She Had a Boyfriend

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She had absolutely the greatest tits ever in the history of tits. I’m not sure if I fell in love with her or if I was just addicted to her. It’s even possible I was only infatuated with her tits. It was a time before the internet. There was no email or Facebook. We didn’t have cell phones. There were answering machines but if you didn’t have their number, it didn’t matter.

I met her last semester in Sociology. The class was a joke. A senior tenured professor was covering his requirement to teach a lower level section. He didn’t really ask us to do anything but to show up and listen to him. I think there were tests. I know there was a paper. I’m not sure he read any of them. He certainly didn’t read mine. I showed up to class because of the short little brunette with glasses and blow job lips.

It was a night class and it ended just before 10:00 on Thursdays. I will readily admit that reverse happy hour on Thursday is my “me” time. I liked to meet buddies and drink quarter beers before staggering home. Emboldened by the late hour and the almost total lack of any risk at all I approached her one day after class. Did she want to grab a drink?

She drank vodka like it was water and wasted no time. We left the bar after an hour and went to my car. I kissed her and she suggested we take a drive. She pointed me to a shopping center and had me pull around back. She released her tits on me and then squeezed her little round body between me and the steering wheel.

Her kisses were nothing but sex performed with lips and tongues. In minutes she had my drunken cock hard and inside of her. I squeezed her tits and sucked on her perfectly round nipples. She got off and then changed her motion to finish me. It was hot in the car and a bead of sweat dripped down her cheek. She kissed me some more and then rolled herself back to the passenger seat.

“I have a boyfriend.” She said, almost dead pan. I drove her to her apartment.

“See you next week!” I was being cool and casual. Hey, this was no big deal.

“I’ll be in the Union tomorrow about noon if you’re on campus.” She kissed me and smiled at me. I smiled at her tits. She sauntered her way across the lawn adjusting her little plaid skirt. She was just a little ball of fuck. I already wanted her again.

Lying in the twin bed crammed in the small room that I shared with my asshole roommate I thought about her and her perfect tits. I compared her to my girlfriend. I felt guilty for cheating on her. We were 22 and in college, this shit was supposed to happen.

I found her sitting on a couch in the basement reading. Walking up to her I took the chair beside her. She had her pudgy little legs pulled up under her. She wore another little plaid skirt and knee high stockings. She wore three T-shirts in different shades of gray. She read French literature. I asked her about it.

“It’s part of my bohemian act. I fucking hate it.” She would talk to me without looking up from the book. “You wanna get out of here?”

Back in her apartment she took a long hit from a giant glass bong. She passed it to me and I tried but coughed badly. She said nothing. She sat half lounging on the couch; I sat in an old folding chair. We didn’t say anything for a long while. I sat watching her and getting hard thinking about her plump smooth thighs and her glorious tits.

“I wish I was one of those fucking Barbies that could lie here naked and have you eating out of my hand.”

I thought of my girlfriend with the swimmers body, tan lines, and need for constant attention. “No you don’t”

“I wouldn’t mind having you eating out of my hand.” She wasn’t looking at me, just staring off across the room.

“I’d rather eat out of something else.” It was the best I could do.

“Can you make me cum?”

On my knees in front of her I pressed my lips to her cool warm thigh. Her skin was impossibly pale. It felt like silk against my cheek. She adjusted herself on the couch and pulled off plain cotton panties. There was a little patch of dark but soft hair. Her lips were as deep a red as the ones she had kissed me with. I hadn’t done this before and wondered if she would be able to tell. I thought of every tip I had ever read in my girlfriends cosmos.

She watched me at first. I would peek occasionally to check. She teased my hair. She was quiet for a while and then began to purr softly. She stopped playing with my hair and pressed my head into her. “Like that.” She muttered when I had finally discovered the right spot. Her thighs raised and I felt her tummy tense. I wished I had taken off her clothes. She quivered a little and then lied still. She stroked my cheek and stopped. I sat on the couch next to her and she took another hit. I declined with a slight gesture of my hand.

She had no TV and I closed my eyes. I rested my hand on her leg. She had only moved slightly. Her pussy just sat there and though I tried not to I couldn’t help staring at it.

