Pleasant Distractions

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I join you in the livingroom for a relaxing evening. I see you are reading a novel that you’ve been looking forward to and decide not to interrupt, lying on the couch with my head on your lap. I pick up the remote and look through the channels for a movie that might catch my interest, or maybe a documentary… finally deciding that a book sounds good and turning it off.

I sit up and reach for my current novel off the coffee table in front of us. You glance up and smile at me as I settle back onto the couch… lying on my side with my head snuggled high on your thigh. I pull your arm to my shoulder and you absently caress the material of my t-shirt, engrossed in your book. Raising your hand occasionally to turn the page of your book, then returning it to my shoulder and arm to caress some more. I release a comfortable sigh and begin reading, falling into the story line quickly.

I bring my hand up to cushion my chin and my fingertips graze the top of your thigh… I move my head a bit to adjust the position of my neck and to get my hair out of my face. Your hand comes up to stroke my cheek and push the offending locks of hair behind my ear. I continue reading, but my hand covers yours as you move it back towards my shoulder, bringing it to my lips and kissing the center of your palm, then putting it back on my shoulder.

We continue to read in companionable silence for quite awhile. Your fingers caressing my shoulder without conscious thought, my fingers caressing a matching pattern on the top of your thigh. I sit up when you change positions on the couch… making us more comfortable by turning your body so that I can lay between your legs, my back resting against your chest. You kiss the top of my head as I relax against you. I twist my neck around to look up at you, smiling, and you kiss the tip of my nose. I settle into the comfort of you and rest the book on my chest. You seem unable to decide where exactly to put your hand, moving it to different places and distracting me entirely from thoughts of my book, finally resting it just below my breast, your thumb lazily caressing the underside of it.

I close my eyes and slow my breathing wondering if this time I’ll manage to fool you and knowing that I never do. You know that I can’t resist the game of possum though. We rest like this for a long time before I feel the book being lifted off my chest and hear the slight movement of it landing on the coffee table. Your fingers moving up to cup my breast through the material, rolling the nipple between your fingers until it hardens. Your other hand mirroring this one. I make a conscious effort to control my breathing keeping it slow and steady… my heartbeat speeding up makes it difficult.

Your hands begin massaging my breasts, the hard nipples in the center of your palms. Your hands feel so good through the material, I have to fight the urge to arch my back and concentrate harder on my breathing. Your left hand begins trailing down my stomach to slide under the waistband of my sweats and touch my heated skin, running your fingers through the curls until you feel the damp mound that you were looking for. You press against it, one finger slipping between the labia, and my eyes fly open… you chuckle lightly and ask me if I rested well.

“Yes, Dear… I so love the way you wake me up that I can’t resist an occasional rest.”

I pull your hand to my lips and lick the fingers, sucking each one slowly into my mouth and licking it clean. I feel you moving against my back and smile wickedly around your index finger, moving your palm to my lips and licking it very thoroughly, then flicking my tongue back and forth across the center of it. You make a sound that is almost a growl, an answering purr coming from deep in my throat. I love the feeling you give me of being so closely matched as partners in this dance of temptation. I close my eyes for just a moment and revel in the sensation as it crawls though me. I can feel it curling through my body like a predator writhing in anticipation of the hunt, reaching out for you, looking for its mate. My eyes open, heavy-lidded and filled with seduction… I rise languidly and stretch. Ensuring your rapt attention, I lift my t-shirt and remove it; shaking my hair out, and making my breasts jiggle for you.

I reach down and pull you up and into my arms… backing us to the bedroom… kissing you thoroughly on the way, sucking gently on your lower lip and tongue, then moving my lips in a butterfly kiss over the pulse in your neck, licking and nibbling my way to your right ear… I lick the outline then gently suck the lobe into my mouth, nibbling on it for a few moments then whispering in your ear.

“Yes, Lover, I’m going to suck your cock, then I’m going to ride your hard-on until you cum for me, exploding in my pussy. We’re going to fuck until you can’t anymore, Darling… I want everything from you tonight.”

