Self-Isolating With Mom Ch. 08

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The sound of the doorbell caused them all to turn in that direction.

“Who’s that?” Seth asked.

Sonya waved her hand towards the door as she looked at the clock on the wall. “That’ll be the Chinese food I ordered. I already paid for it online so the guy’s just dropping it off. With all the social distancing stuff, they just drop it on the porch.” She turned to her daughter, who was still on her knees, her face and chest shimmering with cum. “Dani, why don’t you go and get it?”

“Me?” Dani asked, shocked that her mother would ask her to do such a thing when she was in such a state.

“Yes. If you answer the door with all that cum on your face, it’ll certainly give that delivery guy quite a story to tell.”

“Do it, Dani,” Seth encouraged. “Step out of your comfort zone for a few seconds. Think how nasty and exciting it will be for the guy to see you like that. I guarantee you he’ll be jacking off thinking about you the second he gets home, or geez, when I’m looking at you with all that cum all over you, I bet that guy might not even last that long.”

“Really, you think so?” Dani asked, eyebrows arching up.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” Seth replied with a shake of his head. “Looking at you like that, dripping with jizz, he’ll be hard as a rock in seconds.”

“Go on, sweetheart, go and do it,” Sonya coaxed, “before the food gets cold.”

Dani couldn’t deny what Seth had said, that it was something so unlike her, but she did find the thought of it wickedly exciting, especially when Seth talked about the guy jerking off thinking about her. The thought of that excited her even more. Making her decision, she rose to her feet and went to the front door, feeling the dangling strands of cum sway back and forth lewdly as they hung off her chin. She peered through the sidelight and saw the delivery guy standing about ten feet away on the walkway, looking down at his phone. She glanced down, spotting two paper bags stacked side by side on the porch. It was obvious he was waiting for somebody to come out to take them in before driving away. Dani glanced both ways down the street, making sure no one else was around. Bucking up her courage, she opened the door and stepped outside.

“Your food’s just right—” the guy started to say as he looked up from his phone and pointed towards the two bags. He stopped in midsentence, his eyes opening wide, his hand pointing forward, as he took in the sight of the pretty young girl in the fancy dress. It wasn’t the dress that had turned him into a living statue—although the stacked young thing looked absolutely gorgeous in the tight-fitting dress—but it was the glistening wads and strands of cum hanging off her face and pasted all over her dress that caught his eye and rendered him immobile. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she stepped out onto the porch, the sun hitting those silvery gobs of jizz and making them shine depravedly.

“Thank you, thank you so much,” Dani said as she took a couple of steps forward and grabbed the two bags. With a final smile in his direction, she turned on her sky-high heels and strode back into the house, closing the door behind her.

The guy stood there stunned, wondering if he could really believe his eyes. His stiffening cock told him that it was true, that the girl in the sexy blue dress really did have cum all over her. “And fuck, there was so much of it,” he thought to himself. “What the fuck were they doing, filming a bukkake movie in there?” The thought of a movie made the guy realize he’d been standing there with his phone in his hand. He looked down at it, and realized he’d been shocked to the point that he was incapable of any rational thought. He should have thought to point his phone in her direction and take at least a picture, if not a video. Fuck, what amazing whacking material that would have been. But he’d stood there stupefied, unable to move, until it was too late. But he knew he’d always have that mental picture of her, of the pretty blond girl with cum all over her face and chest, the mental picture that was already causing his cock to throb like crazy. Nobody could take that memory away from him. He shook himself out of his trancelike state and looked down at his phone, sad that he’d missed his chance.

“Dani, come over here,” Seth said as Dani put the two bags down on the kitchen island. Seth and her mother were standing behind window sheers looking out, safely hidden from view from the outside, but capable of seeing everything that had happened. Dani stepped over until she stood beside them and looked out. The young guy was still standing where he’d been the whole time, a dazed look on his face. She saw him shake his head, almost like he was slapping himself in the face. He then looked down at his phone before reaching down to grope himself. With a quick glance up and down the street, he rushed to his car parked in their driveway.

