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Kim and Denis lived in Cape Town for a short time; their relationship had hit a few rocky bumps along the way. Denis was then transferred to Bloemfontein so it was decision making time, do they try to make things work or do they go their separate ways. After much soul searching they decided to make this a fresh start and prepared to move to Bloemfontein. Eventually the big day of the move came, the moving trucks emptied their home out and set off, they got into their car and settled in for the long drive to Bloemfontein.

About an hour into the trip Kim started to get a little bored, she placed her hand on Denis’s knee. When he didn’t object she moved her hand a little higher up his leg, still no objection. Obviously Denis was also feeling the tedium of driving and felt a little entertainment might make the journey more enjoyable.

Gradually Kim’s hand moved higher up his leg until she eventually put her hand onto his cock, it was standing to attention, this encouraged Kim further so she turned in canlı bahis her seat so that she could use both hands. As she put her hand on his trouser button Denis eventually spoke, he said “I’m driving, not a good idea. Put your seat back down flat”. Kim quickly obliged.

Denis slid his hand under her skirt and into her panties, he groaned when his fingers felt how wet Kim was. He slid one finger inside her; Kim moaned and involuntarily rose up to meet his finger every time he thrust it into her. Denis then slid a second finger inside her. Kim was moaning loudly and riding Denis’s fingers.

In a very husky voice she told Denis to find somewhere to pull the car over.

Denis continued to finger fuck Kim until he found a picnic rest spot at the roadside. Denis pulled the car into the rest spot and parked under a tree. Kim quickly undid Denis’s trousers and slid her hand inside, his cock was really hard and oozing pre-cum. Denis slid his chair back and put the seat back down flat.

Kim agilely manoeuvred bahis siteleri her body so that she could position her mouth over Denis’ now rock hard cock.

She used one hand to play with his balls and one to stroke his cock, all the while her mouth was at work, sucking, nibbling, licking and teasing. After a short while Denis told her to stop because he did not want to cum yet.

Disappointed Kim lay back on her seat, but the disappointment did not last long.

Denis released her chair and slid the chair back as far as it would go. He then ran his fingers up the inside of her thigh until they found their way back inside her. Since he wasn’t driving he could get a better angle and his fingers played much deeper inside her. Kim rode his fingers as hard as he thrust them.

After a short while Denis withdrew his fingers, told Kim to lift up and removed her panties. He then manoeuvred across the car so that he was on top of Kim. He slid his cock into her extremely wet pussy. Kim moaned in bahis şirketleri ecstasy. Denis thrust hard and deep inside Kim’s pussy, she put her feet on the dashboard so that she could get better positioning and to help her to rise up to meet his every hard thrust.

This was no lovemaking!

This was unadulterated lust and raw fucking to fulfil an urgent need.

Denis fucked Kim hard and fast and then moaned as he exploded inside her, Kim wrapped her legs around him to prevent him from withdrawing, she held tight and rose up to hold all of him inside her for as long as possible. Once it was no longer possible to hold Denis, he untangled himself and made his way back to his seat while rummaging around the car to find something to use to clean up with.

Only at this point did they actually take time to look around the picnic spot to check if anyone else was there. They were alone.

They cleaned up as well as they could and then settled back down to make the rest of the journey to Bloemfontein. For some reason the rest of the journey seemed much shorter, possibly because they had stopped off on the way for some fun and raunchy entertainment.

What a great way to make a fresh start on a relationship!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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