Our Bed Ch. 01

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I flipped the covers open, leaving the sheets exposed to the soft light of my bedroom. No, no, no. That was way too suggestive. It made it look like I couldn’t wait to get in there.

I flipped the covers back over my bed and stepped away. Now it looked like I’d carefully made my bed, like I was thinking about this all day. Fuck.

I flipped the covers open again and gave them a shake, leaving them rumpled and askew. There. There, I’d barely thought about it. I’d just gotten up and gone about my business as usual. Nothing was on my mind. Oh, was today when you were going to come over, Lee? I forgot about that.

I bit my lip. No, there was absolutely no reason to worry about today—sure, Lee had said he was coming over this Saturday night, and he may have suggested it was to have sex for real, but other than that…? Well, not much to think about.

I flopped facedown on my bed and let out a groan. I had no idea what I was doing. Why had I agreed to this without so much as a protest, or at least a pretense of what we were doing? I wished I could still act straight, but at this point it was probably too late. I’d given my best friend several lap dances, been naked with him, and I’d sucked his cock. I’d let him cum all over me several times now. The past month had been nothing but a haze of dirty thoughts and feelings for him.

And it wasn’t like this was a fair, back-and-forth relationship. With his manlier physique and attitude Lee had been dominating me from the beginning, and I was becoming more and more of a hopeless, submissive slut. Worse still, that turned me on like crazy. All I could think about these days was him pounding my ass like I was his girlfriend.

I was hard. Just thinking about Lee made me hard now.

“Stop,” I muttered to myself, trying to stall the tide of arousal before it overtook me. I did not need Lee taking advantage of my horniness yet again to do whatever he wanted. I had to stay strong.

But here I was making my bed like I wanted it. My parents weren’t even out of the house tonight, but I’d given in and told Lee he could come over anyway. That was probably a royal fuck up. I could only hope he wouldn’t try and take me on the living room floor.

I squirmed, knowing my mind was going down a dark path. I had to focus on staying cool, and keeping my options open. I could send Lee packing at any time if I didn’t like where things were going. Don’t you forget that, dumbass.

The doorbell rung, nearly sending me out of my skin. Fuck, he was here already? It wasn’t even dark yet!

Butterflies danced around in my stomach as I got up and reflexively checked my face in the mirror. Did I look cute enough? No, fucking stop that.

I tried not to rush to the door, and opened as slowly and casually as I could. “Hey, you’re here.”

“That’s it? No kiss?”

“Lee! Fuck!” I looked back over my shoulder to check for my parents, my heart leaping into a more flighty pace within my chest.

“It was a joke! Relax,” my friend laughed, showing his even white teeth. His dark hair was a little disheveled, like he’d just run a hand through it after work and called it done. He was in a t-shirt and creased jeans like we were just going out for a bite to eat. The nerve of this fucker.

Lee slid past me, giving my hip a little grab and making me stifle a sudden noise. “How have you been? Ready to be done with school yet? It was all you texted about all week.”

“It was the only I wanted to talk about,” I muttered as he kicked off his shoes. “And not that other stuff you kept, like, hinting at.”

He had a little smirk as he headed for the kitchen. “You don’t like dirty jokes? C’mon, man.”

“Not at my expense! And I didn’t ask for any pics, so stop talking about that.” In truth, he’d left the door open several times to ask him for lewd photos. Ever since I’d admitted that I liked his body he kept teasing me about it, asking if I needed it to get through the day. Somehow I’d resisted—the last thing I needed was his dick pics on my phone that I wouldn’t have the willpower to delete.

“Your loss. So what is it, just a month left?”


“And then you’ll have all sorts of freedom.” He was tearing open a bag of chips and I couldn’t help but notice how his muscles flexed under his tan skin.

“What? Oh. I wish. No, I don’t have a lot of savings, I told you. I have to get a real job.”

“You can always come work with me. I gotta get that referral bonus somehow. And it would make breaks a little bit more exciting.” His dark eyes had a little twinkle.

I felt myself flush and had to check the living room. Empty, thank god. What was this idiot even saying? “Yeah, not a good idea, okay?”

“If you say so. But I always have some tension I could work out. You?” He offered me the bag of chips after a second of hesitation I took some.

“I’m not gonna answer that. And I’m not around just to… to help you work out your tension.” I blushed. It was obvious what we were talking about.

Lee was already on canlı bahis his way into the living room, and landed on the couch with a sigh. “That’s what friends are for, dude! Why do you think I came tonight?” I stared at him. Was he going to say it? “I thought we could play some games, watch a movie… you know, friend stuff.”

