Sally’s Interview

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She looked out upon the city from the 42nd floor, watching the snow swirl through the air, feelings of melancholy began to overwhelm her composure. How her life had come full circle in some ways and how it had turned out so differently than she had envisioned. As a young girl fresh out of business school, she stood in the lobby of this very building during its inaugural grand opening week marveling at the stunning beauty of the marble floors and walls, the brass railings and doorways, the upscale boutiques and restaurants found on the first three floors of the building.

Her dream was to become a part of this upscale corporate world. That was over 25 years ago and now she was back. She was here to have her dreams come true. She was going to become a part of this world.

Being in the city surrounded by the energy of the corporate world filled her with excitement. She felt so alive! It enabled her to peel back the walls of uncertainty that had come to surround her and expose her confidence. Something she had forgotten she possessed.

Too many years of working in a small town, sacrificing for home and family, had robbed her of that. Now it was her time. Her life was changing and after the first initial shock that this was really happening, she embraced the desire to spread her wings and fly again.

Sally let out a sigh as she thought how nice it would be to call him right now and tell him about the wonderful sights she could see from up here. How beautiful the snowy city was. How unsettling her nerves were becoming with the wait. He would calm her and give her that jolt of confidence she needed.

If only she had stepped off the elevator right into the interview, she would have been fine. All the way into town, she had prepped herself for this interview until she knew exactly what to say to snag this position. Upon arriving though, she was informed that Mr. Smith had been detained and she was led into the conference room to wait.

The employment agency could not tell her much about Mr. Smith, which was odd since they always prepped her with as much information as possible about a potential employer. All they could say is that her qualifications matched perfectly to the description of the job. Mr. Smith was looking for an administrative assistant to oversee his personal business matters as well as interact and coordinate with his corporate dealings.

The listing stated that he wanted more than a secretary; he wanted someone with a diversified background that could handle everything from banking, travel, correspondence, appointments, etc. for him. Sally was extremely qualified for this job, but not one she would have pursued except the money was good, very good, and it offered her flexibility and benefits. It had the perks that outweighed any trepidation the job caused her.

Unfortunately, this time alone, waiting, had given her too much time to question her self. She was questioning her marriage for what seemed like the hundredth time. Although her husband was a good man and father, he was not what she thought he would be. He had a firm comfort zone that he would not cross for anything. Staying within those confines had cost his family financially and emotionally many a time.

Sally was tired of the constant struggle. She wanted to wake up knowing someone was going to take care of her. She wanted to be “in” love. It was what made her whole. She wanted adventure, erotic couplings, excitement in her life. Everything her lover offered and her husband did not. It was her lover who she wanted to share this excitement with.

Her mind swirled around like the snow outside the window, thinking about the man that she had met only a few months ago. First, it was phone calls for months that were all about business and a bit of fun flirting, then came the actually meeting of the man she had spoken to for months. When she finally met him, her knees grew weak from the contact of her hand in his. Even with gölbaşı escort her husband standing beside her she felt the electricity between this man and herself.

Her lover to be was tall, good looking, clean cut, funny, articulate, charismatic and so in charge of himself and the situation. He oozed masculinity and was nothing at all like her husband. He came across as the type of man she always thought she would marry. Someone who would share all parts of her life including her erotic fantasies, not just be a part of it.

After their first meeting, their phone calls took on a more flirtatious, erotic edge to them. They were finding out they both had another side to them, an erotic sexual side and that neither of their partners were rising to meet their desires. They both had tried but in the long run, the rut of marriage settled in and they were both left longing for something that was missing.

Relief for them both was found through the world of internet porn sights, erotic stories, adult book stories and now and then a dallying with a lover. It helped them to get through the mundane side of their marriages and if their spouses did not want to participate it was their loss because they had both discovered that when their spouses were participants in their sexual desires, their marriages were better but for some reason neither of them stayed willing participants for long.

