Sexy Sisters Ch. 03

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After a few minutes of ‘boob attacking’, Jessica and Caitlyn were sitting in the sofa next to each other again. Caitlyn suddenly pinched and pulled on Jessica’s nipple. Jessica smiled and moaned quietly.

“Want me to lick ’em?” Caitlyn grinned

“Sure as hell!” Jessica giggled

“Naughty girl!” Caitlyn joked

She leaned down and licked Jessica’s nipple. She swept her and Jessica’s hair back and pushed Jessica’s body down. Caitlyn sat on Jessica’s body and licked and sucked and but and tweaked with Jessica’s pink, erect nipple. Jessica sat up, pulled her sister on her lap, facing her, and kissed her. She stuck her tongue out as Caitlyn sucked on it and kissed her erotically. The two secretly-lesbian sisters made out with each other like they had never made out before. Their tongue’s curled in each others’ mouths and spit oozed from their mouths but these bad bitches didn’t care. Caitlyn moved down to work on her sister’s smooth neck. She munched on Jessica’s neck like it was a chocolate bar and rubbed her sweet little pussy. Jessica moaned loudly as she felt Caitlyn’s finger moving inside her.

“Mmm…just there…oh yeah…just there, Cait. Just there, just there, just there! Make me cum Caity, make me cum…please.” Jessica moaned oh-so-dirtily

“I know it’s incest but, I’ve always secretly had a crush on you, Jess. You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this day, how much I’ve looked at your butt and your boobs and your pussy and your whole dang body just imagining this wonderful moment, babe.” Caitlyn moaned

“Oh yeah. Me too, babe. I’ve always wanted you to finger me and lick me and reality kings porno make me cum so hard! Do you know how wet I got when you were lap dancing on me? My pussy throbbed like hell!”

Caitlyn smiled then, suddenly stopped and got up.

“Come.” She said to Jessica

“What?” Jessica said, confused

“Come.” Caitlyn repeated, beckoning her sister to stand up

Jessica got up and stood next to her sister.

“I have something to show you.” Caitlyn smiled, holding her sister’s hand and taking her to her bedroom.

In her bedroom, Jessica opened her walk in closet and they both stepped in. Behind a rack of clothes was a little chest of drawers.

“What’s this? I’ve never seen this before.” Jessica commented

“This is what I want to show you, babe.” Caitlyn said

She opened the top one revealing a draw full of sex toys. Dildos, vibrators, strap-ons, Rampant Rabbits, lube, etc.

“Oh. My. God!” Jessica screamed

“Yep.” Caitlyn grinned “There’s more.”

She opened the second draw to reveal lesbian porn magazines and books. The third had lesbian porn DVDs.

“Where did you get all this stuff?” Jessica asked, shocked

“This shop on Rodent Road. I buy them secretly and hide them in here. I use them to masturbate everyday. I watch some lesbian porn on the computer too but, only the free ones because I’ve got all these movies, which I bought.”

When the two sexy sisters went back down to the living room, they took along with them: 2 dildos, 2 vibrator dildos, 1 double-sided dildo, 2 vibrators and 1 strap-on.

“I think it’s my sexmex porno turn to do the ‘giving'” Jessica said, as soon as they got downstairs

“Ok.” Caitlyn said

She sat down in the sofa and opened her legs wide. Jessica got her index finger and middle finger and spread out her older sister’s luscious, wet pussy lips. She smiled as she saw Caitlyn’s clit come into view. Jessica leaned down and licked her sister’s clit as if it were ice cream. Caitlyn moaned quietly as soon as her sensitive clit felt the slick feeling of her own blood sister’s tongue on it. Jessica pouted her pretty pink lips and covered Caitlyn’s clit with them as she carefully sucked on it. She licked two of her fingers, slid it into Caitlyn’s extremely wet pussy and went back to clit-sucking. She fucked Caitlyn as she sucked and licked Caitlyn’s beautifully erect clit.

“Mmm…oh yeah…ooh…ohh…my clit, my clit, my clit…Jessie…” Caitlyn moaned as she thrust her waist violently responding the tang in her very sensitive clitoris.

Jessica picked up a vibrator dildo and switched it on high. She spread out Caitlyn’s moist pussy lips again to bring her clit into view and put the vibrating dildo on it. Immediately, Caitlyn’s body tensed and she started to moan louder.

“Ohh! Oh yeah! Ooh…fuck me! Mmm….mmm…” Caitlyn moaned loudly as she massaged her bouncy boobs

Jessica turned off the vibrator and took it off Caitlyn’s clit. She put her mouth over it and sucked on it like a cock. Caitlyn took the dildo off her plunged it into her Jessica’s mouth. She put one of her hands on the back of Jessica’s head and sindrive porno deep throated Jessica with the dildo. Jessica’s muffled screams came out as Caitlyn talked dirty to Jessica.

“You like that dildo? Suck that dirty dildo! Suck it, bitch! Suck it like the slut you are. You are a slut and we both know it! Suck it, you fucking whore!” Caitlyn shouted loudly

She joined Jessica on the floor and made her lie down. Caitlyn licked Jessica’s cumming pussy as she continued to deep throat Jessica. She stopped licking Jessica’s pussy and took the dildo out of her mouth; Jessica breathed hard, spluttered a little and grinned at her sister. Caitlyn licked and sucked on the dildo and put it into Jessica’s pussy. She fucked Jessica with it while Jessica squeezed her boobs and moaned.

“Ooh…ohh…fuck…me…ooh…yeah…harder!” Jessica screamed

Caitlyn sat on the couch and Jessica lied on her back and lifted her body high, so she was resting on her shoulders. Jessica opened her legs wide and got ready for a wild fuck ride. Caitlyn put the vibrator dildo in Jessica’s lush pussy and left if for her sister to fuck herself while she rubbed lube onto her favourite candy striped dildo. When she finished rubbing the lube on the candy striped dildo, she sat in the couch and gave Jessica double penetration: the vibrator dildo in Jessica’s sweet little cunt and the candy striped dildo in her tight little ass.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Fuck me! Oh yeah! Yes! Fuck me until I cum, Cait!” Jessica screamed

“You’ve got such a tight, little butt babe!” Caitlyn smiled

“Mmm…is it coming looser?” Jessica asked, rubbing her clit hood

“Yeah, babe, it’s sliding in easier now.”

Caitlyn pulled the dildo out of Jessica’s butt. The wide hole turned her on and she stuck her tongue in it. She rimmed Jessica’s hot little butt hole and spat down it. Jessica shrieked.

“Uh! Oh, that felt good!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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