Persuading Shy Mom to Pose Ch. 02

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Over a month had passed since my photo session with my mother.

Immediately after the session finished, we had viewed the photos of her posing, undressing and finally ‘simulating’ sex acts with me. Neither of us spoke a single word as I scrolled through each individual picture. It was a wildly arousing situation. My mother was sitting beside me, in a second office chair in my room. She was wearing a white towel dressing gown and had removed her stockings and shoes. Sharing the experience of what was an innocent photo session, but became a wanton fuck-fest again, whilst watching the photos open on the laptop screen, was just as arousing as the fucking we had performed no more than twenty minutes ago.

Then the last photo closed It was a photo of my gorgeous brunette mother with the tip of my still hard cock in her mouth, and her son’s cum on her face, hair and tits. She stood up from her chair, her cheeks red and kissed me on the cheek. Then as she began to leave the room she spoke for the first time.

‘Dan, this is our secret OK, and I never want to speak about it again! Now, I expect you to keep your promise and delete all of those pictures.’ She walked to the door, then she added, ‘Some of those pictures were very good, weren’t they?!’

I suddenly became very aware of my erection inside my boxer shorts as I turned to face her. Then I heard my voice shake a bit as I spoke, ‘Ye…Yeah Mom, some of them are very hot, you… you look very se… sexy in them!’

She gave a little smile at that comment, and then walked out the door saying ‘Good Night, and Happy Birthday’ from the hallway.

Of course I broke my promise, I burned the photos onto a disc and hid the disc in a drawer. I then deleted them from the camera’s memory and the laptop.

Over the next few weeks, no matter how hard we tried, things were awkward. We never spoke of the session, or the photos until one day, about three weeks after, my Mother asked me a question.

‘Dan, did you plan out what happened the night of your birthday’ she asked one Friday morning at the breakfast table.

I answered truthfully, ‘No Mom, it… it just happened that way, because you looked so good in the pictures. It was only to make the photos look professional, remember?’

She was silent for a few seconds, then she smiled and a girlish giggle slipped from her pretty lips. ‘They did look professional, didn’t they?!’

We both shared a slightly uncomfortable giggle, but it felt as if a small amount of the cloud of guilt we felt had lifted.

‘And you’re right Dan, it was just pretend for the camera!’ she added. Just to clarify the situation, as she walked out the door for work.

Two more weeks passed, with the tension between my mother and me slowly lifting, but I was feeling myself look at her now. Sometimes I felt dizzy as I stared at her, remembering how warm and wet her mouth felt on me, how nice her pussy tasted… how tight her sexy arse was.

It was an overcast Saturday afternoon, and I was out with my friend Sean. We were walking towards my house when the rain started. It came down thick and heavy, and we ran to the house. When we got there, we saw Sean’s Father’s car in the driveway. He must have left it there, and he and my Dad had taken our car on the Golfing weekend.

We charged in the kitchen door, and were met by the eyes of my mother and Sean’s mother, Catherine, sitting at the table talking and laughing. The were almost good friends. The only problem was, Catherine was a bitch. She had a rich husband, and she was the non-working trophy wife. Still slim and blonde, even at the age of 41. Well, she was dyed blonde, with tasteful highlights. She was about 5’4, had dynamite legs, and what we all knew were fake large breasts. She kept in shape, but wore too much make-up, which made her look almost slutty, and totally insecure. Like all trophy wives, she measured a person by their material wealth. The only problem with her false sense of superiority, based on monetary value was that, my mother was just as successful, just a pretty (with naturally nice breasts), and was also independently successful. It was obvious that Catherine despised that people thought more highly of my mother than her.

‘How are you guys doing?’ Catherine asked

‘Fine Mrs. Kelly’ I answered, ‘We just got a bit soaked in the rain.’

‘We were going to go shopping’ she added, ‘but the weather was too bad.’

‘So we decided to stay in and drink some wine and chat’ my mother added ‘since the men will be out of our hair for a few days.’ They both giggled a bit. They were getting drunk.

Sean and I left the room, leaving the women to their gossip. We sat in the TV room, and put on a movie. It was something stupid with Jessica Alba. A pathetic excuse to keep her in a bikini for the entire running time. It was about 1 hour into the movie when the mothers walked in and joined us.

‘Mom, can I have some wine too?’ Sean asked out of the blue. It surprised me.

‘OH, I guess so’ Catherine replied, ‘You don’t mind, do you Gwen?!’

‘OH, no’ my mother replied sincerely, which also escort kartal surprised me. ‘The men are away, and we can let these guys have some fun too since we are all stuck in here in the rain.’ It was almost as if my mother was trying her best to seem unprudish in front of Catherine.