“Can we go in your bedroom?”

“My room mate is canlı bahis in there sleeping.” She opened her eyes to look at me. I sat there quietly looking at her. “Do you want to fuck me?”

Her directness was welcome and unsettling at the same time. “I want to spend three, maybe four days alone in bed naked with you.”

“I don’t like to be naked.”

I didn’t have a response. I was young and was frankly scared of women. They had insecurities and issues I could never even begin to understand. If you hit on one of them they would cry until they sent you out the door. She sensed my anxiety I suppose because she stood and adjusted herself. She pulled her panties back on and I moved as if to leave.

“Wait.” She said. She disappeared briefly to the kitchen, returning shortly with a glass of ice and water.

“Sit back.”

I did as I was told. She tugged open my jeans and pulled them off my ass. She pulled at my boxers until they too were around my thighs. My cock was so swollen it ached. She slipped her fire red lips around it. I closed my eyes.

“No, watch.”

I studied her. How she worked it between her lips. I watched as she ran her tongue along the length of it.

“Shave these.” She instructed, tugging at the small curly hairs on my balls. Then raised her ass off her feet and pressed me deep into her throat. On special occasions my girlfriend would attempt a blow job. She would kiss the tip and after some time might slip me into her mouth. It wasn’t like this though.

She consumed my cock as if it were dessert. It wasn’t the blow job you see in porn where the actor shafts the poor girl until she gags on it. She was soft and smooth. She played with it. I watched her eyes on me through the small dark rimmed glasses.

“You can cum for me.” It wasn’t going to take a lot. She took me back into her mouth and this time took my shaft in her little pale hand and jerked at it like a hand job. I watched for a moment but finally had to close my eyes. I laid my head back and felt it wash over me and out of me. She teased it out like the end of a tube of toothpaste. As if there had been some signal the bedroom door opened and her roommate stepped out.

She winked at me and I was almost certain I had fallen in love with her. She pressed me out the door. “Tomorrow?” I asked.

“I have a boyfriend.”

I was halfway down the stairs when she called down to me. “Monday. In the Liberal Arts Building. Meet me in the atrium.”

“See you Monday.” I waved over my shoulder playing it cool.

I was there early and sat with a soda and the crossword waiting. Well past noon I was still waiting. I would have called her but I had no number. I knew her name was Sarah and that was about it. I waited an hour. I didn’t have any other place to go but I left just the same. I sat in the library until my late class then went home. My girlfriend was waiting. We had sex. It was nothing more than that. I did her aggressively, working out my anger. It pleased her. I was perplexed. We went to dinner and she ate salad and gave me my instructions for the week. She was good that way; she didn’t like surprises of any sort. I learned that when I bought her a surprise trip to San Francisco for her birthday. I handed her plane tickets and she told me she couldn’t go. She had lunch plans on Saturday. I shouldn’t surprise her like that. I thought about San Francisco with Sarah.

By Wednesday she was almost out of my mind again. Almost means I thought of her only occasionally each hour.

Thursday she came into class after me and sat next to me rather than across from me. The Professor lectured and I took notes from time to time. She passed me a small piece of paper.


I turned it over and wrote back. “Disappointed.”

We sat in silence learning about the failings of socialism. She passed me another small slip of paper. “Did you not finish the crossword?”

She was a strange girl, this one. “No. I was distracted.” I wrote back. “I like your hair.” She had added a red tint that only came out when the light hit it in a certain way.

At break she smoked a cigarette and I stood watching her. She was shorter than I recalled. I told her so. She said she was fatter too and apologized. I told her I wanted her. She said she would think about it.

Back in class we divided into groups. She and I sat close together reading the article that had been passed out. A blonde kid with acne and an older mom made up the rest of the group. We were to answer 5 questions and then read them to the class. Our group was still reading but the volume in the room had picked up as discussions had broken out around us. I think we intimidated the other two. Either that or they were stupid. Sarah broke the silence.

“Your cock is really fat.” She drew a look of shock from the blonde boy and disdain from the mom. I just stayed silent. She was playing. I loved her evil streak. “Not very long though.” The deadpan tone of her voice never faltered.