“Look at that, just like I said, he’s not even waiting until he gets home,” xvideos porno Seth said as they all turned their eyes to the car. The guy had barely been in the car ten seconds before they started to see his shoulder flexing rhythmically. They watched him tip his head back and close his eyes, his mind bringing up the image of that cum-covered beauty he’d seen just moments ago. His shoulder started flexing more vigorously, and then, within just a minute or so, they saw pearly gobs of whiteness splat against the inside of the windshield, gob after gob of silvery paste hitting the glass and slithering nastily downwards.

“Oh my God, he really just came thinking about me?” Dani asked, her eyes opening wide at the lewd sight taking place right before her.

“Fuck, yeah,” Seth said. “You look fucking hot like that, Dani. I’d probably be doing the same if I was that guy. And I’m sure he’s going to get off another five or six times tonight thinking about you too.”

“Wow,” Dani said softly as they watched the guy start his car and drive away, not even waiting to wipe the milky wads of cum off his windshield.

“C’mon, seeing that guy spray that window made me hungry,” Sonya said. “Let’s eat. Dani, just leave that cum on your face for now. You look so pretty like that.”

Sonya had ordered all of their favorites and the three of them loaded up their plates. Dani got drinks for all of them, including another Red Bull for Seth. When they went to take their usual spots at the dining room table, Sonya stopped them. She always sat at the end of the rectangular table, with Seth to her left and Dani to her right. “Seth, sit beside your sister today`,” Sonya said, “just like you would if you went to a restaurant on prom night with a group of your friends.”

With a shrug, Seth took his seat next to Dani. The three of them dug in, laughing and talking as they enjoyed the Chinese food. When they were done and Dani had cleared the plates away, Seth tossed a bunch of fortune cookies from one of the bags onto the table. “You pick first, Dani.”

Dani hovered her hand over a couple of different ones before finally making her choice. “We all open them at the same time, right?”

“That’s right. Mom, you’re next.”

“I’ve had my eye on this one right here,” Sonya said, spearing her hand forward without hesitation and grabbing one from the pile.

“Okay, let’s see…let’s see,” Seth said as he held his fingertips over the few that were left. “Which one’s lucky…which one’s lucky? This one right here.” Having made his decision, he snatched one up and held it close. “Now, everybody open them and we’ll read them in the same order.”

They all peeled off the wrappers and broke the cookies open, revealing the fortune inside.

“Dani, you’re first.”

“Okay. It says…oh, I think I’ve got yours, Seth. It says, ‘You’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny.'”

“Very funny. That’s only about the one millionth time I’ve heard that joke. What does it really say?”

“All right, you big poop,” Dani said before turning back to the tiny slip of paper in her hand. “It says, ‘You will bring others happiness’.”

“Well, based on what’s been happening so far today, I’d say that’s pretty accurate,” Sonya said as they all chuckled.

“Okay, Mom, what about yours?” Dani asked.

“Let’s see, let’s see…mine says, ‘Now is the time to pursue that new love interest’.” Sonya couldn’t help but look Seth in the eye when she finished reading. Dani couldn’t help notice the way the two of them looked at each other.

“That one seems pretty bang on too, wouldn’t you say?” Seth said, a knowing smile on his face.

“I’d have to agree with that,” Sonya said, giving Seth a lascivious wink.

“Your turn now, Seth,” Dani said as she turned towards her brother.

“All right, hopefully it’s something good.” Seth peered at the piece of paper in his hand. “‘If you look in the right places, you can find good offerings’.” Seth turned and let his eyes roam over his sister first, and then his mother, blatantly taking in every lush curve and enticing valley. “I must be looking in the right places, because there seems to be plenty of good offerings right here at this table.”

Dani blushed while Sonya gave her son a coy smile. “Seth, why don’t you slide your hand underneath your sister’s dress and see what kind of offering she has under there for you?” Seth’s fortune had given Sonya something to use to put the next part of her plan into effect. There’d been a specific reason she’d ask Seth to sit next to his sister, and having him finger her was exactly what Sonya had had in mind when she’d asked him to do that. She wanted to watch the girl squirm while her brother used his fingers to get her off right there at the table, with Sonya getting a front row view.

“That’s an excellent idea,” Seth replied as he turned slightly in his seat and placed the palm of his right hand just above Dani’s right knee.

“Pull yerli porno your chair back a little bit, Dani, so we can all see,” Sonya instructed as she pulled her own chair closer to the corner of the table on the other side of her daughter.

