RSVP with Boxers

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Ever since he was 15 he always had a thing for panties, for other boys it was Penthouse and Playboy but for him it was ‘ Victoria’s Secret ‘ lingerie catalogue.

James was an engineer in a construction firm. On the same level was the marketing department, also known as the ec department eye candy, 4 gorgeous ladies Anna Nicole Maria and Cynthia. In James book Anna was the gob-stopper of the candies. Standing at 5’6 with all the right curves, juicy C cup mangoes that she showed off at every opportunity. Of an Asians descent she had a lovely honey toned complexion, sparkling brown eyes and a smile that lit up her whole face.

Every Thursday Engineering and Marketing would meet in the boardroom and discuss matters concerning their current clients. A client was providing a challenge and Johnson, head of marketing had requested a team member from engineering join in on the discussions. Anna was doing the presentation. She expertly lead the client from slide to slide, table to table and by the end the client was looking for the dotted line, convinced that he had made the right choice choosing their firm. After the client left Anna and James discussed the presentation.

“You did that really really well! I’m glad we have you selling us!” James exclaimed.

“Thanks and thanks for making some time out to sit in.”

“No, my pleasure! you didn’t really need me here you know, he was putty in your hands.”

“I know but I felt a bit nervous around him. He’s a bit unpredictable! At our first meeting I thought he was going to throw me over the boardroom table and have me!”

“Hey it’s a compliment! You are a gorgeous woman Anna; I can see why he would want to do that!”

“Really?” She blushed

Umm yeah… look I need to get back to work, give me a call if you want me to sit in on any other meetings. Err okay?”

“Mmm sure thanks again.”

James backed out of the conversation quickly. Embarrassed by his admission, he walked way kicking himself certain that he would be the butt of marketing’s new jokes, but a the same time his eyes couldn’t help but to look for her as he crossed the office to the photocopier.

Anna ducked her head as James returned from the copier. Ever since his admission she had been fantasizing about him. She had always had a crush on him but when she joined the company he was in a relationship, which now according to the grapevine was well and truly over. Nicole who was married to one of the sales managers was the source of gossip…

“Cheated on him… that’s what Tony heard from Richard… sent her packing. Been single ever since… Works long hours… Yeah nice guy, worse scenario… “

Anna had always liked James, his nature was kind and gentle, none of this beat your chest and howl at the moon stuff. He was intelligent, witty and she loved it when he smiled. He was attractive as well, rowing regularly he had a fit body, his hair cut short, no designer stubble or fancy wallpaper on his chin and his eyes were the perfect picnic day blue.

His admission last week had started wheels turning, knowing that he wanted her gave her an incredible power rush. And her mischievous side that was renowned amongst her friends wanted to creep out and surprise him. So she concocted a plan to get what she desired.

A week after his admission, he had long accepted the fact that he had ruined it between them and that Anna wasn’t interested in a relationship. Today was no different from the previous. Getting up and going through his usual routine, he showered, shaved and dressed. His housekeeper was coming in that day, and he reminded himself to write out a cheque for her services and leave it on the kitchen bench where she would find it, then he headed to work. In the office Margaret the receptionist greeted him as he walked in, stopping to do the usual chitchat, he found out that management had called a meeting on the top floor at 4:40pm. Surprised at the short notice he was pondering the possible issues that they would raise as he rode the elevator to his level and walked into his small office.

He stopped, there was a subtle fragrance in the air he took a deep breath trying to pin point its location but as hard as he sniffed the source evaded him. Shrugging he moved around his work closet and removed dismantled his overcoat, then sat down at his desk, again the fragrance was there, something musky but definitely feminine. Shaking the distraction from his head he set about checking his emails.

After responding to about 4 of them David, a fellow engineer popped his head in.

“Mate! I need a favor, John isn’t in the office and I need a copy of the ET43.1 Standards, can I borrow yours? I need it for referencing.”

“Yeah mate hang on”.

He retrieved the book from his reference shelf and handed it to David who thanked him and left closing the door after him. Knowing David’s notorious forgetfulness he opened his top drawer to make a note for himself.

As he opened the drawer the fragrance that had eluded him filled bursa escort his nostrils. There, lying folded on top of his paperclips was a pair of pale pink silk panties!