I and Sean got some glasses, and drank some red wine with our mothers. A few minutes later, while watching Ms. Alba, Catherine spoke. ‘I can look that good in a bikini too!’.

We all giggled, but my mother spoke quickly. ‘She can boys, I’ve seen her at the pool.’

‘I know you look as good in a bikini too Mom’ I added with a wink to her.

We all laughed, and Catherine kept her superficial rant going. ‘Seriously, I could play that part, and I’m twice her age. We both could look that sexy in swimwear, couldn’t we boys?’

What could we say? Sean just laughed nervously, but I felt braver. ‘I know you two would look good in swimwear, but sexy is only achieved in lingerie.’ Catherine laughed, but my mother blushed and looked at me, but not with the rage I expected. Her eyes were wide open, and she just stared at me. Feeling bolder, I continued, ‘You know, my Mom bought me a really cool camera for my birthday, I bet I could take really nice pics of you two ladies, even making you both look sexy like Jessica Alba here.’

My mother’s mouth opened wide, but she kept silent. She couldn’t believe what I had tried to start. Catherine laughed, but I could see her shallow insecurity was already winning her over, and the chance to play her customary game of chicken with my mother the prude. Sean simply giggled at this.

‘Let me get my camera’ I said as I stood to leave the room.

‘No’ my mother quickly replied

‘Oh come on Gwen, it’ll be fun to strike a pose’ Catherine interjected, seeing her opportunity to finally beat my mother at something, even if it was simply posing for a camera.

I returned quickly, my mother sitting on the armchair staring at me. She looked nervous, unsure, and afraid of where I may lead this. I didn’t even need to ask Catherine to stand, she was already up off the couch posing like an attention starved hussy. Wearing a Ralph Lauren soccer Mom outfit of pink striped shirt and chinos, she looked very sexy. A few poses later, and my mother couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the ostentatious display of vanity in front of her. Sean and I joined in the giggle.

‘Think you can do better young lady’ Catherine said to my mother.

‘You bet I can’ she said as she stood and tried the same poses as Catherine, only more exaggerated, highlighting the hilarity of Catherine’s poses. She was wearing jeans and a pink low v-neck top.

‘Why don’t you both stand together by the couch’ I said watching through the lens. My mother still in her newfound playful mood, and still mocking Catherine threw her arms around her and flicked her hair back, giving the camera a slutty look. Although it was only a playful pose, the pic looked hot. I saw Sean shift in his chair in the corner of my eye. ‘That looked awesome ladies’ I said, ‘let’s try something similar. Ehhh, Mrs. Kelly, put your hands on my Mom’s hips while standing behind her.’ To my surprise both ladies agreed and complied immediately with a girlish giggle. I achieved a few more poses with them, and then said. ‘These are good, but not sexy like Jessica here.’

‘Well, what is sexy then’ my mother asked, totally surprising me. She knew where I wanted this to go. She was just attempting to beat Catherine at her latest game of prude-chicken.

‘Well, why don’t you both show use the underwear you have on, that would be sexy’ I replied.

‘Hell yeah it would be’ Sean quickly added from his chair.

‘What??’ Catherine said. Her and my mother shared a glance, and this seemed to strengthen her resolve.’ Underwear pics would be fun I guess!’ Then she proceeded to open her shirt. She was still trying to pose sexy, it was funny. My mother was staring at me now, I still can’t describe what I saw in her eyes. Was it anger, hate, arousal? I wasn’t sure. maybe it was a combination of all three. Catherine pulled her shirt open to reveal a white lace bra, her nipples clearly visible through it. They were light pink a hard. Her tits clearly fake, but hot in a slutty way. At that same moment my mother pulled her top over her head to reveal a black bikini bra. It was padded, but her large tits looked gorgeous. Sean was shifting a lot now in his chair.

The moms looked at each other, and the girlish giggling continued as I took as many pics as I could. They were standing about three feet apart. Catherine reached for the trouser button. ‘Both together Gwen?’ she asked.

‘O…OK’ My Mom said, a blush on her face.

Then, in a magical moment, they both pulled their trousers down together. Catherine exposing a white lace thong to match her bra. I could clearly see that this trophy wife kept her pussy trimmed like a porn stars. A thin line of dark pubes. I guess she wasn’t a real blonde. My Mother was wearing a pair of sexy lace black French panties, harder to see through than Catherine’s.

‘OH maltepe escort Gwen, where did you get them, they are lovely’ Catherine asked referring to my mothers panties. I snapped pics while they chatted about each others underwear. I was breathing heavy now.

‘Can you ladies sit on the couch for me?’ I asked.

‘Sure’ my mother said already sitting. Her to my left Mrs. Kelly to my right. Sean was watching every move, hiding his erection too I guess.