“Y-yeah! Sure. Sorry.” Shit, I had to calm down.

“You still have this game?” Lee was rifling through my collection, acting like he owned the place as always.

“Well, duh. It’s not like I’d toss it out, just ‘cuz of… of what happened. When we… y’know.” Fuck. I didn’t mean to bring it up.

“You’re acting like it’s a bad memory. I remember having a lot of fun. Don’t sell your ass short, man,” he murmured, gesturing at it with his head.

“Shut up,” I hissed, rolling my eyes. I remembered the feeling of Lee’s cock grinding against my asshole like it was yesterday. I’d been losing control ever since then and now I’d be lucky to get out of tonight with just a lap dance for him.

“Care to try your luck?”

“Whatever. I’m sitting next to you this time.” So we tried a game. Just like last time I couldn’t focus with him right next to me, and whenever his thigh brushed mine I winced and felt a little thrill. Eventually I gave up, slapping the controller into Lee’s stomach. “Happy? I learned my lesson.”

“Oof. I learned my lesson…?” He left a space for me to fill in the blank. Lee was smirking just inches away, and when I hesitated he jostled me with his elbow. “Well?”

“Stop. I’m not calling you ‘daddy’ right now.” I shifted, feeling hot. He was so close.

“Yet. But after one squeeze—oh, hi, mom!” He quipped suddenly.

I jumped like I’d been stung. “Fu—whoa! Y-you scared me!” I scolded my mom, who I realized was just waltzing past like nothing was amiss. I’d nearly sworn in front of her, too.

“Jumpy, aren’t you, honey? Hey, Lee. I didn’t hear anything about you coming over.”

My heart was pounding like a drumroll. Fuck, I hated being caught with him. What had she heard?!

“Yeah, just for a little while. We were going to watch something—he said he had something to show me, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a lot already.” Lee shot me a little glance and I swear I could murder him with the look I gave him back.

“Oh? What’s that?”

“What was it—Deep Impact, right, man?”

My mother had disappeared into the kitchen. I sent my best death punch right at Lee’s groin. He blocked with his thigh, mirth coloring his cheeks. “I had to!” he mouthed at me.

“That’s not even it!” I responded hotly, loud enough for my mom to hear. Somehow that was important to me.

“I’d say don’t stay up too late, but it is the weekend,” she was saying cheerily. “And you know our couch is always open to you if you need it, Lee.”

“Thanks! Still, nothing beats a nice bed!” Lee gave me a smile. Fucking hell, this was the guy I had a crush on?

“How is work, by the way? I feel like I haven’t seen as much of you the past few weeks.”

Go figure. I’d done all I could to see my friend when she wasn’t around. And yet here I was, so horny I’d let him come over to do stupid things and make her suspicious.

“Busy as ever, but it beats school. Excuse me—bathroom.”

Finally he let up, giving me a chance to compose myself and meet my mom in the kitchen. I could only hope my face had lost its embarrassing color. “How about you?” I got out albeit a bit breathlessly.

“Work? Oh, you know. There’s always something. I’m lucky whenever I can take a night to just relax.” She was a paralegal, still young and fit enough to be in high demand for adding a bit of interest and flair to her employers, I knew. People just engaged with you more if you were calm and confident like my mother. “Your dad is just finishing up a few calls and he’ll be freed up too. We had the same idea as you and Lee—we thought we’d just spend the night in.”

“Oh. Great. We’ll just get out of your hair then, leave the living room to you,” I remarked nervously. I realized a moment later what I was getting myself into, but just then my phone buzzed in my pocket.

Foolishly I checked it. My eyes widened. Oh fuck. It was Lee’s cock.

I knew it instantly. After all, it had spent a lot of time in my face the week before. But here it was on the screen of my phone, huge and flaccid, lit perfectly by the light of our bathroom down the hall. My phone slipped out of my numb fingers. I fumbled for it desperately, letting out a yelp of fear.

My mom was taken aback. I think she said something, but I was too focused on clutching my phone against my body like I could absorb it. I wasn’t sure which side was facing her but I wasn’t showing her an inch of it either way. And certainly not nine of them.

“S-sorry!” I stammered, trying to laugh it off. “D-didn’t mean to shoot it off at you.” What was he thinking?! Lee had never sent me a dick pic before, even though we’d talked about it, but now that he was ten feet down the hall it was a good time?! I bet that bahis siteleri fucker was getting a laugh imagining me trying to play it off in front of my mom.

“I thought you just got a new one. Not so fast, honey!”