Their affair had technically not become an affair yet. There had been no physical contact only cyberspace exchanges of their wants and desires. They had also had a few risky phone calls, shared sexual fantasies they and emailed erotic photos. It was enough to cause arousal in each of them and late night sessions of masturbation had become the norm the first two weeks. They were so much alike it was scary!

Then off he went on a business trip with his wife in tow. It has been 11 longs days of infrequent exchanges and now it had been almost 48 hours since she had heard from him. Right before he had left, he had dropped the “l” word during one of their exchanges. It had taken her breath away when she read it. She had told this man all of her deep dark secrets, things her husband did not even know. Things her husband would have never understood about her past even though they had happened long before she had married him.

She had fallen for this total stranger because he still loved her for all her flaws whether it was the rape, incest, teen sex, casual tryst or infidelities that she had experienced. He accepted her as she was and loved her even more for all her she had endured. He was the man she thought she would never find.

Bringing her mind back to reality, she realized that she had been waiting over 20 minutes for her interview with Mr. Smith. Just as she was about to turn away from the window and go in search of him, she heard the door open and as she turned around she let out a gasp for standing there at the door was her lover!

She could not believe her eyes and as tears slid from her eyes all she could manage to say is, “How?”

He closed the door and walked towards her putting a finger to his lips and saying “Shhh. Don’t cry hon.”

Taking her into his arms, he wanted to devour her. She was everything he remembered her to be and the pictures she had sent did not do her justice. He felt her warm body melt against him as he embraced her and a spine-tingling sensation coursed up his body. Goodness, he wanted this woman so much!

He cupped the back of her head in his hand and pulled her mouth towards his. Here it was, their first kiss, the moment they had been waiting for. He slowly began kissing her gently on the lips, tasting the salty tears that had coursed down her checks then he slipped his tongue between her lips and they both knew there was no turning back as they got lost in each other.

They began circling their tongues around each other’s mouths devouring the taste of one keçiören escort another. Totally engrossed in the moment she barely noticed it when his hands slipped her jacket off her shoulders and it fell to the floor in a heap. He wasted no time unbuttoning her shirt and letting that join the jacket as he reached around and released her breasts from their prison.

He pulled back then to get his first real look at them. They were more beautiful than the pictures she had sent with her nipples standing erect. He could not wait to put his mouth on them. He pulled her back towards him and began working his kisses down her neck towards those beautiful mounds. She was melting under his hot kisses and moaning and when he took the first breast into his mouth, her body shivered with pleasure. She knew this was going to be good, but little did she know how much more was yet to come.

He leisurely took his time working both breasts with his mouth and hands as she pressed his head and begged to be sucked harder. He could feel her passion mounting and her knees growing weaker. He gingerly began to work his hand up her skirt to feel the heat between her legs. Her panties were wet already. She was ever so ready for him. She had been for weeks. With their email, they had stroked each other’s fantasies beyond the point of reason. He wanted her now but also wanted to play with her and knew either way it was not going to matter to her. The consummation of this affair was long over due.

He quickly did away with her skirt and her panties. Standing there with nothing on but her high heels, she was a true sight to be hold. The sexual desire her body was radiating could not be denied as she smiled at him. He quickly picked her up and laid her down on the conference table with her ass toward the edge, he spread her legs to get a good look at her pussy.

There it was in all its glistening glory ready to be taken. He wasted no time dropping to his knees and burying his face into the sweetness of her. He immediately found her swollen clit and tickling it with his tongue brought out a moan from her. Oh, how good her juices tasted as he licked and sucked away giving her the pleasure she so desired. He wanted to make her one desire to come true as he worked her pussy into a wanton state. No one had ever eaten her to orgasm and he was determined to give her that one wish before any of the others.

Her hands were pushing his face into her as she began to move her hips, grinding into him. He slipped his tongue into her and she let him know she liked this. Working back to her clit, she was now all swollen and ready. He slipped a finger inside her as he sucked, locating her sweet spot, he began to stimulate her inside as well as out as he let a second finger join the first.