I feel your response, more than hear it… an answering groan deep in your chest that rumbles through my body. We eryaman escort reach the bedroom. Standing next to the bed, we start to undress each other. The darkness in the room enveloping us in a velvet blindfold and intensifying the senses as we explore, I hear your whispered sounds and words of encouragement keeping me with you in the present, holding my need close to your own passion to keep it burning strong.

I strip your t-shirt over your head and begin tasting your neck, tiny little flicks of the tongue, barely enough to touch the skin… little flashes of fire trailing across your neck, and down your chest. I stop at each nipple to lick and nibble and tease it to attention, then suck it into my mouth gently, rolling my tongue around it and purring so you can feel the vibrations follow that inner path from your nipple to your scrotum, hearing the sharp intake of breath as you gasp.

Your hands feel their way up from my waist to caress my breasts… following the lead of my mouth and tongue, rolling the nipples between your thumb and forefingers, pulling gently on them before cupping a breast in each hand, weighing it against your palm, rubbing the pad of your thumb across the hardened nipple.

My hands move down to the waistband of your sweats and I carefully lower them to the floor, sinking to my knees as they fall to help you lift your legs out of them… nuzzling the sensitive curve of your hipbone, pressing my face into the skin, breathing in your scent, and tasting my way down the slope of your thighs. My hands wander restlessly over the backs of your thighs, fingernails skimming swiftly over the skin in absentminded patterns moving up towards your buttocks then fanning out my fingers to firmly caress your cheeks… pulling you closer to me and lowering my mouth. I hear your warning growl just before I feel your hands at my shoulders, sliding me up your body, pressing me close as I rise. I feel your lips sear my neck when you have me standing, branding a path to my ear.

Your whispered words send shivers of excitement down my spine, “Baby, I want to make love to you. I want to eat you long and hard, taste your cum on my tongue, then feel you cum again as you ride my cock. Let’s fuck.”

Your hand moves down inside the band of my sweats and again searches for my mound… your fingers slipping through the feminine folds of skin easily to feel the slick, hot nub that you want. A slow drawn out circle with the tip of your finger around it weakens my knees and I sag against you for a moment. I feel your lips smile against mine as you kiss me.

In retaliation, I reach slowly down and put the palm of my hand on the tip of your penis, splaying my fingertips around the base of you, slowly drawing my fingernails in a straight line up to the very tip, scratching the glans lightly, but firmly. Your body tenses for a moment and your tongue surges into my mouth. I suck on it and our mouths move in unison.

You kiss your way down my body, nibbling and licking until you reach my breasts. You nuzzle between them, then lick firmly across the nipples, first one then the other… alternating back and forth, finally settling on the right, cupping the left in your hand and playing with it while you suck hard on its twin, biting and rolling it with your tongue. Your right arm around my waist, holding me close against you, my palms resting on your shoulders, fingers contracting against your skin without thought. I close my eyes in the darkness and picture your face as you flick your tongue quickly across the nipple.

Deliberately, you open your mouth wide, take in a mouthful of my breast and suck on it hard causing me to sag against you again and pulling a whimper of desire from my throat. You move to the other side, switching hands to pull me close with the left and play with the right while you lave attention on me.

After a few minutes, you seem to remember were you were going in the first place and begin nibbling your way south again. Kissing and sucking a jagged pattern down to the waistband of my sweats, your hands move to my thighs, grasping the material and pulling it slowly down… over my hips, to my thighs. I feel your breath on my skin following the trail of the cloth as you remove it… shivers race down my spine as the material rests for a moment on my shins and your fingertips caress the skin behind my knees upwards to the backs of my thighs then back down to finally help me step out of the small pile.

Your hands move to my hips and I wait to feel you stand up next to me… gasping and almost jumping out of your firm grip when I feel you nuzzling the soft hair above my mound. You pull me closer, inhaling the scent of my womanhood and nuzzling the whole area driving me to a frenzy of passion. My hands move to your neck and I draw you up my body, rubbing my breasts against first your face, then your chest as you rise. I feel your half risen cock bump against my pussy lips and my hips instinctively move toward your body, the heat from the contact drawing a sincan escort groan torn from my throat. I move my lips against your mouth…. pushing you backwards and knocking you off balance to fall heavily on the bed.