“I-I know!” I tittered. The image was still bouncing around in my mind. God, it was such a nice shot. It was like he was a porn thumbnail. His cock was amazing. I bit my lip. Fuck, I didn’t want to look again with my mother right there. Still, my shaking hands brought the screen up to allow me just a little glimpse.

Ugh, Lee’s dick was still there, so long and veiny. It wasn’t like it was going away, either. Didn’t that moron know that this could be saved? He was okay with just giving this stuff out to people? To me…

I realized I was starting to get hard. Dammit, not now. Hastily I jammed my phone back into my pocket. “Well, l-let me just grab some snacks and I’ll run,” I managed, awkwardly avoiding my mom and grabbing random things without thinking. I escaped the kitchen and was about to abscond upstairs before thinking twice and marching down to the bathroom.

“You in there, asshole?” I muttered through the door.

“Sure,” I heard Lee giggle. “What, you come for the real thing?”

“As if! I told you I didn’t ask for that.”


“But nothing! It’s not even that hot. Like, it’s just your d-dick. You didn’t even do anything special.”

The bathroom door suddenly cracked open, almost sending me sprawling inside. Within the warm sliver of light I could clearly see that Lee’s pants were down and his thick, vein-knotted penis was resting comfortably against his leg.

“Fuck!” I gasped without thinking. My fingers went to my mouth.

Lee’s face had an exhilarated grin. “We can’t make it special?”

“Sh-shut the door!” I wheezed. “Not down here!” I shot a guilty look towards the living room.

“Right. You’re gonna be too loud. So I’ll see you upstairs?”

“Um, whatever.” I rolled my eyes and tore myself away from the bathroom, cursing my recklessness. Of course my friend would pull this stunt, and now I was totally flustered and all I could think about was his stupid cock. I had to get upstairs.

My covers were still rumpled, just as I’d left them. Good, good. Wait—it didn’t look like I was a slob, did it? Lee always thought of me as neat and prissy. I kinda didn’t mind that, at least. Before I knew it I was arranging my bed again, tidying on instinct.

“Getting things ready for me?” Lee snorted from the door, mortifying me.

“N-no. I just wanted to be comfortable, okay?” For some reason I locked the door after him as he entered. He’d been in my room before, but now it felt different. It felt like bringing a date home, or something. I was so nervous.

“Welp, it’s that or the desk chair, so dibs on the bed.”

I stared in disbelief. “You can’t call dibs on my bed.”

But he settled onto it like it was made for him, beaming at me all the while. “Sharing it is, then. I was joking about Deep Impact earlier, by the way. What do you actually want to watch?”

My snacks tumbled their way onto the desk from shaky fingers. “You’re such a child. And I got that ‘joke’ before. I got it.”

“Hey, at least I didn’t say Free Willy. Or Inside Man.”

“I’m gonna kill you,” I muttered, flipping on the tv set. It was like he was made of sex.

“Come on, buddy, lighten up and get over here. Things haven’t changed that much between us, have they? Are you my friend or not?”

I bit my tongue before I said “a friend who sucks your cock” but I definitely thought it. Instead I gingerly climbed onto my bed next to Lee, thankful for his thick jeans now that we were in such a close-quarters situation. Why not take the chair? Well, I would if I could still resist, but his smell filled my room and my head was getting all funny.

My butt pressed into Lee’s thigh and I quickly reoriented. My shorts were not made of his denim, and my shirt was even airier. Fuck, I might be a bit too exposed to sensation. I had a queen bed but it felt a lot smaller now that I was rubbing against my friend.

“Easy there, wiggle worm.” Lee readjusted me with his hands and I let out a yip, twitching involuntarily against his fingers.

“Get y-your paws off!” I got out. “It’s bad enough you’re on my bed. J-just pick a movie, okay!”

“Jeez. Remembering what I was saying about ‘tension?’ Oh, here’s Scream.”

“Very relaxing.”

“I’ll put it on.” Packages crackled as he reached for the desk. “What do we… really? Pretzels?”

“I was in a hurry,” I breathed out. “Someone had just sent me a, uh, compromising picture.” My eyes met Lee’s and I had to look away. “Idiot.”

“Just having some fun, pal!”

“Your way of relieving ‘tension?'” I snorted, trying not to think about his dick anymore.

“I do my best. Still, work hasn’t been easy lately. I’m as tense as a coiled spring most of the time, you know.”

“Well, sorry for you. What do you expect me to do about it?”

“Oh, don’t be so modest. bahis şirketleri I could use a massage, for one.”

