Room Service

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I checked in at the front desk of the hotel, and was getting my papers together to go to my room. I had driven four hours to Connecticut to attend a wedding the next day. The wedding wasn’t mine, or a relatives, or even a friends, but a friend of mine was in the wedding party and asked me to join them, and I thought it would be a fun time.

After checking in, I went around the hotel, measuring up the accommodations. It was a relatively cheap place, but pretty clean. Near the pool, I noticed a few of the maids standing around the deep end, seeming like they had just finished cleaning the area.

Of the three women standing there, one in particular was very attractive. She had jet black hair, down to her back, which was in a ponytail, and beautiful big, brown eyes, that just perfectly set off her lush red lips. I know maid uniforms aren’t supposed to be too attractive, but this one fit her perfectly, and had her looking exceptionally hot, with her perfect legs and ass, with no lines to be seen.

I couldn’t help but stare at such a beautiful creature, and even at the risk of being caught, I kept looking. She did look back at me, and must have known my reaction, when she gave me a wide grin, and a quick wink. I walked away, grinning to myself, imagining the possibilities.

Finding my room easily, I was happy to find it clean. I knew I wouldn’t see my friend till the morning, so I decided to go for a swim. I quickly stripped and put the trunks on, fantasizing about the maid at the pool. Thinking about this didn’t help my state of mind, or body, especially when your about to go for a swim. So I quickly turned the TV on, and watch a few minutes of news to calm my excitement.

After being in the pool a few minutes and getting used to the temperature, it was heaven. There was only one other, older gentleman in the pool, so I considered it all mine. I swam a couple laps, above and below water, before getting into a corner, and bracing my arms on either side, and treading water. As I kept looking around at the surrounding rooms and canlı bahis wondered what might be going on in them, I noticed one of the service doors was partially opened. Now, being a fool, when I was underwater, I had opened my eyes, exposing them to the chlorine, so I didn’t have the best of vision, at the time, but I could’ve sworn I could see someone looking from the partial opening of the door.

Trying not to be too obvious, I kept looking around, always coming back to the door. It took my eyes a while to adjust, but once they did, I knew it was my favorite maid looking in the direction of the pool. Now I could say she was staring at me, but there was the other, older guy there, so I figured I had a better chance than him to be the object of her attention. So, playing the odds, I stared right back and with a big grin, winked her way. It might have startled her a little bit, because the door seemed to close a little more, almost all the way.

I was afraid I had played my hand too early and scared her off. So I finished my swim and went back to my room, to catch some TV and maybe a bite to eat. I looked at the hotel menu, and decide on a staple, cheeseburger. I figured it would be pretty hard to screw up that order.

I turned on the local sports channel as I waited for the food to arrive. I laid in bed, wrapped in a towel, since I had taken off the swim trunks to let them dry. I heard a knock and went to get my order, after making sure the towel was secure around me. I opened the door, and to my surprise, my favorite maid was there with my order. This really caught me off guard, and I’m sure my embarrassment showed in my cheeks.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that you would be delivering, I thought it would be a guy” I tried to stutter. She giggled, “Normally it would be, but when I heard there was an order for this room, I thought I’d personally deliver it,” she exclaimed. “You thought I would be a guy, huh?” She looked down at my towel, and without realizing it, my excitement must have taken over, and certain body parts bahis siteleri were responding.

“Oh, I’m sorry, was just watching some of the adult channels,” I said, trying to conceal my lie. “If you’d like, I can perform a turndown service for you now” she said, licking her lips as she said it. I smiled and before I could even reply, she grabbed hold of my shoulders and pushed me back into the room. Before I knew it, the door was closed and she was pushing me down onto the bed.

I watched her in her tight uniform as she looked into my eyes and started to kneel before me, grabbing hold of my towel as she descended. When she was on her knees, she pulled the front flaps of the towel apart, and just like a jack in the box, my cock jumped to attention, right in front of her face.

Without hesitation, and any words spoken, the bulbous head disappeared into her luscious red lips. My head flung, and eyes rolled back as I was being consumed by this luscious nymph. As I looked again, I could see her beautiful brown eyes, looking up to me, knowing what she was doing to me. Her cleavage heaved out of her uniform every time her lips reached the base of my cock. I could start to hear her slurping, which only made primal sounds come from my lips. She grabbed the base of my cock with her left hand, as her head began bobbing up and down faster and faster.

I couldn’t take much more of her oral and manual ministrations, and I grasped the bed sheets with both hands as I howled and came. My cum gushed from me, and as I looked down, I could see her throat undulate, taking in deep, my cum. As the last drop was sucked from my still hard cock, she withdrew her lips with a slight sucking sound, that also sent my head reeling.

As I laid my head back for a moment, I could hear a little movement, followed by a zipper being unzipped. I thought for a second, knowing it couldn’t have been from me, because I laid there, totally nude. Then I felt the soft touch of her skin, as her hands made there way up my thighs. I then felt something different, something bahis şirketleri softer, and as I peered down again, I saw this luscious vixen straddling my thighs with hers, and she was also nude.

Her long flowing hair was now draped over her shoulders, and one of the most amazing pair of breasts I had ever seen, came towards my face. “Now sir, I don’t normally ask for one, but, in this case, I think I am due for a tip”. With that, I saw her breast start to disappear, as her torso, then stomach, then pussy lips came into direct view.

Before I could yell “ride’m cowboy”, she straddled my face, and my lips came in contact with her beautiful pussy. Looking up, my eyes were the only exposed feature on my face, as my mouth and nose were covered by her delicious pussy.

Watching her smile, she began to rock back and forth, grinding her pussy lips into my mouth. I seemed as if my nose was hunting for her clit, as my tongue strained down and up into depth of her sweet pussy. She would caress the sides of her body, up to her hair, and let her long tresses flow through her fingers. Occasionally grabbing my hair, she would rub her flat tummy up to her breasts, then proceed to grab each one, and pinch the nipples while groaning.

Her bucking against my tongue and nose became faster and faster, and I could tell she was close to her own orgasm. I tried to move my mouth and tongue side to side at that point, which only drove her wild. She took hold of my hair and pulled my face into her, as far as I think any man had been. Letting my head drop, she fell back, the small of her back landed right on my cock, making it feel nice and snug against her.

After a few minutes seemed to pass, she slowly withdrew from me, letting out a long sigh, as she picked up her uniform and put it back on. “Thank you sir, you were very generous with your tip”. “No, thank you, I don’t think my tip has ever been appreciated that way, I’ll be staying here for the rest of the weekend if you would like more of my tip” I shot back. “Well, I do get off at 7, maybe WE could get off by 7:30”

Once again I felt my cock stir, as I watched her leave, with her tight uniform, a bow string, dangling right in the middle of her ass. I knew there was some reason I liked visiting friends.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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