You give me a husky laugh and reach for my body, missing me in the darkness. I climb onto the bed and move between your legs, settling on my knees and leaning forward on my hands above you. I lower my lips to your neck and begin a fiery path, covering every inch of the front of your body with kisses and tasting you.

Whispering against your skin as I move, quiet words that you can’t quite hear, but you feel them sending shivers racing down your spine. I work my way down from your neck… to your chest… to your stomach… the rise of your hips… the dip of your pelvic bone…settling my body down on my stomach, I lift your knees high and relaxed outward… putting my forearms next to your cheeks.

Your breathing becoming shallow in anticipation of the sensations that you know are coming. I nuzzle in the darkness to find the spot I’m looking for and licking my lips first, I stick the very tip of my tongue out and touch it against the glans of your penis. Your breath hisses when you feel the warmth against you. I deliberately lick with just the tip of my tongue one thin line from the base of your cock to the tip and back, feeling it jump towards my mouth and hearing the groan from your lips.

I giggle quietly and close my eyes, savoring the taste of you, then using the full pad of my tongue, I lick firmly the length of your shaft, rasping my tongue across the glans repeatedly, dragging more groans and moans from you. Sucking just the head of your cock into my mouth and using my teeth gently, I nibble on it, raking my teeth across the glans. Your hands move to caress my hair and work their way to my scalp, the noises you are making encouraging my pussy to secrete the juices that you love so much.

I move my mouth down to the base of you and placing it sideways, I wrap my tongue around your shaft, letting the water in my mouth flow freely as I move my tongue toward the tip… back and forth I move to cover the entire thing, lubricating you generously, my teeth again scraping gently across your skin. I reach the top and nibble gently. Your fingers tangled in my hair hold my head steady as you lift your hips to press your cock against me… your voice ragged as you encourage me.

“Oh Baby! Yesssss! Suck it. I want to cum in your mouth.”

I resist for a moment, the tip in my mouth, and moan… sending the vibrations through your entire body and making three things happen at once… your hips rise, your hands push, and my throat open. Your cock rushes into my mouth as I swallow you deep into my throat.

I try not to smile with satisfaction as you press deeper, but can’t help it, causing me to gag and my throat grips the head of your cock tight for a second.

Your “Oh God, HONEY!” makes me pull my mouth back a little so that I don’t gag again, moving slowly up and down your cock, my lips gripped tight against your shaft. I move my tongue around in random patterns sucking you in and out…. in and out… in and out… tongue moving up to the glans and pressing against it. My hand comes up to caress your scrotum with my fingernails, playing gently with them, rolling the testicles under the skin. The tips of my fingers reaching for the ridge of skin behind them to press firmly.

As my mouth rises to the tip of you (feel the pop of your engorged head leaving the warm wetness) I bring my other hand up to stroke your thick, hard cock and let my elbows move out from your hips… bringing my lips to the perfect level. My tongue snakes forward and laps at that ridge of skin, causing your cock to jump in my hand and your balls to contract quickly once… letting my watering tongue wander where it will, I slowly lick further down. Listening to your ragged breathing and paying close attention to the twitches and jumps I’m feeling from your dick, my tongue working its way lower.

I can feel, against my tongue, the bumps and puckers of your skin as I lick the circular muscle. Your hips pump forward moving your cock in my hand as I press my tongue lightly against the opening, applying just a little pressure without trying to penetrate. Planting my lips in a ring and sucking gently, I feel the tremble that runs through your body.

I lick my way forward to your scrotum, pulling it into my mouth and moving my tongue across it like tasting a new food… savoring it before sucking a testicle into my mouth. Laving it with my tongue, pressing it carefully against the back of my teeth, sucking on it a little harder, then releasing it and moving to it’s twin for the same treatment… back and forth, feeling them tighten and swell in my mouth…. releasing them and blowing softly across the skin, then moving my mouth to your cockhead again to nibble on it while my hand strokes.

There is a deep rumbling I hear from your throat as I dip my tongue batıkent escort in the slit to lick the first drop of precum from you. Your hands on my scalp tighten and pull me up, stretching my body across you, my nipples hardening and pressing into your chest. Your lips take mine in a deep-tongued kiss, hands moving from my hair down my shoulders to the small of my back, and down to my buttocks, pressing me into your hardness and massaging the skin. I slowly move my legs to raise my pussy above you, rubbing your cock against my clit, back and forth.

