Sexy Deal Ch. 02

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Sexy Deal; Chapter 2

Not for the faint of heart.

*Continuing where Chapter 1 left off…*

Wanda slowly pulled down her panties, revealing her juicy love-hole to John. John’s cock began to really stiffen up, and it was quite noticeable in the linen pants. Wanda smiled at him. “Now John, I’m sure you wouldn’t want my beautiful daughter and your fiancé to know that you like getting off to her dirty panties, right?”

He gulped, wondering where this was leading. “Right.” was his response.

“And you certainly wouldn’t want me to tell her that you had a hard-on while catching me in the nude, right?”

“Right.” was all he could think of.

She smirked with pleasure. “That’s what I thought. So here’s the deal- and don’t worry, it’ll be more than fair to both of us. Anyway, anyone with half a brain knows you and Shawna will be getting married eventually. I want to know what kind of person is going to be getting involved with my daughter. That’s why we’re going to delve into all sorts of wild and kinky things while she’s away this week. Nothing is off-limits. That means that you cannot deny any request I make. If you do, the deal is off and I come clean with my daughter. I don’t know how much she would appreciate that. In return, I am in the same boat- you can make any request you want and I won’t deny it. Do we have a deal?”

John’s penis was rock-hard by now and he was eager to get to ‘know’ Shawna’s gorgeous mother. He nodded up and down quickly and uttered “Yes.” Another smirk crept across Wanda’s face.

She raised her handed and motioned for him to come to her. “Come fuck me. I can tell it’s what you really want.”


*First Week of June* – TUESDAY –

That next morning, John awoke beside Wanda in her bed. Both had gone to bed nude, and as he lay there he couldn’t help but think about all that he had experienced the day before. He had never had so much sex in his life. John glanced over at her; she was still asleep. He moved the covers so that he could see her bare body. Wanda had her back to John, so his eyes were fixated on her firm buttocks. She was in excellent shape to say the least. John started to feel that familiar tingling sensation in his manhood as his eyes remained glued to her perfect cheeks.

He started to ponder ‘the deal’ and decided to act on his instincts. Taking his penis in his left hand, he began stroking it until it reached its peak of seven inches. After he was completely hard, John reached with his right hand and grabbed Wanda’s butt-cheek. He lifted up and became utterly mesmerized by her wrinkled brown hole. Wanda shifted a little, but remained asleep. John continued stroking himself.

Growing a little bolder, John used the pointer of his right hand and began lightly caressing Wanda’s anus. Soon he couldn’t hold back as his left hand began moving up and down faster and faster. Not even realizing it, John began coming all over the bed sheets. After the throbbing stopped, he sighed and lay back in bed. Wanda rolled over and opened her eyes. “Have fun playing with my ass?” she questioned. John blushed and answered that he had. She looked down near his crotch and noticed the new mess. She giggled. “I’ll say you did. Look what you did to my sheets!”

Wanda moved her hand slowly down his belly and cupped his balls. John moaned with pleasure as she gave them a light tug. She then began to rub his tender penis, causing it to perk back up rather quickly. “I hope you saved some of that cum for me. First, however, I want you to give me a rim-job.” she instructed him. He looked at her, wondering if he heard correctly. She gave him a reassuring smile and added “That’s right- I want you to lick my asshole! You had so much fun toying with it earlier; I figured you would want to taste it.”

She was dead-on. John’s cock was back to full force and throbbing like there was no tomorrow. Just thinking about putting his tongue on that little hole made him hornier than ever. Wanda got on all fours and pushed her butt out a little, helping to spread her round cheeks. John bent down and lightly ran his tongue along her crack. He then spent a few minutes just kissing her bottom and rubbing his hands over her buns. Wanda smiled, enjoying every bit of attention her backside was receiving. John went to work, furiously licking that tight little hole of hers. He could smell it, too. Surprisingly it wasn’t that bad of a smell, and actually turned him on, making him hungrier for her ass.

