Seducing Mom Ch. 02

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The first week after I seduced and enslaved my mother was awesome, especially for an 18-year-old! Mom would get up each morning and go to work and then I got up and went to school. When she got home, she would take off her white dress and parade around in her bra, slip, panties and stockings. I would be waiting and as soon as her dress came off, I would begin fondling her right there in the kitchen. Then we’d go to the living room and fuck each other for a while. The week went by quickly and all I could think about was having sex with my mom.

She went shopping that Saturday morning and when she got home and put things up, and I started trying to strip her down, she stopped me and said, “We need to talk Joe.”

I dreaded those words, but asked, “What’s the problem mom?”

She said, “Since last weekend we’ve lived a fantasy life. I’ve really enjoyed it and am happy I agreed to this taboo; BUT (Here it came!) we need to make some new rules around here.” She went on in a semi-rant, “We haven’t eaten a decent dinner all week. We don’t talk about the things we used to. This house is a mess. There are still spots on the floor and furniture from last weekend (which she pointed out). We need to get back to reality.”

I started to say something, but she stopped me saying, “I bet you haven’t studied like you do. You’ve still got to apply to the university. And, I bet you’ve forgotten that your Senior Prom is two weeks from today. Have you even asked anyone yet?”

“No.” I said as I looked at my mom. She was getting pissed.

She said, “You need to ask someone this weekend.” Then she said, “Remember, I’m goings to your grandmother’s that weekend for her birthday, so you’ll have this place all yourself.” Then she winked and added, “Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky kid.”

We both laughed a bit, and I was talking about having my date at the house.

Then she said, “Joe, we need new rules for us. We can’t continue going on like this.” She went on, “I need to be able to come home, get out of my dress, fix a drink, start dinner, and take a shower. After I’m out of the shower and we’ve eaten and talked a bit. Then we can have sex for a while, but not too late. I really need to be in bed by 10. This staying up and fucking until after midnight is taking its toll on both of us. By the way, how are your studies?”

I didn’t say a word and didn’t have to, she knew I hadn’t done anything all week.

She told me that she realized I only had a month of school left, but I still needed to study and keep those good study habits for college. I needed to go to work and do my chores around the house, which we had both neglected that week. Then she added, “I’ve been thinking…”

“Yes mom?” I asked.

She then said, “When you start college, you’re going to be coming and going at all hours of the day. So, I was thinking that maybe we could make you a bedroom and finish the bathroom in the basement. That way you could use the basement door to come and go. There’s a lot of space for you in the unfinished part of the basement. You could fix up a room any way you want, take your furniture down there and we’ll even add some stuff to make it like an apartment. Your bedroom is getting too small for you now anyway, but I will make it into an office.’

I replied that I liked the idea and said I could do it over the summer whenever I’m not working.

Mom told me I needed to apply and be accepted at the local university before I even started working on my room. She went on to say that it just wouldn’t be “cool” for me to be going to college and living with my mother. She finished by saying, “Since I took my maiden name back after your dad and I divorced, you’d be able to tell people I’m your landlady.”

We joked about that the rest of the day as we both did our chores. I remember mowing the lawn that day was almost impossible and took forever because I had neglected it for too long. And that night, when we finished everything, we were both too tired after dinner for sex. We just shared the sofa and held each other as lovers for a while and went to her bed.

The next morning I woke up to my mom bringing me breakfast in her bed. She was wearing a new outfit she had picked up the day before while she was out shopping and she looked incredible. It was an emerald silk and lace teddy with matching panties and black lace-top stockings. I ate breakfast and as I finished mom took the tray and said, “I really need for you to fuck me Joe. I want you to fuck me all day and just use me as you please.”

I reminded her that I had to work that afternoon and she pouted. Then I said, “We still have four hours though, so come here.”

She got beside me on the bed and I started kissing her as I undressed her. Within minutes, mom was riding me hard. This was, and still is, my favorite position. I found that mom could cum 2-3 times, and sometimes more, before I came. Plus, I could stop her when she was getting close, tell her what I wanted to do with her next, and make her beg for more! That day, I stopped her and asked, “What submissive cuckolds porno is your darkest sexual fantasy?”

