Quinn gets a man, part 2

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Quinn and Miko met again on the dancefloor. Amid the pounding beat and flashing lights they managed to shout the details of their first fuck of the night to each other. They both decided they needed a drink, and Quinn in her macho leather outfit and moustache bought Margaritas for both of them.

Miko was looking even sexier in her skintight latex dress, sweaty and with a “just fucked” expression. She had a quick almost wordless screwing in the toilet from a black man. After swallowing his cum, she left him there with his pants around his ankles.

Quinn had used her strap-on dildo on a blond sailor, fucking his ass without mercy until they both came. She decided on a different approach for her next encounter.

With a quick kiss for Miko, she left the bar, knowing they would meet later and exchange all the details. On another floor, the music was quieter, and she stood at the bar checking out the crowd while waiting for the bartender. He arrived with a Margarita for her, sent by an admirer. Seconds later, the mystery admirer arrived in person. He looked like a biker, and wore dark glasses, black tank and leather jeans. His head was shaved, but he had a beard straight out of ZZTop. Hair sprouted from his armpits and his chest seemed to be one matted mass. He was fat, but had heavily tattooed muscular arms. He wore about six silver rings on his fingers and ankara escort both ears and one nostril carried heavy silver hoops. He smiled showing many gold caps.

“Care to dance”, he said and extended his hand. Quinn knew her dildo was not going anywhere with this guy. She smiled and the 300 lb. biker immediately enveloped her slim frame in a bear hug that was strangely gentle.They danced for a few minutes and Quinn decided to take the initiative. She pulled his head down to her level and shouted above the music”Bathroom, now.” With that she turned and left the biker on the floor. She turned her head once to smile at him and make sure he followed.

In an empty stall again, on her knees in front of this giant, she rapidly opened his leather pants and pushed them down to reveal a cock that the size and consistency of a Kielbasa. It’s base was hidden in a thicket of pubic hair. Quinn grasped the heavy dangling dick with both hands. Her hand would’t fit all the way round, and several inches of the length remained uncovered. She calculated it was about nine inches soft. She gave the purple tip an experimental lick, and idly wondered how much it would grow. She was glad it wasn’t going near her ass, but felt some regret she wouldn’s feel it in her pussy. By now she had about three inches of cock in her mouth, and felt it becoming rigid. Her head bobbed trying elvankent escort to accomodate more of this monster, and then she licked all the way along the underside. Looking at it in it’s stiff glory, she recalculated it at twelve inches. The largest cock she had ever deep throated was about half this size. His balls were proportional to his mighty cock and she took one at a time in her mouth, caressing it with her tongue as she pumped him with both hands. Then back to cocksucking, drooling over the meat, forcing more and more into her mouth. She almost gagged, but regained control.

Two ham like hands took control. He held her head gently but firmly and began to fuck her face. Rapid strokes that went just far enough to scare her but didn’t cause her to gag again. This man obviously knew that few people could take all his meat at once. He pounded away at her face as she continued to pump him and stroke his balls. Her hand crept between his buttock and one finger found his sweaty asshole.

“Oh, yeah, that’s good, keep doin’ that, kid…” he muttered and now he was slamming his prick even faster with shorter strokes into her willing mouth. Finally, he pulled out completely and put one hand on top of her head, immobilizing her. With his other hand, he jerked off.

“Open up, here it comes”, and his cum exploded. The first stream hit otele gelen escort her fore head, the second her nose, the third almost hit her tongue, and then she had the tip of his cock back in her mouth and was sucking at it as if crazed. She held his cum in her mouth as he shuddered through the last of his orgasm. Then he picked her up effortlessly and they kissed, their tongues duelling over possession of his creamy juice.

He held her one foot of the ground at eye level. “Much obliged, maybe I’ll return the favor. I showed you mine, now you show me yours…miss.”

“You know?”,Quinn was suddenly afraid.

“Body language and bone structure. You can dress up, but some things need a lot of work. Good try, though. This your first time?”

Quinn relaxed.”Yes. Maybe you can return the favor…later on. Right now I have to find my friend and see how she’s doing. My name is Quinn “

“I’m Jake. I’ll be waiting.”

They kissed again and Quinn left in search of Miko and perhaps another opportunity to use her dildo on a willing boy. But she was certain she would try that cock and the gentle giant attached to it again tonight.

Miko was doing just fine. When Quinn left her she began to dance on her own, and was soon joined a sexy Latina girl in a red leather jacket and skirt. She wore four inch stiletto heels that made her tower over the petite Japanese girl.

The made eye contact, and reached a wordless understanding. They danced closer and kissed…but that’s another story.

Feedback always welcome. In the next chapter (?), we find out what Miko did, and how she Quinn got through the night.

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