His hands shook slightly as he reached for them, his blood rushing as his mind raced. Whose are they? Why are they in my drawer? Is this a prank? Has someone worn them? Am I going to cum?

As he gently picked them up, rubbing the soft silk of the front panel a note fell out. Scanning it he could feel his cock awaken with excitement.

Hi James,

I want to let you know that I am now working with no panties on. I would like to catch up with you for another meeting before our presentation. Please meet me in the boardroom at 4:50pm today.

RSVP with your boxers in my top drawer.

Lust Anna

James was intrigued, he was also very, very hard. He looked up through the office window, he could just see her through a crack in the blinds, her eyes looking intently at the screen. Then suddenly she looked at him. A beep from his computer drew his attention to new mail. So have you found my invitation? We’re going into a meeting in 15 maybe you can put your RSVP in mine sometime then. Anna (…)PS(:) hope you like garters and black stockings. If he wasn’t hard before he was now! His cock swollen and bulging against the expensive fabric of his trousers. And he had to solve the dilemma before he could walk to marketing. He quickly got up and closed the curtains, locked the door and returned to his seat. Picking up the panties he trembled, anticipating the sweet aroma that had teased him all morning. The soft silky fabric felt divine, almost as soft as a freshly shaved pussy. He imagined rubbing his face in the panties while they hid Anna’s pussy from sight.

In his fantasy, Anna was dancing for him clad only in her panties, rubbing her soft butt into his face. He growled at the temptation. His tongue reaching out, poking at the wet patch. While his hands explored her textures, her fiery hot skin and the silky panties. Then he would free his cock. Pulling his trousers and boxers totally off shucking them to his feet and playing with his cock while she danced away and back again. This time facing him. Her hands cupping her tits, pressing them together her fingers pinching her nipples as she licked her lips watching his hands. Then she would stand with her legs slightly apart and tease her panty line. Running her fingers around the elastic sliding one side down, then up again, pulling them up high, rubbing herself with them her dripping juices dampening them even more.

“Oh that’s so sexy baby, I bet you want to frig yourself with your panties right? You want to cum in them, then make me cum on them. Don’t you? Yeah baby! that’s it! cum in your panties! God you are so hot! You sweet bitch! His litany would turn her on and he fantasized watching her grip the back and front and saw it through her pussy lips. Kneeling in front of him, arched backward as she frigged herself with her panties. Then she would scream as she came. Tearing them as she pulled them up high her sweet juices flooding the crotch her body shuddering and jiggling as the spasms took over. Meanwhile his cock wrapped in the pale pink silk scrap moving furiously up and down his shaft. His cock bucked again, and with a groan he covered the crown of his cock with the panties and his cum rushed out splattering the silk. His body bucking, arching up as every muscle in his body clenched. Gasping for air he swam to the surface the panties now drenched in his cum. Aware that anyone could walk in on him he quickly dropped the panties in his briefcase and stripped off his boxers, pulling his pants back on. Folding them he placed them in a manila folder with a hasty note and stamped it PRIVATE/CONFIDENTIAL. Then sauntered over to marketing and walked up to Anna as she was leaving for the meeting.

The meeting was in regards to standards, a boring issue that did not concern her only the minor colleagues. But as a team member she was obliged to go. As she locked her computer and grabbed her notebook and pen for note taking, James sauntered up. With a happy smile on his face he handed her the file. “Hey there, here’s the file you’ve been waiting for. If you have any questions Ill talk to you about it at our meeting okay?” He looked into her eyes mesmerized by their depth, enchanted by her smile and her flushed and excited complexion.

“Hey Anna! You coming or what?” Nicole shouted from the doorway

“Cum? Mmm! I cant wait! I’ll talk to you later!” James whispered and walked away.

Glowing red she rushed to follow Nicole in the lift.

Taking the lift to the top floor she realized with a horror that she had taken James file with her. Her eyes glued on the PRIVATE/CONFIDENTIAL stamp.

“What’s that file for Anna?” Nicole asked as she glanced her way.

“What? Err its something James and I are discussing.”

“Really what project?”

“Umm it’s confidential as yet. Ill tell you when its official.”

The elevator bursa escort bayan stopped, ending the questions much to Anna’s relief. And she walked with the crowd over to the head office boardroom.

“Anna!” A voice boomed.

Anna turned around to see Mr. Johnson, head of marketing walk towards her.