She sat on top of me and smiled and said, “I want you to just use and humiliate me. Treat me like the slut and whore I am. Punish me. And please call in sick today. I want you here and all to myself. Please don’t leave me today.”

With that, I picked up the phone near her bed and called the restaurant. My boss wasn’t happy at all and reminded me that he’d have to call someone else in and I’d have to work one of their shifts that week.

I hung the phone up and looked at my mom who was smiling on top of me and told her, “You owe me slut! I will have to think of a way for you to repay me. Now start fucking me again.” Since I had been reading Forum articles, I always enjoyed the stories of men with two women. I knew I wasn’t having that anytime soon, but as mom was riding me and cumming, I told her, “Someday I will want you with another woman. That is how you will repay me.”

She was moaning, “Yes! Yes!” Once we both came and recovered a bit, she asked “Were you really serious about having another woman?”

I told her “Yes I was slut! You’re going to do this for me.”

She asked, “How are we going to do that? All of my friends know who you are and I don’t think any of them are ‘that way’. I’m certainly not interested in other women. All I want is you, all to myself. I really don’t want to share you with anyone. Your Prom night is one thing, but the thought of seeing you with other women…” She was starting to cry.

“We won’t discuss it anymore for now slut.” I told her as I rolled her over and get between he legs. “Besides, we can’t do it today anyway. Now I just want to use you as my slave today.” I started fucking her hard and telling her what a slut she was. I came two more times before I got off her. I don’t know how many times she came. Then I took her to the shower and told her to clean both of us. After she cleaned me, I got out of the shower and told her, “Now clean yourself really good, put on make up and perfume and join me in your bedroom.”

I went back to her room and started pulling out all her panties, bras, slips, lingerie, and stockings. When she came in they were all on the bed. She asked, “What’s this?”

I replied “You’re modeling for me today, but first there’s something we need to do.” I took her hand and led her to my bathroom and said, “We’re both tired of pulling each other’s hair out of our mouths, so we’re shaving.” I grabbed my shaver and started trimming her bush. She just stood there while I trimmed it down. Then I trimmed my own hair down a bit. After that, I got out my razor and shaving cream and told her to lay down on the floor and put her legs up. I shaved my mother’s pussy until it was bald and didn’t cut her once. Then I handed her the razor and told her to carefully shave me. As she did I got hard with her handling my balls with the shaving cream. Once she finished I said, “Get down on that floor now slut.” I fucked her right there on the bathroom floor and without any hair down there, it felt so good. After I came, I stood up and told her to get on her knees and lick and suck my cock clean. I got hard again when I grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth. I then told her, “Doesn’t this feel better with out hair slut? I think so. From now on you’re going to keep that pussy shaved.”

She said “Yes.” between sucks.

Once I came, we went back to her bedroom. I told her “Now you will model every one of these outfits for me today. I will sit in the living room and wait. I will use you as I wish today.”

She nodded in agreement and picked out a first outfit as I went to the living room with our box of toys.

She came out wearing white stockings, panties, bra, and slip, I told her to remove the slip and she just let it drop to the floor. I walked up to her and began fondling her through her lace panties. She was getting wet and moaning when I stopped, took off her panties, and slapped her ass. Then I rubbed it and she starting moaning again. I decided to start two piles for her outfits, those we would keep and she would wear around, and those for the trash.

I sent her back to put on another outfit for me. She did and returned in light blue panties, a white bra, and natural stockings. This time I ran my hands up and down her legs and thighs, fully enjoying the feel of stockings on her legs. I told her to take her bra off, which she did, and I pinched her nipples and then sucked on them. I was getting really hard, so I started grinding my cock against her panties as I played with her tits. Then I stopped, took off her panties, and sent her back to change again.

This time mom was wearing a yellow outfit and looked really hot. As she turned, I grabbed her, pulled her slip and panties down, undid her bra, took her down and fucked her right there on the floor. As I fucked her I told her, “You’re all mine slut! That is MY pussy now. As I thrusted her hard and deep. Then I stopped for a moment sex parties porno and grabbed her nipples and squeezed them as I told her, “These are MY tits!” Then I reached for her ass and said, “This is MY ass! You belong to me now, all of you. Do you understand slut?” She nodded as I thrust myself deep inside her again. I stopped again, and told her. “From now on, when it’s just you and me, you will call me ‘SIR’ you slut! Now do you understand?”

