Return to Paradise Ch. 12

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Sam Jr has a plan. Aka Best laid plans of mice and men.

The next week was uneventful on the sexual front. A scouting party went to the main Island. The report came back to Sara and I as we now both seem to be in charge. We acquired a few more people from it, and they brought back a LOT of building supplies. One of the survivors father piloted a tugboat of all things and taught his daughter how to pilot it so they loaded up a small barge with supplies and finally got the tug going and with some help got it to our island. We got enough building supplies to develop the whole island if we wanted. All in all we picked up a lot of propane for the generators, a couple extra generators even, a fork lift which we found useless with all the sand on the island, and a couple small bob cat earth movers which will come in very handy.

We acquired 23 other people all under the age of 20. We are slightly overwhelmed with the numbers. We have them in tents right now (Got to love Wal-Mart) but the extra people are putting a bit of a strain on the islands resources. Sara and I have been talking about maybe settling the main island, but is it not a safe place to be right now. One thing her book had right was to beware of People, There is one gang on the island that claimed they own it. Only about 30 people that look like gang banger from some Mad Max Movie. Other than them the island looks vacant of people and Zombies. There were reports of a few wild Dogs that at some point were probably people’s pets. We decided that any further trips to the island required a few more guards.

One of the things we did acquire was a nurse and he mother that was a midwife. This came in handy to the point that we now had several expecting mothers on the island that were yet to even start showing their condition, and were just now starting to miss their first monthly cycle.

Thanksgiving day was coming up in a couple days. Liz and a couple other ladies asked Sara if they could put together a feast and since we just stocked up on supplies we had plenty of food. They announced that it was a formal dinner and everyone needed to come dressed for it. We had outgrown the conference room for dinner, and the able bodied people helped erect a huge dining shelter with some of the supplies we picked up. We had 53 people on our little island, and one puppy.

The day before Thanksgiving day, As the women were getting thing ready spirits were high. We had an alarm go off at the boat dock. Someone had entered the lagoon. When our security people of the day got there (which I was one of) We were greeted with 4 speed boats with about 5 people each in them. Since our first run in we were very skeptical of people coming to visit us. Being in charge, I went to greet the newcomers and was rewarded for my efforts, with the sting of a low caliber handgun bullet in my right calf. Like all good people, I dropped down grasping my leg as my backup returned fire wiping the intruders out. One of the boats turned to take off and one of our guys shot the motor causing it catch on fire. The gunplay was short lived, the two people in the boat swam for our shore were they were quickly captured at gunpoint.

After “politely” talking with the two prisoners we found out they had left one man guarding their group of women. A few other polite words and we found out where their camp was. It was in a hotel along the ocean. I wasn’t going, that was for sure, Jackson, My dad and James gathered a couple guns each and took one of the speedboats that was not damages in the fire fight along with one of our boats to pay them a social visit.

When they got to the hotel the found the guns were a waste as the women actually had the one guard strung up, totally naked and bruised up, outside the hotel lobby. The Women were actually girls about 10 of them in total mostly in the 18-20 year old range and couple older women. They all looked rather rough and in need of a good shower and hot meal. They were invited to our island were we at least had hot water, food, and some clean clothes they could have. Only one didn’t want to come she wanted to wait for her boy to come back. I told her we had two survivors from their group and that was it. She decided to go with the rest. Dad (Sam Sr.) decided it was probably best to keep an eye on her.

Arriving at the tuzla escort island, I’m told all but the one woman, Bertha. Were happy to be free of the others and told their stories of abuse, neglect, and multiple rapes. Bertha’s son was one of our prisoners, so we detained her with them. Somewhere in the night the threesome escaped and made it to their boat, where one of our guards promptly dispatched the them on sight. I know this seems gruesome, violent and mean, but evil people just need to be dealt with and sometimes they are unwilling to give up to any law.

Our nurse attended to the girls, everyone claiming that the raiders got off easy compared to the how the girls were treated. I won’t go into any of the stories that went around, but I agree.

Okay enough of that, it’s depressing. Especially on Thanksgiving day. I was very well taken care of. At Dinner we all took turns saying what we were thankful for. Some just to be alive, other to have found love, and mostly things like that.

When it came around to me I said, “I’m very thank for everyone here, That I wasn’t killed yesterday, and for our nurse that has been taking care of me, Carol and Marsha for their help, and of course my lovely sister Sara. She truly is the love of my life. I so glad so many of us have found those close to us can be the loves of our lives. Months ago we would have been locked up for what is now kind of normal. Last of all I’m grateful for the food we are about to receive and the lovely women that worked on putting it together. Oh.. and one last think, Make our new guest Welcome! LETS EAT!”

Later that evening back in our room, laying in bed bandaged from just above my knee to about mid thigh, wearing nothing else we got visitors. It was Carol and Marsha coming to check on us. They were both wearing light yellow sundresses that came to just past their butt cheeks. The bullet wound was just a flesh wound and nurse Jackie (yes Jackie) told me to just take it easy and don’t do a lot of walking.