I cocked an eyebrow at him, unable to believe my best friend’s shamelessness. “A massage? Are you kidding?”

Lee’s lip had a curl to it. “I thought you might like the idea, too.”

“What do you mean, I might like it?” I spluttered.

“Please. We both know you like my body. If you want to put your hands on it, just admit it.”

I shook my head. “You’re ridiculous. L-like this is my idea.” My eyes ran down the length of his body, rippling over his jeans and the skin that was showing at his waist. Of course I liked his body. The thought of touching him… rubbing him made me flush. There was nothing stopping me, either. We both knew I was into it. Why pretend?

“Should I roll over or not?”

“F-fine,” I murmured at last. “Roll over.” Now my heart was going again. Lee groaned as he turned onto his stomach. The movie was totally forgotten as I crawled onto my knees above him. I had no idea how to massage anyone, of course. He just wanted me servicing him.

When I pressed into Lee’s lower back he gave a grunt. “Ugh.” No clue if that was a good sound. I continued, kneading my hands into him and working my way upwards. Lee’s back was muscular; I could feel it in every inch of him, even through his shirt. Somehow my palms found their way against his body and when I got to his shoulders I was massaging as deeply as I could. He was letting out groans as my hands ground against his traps and into his neck.

His noises were kind of hot. This obviously felt good for him. I blew air against my face, feeling flustered again. As I worked my way back downwards, I noticed his shirt had lifted and exposed his lower back. Before I could catch myself my fingers were digging against his bare skin, pushing eddies through his soft, warm flesh. He sighed and his spine flexed.

My hands were brushing against the waistband of Lee’s jeans. His toned ass was right there, inches below my palms. I massaged downwards into his waistband, driving against his jeans insistently. He had on grey briefs. I couldn’t stop my palms from kneading into the silky material, pushing against Lee’s butt. My teeth tightened on my lip. I had to stay on his back, please, for fuck’s sake.

My fingers crawled back upwards into his shirt, crushing against a hot expanse of rippling, taut skin. “Do you need this shirt r-right now?” Ugh, I’d actually said it, and there was the little girly whisper.

“I’ll get it off for you,” Lee groaned, easily shedding it onto my bedroom floor. “You seemed to be working around it anyway.”

“Well, I don’t even know where you’re tense,” I mumbled. “Where do you want it?”

“Tell you what, why don’t you get my stomach? It feels like I’ve done a hundred crunches in the past few days.” Lee rolled onto his back, and I knew immediately that this would be trouble.

His pecs jiggled slightly as he shifted, and his brown abs rolled against one another with an effortless contraction. My friend was obviously no stranger to crunches. His jeans were riding lower now—his hip bones made a stark outline, and pulsing veins vanished into his waistband. Below his bellybutton was the black hair that I knew well from last week. I’d been finding pubic hair in my mouth for hours after I’d sucked his cock. Shit, don’t think of sucking him off right now.

“Go on,” Lee goaded me softly, an expectant look on his handsome face.

I reached out, my fingers gliding onto his abs while I let out a quiet “ngh.” He didn’t seem to mind as I groped his abs until I couldn’t take it anymore and let my hands slid onto his soft chest. His pecs were so developed that my trembling fingers could sink into them, dragging small grooves through my best friend’s skin. I shivered as I touched his nipples. He wasn’t so sweaty now as the last few times, but somehow the hush of my room heightened the sensation. Jumbled sounds trickled quietly from the tv behind me.

“You’re not much good at that angle,” Lee murmured. “Get on top.”

“What?” I stammered.

“On top. Your favorite spot.”

“Sh-shut up,” was all my lips girlishly produced before I clambered on top of Lee. I let my butt sink onto the lap of his jeans, feeling warmth soak into my butt cheeks. Soon my butt crushed down into his package like I knew it would, and I could feel his dick there underneath me even within its denim. “Ngh. S-sorry if that’s heavy.”

I was sitting on him again. I had no idea how it had happened so fast, how I’d taken next to no convincing this time. My dick was already hard, too, before he’d even squirmed against my butt.

“Already?” Lee rightfully commented, shifting beneath me and making me wince as he chafed my butt.

“I’m trying not to,” I whimpered. My hands found Lee’s bare skin again, but now as I massaged his abs I could feel myself wiggling against him. Each time my palms ground their way upwards my butt ground against his lap. I couldn’t help it. It felt so good that my cock was throbbing.

I pushed my ass against him, knowing it was soft and girly enough to make his dick hard. Sure enough, as he watched me, his dark eyes shrewd and narrowed, I felt his jeans stiffening. “Ugh.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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