Gruffly, I hear your “Grrrrr… Not yet”, and you roll us.

Lying on my back I feel your cock between the lips of my pubis, rubbing against my clit and my breath stops. Your lips leave mine and you put them close to my ear.

“Your turn.”

My pulse races and I can feel my heart pounding in my chest as your hands on my hips lift me to my hands and knees over you. I crawl up your body until my hands find the wall above the bed, using it to keep my balance, I feel you move down until your mouth is inches below my dewed lips, your shoulders planted firmly between my knees and your arms curled around my thighs.

Your warm breath against the curls of hair sends electric flames shooting through my body and the first of many small unintelligible whimpering sounds comes from my throat. Your lips graze the tender flesh of my inner thigh, petal soft. Your mustache tickling me, I squirm and fidget, hearing your aroused chuckle, knowing that you will continue the exquisite torture at your leisure and reveling in the sensations while uttering small sounds of almost complaint. Biting my lower lip, one hand supporting my upper body against the wall, the other reaches down to caress your hair, my fingers playing lightly, encouraging you to continue the game of patience you are playing.

Your nose quests an ethereal path through the nestled hair, coating your throat in the thick, hot aroma of my sex as you breath in, pressing lightly into the slit and skimming over my swollen nub causing my hips to buck forward. Your tongue snakes out, slipping through the labia, piercing deep into my vagina to taste the heated nectar. Your chest rumbles again with satisfaction, your tongue plunging in and out of the grasping walls, then moving up to flick back and forth across my clit.

“Ahhhhhhh……… yyyyyyyeeeeesssssssss!”

My fingers tighten their grip for a moment in your hair and your mouth is pressed harshly into my skin. I feel your teeth imprint and my body writhes under you. Stopping just long enough to move your focus down, your tongue moves in long, slow, deliberate licks from the tight circle of my ass to the tip of my clit… over and over and over.

“God you know how to make me feel good, Baby! I love the way you treat me!” Your tongue is like velvet covered electricity as you draw my body from it’s languorous desire into a single raw craving for release, my breathing shallow, my body shaking.

You draw slow circles around the swollen nub, the juice soaks into your beard and you feel it coating the skin. Your tongue presses my clit against the back of your teeth as you nibble and suck, your finger working it’s way slowly into my pussy. I have to fight to keep my body calm enough to lay still for you.

You stop moving and hold perfectly still for a minute.

Your breath the only movement against my skin sends signals flying to nerve centers and I try to move. Your arms hold me nearly immobile, forcing me to wait and straining my nerves to fever pitch.

“Please, Baby! Oh, don’t stop now!” I whimper and moan, “I’m so close! Please let me cum for you!”

I feel it when you start humming, your tongue firmly planted on my clit. No other movement but your breathing and the thrumming hum of your voice moving into my body and making my vaginal muscles spasm against your still fingers, clenching and releasing, the trembling getting stronger. A second finger joins the first and you begin moving again, in and out, in and out, in and out… slow and deep and steady.

My hips are rocking a counter against your fingers and the sounds coming from my mouth are now just carnal noises, your tongue firm against my clit as you suck hard and shake your head.

“Ahoooo, Yes, Baby! Yes, Lover! That’s it, Baby!”

Your fingers moving ever faster, deep and hard push me over the final edge.

“Fuuuuucccckkkk!!!!! YYEEEEESSSSSS!!!”

My pussy convulses tightly around you, clamping down to hold your fingers inside me while the orgasm wracks my body. My juices flow freely around your fingers.. Before my body can begin to relax, I feel your tongue lapping it up, drawing my peak out longer and longer until I am trembling from weakness.

Your hands on my hips urge me to slide back down your body. You roll me to your side and cradle me in your arms, snuggling me close and creating a soothing cocoon until my shaking eases. I feel your sweet lips on my damp brow and my eyes close in the darkness. My body is cuddled close to your loving heat, my leg tenderly placed between your legs, pressing close against your growing hardness. Your arm and mine each thrown over a waist, fingers slowly moving over the skin, drawing the desire close enough to ignite again.

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