Sara opened the door, freshly showered and naked. I will admit I admired the view of her backside as she walked across the room to open the door. She greeted them, “Hello girls, I was wondering if you were going to stop by. I appreciate you helping me with him last night. Sam will you at least cover that thing up, no one but me should have to look at that.”

Carol said, “Anything for one of you two. You know that. “

I moved to cover myself and Marsha said, “I don’t mind seeing it at all, how about you Carol?”

Carol replied, “I’ve seen it before and never minded seeing it then and I really don’t mind it now.”

Marsha said, “I kinda like seeing it.”

Sara said, “You guys are being too nice to him. But I agree it is kinda nice.”

All this attention left me speechless, but true to being male, my little friend was starting to pay attention to them.

Marsha was the first to say anything about it, “Look, it must like us too!” and she giggled.

Carol commented, “It’s getting hot in here.”

I said, “I feel fine, it’s you guys that’s all dressed up. Get comfortable and hang out for a while.”

Sara said, “Sure, take those dresses off if you like.”

Marsha slid her dress over her head and was naked and sitting on the edge of the bed nearest me, Carol did the same and sat on the other side, Sara sat on the end of the bed.

I said, “You guys want to play some cards or something else?”

By this time I was fully erect and a little uncomfortable, when Marsh asked Sara, not me but Sara, “Would you mind if I touch his..”

Sara said, “Go ahead, I officially give either of you two permission to touch or borrow him whenever you like. Just remember to return him.”

I was shocked but I said, “Are you sure?”

Sara said, “Yes. I don’t mind sharing with them. They are like family, especially Carol.”

Carol hugged Sara, “Thank you, what about you? Can we borrow you too?”

I spoke up, “If you can borrow me, you can borrow Sara, we are a couple.”

Marsha spoke up, “I guess that sorta means we are all sorta a couple too?”

Carol said, “I guess so, is everyone in.”

We all hugged on it, and Carol and Sara sorta paired up as Marsha had my cock in her hand stroking it already I guess I was paired with her, I didn’t mind at tuzla escort bayan all. She licked and sucked it some as Sara watched out of the corner of her eye. Sara sorta mouthed to me, “Go ahead, enjoy!”

I watched Sara playing with and sucking on Carol’s breast her hand going to town on carols pussy. I could see where Sara’s pussy had leaked and was turning her red hair a darker shade of red. I noticed, too and it might have been my imagination that right above the line of that wonderfully red hair, her stomach had a slight poofy spot. I thought “I’d love to nibble on that!”

About that time Marsha slid up my body and was nibbling on my earlobe and she whispered,”Will you make love to me?”

She lifted her leg up over mine, and she came down on my cock. No it didn’t go in that simple, come on that only happens in the movies. She reached between us and guided my cock to her pussy, Lowering herself on me.

Carol said, “Sara, that’s her very first time. Isn’t she just the cutest little thing.”

She slowly lowered herself onto me, I could feel her tight pussy gripping my cock all the way down the length of my shaft. Her pubic mound hit the cushion of my red pubic hair, touching down for the first time taking a cock into her body. Her pussy was squeezing me, milking me, She was so much tighter than Sara, and I thought Sara was tight. She sat on top of me for the longest time, her pussy squeezing, milking and relaxing around me. She started slowly pulling herself up my shaft, and letting herself back down, doing this several time, then coming to rest again, her fingers digging for her clitous, which I could tell she found. I felt her fingers masturbating herself , hitting my shaft as she did. I was in sensory overload when I felt Sara on one side of me, and Carol on the other both fondling Marsha and themselves, and me. Sara attached herself to one of Marsha’s breast, Threw a leg over my head and the only thing left for me to do was eat her pussy.

Above me I have no idea what was going on, I could still feel Marsha’s pussy around me, her fingers on her clit, someone’s hands on my balls and then I was cumming, Sara was grinding into my face, and Marsha went into orbit with her orgasm and maybe passed out. What I really I know I went from an eyerolling orgasm to a white hot pain in like two tenths of a seconds. Marsha came down my wounded leg, I screamed out in pain muffled by Sara’s pussy.

The girls after that continued to play Alone, Carol ate my cum out of Marsha while Marsha snacked on Sara, with some various position swaps and who was eating whom. I took a pain pill, something I don’t normally ever do, and I fell asleep while they still played.

A little after 3am I woke up, Sara and Marsh snuggled up next to me on each side, an Carol was on the other side of Marsha spooning her. I know all this is confusing to me too and I might have mixed up who ate whom first. I squeezed Marsha in my arms, she was like a little sister to me, and it was obvious, I love all three of these girls. I feel back to sleep feeling very loved.