“Thank you?”

“It’s bahis siteleri the thickest cock I’ve ever sucked. You should be proud.”

I couldn’t tell if the others wanted to speak or not.

“He seems to get decent reviews. I’m more or less pleased with him.” I was actually reading the article. I thought it was the best way to play her game.

“I’m thinking about giving you my ass virginity. Just to see if I can take it all.”

“You’re disgusting.” The older woman whispered.

“Do you guys want to go first?” the professor looked straight at Sarah. I wondered if he saw the appeal in the round little pile of sex like I did.

“Colin is our speaker.” Her eyes shot through her glasses as if daring me.

It was sociology after all. Any answer was the correct one if the bullshit was thick enough. Pretending to read from my notebook I spewed liberal arts crap in a clear and commanding voice. The professor acknowledged that I made a good point, suggested we read the work of some unknown author as it spoke directly the problem we identified, and moved on to the next group.

“I want you so bad right now.”

“Yeah, I know.” I replied.

That night I finally got her alone. Locked away in her room I undressed her slowly. Embarrassed, she fought me at times but I was persistent. Lying in her bed I reveled in the glorious mounds of flesh that were her breasts. She taught me to tease her nipples. “Harder” she instructed until it made her squint. I kissed her endlessly. I caressed ever inch of her body. I would tell her later how much I delighted in making love to her and she said to stop. “It was just sex.” Her hands returned to her belly often as if to cover herself and finally I had to hold them down as I ran my face back and forth over her warm soft skin. I licked at her and she moaned. I was learning. With practice and effort I had her biting down on her arm to stifle her cries as I pleased her and teased her with nothing but the tip of my tongue.

Rolling me over, she returned the favor. She thanked me for the grooming and sucked at my cock and balls till I thought I would die. She sucked at my nipples and ran her long red nails over my skin. It was playful at times and overly intense at others.

When finally she straddled me I locked my eyes on hers. In the scant light of the digital clock I watched her atop me. I watched her motions and felt how the sensations changed on and around my cock as she moved.

We spent hours in bed that night with each other. I was of a mind to pledge my undying love for her. As the sun began to make its first appearance of the day we lay dozing. Thinking she had gone to sleep I stopped stroking her naked body. She purred at me not to stop and placed my hand again on her breast. I petted her as if stroking a cat. If she could have purred, I think she would have.

When finally I woke it was mid day. On my book bag was a note. It was written on crisp linen paper. If her roommate was there I was to slip out without speaking to her. I dressed and did as I was told. No-one was there. I pulled the door locked behind me.

I didn’t know what to call our relationship. Thursdays were spent eyeing each other in class and then slipping back to her apartment and spending the night together teaching each other new ways to enjoy each other. We would slip away now and again in the afternoon and play with each other. She made a game out of sucking me off somewhere in every building on campus and I found myself walking around between classes looking for dark corners.

For my part, I had given her a new confidence. My continual praise and admiration for her body and lessened her insecurity enough that she would lay naked beside me in bed as we read. Her layers of t-shirts and boxy sweaters had been replaced by clinging concert T’s and low cut blouses. We discovered a Rock-A-Billy dress from the 40’s in a thrift store and dressing up she admired her womanly curves. She stopped calling herself fat around me.

Some things I couldn’t change. Leaving her room one morning I asked again for her number. “I have a boyfriend.” She had responded in the deadpan voice I came to take very seriously. I asked her on a date. I wanted to dress her up in her little cherry printed dress and take her out. She sat reading while I told her what my plan was. “That’s what your tall blonde girlfriend is for. I have a boyfriend.” I thought about telling her I had stopped seeing her weeks ago. I couldn’t admit that the time I spent away from her I spent pining for her. That wasn’t our way.

I came to meet the boyfriend. It was an unwelcome intrusion on my time with her. We had slipped away at break and ducked into an empty classroom. I stopped her before she took me in her mouth and took her from behind. Kneeling on the hard tile, I had taken her quickly, a wad of hair in my hand. She came quickly and thanked me. “That hair thing was new!”


“Do it again later.”