“Anna! Great job you did on the Stifex project! Ian just called me and raved on about your service and attention to detail!”

“Thank you sir.” Her blush deepened as she shuffled pulling the notebook on top of the James’ file.

“Say Anna are you alright you look rather flushed?”

“Sir? Is it okay if I sit out on this meeting? I’m feeling a bit dizzy and I think I need some fresh air.”

“Fresh air! Bah! Bring me a bottle of it while you’re at it! Off you go! I can’t have fainting or everyone will think I’m a slave driver”

“Thank you sir, Ill talk to you later”

“Sure! Sure! Get out of here!”

With that he turned around to start the meeting.

Anna escaped to the basement floor where storage was kept. This was a secret spot she sought if she wanted some time to think things through or if she wanted some privacy. The area was a fenced cage covered with hessian. Part of her lusted for this area. One could partially see into the cage and watch as she straightened her stockings or took her panties off. Placing the files down she sat opposite them and closed her eyes to better savor the coolness of the room. The fans hummed noisily drowning out any noise, shutting herself in her own world. With a sigh of relief she closed her eyes and savored the peacefulness of her hideout. Then she opened her eyes and looked at the file that James had given her. Unsure, she opened the file and smiled, relieved at the sight of a pair of boxer shorts. On top of the boxers was an envelope with her name on it. Opening it she read James’ note.

To lusty Anna

The girl of my dreams has just fulfilled one of my greatest fantasy! I love your panty invitation and I look forward to licking that bare pussy clean at our meeting. When you find this note I want you to pretend that I’m there watching you masturbate. I will be there stroking my cock watching you. I hope you cum & cum hard!

Love James

PS your naughty panties are wet with my cum! you got me so hard baby! I just had to cum right after your message.

Anna put the note away already her pussy was creamy with want. And her body was swollen with need. Taking off her jacket she lay it aside and pulled her skirt up in( )case her pussy leaked all over it. Sitting on a box with her legs spread wide apart her hands stroking the bare flesh of her upper thighs she closed her eyes and imagined James in the room watching her. She undid a few buttons on her shirt. Revealing a lacy black bra under her cream shirt.

“Do you want some of me?” Her fantasy self asked James “I wish you would come over and pinch my nipples this way. Mmm hard twist them ahhh that’s it ooh that feels so good.” Her hands were roughly pushing the flesh of her breast around in circles her fingers scissoring her nipples while her legs squeezed themselves seeking relief with the pressure induced. “Mmm maybe my nipples aren’t enough. Maybe my pussy is more tempting. It certainly wants you. I’ve wanted you ever since I saw you. You look so handsome and sexy I wanted to hide in your closet and pull your cock out as you put away you’re overcoat and suck the cum out of you! Mmm or lie on your sofa with my legs over the arm fingering myself as you walk in with reports. Ooh would you like that? The thought is making me so hot!!”

Her hand had wandered down over her stomach to her neatly shaved pussy. Her fingers soothing the sexual beast inside her. Fingers dipping in all the right places. Her thumb rubbing her clit wet with moisture. Soon her other hand was down there too. Holding her pussy lips apart. Anna moaned as her finger slipped between the lips and into her waiting hole. Slowly she began to move it in and out. She could hear the squishing sound as her finger became coated with her thick juice. Her other hand slipped under her top to grasp her breast. Pinching her nipple excited with need, the pain added to her pleasure.

She fell back onto the box behind her tight butt on the edge her legs braced apart on the floor as she undulated bucking her hips. A loud moan escaped her as her body began to convulse in climax. Her hole pulsed and squeezed around her probing finger as she shook in pleasure. A stifled moan escaped her as her pussy squeezed her finger, moistening the digit with her fragrant essence. Exhausted she lay on the boxes waiting for her body to return to reality and her panting to lessen, smiling at her wickedness she couldn’t wait ‘til tonight!

Meanwhile James was trying ever so hard to concentrate on the plans in front of him. Grateful for his schedule because today was the day he did catch up. No client calls only plans, paperwork and boredom. Today he was far from bored. His mind kept wandering escort bursa back to the panties he had hidden in his briefcase. Suddenly the phone rang, it was his supervisor, asking him about a recent project. With a regretful sigh he pushed the panties out of his mind, and focused on work.