I woke up and it was very bright outside. Marsha was still beside me but the other two were gone. I stirred and Marsha kissed me on the cheek saying, “Good morning sleepy head.”

I kissed her back but on the lips, I could taste pussy on her lips, but she looked all fresh and showered. And I looked like I was given a sponge bath.

I asked, “What time is it?”

She replied, “It’s a little after 11, I’ve been up for a while, I showered and cleaned you up. The others left me to watch you, they have chores they have to do.” She kissed me again, this time on the lips saying, “Thank you for last night. For not pushing me further. I want to try that again sometime.”

I said, “I can’t believe it’s so late, and it was nice. You felt amazing when I was inside you. It’s always at your pace, you know that.”

Marsha said, “Cindy and Bobby went too fast for me, but he’s a lot smaller than you are. You felt so amazing inside of me, you know I wanted you to take me when we were together I was just afraid.”

I said, “I know, I was giving you your own time. Once you get used to bigger you will find that you stretch to make room for it. You are tight and I love that. I loved how we played with them in the room and I’m glad we escort tuzla didn’t go further then.”

I knew it was coming, and I wasn’t sure if I really could do it. She asked me, “Can you make love to me now?”

I said, “I can try, my leg is still a little sore.” Pulling her to me, I let my hands explore her petite body. She felt so tiny in my arms, I felt her pussy, and played with it for a minute with my fingers stroking her clit like a fine instrument. She was wet when I started and drenched in no time, I wanted to bring her to orgasm but she wanted me inside her NOW. I turned over onto her, spreading her legs apart, my cock locating its target and plunging in.

I got no complaints from Marsha, just a “Mummm.” Or “ahhh” as I slowly made love to her. Sure I wanted to go faster, but my leg was not up for that. We had a nice rhythm of in and outs going on, and I could tell she was getting close or at least I hoped she was. Because this little girl’s pussy in the best I’ve ever had. She is so tight around me, it’s like little fingers gripping my cock. I felt her quiver and that quiver was enough to set me off, and I’m guessing the flood of my cock inside her set her off and we were both now cumming. I held her head in my hands and brought her face to mine and I kissed her deeply, and said, “Thank you, you are wonderful!”

Marsha was in tears, “Thank you, you and Sara, and Carol, I love you all.” Marsha followed that by grabbing my head this time and kissing me hard, and soft and just amazingly.

I looked her in the eyes and said, “and I love you too, and Sara and Carol. It’s amazing.” My cock was now thinking on its own, and bumped against her pussy.

“I need a break, please… I can’t cum anymore right now or I’m gonna die.” Marsha said.

The door opened about that time, and Carol and Sara stepped in, Carol saying, “Tag me in!! Tag me in!”

Then it was my turn, “My little guys says he’s up for it, but I’m in need of FOOD!”

Sara said, “Oh we got you covered.” Wheeled in a cart with food on it with a big grin on her face.

I said, “You guys are going to kill a poor crippled man.”

Marsha, still below me said, “But what a way to go!”

I had a hard on and was still on top of a naked girl, and feeling a bit naughty. I slipped in to Marsha’s tight pussy and right back out, briefly kissed her and sit up and grabbed some food and proceeded to eat. I hobbled and got a shower with a little help. Well Sara helped me.

In the shower, Sara asked me. “You okay with this?”

I said, “Actually I am very okay with it if you are. I think we all just fit together well.”

Sara said, “Good, because we got some plans for houses going up and want this house to be just our house, just the 4 of us. I know that’s selfish but This was my house before all this happened. And we only have to move a couple people around to make it happen. Jackson and Liz I already have going over to the third guest house, and the kids room, well they have already went to the other houses we put up. The Teenage boys we got on are more than willing to help make more houses. So we won’t need to have anyone else here. And some are talking about wanting to move over to the main island sometime.”

I said, “Wow that was a mouth full sis, I’m good, and I love Carol and Marsha as much as you, but can we keep separate rooms from them? But please don’t tell them I said that.”

Sara replied, “I Was thinking the same thing, let’s get out of here and get you moving. You want to go down by the lagoon and chill.”

We got out, dried off and the 4 of us, well to be honest the three of them helped me get down to the lagoon. Where we sat out and watched our beautiful island mates enjoy the sun. A young couple of red headed kids around 18ish from the new group I’m not sure I ever met before were playing in the water. He was tall and well built, freckles adorned he face and shoulder, he was wearing short like a few of the guys do. She on the hand was a naked as the day she was born, her skin was a creamy white, almost as white as our good chine plates. Covered in freckles it looked like from head to toe. And wonder red pussy hair. Not as fiery red as Mine and Sara’s. Her breast were freckled and a nice size, A little more than a handful, and the curve them was distracting to me. As a matter of fact I got caught looking at her breasts by Sara who later found out their names were Ron and Ginny, their parents were Harry Potter fans I guess.

Arthur’s note: We will See Ron and Ginny again!!

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