‘OK both of you cross legs, and face each other’ I directed. They did, and I snapped the pic. ‘Can you move closer, like you are about to kiss??.. that would look sexy!’ Again, more giggling, but they did as I asked, my mother putting her hand high on Catherine’s thigh. Catherine placing a hand on my mother’s shoulder. They looked so sexy.

‘You two look amazing’ Sean said from his chair.

‘Really??’ his mother replied, ‘You think we look… sexy?’

‘Hell yes you do, really hot.’ he added again shifting in his chair. The mothers saw this and giggled at him.

‘You two do look really nice’ I said, holding my mother’s gaze. ‘Do you think you would be brave enough to take off the bras??’

‘OH yeah, that would be awesome’ said Sean.

‘No, No, I think we have looked sexy enough’ my mother said to both myself and Sean, but Catherine had already reached behind her back to open the bra. Obviously excited about this opportunity for attention from young men, and the chance to show off her expensive new tits. Before she could call my mother a prude, and basically win, my mother quickly opened her bra too. ‘OH OK… but you boys have to promise not to tell anyone… OK??’

‘Yes Sean, Dan… promise’ Catherine added, obviously excited by this naughty game.

‘I promise’ we answered in unison.

I watched through the camera again as they looked at each other, and quickly pulled the bra’s off their mature tits. They both let out girly screams… giggling, and my mother kicked her legs a bit. I snapped a few pics. Catherine’s fake tits were very sexy, in a slutty way.. her pale pink nipples were hard. She was turned on. My mother’s large natural tits were nicer. Her darker nipples also hard, and larger than Catherine’s. The air was getting charged with sexual tension. Even more than when I photographed my Mother. The two sexy moms, in only panties on the couch.

‘OK, let’s make it really hot’ I said. ‘Mrs. Kelly, can you hold my Mom’s… ehhhh… tits??’

Catherine looked in my mother’s eyes, and held her gaze while she slowly reached for the tits. Waiting for my mother to flinch. She didn’t. Her hands landed on her large hard nipples, then to my surprise, Catherine started to kneed and rub her tits for the camera. Obviously like she had seen in a porno once before. I heard Sean groan in the chair as he watched. My mother’s resolve held, as she held Catherine’s gaze, calling her bluff.

‘Mom, can you do the same to Mrs. Kelly now too?’

There was a slight look of hesitation in Catherine’s eyes for a split second, but she allowed my mother to hold her tits. My mother was pushing Catherine harder now, trying to get her to call chicken first. She began to pinch her nipples. Catherine couldn’t help but respond in kind on my mother’s lovely nipples. A few seconds of this and both ladies let out a low moan.

‘This looks sensational, I knew I could make you two look sexy’ I said. ‘OK, Mom, would you let Mrs. Kelly put one of your nipples in her mouth for a quick picture?’

Catherine quickly looked at my mothers eyes, hoping she would flinch. ‘Sure Dan. it’s only pretend for these pictures to make us look sexy Catherine. Unless you want to stop?’

‘OH no Gwen, this is kinda fun isn’t it’ Catherine replied. I wasn’t sure if she was just playing along, or was starting to really enjoy this little photo session. I knew she would enjoy being the centre of attention. An object of desire. She leaned in and licked my mother’s right nipple.

‘OH God that is hot’ Sean moaned.

She then met her son’s eyes as she sucked the whole nipple into her mouth. My mother threw her head back. Catherine’s eyes moved from her son’s, to the camera. She was moaning also, because my mother was pinching and rubbing her nipples as she sucked my mom’s nipple hard. Her sucking became sluttier, sloppier and noisy. Both her and my Mom began to moan a little louder. The without a word, they changed places, my mother sucked her tit and looked me in the eye through the camera. Her eyes moved to Sean. I heard him moan again. The her eyes rose up to look into the eyes of my friend’s mother.

Then Catherine spoke the first sexual words, ‘OH God yes!’ was all she said as my mother sucked her nipple, but it was enough to make us all full with horny excitement. Then my mother stopped sucking and sat back up. The giggling returned. ‘Did you boys think that was sexy?’ Catherine asked.

‘It was the hottest thing I have ever seen’ Sean said.

‘I thought it was pretty hot too’ I added, ‘but the photographer in me has more ideas.’

‘Like what?’ my mother said. I pendik escort bayan still couldn’t read her. I wasn’t sure if she wanted to stop, or to continue.

”Well, for starters, I think a guy in the pictures would look amazing. Sean could get into the frame, and you ladies could pretend to be making him the luckiest young guy in the world.’

A flash of fear shot across Catherine’s face, and my mother saw it. ‘Sure, why not’ my mother said.

‘Gwen, are you sure?’ Catherine asked, this time her smile was forced. ‘What kind of pics Dan?’

