” Dani whispered.

“He was hard last night,” I spoke softly, looking up at Tyler, “And he was still hard this morning.”

When I heard Tyler grunting, I quickly closed my eyes and leaned in a little closer. As his throbbing cock started spewing thick ropes of gooey, warm cum in my slut face, Dani chuckled.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” she purred in my ear.

It was a lot, and pretty soon my whole face was covered in the stuff. It started dripping down my face, onto my tits and bare knees. I felt so incredibly nasty, taking his load so casually, so detached. When he was done, he laid back down and sighed happily. I carefully opened my left eye — the right one was creamed shut — and glanced at a flabbergasted, grinning Dani as I got up.

After taking a quick shower, I headed down to start breakfast. When hubby got up about half an hour later and came down, he found his French toast, scrambled eggs and steaming hot coffee waiting for him. He gave me a hug, kissed me passionately for about ten seconds and then grabbed his newspaper, sitting down.

I was somewhat disappointed to see him no longer sporting a boner. Had he taken care of it himself? Or was he simply no longer in the mood? Anyway, after a long, leisurely breakfast — the kids were apparently skipping breakfast — Ryan moved to the living room, where he continued reading his newspaper. As he had the day off, he was in no particular hurry.

After clearing the table, I walked over to the couch and sat down, right next to him.

“How about you take a little break from all that reading?” I asked as I gently caressed his crotch. His dick reacted immediately. Well, I guess he hadn’t taken care of business after all. He promptly put down his paper and leaned in to kiss me.

While we were frenching, I fished his big cock out of his pants and started pumping it zealously. Several minutes later, after getting him all worked up and throbbingly hard, I gently let go of his dick and whispered, “You know, I don’t want you to cum just yet.”

“What?” he whined, “But I am really close!”

“I know,” I grinned up at him.

“Please baby,” he whined, desperately, “I’ll do anything.”

God, I loved to hear him beg.

“Anything?” I teased, giving his dick a little tug.

“Yesss,” he hissed, looking down at me, “Please!”

“I want you to go to your study, where you won’t be interrupted… go look at some porn and jerk off, but don’t cum… I’ll be there in a little while,” I said as I got up from the couch.

“What… what are you going to do?” he asked, slowly pumping his dick.

“I think I am going to take another shower,” I whispered, “And play with myself for a little bit.”

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