She looked at me and replied, “Yes SIR!”

I finished fucking her on the floor, and her modeling went on throughout the entire day and into the evening. I even had her fix lunch and dinner wearing sexy outfits. Whenever I wanted to fuck her pussy, mouth, or ass I did so. I also used toys, clothespins, and other items on her throughout the day. I told her about the piles and she seemed a bit dismayed. I also reminded her that she belonged to me and would only please me several times.

When she finished with her last set of panties, I took them off, walked her back to her room and enjoyed my red and wet pussy one last time. I decided to make love to her this time instead of just fucking her wildly. We came together and then she wanted to talk.

She said, “Joe, some of those bras and panties you want to get rid of were expensive. And I need those underwire bras to support my breasts while I’m at work. Can we keep them?”

I thought for a moment lying there beside her and replied. “Sure slut, you can keep them; but I don’t want to ever see them on you, ever. Do you understand?”

She said’ “Yes sir.” Then she asked, “But how will I wear them to work and not around here?”

I told her, “That’s simple slut. You change into the things I like before you leave work.”

She just replied, “Yes sir.”

I went on, “Next Saturday morning I’m going shopping with you and we’re going to buy you some more bras, panties, and other outfits to wear around me. You’re going to look like the slut your are around me, understand?”

“Yes sir.” She said. It was getting late and I needed to study a bit, so I left mom to sleep.

The next morning, I remembered my promise to find a date for the Prom. Fortunately, the girl I had in mind, Sue, had been holding out, waiting for me to ask her, so it was easier than I thought. We had known each other since before kindergarten and while she wasn’t the prettiest girl in school, she was still good looking. We had gone out on a couple of dates and I also took her to the Homecoming dance earlier that year, but it was nothing serious. Our parents had divorced about the same time when we were in grade school, and we had both gone with our mothers to “Parents Without Partners” functions years ago. I had lunch with Sue Monday after I asked her to the Prom, so we could plan the evening. She wanted to try a new restaurant on the other side of town and after the Prom, we were invited to a party.

Mom came home late Monday night and when she took her dress off, she was wearing some hot black lace panties and bra, which she paraded around in. She told me she went to the store on the way home and bought some things. She pulled out the bag, showed me her new slutty clothes, and I liked everything she bought. We ate a late dinner and then went in the living room and 69’d for a while and then fucked on the sofa. I decided to go to bed with her that night. From this night on I started sleeping with mom whenever we were alone.

Tuesday morning mom’s alarm went off at 4:30. She stirred a bit and hit the snooze. I woke up with morning wood and rolled over on top of her. As I spread her legs she said, “Joe, not now. I have to get up in a minute.”

I told her. “You better just shut up and fuck me now slut.”

She simply replied “Yes sir.” And started swaying her hips to my thrusts. We both came quickly and I let her up to take a shower while I rolled over and fell back asleep. I had to work that night after school. It was late when I got home and there was mom on the couch. I opened her robe and she was in a pair of her new panties. I took her to bed and fucked her there.

The rest of that week went the same. We woke to her alarm, we fucked, and she got ready for work. After dinner, we would ‘play’ for a while and then go to bed. Saturday morning came and mom was surprised that I was up and ready to go shopping with her. “What are you doing Joe?” she asked.

“We’re still going shopping slut.” I replied and went on, “You have nice slutty things to wear around the house for me, but what do you have for going out?” With that I went through her closet. “This is all old fashioned stuff and I want you to have a sexier look in public.”

She replied with a pout, “Yes sir, can I keep the clothes I already have?”

I told her, “Yes, you may, but you won’t wear them if you’re out with me.” Finally she pulled out one dress and held it up to her body. It was a one-piece, silk-like print, with a high hemline and after she put it on, I noticed it showed off her cleavage nicely. I said, “We need to spankbang porno find you a few more outfits like this slut.” I then reminded her that I needed to work that evening and Sunday afternoon. She pouted, but knew I needed the money for Prom. On the way to the store I asked, “With us sleeping together, am I still working on a room downstairs?”