Time was moving excruciatingly slowly for both James and Anna. Nicole noticed Anna’s fixation with the clock and teased her about having a hot date. Anna’s blush telling them all the obvious. James was so scattered that his supervisor questioned his home life and if it was affecting his work life. But finally 4:30 rolled around and one by one the office emptied out for the 4:40 meeting. Anna escaped into the boardroom, claiming to make a private call and asked her team not to wait. While James claimed to be finishing an important report and told Dave to go ahead and make notes for him.

When the last person exited the door, James poked his head out of the office, certain that it was clear he hurried to the conference room. His swollen cock guiding the way.

He walked into the dark room, his eyes adjusting to the darkness. The curtains were all drawn shutting out the light from the office and outdoors.

“Anna?” He whispered.


“Where are you?”

“I’m here…”

Suddenly the video projector went on the light filtering back showing Anna bathed in blue light, lying on the boardroom table, her skirt rucked up her fingers in her pussy, her shirt and jacket opened. Bra removed. She looked at him, her sensual gaze, telling him with one look that she wanted him, his hands, his body his tongue. His cock.

He moved around mesmerized by the sight. “You look gorgeous. Temptation.” he growled out as his hands caressed her bare thighs. She moaned, her sensitive body reacting to his barest touch. Pausing he suddenly asked “Anna?”

“Mmm Yes?”

“Do you know… I’ve wanted to do this to you ever since I saw you across the room?”

She looked up, curious and saw him fall onto his knees his hands pulling her to the edge of the table and buried his face in her pussy.

With a stifled scream, her hands moved down to push his face closer.

James was in heaven. Her pussy tasted the way a pussy should. Absolutely delicious. With slow licks he teased the swollen folds of her labia, short stabbing licks all over her inner folds. Flicking his tongue, he drove Anna to the brink of madness, making her moan loudly, lost, crazy with want. “Please James! Oh yes! make me cum!” Her delirious demands, pleas and begging crept under James’ skin, pumping his blood, making his cock swell and leak pre-cum. He couldn’t take it any longer and with a last lingering lick he stood up, and loosened his pants allowing them to drop down revealing his hard cock. He stroked it, squeezing it then moved it down to rub her clit with his sensitive head. Groaning he moved closer to rub his shaft along her wet pussy slit. Up and down stimulating and teasing her making her buck trying to capture his elusive tip.

Then just as he stroked down, she bucked up. Right timing, right place. He slid into her with one smooth thrust. Their bodies stiffened taut as they adjusted to the luscious sensation, their toes curling with delight. To his and her delight as he pulled out, her slippery pussy clenching milking him with a slow lingering tug. He slid forward again, bringing the swollen head of his penis to the entrance of her vagina. When he touched the sensitive lips, he felt Anna push herself closer to the table edge, trying to get him inside. He pulled back, teasing her until he couldn’t take anymore himself. Holding her legs up, he moved forward. James watched as his hard flesh was eaten up by her warm and tight vagina.

Slowly, James began to pull himself out, this time watching the pink lips try to hold him inside. Then he pushed back in as Anna groaned in excitement. Gradually, he began to move until he was sliding in and out at a slow but steady pace.

Anna reached up and pulled James down until he was lying on top of her. She kissed his lips passionately, almost eating him. Then her hips began to push up into him. She couldn’t believe how good it felt.

James began to move in and out slowly at first, building speed. Soon he began to pound into her. He felt her arms tighten around his neck and her legs wrap around his waist. With each push his balls slapped her ass cheeks, creating an echo around the room and splattering her copious juice on their thighs. A smile came to his lips as he worked his lady to a sexual frenzy.

Finally, Anna lost it. “Oh God, fuck me!” she screamed. “Harder! Oh yes! God you feel so fucking good! Fuck me!” Her hips moved up frantically to meet every downward plunge. She felt incredibly full and stretched.

“Oh God baby,” James moaned, “I can’t take much more. Your pussy is milking me.”

“Yes, cum! I’m so close baby! Ooh yes I’m cumming!” Anna screamed as another climax rushed through her.

James felt his balls tighten as his climax neared. “Ahhhhhh!!!” he groaned as his pent up sperm rushed down the shaft. With great hitching jerks, his scalding semen shot into her hot milking pussy, splattering his creamy potent cum, filling her to overflow.(ing)

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