Dani did as she was told, pushing her chair back a good foot or so from the table. Feeling somewhat anxious, she reached down and gripped the sides of her seat as Seth turned even more to face her, his hand now sliding slowly up her thigh.

“Let your legs open for your prom date, Dani,” Sonya said in a soft lulling tone. “Let him know you’re his to do with as he pleases.”

Mesmerized by her mother’s warm, coaxing voice, Dani sat back in her chair and let her legs drift apart, the space between her full muscular thighs getting wider. Seth took this for what it was, a willing invitation, and slid his hand higher, his fingers starting to disappear beneath the lacy hem of his sister’s fancy dress.

“That’s it. That’s my good girl,” Sonya said, her voice a warm purr as she reached down as well, resting her hand on the inside of Dani’s other thigh. “Here, let me help you.” With that, Sonya gently pushed on the inside of Dani’s leg, forcing her thighs to spread even further apart. “There, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Just a little more, sweetheart. Open yourself right up for him.”

With Seth’s hand pulling gently on one thigh, and her mother’s hand on the other, they soon had Dani’s legs splayed wide open, the gap between her widening thighs causing her short dress to rise up higher on her hips, the crotch of her navy satin panties now visible, the front panel fitting snugly over the enticing pout of her little peach.

“Very nice, very pretty,” Seth said as he looked between his sister’s legs, his eyes taking in the sodden crotch of her panties, the sexy little piece of satin soaked and stained with her juices. He could smell her now, her scent like a warm musky rose. Perfect.

Dani felt like she was in a trance, unable to move as both her mother and brother sat on either side of her and stroked her thighs. They were drawing their fingertips teasingly over her sensitive skin, making her shiver with excitement as their hands moved higher and higher, getting closer and closer to her steaming pussy. She could feel her tits rising and falling with each ragged, excited breath she took.

“Seth, why don’t you slip your fingers inside our little honey bee’s panties and see how hot her hive is?” Sonya said as she looked past her daughter’s heaving chest to her son.

“I just might have to do that,” Seth replied as he slid his fingers higher, the tips toying with the lacy leg opening of Dani’s panties. Just as he was at that point, Sonya pulled a touch harder on the inside of Dani’s other leg, causing her splayed loins to open up an inch or two more.

“Yes, that’s the way,” Seth said as he slid his fingers beneath the elastic edge of her panties, his fingertips moving teasingly over her slippery groove. She was hot as a pistol, and absolutely soaking wet. He slowly ran his fingertips up and down along her gooey trench, finally brushing against the pronounced tip of her fiery clit.

“AAAHH!” Dani gasped as she took a quick intake of breath. Seth continued to work his fingers all around her dripping mound, probing, rubbing, and teasing. His fingers were driving her absolutely crazy as she felt herself getting hotter by the second. With the back of his hand brushing against the sodden gusset of her panties, he slid a fingertip just inside the slick petals of her peach and spun it slowly in a teasing circle. At the same time, he rolled his thumb over the stiff button of her sensitive clit, sending more tingling sensations right to her lust-addled brain. She let out a low moan as she gripped the seat of her chair tightly, his toying fingers setting her whole body on fire.

“Here, it’s time we cleaned some of that precious cum off your face, sweetheart,” Dani heard her mother say. In a daze, she looked over as her mother leaned in close, and then she felt her mother’s tongue pressing against her face, the soft sponginess feeling luxurious as her mother moved her tongue over Dani’s sticky skin. After a few cum-gathering licks, her mother brought her mouth to Dani’s. Dani eagerly opened her lips as her mother pressed her mouth to hers, the older woman’s tongue entering her mouth and depositing a load of semen onto Dani’s waiting tongue. Dani tasted her brother’s jizz once more, the unique flavor making her taste buds tingle. Her mother moved back to her face and licked up some more of that creamy seed, bringing her mouth back to Dani’s and feeding her like a mother bird feeds its baby. Her mother then surprised her by leaning down and running her tongue over the front of Dani’s dress, gathering more gobs of cum and sucking out some that had already started to soak into the lacy fabric. With her mouth full once more, her mother brought her mouth to hers and fed her more of her brother’s youjizz porno succulent jizz. It was so thick and brilliantly white that Dani knew it had to be chock full of sperm, and it tasted delicious. Between Seth fingering her and overwhelmed by the lewd act of her mother feeding her Seth’s cum off her face and dress, Dani exploded, a nerve-wracking climax making her whole body shake like she was having a fit.