She was silent for a moment and then spoke. “Joe, I truly enjoy where our relationship has gone and is going. I look forward to sleep with you every night and waking with you every morning. I especially enjoy the sex we have first thing in the morning. It just puts a smile on my face through the commute into work. But, things will be different when you’re in college. You’ll be keeping odd hours and there will be times you’ll want to have friends over. If you’re still ‘living with mom’, you’ll never truly enjoy the college life. So yes, you will build yourself a small apartment downstairs this summer. I hope that when it’s just us, you’ll still come sleep with me if it’s not too late; but we’ll have to see.”

We got to the first stores downtown as they were just opening. I noticed that mom was turning heads with her outfit and I she did too. We went to 2-3 stores and bought her a few sexy outfits. On our way to the grocery store she said, “I noticed that a lot more people were watching me today and I like it.”

I replied, “You have a good body slut and you need to show it off more.”

We finished the shopping and went home to put everything up and get some lunch before I had to go to work. After eating, I grabbed her, unzipped her dress and let it drop to the floor. We went to the living room and I told her to get on all fours. We fondled for a few moments, then I told her, “I meant to tell you, slut, that you need to keep MY pussy shaved. In case you haven’t noticed (As I pulled my erect cock in front of her), I’m keeping myself shaved. I expect you to do the same. Now, I’m going to fuck you like the bitch that you are.” With that, I got behind her and started fucking her wet pussy. Once I came, I stood up grabbed her hair and forced her mouth around my cock. Once I was good and hard again, I bent her back down and went into her ass again. She went wild as I fucked her ass.

She begged, “Please don’t go in today. Stay here and fuck me. I need it so bad. I need you here sir.”

I thrusted with my full force telling her, “No slut, not today. You’ll have to play with yourself until I come home tonight.” As soon as I came in her ass, I eased out and went to the shower. When I came out, mom was standing there with my towel and started pleading for me to stay; but I had to work and she knew it. I went to work, and thanks to someone else calling in sick I had to work until after 2 a.m. When I got home, I went directly to bed.

Mom awoke and said, “You’re late. What happened?”

I told her someone else called in sick and I had to cover. Then I reminded her that I needed to be back at 9.

She replied “But I waited up for you as long as I could and I want you inside me now. I want you to enjoy YOUR pussy, tits, and ass now sir.”

As tired as I was, my cock was still hard. I pulled her over on top of me and told her to start riding me. We fucked for almost an hour. Then I rolled over and went to sleep.

The phone rang at 7 that Sunday morning and I heard mom pick it up. “Yes he’s sleeping, just a second.” I turned over to look at her and with her hand over the mouthpiece she said, “It’s your boss. You need to get up and take it in the living room or kitchen.”

I got up and went to another phone. My boss apologized and told me he needed my there immediately and asked if I could come in. I reluctantly agreed and headed for the shower. When I got out, there was mom. She said, “This isn’t fair. You just got off a a 12 hour shift five hours ago and you’re in no shape to work right now. I don’t like this Joe.”

I replied, “Maybe he’ll give me the raise I’ve been asking him about and with summer coming, everyone is going to be fighting for the good shifts, so maybe he’ll remember me. That would make it worth it. Besides, I’m going to need the money.”

She agreed. Her salary was enough for the two of us to live comfortably, but there wasn’t any extra money for vacations, “entertainment” as she called it, or me to have a car of my own. That’s why I got the job two years before and summers were the time I made the most money. I got dressed and went in. I had to work until 7 that night and decided to eat dinner there. While I was eating the boss came to thank me and gave me a raise. He said he originally intended to give it to me a month later as a graduation gift, but my coming in made him decide to give it to me right then. By the time I got home, I was tired and my mom saw it.

She said, “I’m going to draw you a nice warm bath and take care of you tonight.” She called me once the bath was ready and helped me undress. I got in and let her bathe me. It felt good to have her do that for me as I just relaxed and dozed in the warm water. Then she woke me up, dried me off and handed me clean shorts. We went to bed and she just massaged me to sleep that night. We awoke to the alarm the next morning and after my long sleep, I was ready to take on the world. I rolled over on top of mom and made passionate love to her. Then she got up and took her shower and got ready for work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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