Radiance Ch. 01: Aden

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WARNING! These stories contain content which could be deemed to be “Adult”. They also contain content such as foul language, violence, sex, references to drugs and alcohol, incest, love, politics and a main character with a preference to Pepsi rather than Coke. All characters are at *least* eighteen. Read at your own discretion.


I slid out from under the thick blanket that had been covering my naked body. I shivered as the cold air of my apartment hit me, causing goose bumps to ripple across my skin. I slouched over to the small kitchenette that was attached to the bedroom, turning the kettle on and placing a lone teabag into my mug from the open jar of teabags. I leant against the counter while I waited for the kettle to boil.

A shrill whistle woke me, causing me to move my elbows and allowing my head to hit the counter top before I could stand up properly. Rubbing my head, I picked myself up and began to pour the boiling water from the kettle into the large mug I had placed before myself. As the water level neared the top of the mug, I pulled the kettle away, retiring it to it’s bursa escort home at the back of the counter. I reached into the knee-high refrigerator and pulled a small bottle of milk out of the door shelf and began to pour the milk into my mug. I replaced the milk, and closed the door while I stirred the milk in to the tea, turning it from a translucent brown to an opaque flesh colour.

Picking up my mug and wandering across the room, I sat down on my bed and looked at myself in the mirror. I noticed how my body had started to change, no longer was I the muscular man that I had been a few years ago, the lines of my muscles were fading, being overrun by a curviness that could only be fat. My physique was changing rapidly, my new diet forcing my muscles out and replacing them with fat and ugly sinew. All that remained of my former body was my skeletal structure, which was still angular and unruly as it had been for all of my teenage years.

My jaw line had retained it’s angularity, and still struck out at an odd angle when compared to the rest of my body. But while fat was slowly reclaiming my body, it was bursa escort bayan obvious that muscles had once been present as my skin was ridged where the muscle hid underneath. My stomach was gently curved, showing that my abs had found their final resting place and had no intentions of returning in the near future, and below that was my waist, where just below hung my penis. It reached about 5 inches while in it’s current soft-ish state though could reach upwards of 8 inches when it wanted to be noticed.

Finishing off my mug of tea, I placed my mug into the small sink next to the counter and began to get dressed, sliding on a pair of briefs and then following them with a pair of socks, trousers and a T-Shirt. Quickly picking up my phone from the head of my bed, I slid it into my pocket and walked back across my apartment, before grabbing my bag, opening my apartment door and heading towards the elevator. I reached the elevator just as it arrived at my floor, the huge grating of the door sliding upwards and allowing me and several other residents to climb aboard the elevator and begin our descent escort bursa down to street level. As my apartment building was a converted factory, the elevator was a large cargo lift that had been converted to allow for people to use it without risk. Despite it’s conversion, it showed that it used to be a working elevator, as the paint was scratched and peeling and the elevator was riddled with dents.

The elevator shuddered to a halt, and once again the grating slid up to allow all of us to leave the elevator and head towards the door of the building. Holding back, I waited until I was trailing at the back of the queue before turning left and heading towards the reception desk that adorned one side of the lobby.

“Good morning, Mr. Kendrick!” chirped the receptionist.

“Morning, Nadeen. And please, call me Aden. We’ve known each other long enough!” I replied.

Nadeen blushed, her dark mocha skin becoming even darker for a split second. She began fumbling under the desk, before emerging with a small collection of objects that she pushed towards me.

“Here you go, *Aden*, two letters and a small parcel”

“Thankyou, Nadeen” I grinned at her and reached across the desk, grabbing the two letters and the parcel and sliding them into my bag. At that point, I turned and headed towards the lobby door and to London.

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