As she began moving her hips in a steady rhythm to the strokes of his hand, he continued to suck away at her clit. He could tell she was ready to explode so he removed his fingers and shoved his tongue back into her hole just as she let out a whimpered scream and her orgasm wracked her body. The sweet juices of her cum filling his mouth.

She lay there in a daze not really sure what had just happened. As he sat her up and wrapped her in his arms, she had a million questions that started spilling from her but he quieted her with his kisses and told her with a leering grin that she had just passed her first part of the interview with flying colors by having her first fantasy come true. He moved her hand down to feel his manhood that was rock hard through his pants and told her the interview was not over just yet, there was a bit more to come.

Just then, there was a tap on the door, which threw Sally into a panic, but he quickly assured her that the next part of her interview had just arrived. He opened the door to let in an extremely good-looking black man. She immediately knew this was her lover’s friend. He had told her all about him ankara escort and she could not wait to see if what he had said was true.

She could feel the heat build instantly between her legs as she realized what was about to happen. She was going to have the pleasure of all 10″ of this man. Without a word, he moved over to the table and put her hand on the bulge in his pants. It had only taken him an instant to become hard once he had seen her sitting naked on the table.

He quickly shed his clothes, which she barely noticed, due to the vision of the ramrod straight cock sticking out at her. It was enormous, long and fat and all she could say was “Oh my.” His golden brown physique matched the hardness of his cock which now dangling so near to her. He was the type of man who would entice any woman and without saying a word; he picked her up and slid her legs around his waist as her arms encircled his neck.

His mouth found hers and a heated exchange of tongues began. Sally was so engulfed in his kiss that she gasped as he entered her. Ever so slowly, he had lowered her down upon his shaft until she had completely engulfed him. He felt divine inside her pussy. Never had she had a cock of such size filling her up. As they began to move together in a rhythm, Sally caught sight of her lover sitting in a chair stroking him self. The smile on his face as he watched fueled her passion on. He knew how much she wanted to be watched, how much she loved to be fucked in this position and how much this erotic show was going to excite her.

There was no denying this was going to be one hot fuck and that was all it was about, getting fucked. Sally let herself get lost in the passion of the moment as he pushed her down onto his cock. Finally, laying her back on the table he really pushed himself further into her pussy. Stroke after stroke her body reacted to his thrusts grabbing his ass and pulling him into her until his balls could go no further. He teased her by changing the rhythm from slow to fast to strong rutting thrusts.

His teasing thrusts were driving her nuts as she begged him to fuck her. He pulled her towards him and delivered what she wanted filling her with his manhood time and time again. She spread herself wide to let him take all of her and before long, they exploded into an orgasm together that left her trembling.

She lay there dazed as he slid out of her wet pussy and vanished from her view. Before she could recover completely from what had just happened, she felt the kisses of her lover on her breasts again as his hand went between her legs and started stimulating her. It did not take long for him to realize she was ready for another round but this time it was with him, her lover and this was their first.

He tenderly entered her, kissing her all over while he began to make love to her. Having already had two orgasms and his friend’s cum inside her, she was soaking wet and noisy. She loved it. The warmth from the wet juices on her pussy trickling down onto her ass as he moved in and out of her was an erotic turn on for her.

They both knew the passion that had been building up between them for weeks and weeks was not going to be kept waiting long and that after watching her get fucked, he was ready to release himself into her. As their mouths meddled into a passionate kiss, they exploded together in a way neither of them had ever experienced. It felt as if their bodies had merged into one as all the pent up anxiety, desires and dreams they had about each other finally came to realization. It was better than either of them could have imagined and they knew it was just going to stroke the fires of their affair further.

After what seemed like an eternity, he pulled away from Sally and as she sat up trembling from her desires, she realized that his friend had left sometime during their lovemaking. She wanted to ask him so many things but he quickly kissed her questions away and told her it was time to get dressed. The interview was over and now it was time for him to nourish her body with lunch because back at his hotel he had the Sybian awaiting her. Her face exploded into a smile of ecstasy as she realized the fantasies surrounding their affair were just beginning…

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