Quarantine in Neverland Ch. 08

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Author’s Note- The continuing story of an 18 year old sister and her 20 year old brother home alone from college as everyone is forced to shelter in place. As they spend additional time together, their relationship gradually begins to shift as their adventures get more daring and intimate.

Brad walked up to where he was standing directly in front of Melissa, seated naked on the rock in the hollow, his phone still in his hands. Melissa reached over to stroke his hard cock, while with her other hand, she guided him by the hip until he was in the position she wanted. She looked up at him with a smile before bending her face down and taking his dick into her mouth.

Brad was too stunned to do anything at first, but quickly began taking pictures of his sister naked and sucking his dick in the midday sunlight. Holding his phone out to the side he was able to get different angles of her sucking his cock, including the sight of her lovely pale tits and the rest of her naked body in the frame.

Melissa was using everything Brad had taught her, jacking him off with her hand as her mouth worked in unison, sucking him in deeply with every stroke. She tried different levels of pressure and suction between her mouth, her lips and her hand, paying extra attention to the tip where she knew he was more sensitive.

Maybe it was just being high this time, but she wasn’t embarrassed at all to know that Brad was watching her, even taking pictures. She just felt an urgent desire to satisfy him. She felt his free hand stroking her hair and she looked up to see him staring down in adoration at her. She fought the urge to blink and did the best she could to maintain eye contact with him, even as she bobbed up and down on his engorged cock.

“Oh, Melissa. That’s so good.” Brad couldn’t imagine anything better in that moment. Seeing his sister, naked in broad daylight, knowing he was watching and taking her picture looking up at him with her big brown eyes and a mouthful of his dick. It was the most erotic thing he had ever experienced. Looking down he could see her puffy nipples dancing on the end of her bobbling tits as she stroked and sucked his dick. It felt amazing.

Encouraged by his praise Melissa tried to take as much of his dick as she could with each stroke. Sitting up and being able to control the angle allowed her to take more of his cock than she ever had before without gagging, but she wished that she could take even more if it meant that she could please Brad by doing so.

As much as she would have imagined herself to be disgusted to have a guy’s dick in her mouth, let along doing something like this for her own brother, she found her desire to please him somehow deeply satisfying. It should have been degrading, but hearing him moan and gasp in response to her skill as a dick-sucker was somehow gratifying.

Brad had gotten dozens of pictures of Melissa sucking his dick from every angle and reached over with his thumb to switch the camera on his phone to “video” mode, unable to believe that he was going to be able to remember this moment forever as his sister gave him the best blowjob of his life in the middle of Neverland. Better still, he’d be able to watch pendik escort it back whenever he wanted.

Brad began to thrust slightly with his hips as Melissa maintained a steady rhythm with her hand and her mouth and he quickly felt himself about to cum after the first dozen strokes. His breathing began to hitch as he felt the tingling sensation fill his body in anticipation.

“Melissa, I’m going to cum, baby!” Brad gasped.

Melissa could feel something changing in the moments before Brad said it and hadn’t thought in advance what she would do, but at the last moment panicked that she wasn’t ready to let him cum in her mouth. She pulled back as the first squirt of cum shot out of his dick and it left an arching trail across her cheek. The next jet of milky cum shot higher as she lifted his cock away from her mouth and landed across her forehead and the bridge of her nose. She could feel the warm liquid stick to her face and wondered if it had gotten in her hair.

Remembering what Brad had said the night before, she lowered his cock, fighting it’s desire to stick straight up and let the next couple of spurts land on her heaving tits as she continued to jack him off with her hand. She looked up to see Brad, his face a deep red, breathing in huge gasps of air as he watched and filmed spurt after spurt of hot cum land on his sister’s magnificent tits and drip down onto the creamy skin of her thighs.

Brad looked down into his sister’s big brown eyes and watched the trails of cum clinging to her cheek and forehead as she looked up to him for approval. With a shudder, he felt the last few small dribbles of cum leave his dick and watched a broad smile slowly form on his sister’s face as she saw his legs trembling and felt his big hand lock over hers to stop her stroking his cock that had become way to sensitive to be touched in the final throes of the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced.

Releasing a huge breath and straightening back up, he continued to film with his other hand and looked down at the splendor of his naked sister, glistening from her first facial and knowing he had caught every moment of it on video.

As his breathing slowed, he looked down and said, “Melissa, it’s official.”

“What is?” She asked with a crooked smile.

“You don’t need any more practice. That was the most amazing blowjob I’ve ever had.”

“Really?” She beamed with pride. “I did it right?”

“Better than right, sweetie.” He admitted. “That was the best dick-sucking…you’re…you’re amazing.” He reached over with his thumb and ended the recording.

Melissa was tingling with joy at having done it better than he expected and looked down to see cum dripping down her tits, on the back of her hand and falling onto her thighs. She could feel it sticking to her face. “I guess I’m also a mess!” She laughed and looked back up at her brother.

“Hang on a second!” Brad looked over on the rocks and pulled his t shirt off of his pile of clothes. He turned back and lifting Melissa’s chin in his hand, tenderly wiped the cum from her nose and forehead, careful not to get any in her eyes. She turned her face to the side and he carefully wiped away maltepe escort the rope of cum that had clung to her cheek before reaching down to start wiping it from each of her gloriously bare boobs.

