Realtor’s Dream Ch. 02

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Cheating Wife

A few weeks ago I managed to sell a house to a millionaire named Robert. Along the way we had sex twice. Robert had asked me to move in with him. I had reservations in doing so. I enjoyed my independence and I thought Robert would have too much control over my life. I was invited to Robert’s house that evening. When I got there we went immediately to the bedroom. We stripped down and Robert had me get on all fours for him. I placed a pillow under my head and I soon felt Robert’s mushroom invading my folds.

Robert placed his hands on my hips and he pushed into me. Robert has this eight inch cock that makes me feel like a virgin on her first night. My pussy went into convulsions as I felt Robert going deeper inside me. I had never had a cock that size before. In a few minutes Robert had the whole length buried inside me. God, how I moaned as he took me like I was his whore for the night. Skin was slapping skin as Robert slid into me.

There was a change of pace in store for me. Robert pulled his dick out and inserted it at my ass.

“Not there!” I cried out.

I had never had anal before and Robert was so big. I felt his chest on my backside as he managed to feed my ass with his monster dick. Somehow Robert got the entire length past my sphincter. He started to pound my bottom. God did it hurt. Robert did pull out and he inserted his cock in my pussy once more. This went on for nearly an hour. My pussy and ass took Robert’s snake of a cock. It felt like he was ripping me apart. Robert then gave me his love offering.

I felt him explode in my pussy. The heat from etimesgut escort his cum made me have a giant orgasm. More and more of Robert’s seed flooded my tummy. This man always seem to have so much cream to give me. Once Robert finished he pulled out and I fell to the bed. I felt wiped out as Robert lay down behind me. I could feel his spent cock pressing against my back.

“Have you thought about moving in with me?”

I hated to have our lovemaking end this way. I said I couldn’t do as he asked. I needed some breathing room. This isn’t what Robert wanted to hear. I guess most of these self made millionaires like to hear the word ‘yes.’ That didn’t happen and I could tell he was pissed.

“You might as well get dressed then,” he told me.

I was shocked. Robert was throwing me out after we just had sex. I tried to say something, but Robert didn’t want to hear it. He gathered up my clothes and handed them to me. I got dressed and I left his house. I felt so many emotions just then. I was mad he treated me that way. I knew this was the end of anymore loving between us. I drove home and cried. Robert had me addicted to his cock. I hated to admit that to myself.

A few days had passed and I was starting to get myself under control. My boss at work said there was a get-together on Wednesday night. I was to make sure I attended. It was one of these parties where the local realtors pat each other on the back for a job well done. I hate these kind of affairs, but there was no backing out. The time came and I drove to the banquet. There were drinks beforehand and as sincan escort I stood there guess who walked in? That’s right, Robert.

He had a big bosomed brunette on his arm. That was when our eyes met. I felt about an inch tall. Robert walked right over to me.

“I’m one of the speakers tonight. I’m glad to see you made it Lana.”

I couldn’t believe he was acting this way. A few nights ago he threw me out of his house. He looked over to his escort and told her to take a hike. She looked none too happy, but she left. Robert told me to follow him. I should have told him to kiss my ass, but I didn’t want to make a scene. We walked down the hallway and we came to a conference room. Robert opened the door and I followed him in. Robert then locked the door behind us.

“I wanted a little privacy between you and me,” he said to me.

“Who is the bimbo?” I asked him.

Robert just laughed. “Someone who wanted a night out on the town, nothing more.”

I seriously doubted it, but I kept quiet.

“Have you missed me?” He asked.

I had missed him terribly, but I couldn’t lower myself to say so.

“I have missed you,” he said.

Just like that, Robert unzipped his pants. Out came his dick. I just stared at that big prick for a minute. I knew exactly what he wanted. He was treating me just like the whore he rented for the night out. I am such an asshole. I was weak and I got to my knees and I took hold of his prick. Just like the first time we met, I took Robert down my throat. I hated to admit it to myself. I missed having his cock. Robert pushed into my escort etimesgut mouth and I took him.

Robert pumped his cock into me as I reached around his thighs and held on. I was gagging just like before. Robert had his head tossed back as he gave me cock. Robert’s balls were hitting my chin as I managed to get down every inch of his rod.

“This is how it should be Lana,” he told me.

I felt so cheap yet I craved his cock. He must have face fucked me for a good twenty minutes or so. I felt Robert tense up and he sent a wave of his cream down my throat. I took everything he had to give. I swallowed his giant load of cum. I did pull away after I figured he was spent. Big globs of cum spilled down my chin. I took my fingers and gathered it up and swallowed. Once it was all over I got to my feet.

“Are you happy now?” I asked him.

“Ecstatic,” he told me.

Just like that we were finished. Robert opened the door and we walked out into the hallway. I went and found a restroom so I could clean myself up. When I got back to the party Robert and his date were arm in arm. My face got red. What a fool I had been. Robert used me and I had let him. His cock was still ruling my emotions. The evening’s festivities did come to an end. We were all filing out and heading to our cars. Robert saw me and walked over to me.

“My offer still stands Lana, think about it,” He said.

I just got into my car and drove home. When I got home I gave my pussy a good working over. I used my biggest dildo and I pushed it into me as far as it would go. I must have orgasmed four or five times. My thoughts were totally on Robert. All I could think of was the times I gave him head and then he fucked me with his tool. I know I am getting weak and I might just taking him up on his offer. What would you do in my place?

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