Walking back to class Martin bahis şirketleri was waiting. He stood outside our classroom. I couldn’t tell for sure but I thought it looked like he had been crying. He was a little thing, her height, but thin. He dressed in all black and wore eye shadow. She comforted him and I watched as he collapsed onto her shoulder. I sat in class next to her things wondering when she would return. When class ended I packed her things away for her and sat still pretending to review my notes. Eventually I gave up and walked outside carrying her bag. She was waiting. She tried to grab her bag and run. “Wait.” I pled.

She turned to me but kept her eyes fixed on the ground. “What?”

“I don’t know. I guess you need to go.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” She scurried down the stairs. It was late and I hadn’t had a Thursday night on my own in a while. I walked the short distance to my watering hole and BS’d with my guys. I drank a couple of beers but wasn’t in the mood for a night out. I shouldn’t let myself be this upset. I wondered if I had this kind of an effect on her. I was pretty certain I didn’t.

I walked to my car before I got into any trouble. Crossing the student lot I saw her. She sat on the hood. As I walked towards her I admired her. It was in a different way than before. I didn’t simply lust after her. I simply wanted to be with her. I wanted to look at her and touch her.

“I need a ride.” she said simply. It was a lie. It had been a longer walk to my car than it would have been to her complex. I unlocked the door and she settled into the chair. We drove in silence. Locked in her room we fucked in silence. She clung to me in a new way. I didn’t use any new tricks that night. I just pressed myself close to her and let things take their course.

Lying beside her in the early morning I stroked her body. It was our custom. I wondered what tonight meant. As if she was reading my mind she spoke slowly and quietly in the dark.

“I love him. I don’t know why. He embarrasses me when he does stuff like he did tonight. I don’t want to be with him like I am but I don’t know what would happen to him if I wasn’t there.”

“I think I love you Sarah.”

“I know you do but don’t ever say that again or I will disappear and you will never find me.”

My heart broken I lied beside her the rest of the night. As first light broke I slipped away. We hadn’t decided when we would meet again. I didn’t know when I would see her. I wasn’t sure I should.

She met me outside of the old Civics building. She was better; at least she was her normal self. She felt bad. I blew off my next class and we went day drinking followed by another night in bed.

St Patrick’s Day came and her hair went bright red. I was accustomed to it darker but it suited her. We fucked like rabbits. I wasn’t sure where the boyfriend had gone but she took to seeing me on weekends. I asked her once late one night, what was going on. She said nothing but climbed on top of me again.

She asked me for a favor and I was shocked. I drove her across the state to see her family at spring break. She put me up at a friend’s house. He was a good guy and we spent our days drinking beer and swimming in the lake. She would appear from time to time and drink with us, smoke with us. We fucked under a tree by the lake then swam naked in the afternoon. After a few days she was ready to leave. I had met no one in her family. I drove her back to her apartment.

I was certain I loved her.

Finals week we were inseparable. Again, I hadn’t asked about the summer. She never planned more than our next adventure. We parted long enough for one of us to sit through an exam then would meet up. We lay in her bed, drank beer and smoked pot.

Thursday morning she woke me early. We fucked. I showered and she jumped me again. I told her to stop before I lost any ability to take my last final. Leaving she said she would see me after her test. Meet her outside the classroom at 2.

I took my last final. It was my best semester ever as far as grades went. I wasted the better part of the day on campus. I sold my books back. With a fat pocket of money I went to wait for her. I had a plan. I wasn’t really going to ask her. I would just tell her Saturday morning when she asked what I wanted to do. I would tell her we were going back to my parent’s house for the weekend. That was the approach.

I found her classroom and sat down with the paper and my soda. I didn’t wait long. As I flipped to the crossword I found myself sitting in the Atrium again where she had left me that first afternoon.

I wrote my number across the top of the crossword and left the paper folded on the concrete bench. That first time she had left me sitting there she had watched me. I was sure she was watching now. I could have looked for her but I didn’t.

I stayed by campus that summer. I watched the coffee shops and bars for the delicious plump little cherry of a girl I had fallen in love with. The college paper went weekly after term ended. Flipping to the crossword at breakfast one morning I read about the suicide on campus the night before. A fine arts student was found in his room. His name was Martin.

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