Wanda’s hand found its way to her soaking twat and extra-sensitive clit. It wasn’t long before she had an orgasm. John pulled his tongue out of her bottom and she turned around so that she was facing him like normal. They kissed. John, whose dick was still very hard, thanked her for the opportunity to pleasure her that way. She smiled and told him “I love being kinky. I could taste mofos porno my butt on your tongue when we kissed, and that thought alone got me all wet again.” Taking the hint, John positioned his cock just in front of her slippery cunt. He wasted no time as he penetrated her- slowly at first, but increasingly faster. After Wanda had another orgasm, John pulled out and shot another huge load, this time with most of it landing on Wanda’s breasts and stomach. She smiled as she pinched her nipples.

“I think it’s time for another request. I want you to lick your own cum off of my tits.”

John paused, but couldn’t help but feel aroused by the request. Knowing the consequences if he didn’t comply, he leaned in and took her left breast in his hand, swiping at it with his tongue and tasting semen for the first time. ‘Not too bad’ he thought. He continued to slowly clean off her breasts as Wanda moaned in ecstasy. Without even mentioning it, he continued down to her abdomen and licked the little bit that had dripped down there. She smiled at him with approval. “That was fantastic. I think now we both need a shower. Besides, we don’t want to spoil all the fun so fast.”

John hopped off the bed and Wanda followed him into the bathroom, where they both got into the shower and washed each others bodies off. After getting out of the shower, Wanda reached just for her white terry-cloth robe. She instructed John not to put on any clothes as it would prove useless anyhow. He excitedly agreed. For the entire day he went without putting on any clothing, and it simply increased his desire for sex. Wanda promised him a big surprise that night. Having worn himself out already, John decided to take a nap.


John awoke sometime later that evening. He heard voices in the living room and thought it best that he slip on some cotton shorts and a white t-shirt. He then proceeded to the living room, where he found Wanda sitting with a strange man. Wanda had her robe wrapped around her body while the man had on a green t-shirt and had a black jacket lying across his lap. The man seemed about six foot, three inches tall and looked to be around two-hundred pounds. He had a decent physique. Wanda noticed John standing there and decided to explain. “John, this is Steve. He is my next-door neighbor who comes over from time to time to, umm, service me.”

Steve smiled and nodded at John. Wanda brought up his choice to put on clothing by telling him “I thought I told you not to put on any clothes. Steve is going to join us tonight for a little fun, so go ahead and take your clothes off.”

John turned to go change out of his clothes but Wanda stopped him. “Take them off in here, in front of us.” John blushed and turned back around to face them. Noticing his nervousness, Wanda turned to Steve and said “Why don’t you go first and ease his nerves?” Steve nodded and threw the jacket to the floor, revealing his naked manhood. Though only semi-hard at the moment, it was obvious that Steve was well-endowed. John was a little stunned and couldn’t take his eyes off of Steve’s member. Wanda cleared her throat, adding “Your turn.”

John took off his shirt, and then slowly slid down his shorts, revealing his own semi-hard penis. Steve gave him a smile and said “Now that we’re acquainted with one another, why don’t we get started?” Wanda agreed and told John to take a seat next to Steve, which he did.

“We’re going to play a little game.” Wanda informed them. “It’s called ‘Two Minutes’, and I made it up shortly before losing my virginity. Basically, we all go around taking turns and coming up with things we want to see the other people do for two minutes. It can be something simple, or something really kinky. For instance, I’ll go first. Steve, I want to see you stroke yourself for two minutes.”

Steve laughed but was happy to be the guinea pig. With the aid of his right hand he began stroking his penis until it was solid. John and Wanda watched him the entire time. When fully erect, Steve’s dick measure about eight and a half inches. It was also thicker than John’s with more veins running along the shaft. John was very surprised, but he was becoming very horny. Having acquired a hard-on himself, John began playing with himself a little bit until Wanda called ‘time’ after two minutes had passed.

“Now that he finished, Steve gets to think of something.”

Steve sat there for a moment, thinking about what to choose. A wicked grin crept across his face as he turned to Wanda. “Say, do you still have that little vibrator?” he asked. Wanda nodded that she did. “I want to see you vibrate your ass for two minutes.” Wanda playfully shook her head, then went and grabbed her vibrator. After she got back, she disrobed and got on all fours on the ground. Wanda struggled to initially penetrate her tight backside, but eventually naughty america porno the sex-toy wedged its way into her anus somewhat. She continued to use the vibrator on her ass for two whole minutes, while John and Steve both watched and played with themselves. After her time was up, she removed the vibrator and sat back down, leaving the robe on the ground. She rub her bottom a little bit saying that it was a tad sore.

