Paid in Full

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He arrived an hour late, and alone. He was supposed to fix my deck, promising it would only take two hours. Now it would take four. If he wasn’t such a hunk I would have screamed at him. He stood about six feet tall and had a very toned and tanned body, from what I could see.

Once he got started on the deck, I went upstairs to take a shower, leaving the doors open for the air to brush away the steam.

As I lathered myself, I fantasized about the Adonis banging on my deck, wishing he was banging me. I normally don’t have these thoughts, I am happily married and our sex live is very fulfilling, but thoughts of being in this man’s arms were overwhelming.

When I turned off the water, I peered out the window. He was still out there, sweating away. Now he wore a t-shirt and jeans. He looked up at the window a few times, standing tall, hopping to get a glimpse. I could clearly see the bulge in his pants.

I wanted to call him up here, for some reason; I knew he wanted it, like all men. But not yet. I wanted to tease him some.

It was a warm September day; the sun was heating everything up just right. Last week, my husband had closed the pool, but left the chaise lounges outside.

I slipped into the sexiest bikini I had, the one that was almost not there, and headed to the pool.

As I walked slowly past him, he glanced up, almost not being able to look away.

Without looking at him, I continued to the chaise lounge and began rubbing the lotion on my legs at first, slowly moving from my feet to my inner thighs, my fingers sliding in under the small string bottoms I was wearing.

Through my dark sunglasses, I could see him watching me as his hands went to his pants once to straighten something out. It was like he couldn’t look away and I was loving it. I could even feel myself getting wet as I thought of that huge cock inside me.

I continued watching as he kadıköy escort tried to get back to work, glancing at me a few times as I applied the lotion to my stomach and breast, which were still covered. Even my nipples were hard. I even licked my lips seductively once, but the man kept working.

He would still pause every once in a while to stare between the railing, and the hammering continued. Occasionally, I would hear a loud curse that echoed through the neighborhood, followed by more hammering.

It was hard to control myself as I lay there on my back, wishing he was on top of me. My hands inches from my wet pussy were being drawn to it.

Suddenly, from the deck, I heard another curse, then footsteps. I held my breath as my eyes remained closed, hoping he was coming to me. But instead, the back door opened and closed. This time, I cursed under my breath.

Ten minutes later, he still wasn’t back, so I went to find him. The deck was scattered with his tools, along with a few drops of blood leading inside. “What the hell?” I muttered as I opened the back door.

I didn’t have to travel far to find him, my hormones were still wanting him, but I was getting pissed off now. I didn’t know if I wanted to fuck him or kill him.

Once in the house, he wasn’t hard to find. He was sitting at the bar in front of the kitchen, drinking a wine cooler and nursing a finger with a small cut on it.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked as I snuck up on him.

He moved quickly, dropping the drink on the table as he stood up. “I’m sorry, I cut myself and I needed a drink.”

“So you come in here and help yourself without asking?” I said with a raised voice.

His face got a little red then, anger maybe? I wasn’t sure. His eyes never strayed from my body as I came nearer, he took üsküdar escort in every curve seen and covered. He still didn’t say a word as we stood close enough to each other to feel our breath.

Thoughts of him entering me quickly flashed through my head, but I wanted to smack him instead.

He grabbed my wrist when the open palm was inches from his rugged face. As the other moved, he grabbed that one too. Now he was smiling as he stared into my eyes.

I struggled a little; I really didn’t want to loose this fight. Before I knew it, his lips were on mine, we were kissing. The shock of the touch relaxed me a bit — but I couldn’t give in now. The next thing I knew, he was pushing me backwards to the wall, until we couldn’t go any further.

I continued to feign a struggle as his mouth went to my neck, his teeth nibbling at my tender skin as he raised my arms above my head. Holding both my wrists with one hand, his free one released the bra, freeing my breast which he began massaging. Once I began to melt, he loosened the grip on my wrists and my hands went for his belt, franticly working to pull it off. Somehow, my bottoms disappeared and I felt one hand spread my legs wide.

Our lips met again, our tongues entwining as he lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. I was so wet; he easily entered me, thrusting with all his might into my wet pussy. I felt the entire length of his shaft stroking my insides as we kissed again.

It didn’t take long for me to cum, my pussy throbbing against the hard rod, making me scream softly. He soon followed, his cock bursting inside as I felt his sperm coat me.

Our heavy breathing was the only thing that could be heard in the empty house as he caressed my skin, causing goose pimples with each touch.

Minutes, or hours, went by before he released me and I slid down the wall tuzla escort to sit on the floor.

I watched as he put on he clothes and walked back outside to finish the job, not one word coming from his mouth the whole time we fucked.

A few minutes later, my knees weak and my pussy still tingling, I moved to the couch and lay down.

I don’t know how long I was out, but I woke to the touch of a finger to my breast, drawing circles around my nipple before it moved to between my legs. I didn’t want to open my eyes, if this was a dream, don’t stop it.

Large rough hands moved my legs apart as I heard a sigh, not sure if it escaped from my lips or not.

I did gasp as I felt a tongue caressing the outside of my clit, getting closer and closer as the seconds passed. Then slowly, two fingers entered me, moving independently and stroking my insides. My hips found the rhythm and pushed into the hand holding me there. The tongue went deeper until my body shook in multiple orgasms.

For ten seconds, nothing but the couch touched my skin. As I was about to open my eyes, I sensed a shadow between me and the skylight in the ceiling. Then I felt the hard rod of steel that was this mans cock inside me again, just the tip at first, moving in a little, and then going away. With each entrance he went deeper until he couldn’t go further. Slowly at first, then picking up speed, I felt him slide in and out, faster with each thrust as he moaned in unison. My nails dug into his back as I came yet again, soon followed by his load.

All movement stopped as we kissed passionately, tongues entwined. I thought I felt him get hard as he was still inside me, but before I could check, he was out of me and standing next to me getting dressed. He didn’t say anything until he was clothed and was heading out the door. “It’s been a pleasure meeting you Miss, your bill is on the kitchen counter.”

“Yes it has,” I whispered as I rose on my still wobbly knees and walked to the kitchen. The bill was right there on the counter top. It made me smile.

All the totals were there, coming to the amount of $4,000.00. The totals didn’t make me smile, what was hand written under the totals did. In big red bold letters, circled and signed, he had written “PAID IN FULL.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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