“Can I?” Melissa reached for the t-shirt. She took it from Brad and wiped the sticky spurt from her had before wiping down her thighs and getting the last of it from her tits. Brad stood up to watch and it was the loveliest thing he’d ever seen.

As soon as she had finished wiping off and stopped to get a drink of water, Grad squatted down in front of her. As she lowered the water bottle, she smiled and Brad leaned in to give her a gentle kiss.

“Thank you,” he said. “That was amazing.”

She smiled. “Does that mean you won’t let me practice anymore?” she asked jokingly.

“You can do that any time you want, but you don’t need any more practice. Believe me.” He smiled. “There is something else I want to show you though.”

“Really?” Melissa was excited. “What is it?”

Brad leaned forward and lifted her under each arm to lay her gently back on the rock before reaching down to separate her knees and spread her legs apart. He smiled up at her as she leaned up on her elbows. “This!” he said and lowered his face down to the exposed pink skin of her pussy.

Melissa gave a small gasp of surprise and pleasure as Brad’s tongue met the outer folds of her pussy. She didn’t know quite what to expect when he had spread her legs and for half a heartbeat she had felt a surge of panic that he might try to have actual sex with her, but the touch of his mouth on her swollen and tingling pussy wiped away every thought or care that she had.

As his tongue parted the folds of skin, she felt a wave of pleasure emanate from inside her that washed over every inch of her body in ripples of pleasure. As his long, warm tongue pushed into her she felt it drag across the hard tip of her clit and her legs trembled uncontrollably. It was almost too much sensation to bear all at once. She looked down to see the top of his handsome face above the mound of dark trimmed hair between her legs and she should have been embarrassed about the fact that he had opened up the most intimate part of her body to see, smell and taste it as he was, but she was too overwhelmed by the surging pulse of pleasure that he was creating moment by moment with his tongue inside her.

Brad was lost in the act of pleasuring his sister, His tongue parting and flicking the sweet pink flesh of her tight little pussy. Everything about her was small, young, sweet and smooth. He had never really enjoyed going down on most girls, but did it to please them and reciprocate for giving him head, but there was something about Melissa that made it seem like the most beautiful thing in the world. He wanted to make her feel exactly as she had made him feel and would do anything to please her. He opened his eyes to look up at her tits and was treated to her smiling down at him, her mouth forming a tight little “o” of pleasure, accented by the sharp intake of her breath when their eyes met.

If she imagined it couldn’t get any more intense, the moment Brad’s blue eyes opened and met hers it was like kartal escort an electric shock came through her and created an arc that connected her to him through their eyes and the flickering motion of his tongue. Her stomach began to flutter and her legs trembled uncontrollably, pinned under his strong arms against the rock. She could feel him increase the intensity of his licking and press down with his upper lip against the soft flesh of her mound and just as she felt the contracting spasms of her pussy, she was lost to the shuddering convulsions of ecstasy as the orgasm swept over and consumed her.

Lying back on the rough stone, her head whipped first to one side then the other as her thighs tightened around her brother’s strong upper body. Wave after wave of exploding light burst inside of her against her tightly closed eyes and her body was consumed by a tingling that suffused every individual particle of her being. She was turned to light and heat and energy that could not be described by anything that flesh could ever do. As the waves gradually subsided she was overwhelmed by how sensitive her pussy had become and she instinctively grabbed handfuls of her brother’s thick blond hair to pull his mouth away from her quivering flesh.

It was like holding onto a powerful animal in the midst of a tornado as she clenched her fingers against the last trembling shudders of pleasure as they left her exhausted and spent on the rock in the afternoon sun. Her fingers released the knots they had formed in his hair and spread out like a cat gently clawing a carpet as she ran her fingers along his scalp and caressed the thick hair on his head. He felt so strong and solid and vital in that moment. The only solid thing in a spinning universe that had left her flung in this spot like the survivor of ship that had been wrecked in a violent storm.

She looked down to see him resting his cheek against her thigh and in that moment, neither seemed to care that his face remained only inches from her exposed pussy or that it was his own cum that made his cheek sticky against the skin of her thigh. In that moment it seemed like the most naturally beautiful thing in the world.

Brad lifted his head at last and stood up to go retrieve his water bottle from the other rock. Melissa sat up to watch him in profile, naked and rippling with muscle, drinking lustily from the upturned bottle like a Norse or Greek god that commanded all of nature that surrounded him.

Melissa felt a residual shudder of pleasure go through her as her eyes traveled up and down the length of his hard chiseled form and lingered on his dangling cock, still semi-erect and protruding out in profile. She had only seen it for the first time the day before, but already she had begun to feel a sense of having conquered the mysteries of its nature and how she could control it with pleasure. As Brad turned to look over at her, she smiled at him, naked, sticky with his cum and unashamed to be his partner in desire.

She stood up and walked over to him. Throwing her arms awkwardly over his much higher shoulders, she stood on tiptoes to give him a kiss as his cock rested against her stomach. “Let’s go home and take a shower, okay” she asked. “I feel like a shower, a big bowl of ice cream and a nap. Sound good?”

“Sounds perfect, actually.” Brad smiled down at her.

“Glad you think so, because I want to share each one of them with you. Let’s get dressed!”

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