“Okay, now its John’s turn to come up with something to do.”

John was so turned on watching her toy with her butt that he had no idea what he would select. Suddenly it came to him. He eagerly told Wanda “I want Steve to fuck you in the ass for two minutes.” Steve chuckled and Wanda moaned, knowing how sore her ass was already. She of course obeyed and spread her beautiful butt-cheeks with her hands. Steve slowly inserted himself into her bottom. She squealed as he forced his head inside of her tight butt. For two minutes, Steve slowly rocked his hips back and forth, pumping his manhood in and out of Wanda’s dirt-hole. John watched, jerking himself while watching that monster force its way into Wanda’s backdoor. After two minutes, Steve reluctantly pulled out and Wanda breathed a sigh of relief.

“Now we’ve come full circle and it’s back to my decision.” she stated. “John, I want you to give Steve a hand-job!” John started to protest the request, but was quickly reminded of the ‘deal’ and got on his knees in front of Steve. With his right hand, he grabbed the large penis and felt it. This was his first time to ever touch another man’s penis, and if there was a perfect specimen, this was it. John, again surprised, felt aroused as he slid his hand along Steve’s shaft. It was warm and the veins were popping out all over the place. Wanda began fingering herself as she watched John play with the cock. John took his free hand and began fondling Steve’s testicles. He was starting to realize how horny all of this made him and decided to simply embrace it rather than question it. The two minutes ended and John released his grip on Steve’s erection.

It was Steve’s turn to choose once more and he came up with a kinky idea that caught John completely off-guard. Steve said “Fuck the time limit. I don’t care how long it takes, I want you two to double-team me with your mouths until I cum.” John glanced at Wanda, who returned his look with a smile. He had never felt attracted to men, but the sheer kinkiness of this had him ready to do anything. Wanda stuck her tongue out and swirled it around Steve’s throbbing head. John decided he should go to work low, so he used his tongue to flick Steve’s balls.

They continued working on his penis, taking turns licking his shaft. Wanda eventually took the entire cock into her mouth and shortly thereafter, Steve exploded. He shot a massive amount of sperm into her mouth, and she did her best to swallow all of it. A little bit trickled out of her mouth, but she used her finger to scoop it up and put it back on her tongue. After she had sucked him clean, they both returned to their normal sitting position. John’s own cock was on fire at the moment, and he felt as though he really needed to burst. Now it was his choice in the game, but he felt that the game had gone on long enough.

“Why not just go to the bedroom and fool around? We’re all pretty horny by now so we might as well just get to the point.” he said. Wanda and Steve agreed with him, and the three of them went up to the bedroom together. Wanda was in front, followed by Steve, who was followed by John. Both John and Steve’s cocks were sticking straight out and Wanda herself was soaking wet. John and Steve hopped on the bed, hands rubbing away on their genitals. Wanda went and grabbed a couple of large beach towels, which she spread on the floor. Then, she walked over to her dresser and pulled out a pair of white cotton panty-briefs. She tossed them on the corner of the bed, and then joined the guys.

“What are those for?” John inquired. She told him that he would find out soon.

Wanda sat on the bed, caressing one of her breasts with her right hand and using her left hand to massage her clit. She then came up with yet another kinky idea. “I want to see you two suck each other off.”

John and Steve looked at each other. Steve smiled happily, while John was a bit reluctant. Regardless, he was extremely horny and wanted to see what another man’s cum tasted like, so he complied. Since Steve was larger both physically and in terms of penile-girth, he got on bottom. John turned around and straddled Steve’s face. Wanda began to push her first two fingers into her sopping-wet vagina. John felt his swollen penis slide into Steve’s warm mouth. Steve immediately went to work, using his tongue on every bit of John’s cock. John stared at Steve’s erection, and hesitated just for public agent porno a moment before fitting as much of Steve’s big dong into his mouth as he could.