“That a girl, Dani,” Seth said as his fingers kept toying with her gushing twat. “Let ‘er buck.”

Dani needed no encouragement, her body thrashing about restlessly as she gripped the sides of her seat in a death grip. With her legs spread widely apart, she kept coming, exquisite paroxysms of pleasure crashing through her curvy young body in wave after blissful wave. As Dani gasped and trembled, through hooded eyes she saw her mother and Seth share a smile as Seth kept working on her, his hand still inside her panties as his thumb continued to roll teasingly over her throbbing clit, his fingers busy at the entrance of her gushing snatch. She felt one fingertip press firmly on the folds of flesh just inside on the roof of her vagina, finding that trigger spot inside her.

“OH FUCKKKK…” Dani hissed as she climaxed for a second time, this cunt-wrenching release following right on the heels of the last one.

Seth loved seeing his sister come, especially while he was fingering her. The muscles on the insides of her full thighs were quivering like plucked guitar strings, evidence of her powerful orgasm. He loved both his mother’s and his sister’s thighs. They were nice and full, and strong. For him that was a sign that those muscles they had would go right up into their juicy cunts, making them able to really do a number on a cock. He’d already felt that with his mother’s talented pussy, and he was sure his sister would be able to grip his cock and work it just as well. He couldn’t wait to get his cock deep inside her, and feel those powerful soccer-playing thighs wrapped around his back.

“Well, I think she really liked that,” Sonya commented when Dani started to come down from her orgasmic high.

“She’s a gusher, Mom, just like you,” Seth said as he drew his fingers from beneath his sister’s panties and held his glistening hand up.

“Let her lick them off,” Sonya said as she nodded towards Dani, who continued to sit there, her legs spread widely apart, her big tits heaving as she fought to recover from her climax.

With a lewd smile on his face, Seth brought his hand to Dani’s mouth. His little sister eagerly parted her lips, letting him slip his fingers inside. She closed her lips around his gooey digits, her tongue swirling over the surface as she gathered up her own sticky juices.

“Jesus, you’re right, Mom, her mouth is fantastic,” Seth said as he slid his fingers back and forth between Dani’s pouty lips, remembering how wonderful it had felt to have his cock between those soft warm pillows just a short time ago.

“Lean forward, sweetie,” Sonya said as she put a hand on Dani’s shoulder. Dani instantly complied, her lips and tongue still working to clean Seth’s glistening hand. She felt her mother slide the zipper on the back of her dress all the way down to her lower back, and then the older woman’s hands reached up and started to pull the top part of her dress forward over her shoulders. Her mother pushed the other side off her other shoulder, and then drew the tight-fitting lacy bodice portion of the dress down, exposing Dani’s massive breasts, gorgeously encased in a navy blue lace and satin strapless bra.

“Oh man, they’re beautiful,” Seth mumbled under his breath as his eyes locked in on his sister’s big tits, the heavily structured bra pushing them together and up magnificently.

“Why don’t you play with those while I have a little fun with her?” Sonya said as she shifted her chair closer to Dani.

“That sounds perfect,” Seth replied as he drew his hand out of Dani’s sucking mouth. He pushed his sister back slightly, until she was sitting against the back of the chair once more, the top part of her dress sitting in a puddle around her trim waist. Seth reached forward and ran his hands over her straining bra, loving the feel of those huge breasts beneath his fingertips.

While Seth was busy mauling Dani’s breasts, Sonya slid her fingers up Dani’s left thigh, just as Seth had done on her right thigh. With her fingers rubbing in teasingly slow circles over Dani’s warm flesh, Sonya kept moving her hand higher and higher, until she slid her fingertips beneath the other leg opening of Dani’s panties, her painted nails scratching teasingly over her daughter’s slippery mound.

“Aaaahhh…” Dani gasped. She could only watch, totally enthralled and spellbound, as her mother and brother worked on her with their hands, making her squirm and gasp in delight. Seth had now undone the clasp at the front of her bra, totally exposing her breasts. She’d watched his eyes open wide as they settled on her chest, spreading out wondrously once they were freed from the confining structure. He was running his hands all over the voluminous mounds, making her wince and whimper with excitement when he rolled her stiffening nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

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