‘Dan knows what he is doing Catherine’ My Mom said, ‘Unless you want to stop?’

‘No, OH no, this is interesting. Do you want to be in the pictures Sean?’

‘Ehhhh, yeah, I guess so’ he said, a little unsure. ‘Where do you want me to stand dude?’ he asked me.

‘Well, ehhh… can you take off you clothes and stand by the couch facing the ladies. I front of my Mom?’ I heard Catherine gasp, but my mother remained silent. Sean stripped off. He was about 5’5, and slim and toned. Light blond hair. When he removed his boxers, we all saw an fairly impressive 7 to 8 inch cock. Not as thick as mine, but enough to make both ladies gasp again.

The my mother lightened the mood by saying ‘Good God Catherine, how did he grow that? What have you been feeding him?’ We all laughed, and Sean slowly walked into the frame for me.

‘OK, ehhh, Mom, can you take his… you know… his… cock, in your right hand and open your mouth?’ She smiled at me and did exactly what I wanted, holding Sean’s cock near her open mouth. Catherine gasped again, but also inched closer. ‘Mrs. Kelly, can you hold my mother’s tits while she does that?’

‘OK, I guess I can do that?’ She said, looking at the camera, nervous. ‘Are you OK there Sean honey?’ she asked her son.

‘I… I’m fine Mom’ he answered, watching her fondle my Mom’s tits.

‘OK Mom, can you show me a little more heat?’ I asked.

‘Like this?’ she replied, before taking Sean’s cockhead into her mouth.

‘OH Jesus’ Sean moaned as he looked in his mothers eyes.

‘OH Gwen… that… OH, that … Sean, is that OK??’ Catherine asked, her face flushed, her breath rapid. She liked watching her friend suck her son’s cock. My flash filled the room several times. My mother gradually taking more young cock into her mouth. In a few minutes she was giving Sean a proper cock sucking. The Catherine surprised me and reached for her son’s ass-cheek and held it as my Mom sucked him. She started to move his ass, helping him to face fuck my Mom.

‘OK, Mom, can you and Mrs. Kelly kiss now, like you are letting her taste that young cock from your tongue?’ I didn’t need to repeat myself, my mother looked back over her shoulder and the two mothers locked lips in an wet open mouth kiss, tongues swirling together, all the time my mother still holding Sean’s hard cock. Jerking it slowly. Catherine still holding his ass. ‘Ehhh, Mrs. Kelly, do you think you could pretend to do what my Mom just did with Sean?’ Sean looked back at me, unsure again.

‘Ehhh, well, it is just pretend I guess, do you mind Sean??’

‘No Mom, its… it’s fine, we can play along and make it look sexy I guess’ he replied, like a good little soldier.

Catherine was about to move in to take her son’s cock in her bitch mouth, when I said. ‘Actually, can you sit on the couch Sean, and Mrs. Kelly can you kneel down with your ass facing the camera? I want to get pics of you doing this in that sexy thong. Breathlessly they swapped places. My mother sitting beside Sean, her legs open, and she smiled at the camera. Once again, Catherine surprised me. This time she took the full length of her sons cock in her mouth in one go.

‘OH God Mommy’ Sean moaned.

I snapped pics form all angles as fast as I could. She was now bobbing her head in a steady rhythm. Even if she said it was pretend, she was sucking cock for real. And my God this gold-digging bitch look very good at it too. She was moaning around her son’s cock while sucking him hard.

‘Mom, would you kneel on the floor and peel Mrs. Kelly thong off for the camera please???’

She smiled at me again, and knelt on the floor. Catherine pulled her son’s cock from her mouth and looked back at my Mother, while still jerking Sean. ‘You… You should take your panties off too honey?’ My mom pulled Catherine’s panties off, exposing her almost bald pussy. Catherine then lewdly spread her knees to fully expose the cunt. Returning to her incestual cock sucking with gusto.

‘Should I remove my panties too Son?’ My mother asked me, whilst looking up at me, with the sexy mother-son oral fucking beside her.

‘Yes Mom… Please’ I replied. ‘Then can you rub Mrs. Kelly’s pussy while she does that??

My mother quickly did as I asked, and for the second time in 6 weeks I saw her totally naked. She turned her ass to the camera, and started to rub Catherine’s pussy. Keeping Sean’s cock in her mouth, Catherine stood up, feet wide apart and bent over, exposing her pussy to me and my Mom. My mother was now rubbing Catherine’s clit. All three of them were moaning loudly. The camera catching it all in digital memory forever. Then my mother, probably overcome with lust, stuck her face between Catherine’s ass-cheeks and licked her cunt. Mrs. Kelly took her mouth off her son’s cock again, and screamed.

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