Pink Bits 101

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Note: This is a Literotica 750 Word Project 2021 story

They had agreed to meet for a cup of coffee. He suggested Gino’s. Gino’s was convenient. Handy to his flat. Then, if she lived up to her online pic, and her profile, he would invite her back. No point in messing about. Her screen name said it all. PinkBits_101. If that wasn’t an invitation, what was?

He planned to get to Gino’s early. Say ten-twenty. Get a good table. But he got distracted watching Chelsea v Spurs on TV.

As it happened, they both arrived at Gino’s at the same moment. He recognised her immediately. Yes, she looked every bit as good as she had looked online. Better in fact. Slightly taller than he had expected. A generous mouth. Nice eyes. A bit of meat on the bone, but not too much. Yes, she was certainly worth tapping.

‘Sorry,’ he said. ‘I meant to get here sooner.’ He scanned the room, but there wasn’t a single vacant table. ‘Umm, gosh. Busy,’ he said. ‘There’s usually….’

She nodded.

‘Umm, look, my flat is just along ankara eryaman escortlar the street,’ he said. ‘Just above the bookshop. I have an espresso machine. Just a little one but… well, you know.’

She half smiled, half frowned. Then she nodded again. ‘I suppose so,’ she said.

She followed him up the street to the bookshop, and then up the stairs to his flat.

‘Shall we have coffee first or afterwards?’ he asked.

For a moment she seemed bemused. But then she shrugged her shoulders. ‘Up to you,’ she said.

He nodded. ‘Right. Yes. The bedroom’s through here,’ he said. ‘I put clean sheets on the bed this morning. I thought… well, you know.’

She followed him into the bedroom and then there was another awkward moment while neither of them seemed to know what to do next.

‘Maybe if we take off your dress,’ he said. It was then that she looked as if she was going to back out. Perhaps he was going too quickly. Maybe he should have just made the coffee and given her a bit longer to get used escort etimesgut to the idea.

‘Yeah. OK,’ she said, eventually.

Beneath her dress she was hardly dressed for seduction. It looked as if she had dressed in the dark. Grabbed the first bra that came to hand. And the first pair of knickers. Her bra and knickers didn’t even match! But she had a good body. Yes, she had a very good body.

He pulled off his sweatshirt, kicked off his shoes, and then slipped out of his jeans. ‘This is me,’ he said.

She smiled. He hoped that it was a smile of approval.

There was another awkward moment while they both stood there, looking at each other. And then she freed his growing cock from its confines and he reciprocated by slipping his hand down inside the front of her knickers. Look out, pink bits, here I come! After that, things went along more smoothly. He produced a condom from the drawer beside the bed and they got down to the serious business of fucking.

They started off batıkent escort with her lying on her back, her legs spread, her knees drawn up. But then she gently pushed him off and got onto all fours. A bit of doggy? Yeah, he was OK with a bit of doggy. And she did have a very nice arse. A very nice arse indeed.

‘Oh, yes!’ he said, as he parted her cunt lips and plunged in right up to the hilt.

They definitely didn’t set any records for duration. It was ‘a quickie’ at best. But maybe next time. Maybe after a cup of coffee. After he had had a moment or two to recover. A moment or two to build up a second head of steam. ‘A cup of coffee?’ he said.

She glanced at her watch. ‘Hmm… no,’ she said. ‘I’d better not. I’d better get going.’ And she started to get dressed. ‘I have to start work at midday. Daniel gets really ratty if we’re late. And Thursdays can be quite busy.’

‘OK,’ he said. ‘Maybe later?’


‘Tell you what: contact me when you’re free. You have my details.’

‘Do I?’

And then his phone pinged. Normally, he would have just ignored it. But, for some reason, he didn’t.

It was a message from PinkBits_101. ‘Where are you? You stood me up, you bastard. You might at least have sent a text.’ And then there was a second message. Also from PinkBits_101: ‘Double bastard!’

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