Both of them moaned as they sucked on each other and used their hands to fondle each other’s testicles. Wanda was having a great time fingering herself. She put her hand on John’s butt, putting a tiny bit of pressure on his anus with one of her fingers. He moaned. “Are you enjoying yourself?” His response was just a muffled moan of pleasure. John bobbed up and down on Steve’s penis while Steve sucked away on John’s dickhead. Wanda’s finger was now in John’s ass nail-deep. Both men were getting close as their tempos increased. Within moments, they were filling each other’s mouths with their hot cream. Steve sucked it all down while John was only able to swallow about half. He thought it tasted fairly good, but the rest just couldn’t fit and dribbled down his chin and onto the bed. Wanda removed her finger from John’s ass and all three sat up on the bed. John couldn’t believe how far he had let himself go.

Wanda’s expression turned to one of discomfort as she announced “I have to pee quite badly.” John questioned her waiting since the bathroom was just a short distance away. “That’s what the panties are for…” she elaborated. “For the rest of the night, those panties are going to serve as our bathroom. If you have to go, you have to put those on, stand on those towels I laid out on the floor and go as you normally would.” John was really unsure about this. On the contrary, however, he had always secretly had fetishes concerning this type of thing. His erection was re-approaching, and so he subsequently nodded his agreement. Steve stated that for the record, he was going to agree with anything. Pleased, Wanda stood up and slid the panties on, then positioned herself over the towels. She let out a slight sigh and then the panties began to become soaked as they dripped with her urine. Both men were watching intently and stroking themselves. She smiled and spread her legs a little as the speed of her stream increased. It began to run down to the towels in a near-constant stream. Finally she drizzled to a halt, slid the panties off, and returned to the bed. “Looks like you boys enjoyed the show. Now show me how much you like my body.”

That was all the invitation they needed. Steve began to grope her tits and nibble on her nipples as his cock hovered next to her steaming slit. John guided his rock-hard cock into her pussy for just a moment to get it nice and slippery. He then used his hand to spread her butt-cheek and guided his penis into her tight butt hole. Wanda winced as John fit his entire cock into her backside. Steve wasted no more time as he injected his manhood into her pussy. The double-penetration was intense but appreciated. Both men were pumping their respective rods in and out of her simultaneously. She screamed with bliss as she achieved an orgasm. Moments later, John and Steve both ejaculated into her holes. They then withdrew. The loads were smaller, of course, but still of a decent quantity. Wanda stroked her breasts and looked at John. “I want you to suck me clean.” she told him. John sighed but agreed. He started with her delicious twat, sucking Steve’s load out and swallowing it. It tasted better than before in his opinion. Perhaps it was an acquired taste. After her mound was clean, he began licking her anus. She pushed and eventually John’s load began to trickle out and down her crack. John lapped it up hungrily, and then sucked on her ass until all of his cum was in his stomach.

“I can’t believe this.” John muttered. After Wanda asked what he was worried about, he told her “I have to take a crap.” She smirked at him.

“You know what that means.” she said. John slowly climbed off of the bed and walked over to the pee-soaked beach towels. He slid Wanda’s wet panties on and then put his hands on his knees in sort of a ‘half-squat’ position. “Turn around so we can watch from behind.” Wanda instructed. John did so and turned his back to them. Steve’s cock was starting to get stiff again, as was John’s. Wanda just went back to fingering herself, a smile never absent from her face as she watched John humiliate himself. A few seconds passed and John let out a loud fart. Then the turd began to inch its way out. It didn’t take long before it ran into the back of the panties, however, and began pushing against them while filling any possible free space. At least it was a firm movement and not loose. After a couple minutes, it was done. John lowered the panties to his knees and examined his production. It looked as though it would’ve been about a six-inch piece, but due to the space restrictions, it was now smeared all over Wanda’s panties as well as John’s crack, and butt hole.

“What about toilet paper?” he asked. Wanda again grew a seductive smirk.

“Steve’s tongue will act as your toilet paper. Now get back over here, we’ve got plenty more fun to have.” she told him. John got back on the bed and lay on his stomach. Steve spread his butt-cheeks and began licking off the remains of his shit before the sex-capades continued.

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