She’s All Tied Up

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I promise no oversize dickeys, no double Ds and no ANAL or other pain–Just a touch of Bondage though.


I am somewhat of a computer geek although my mother hasn’t figured that out yet. Mother doesn’t know it but I found her password list and being a nosy type I sometimes read her mail. I recently read a note from a woman named Donna thanking my mother for her compliment of a story Donna had written.

The following Saturday mom was gone all day. She was going to our lake house to do the spring cleaning. I wasn’t invited. I was able to take the time to really explore her hard drive. Being already aware of Literotica it didn’t take me too long to trace down the author and the story that the e-mail spoke of. It was titled “Horny Widow With A Sexy Son” by Donna19063.

The story details a widow, the mother of and 18 year old son who bonds his hands and feet then has her way with him, much to their mutual pleasure. Having read that which confirmed my opinion that she really is a sexual being I got even more nosy and began to nose about mom’s private places. Under her lingerie I found a couple of videos and a realistic looking vibrating penis. Under her mattress I found a massager attached to a long cord. These findings sent me to my own bed to masturbate myself.

Now being 22 I am a bit older than the boy in the story but I long ago realized that my mother at 42 is a very sexy lady. I’d had experienced more than one erection as I observed something that I considered provocative. Like the woman in the story my dad had been dead awhile. As best I could tell if she was getting laid since then she was being pretty cagey about it.

I was living at home as it didn’t make much sense not to do so. I was single, I worked about two miles from home and it was a large house. Mom paid the mortgage, I paid the taxes and utilities and maintained the yard etc. It was a very nice arrangement for us both.

Me? My name is Cliff. I’m just under six feet. I play a lot of tennis enthusiastically but by no means expertly. It does however keep my body in decent shape. Mom’s tits share one thing with my dick. Neither are oversized but mom’s tits are firm and nicely shaped and that expression (firm and nicely shaped) was once used to describe my dick too.

As I contemplated the story I began to get ideas. My mom seemed to be putting out a signal now and then mostly a bit of flashing. A quick flash of her upper thigh might be accompanied by a knowing smile or wink. Some of her garb seemed to get thinner and more revealing. Recently she was much more likely to come down to watch TV wearing something sheer and see thru then previously.

As I began to think about re-enacting the bondage scene one problem became apparent. Mom’s bed had no tying points. Since her bed wasn’t the best so I went shopping for a new one. I found a solid cherry four poster that matched the rest of her bedroom furniture better than the old one.

Better yet it was Mother’s Day weekend when the delivery men showed up at the door and surprised her. They set it up and took away the old. Mom was surprised and happy as she made it up adding her favorite spread as a final touch.

About 10:00 PM Mothers Day Eve. I finished my shower and walking toward the stairs when I passed the open door of her bedroom. As I glanced in I noticed that there was only one dim light on. The covers were carefully folded back and mom was at her dressing table wearing a short white slip.

I recognized it as being my favorite thing for her to wear. It was thin, it fit her perfectly which of course made it revealing and of course it often caused a bulge in my pajama bottoms.

“Enter.” She said. “I have a question. Which lipstick color do you think is the most sexy?”

As I came closer I noticed two thing. One, that she was fully made up and two that she was naked under the slip. “What’s going on?” I thought to myself.

Out loud I said. “The deep red. When you wear that I sometimes consider forgetting that you are my mother and ………..Well anyhow, I think naughty thoughts.”

“OK, deep red it is. Naughty thoughts are allowed. Acting upon them might be another story. But I do understand having naughty thoughts.” At that moment she looked at the bulge in my bottoms and smiled.”

I left and returned to my room. I discarded my grungy pajama bottoms in favor of a pair of tan silk with legs cut off above the knees. They were a gift from a former girlfriend who considered them quite sexy. I hurried downstairs and quickly mixed us Cointreau Martinis which have a reputation of lowering inhibitions.

I turned on the gas fireplace logs and dimmed the other lights. Mom came down shortly. She had replaced the slip with a silk robe which I quickly discerned covered only her naked body. This was beginning to big ass porno become a very arousing meeting. She carried a video tape which she handed me as she sat and picked up a drink.

I looked for the film title on the box and found it blank. Ditto the tape itself. Mom said that her friend Dot had copied it for her saying that it was erotic but soft core. The film consisted of three short stories.

Story one was of a couples party which ended with two of the ladies alone who end up kissing and petting each other’s naked body. Story two was of a male/female couple which end up with him tied to the bed and she doing various things to his willing body beginning with a feather duster routine. Story three was of a traveling sales lady in her hotel room. First she masturbates while taking a bath. Later she hears going’s on in the next room. She ends up in a threesome with that couple.

None of the stories showed anything beyond naked upper bodies and kissing of lips and petting and kissing of those same upper bodies. However it was quite erotic to mom who was obviously turned on judging by her slightly glazed expression, her hard breathing and her fight to keep her hands under control.

Mom suddenly got up saying, “Past my bedtime.” following which she kissed me with those deep red lips on my lips, softly and I thought longingly and with the briefest touch of her tongue. A moment later I heard her bedroom door close. By then I was at the bottom of the steps. I listened closely but did not hear the click of a lock.

My first temptation was to follow. My second was to wait then slip in there later hopefully catching her masturbating. After all many Lit incest tales start off with someone catching someone else masturbating.

Besides I needed to masturbate myself.

I sipped quietly up the stairs and into my bedroom. I jerked off fantasizing about mom in a bondage situation. That would tell me her true feelings. True outrage would mean, No! No! No! Being brought up to respect women I would of course stop. I would hope for a weak protest or no protest.

I came letting loose a big load. Just as I finished I realized that I had nothing for a make believe bond. Then I remembered being in the laundry room the previous day and seeing a rope like silk belt that went with a silk robe that was being discarded because bleach had spilled on it.

“Perfect.” I thought to myself. “It’s long enough to cut and make four ties.” I slipped down to the laundry room and found the belt and yes it was long enough. I cut four lengths of silk and carried them quietly to my room. I then slipped out of my room and as quietly as possible went into the guest bedroom and standing on a chair looked thru the grate of the common air return between the two rooms.

Mom seemed to be asleep. Her robe was wide open revealing her naked body. Her right hand was about a foot away from her side but her massager was still loosely held by that hand. I debated putting my plan into effect but decided to wait and hour to see what her state would be then.

Meanwhile I prepared the bonds. The belt seem very long which I didn’t understand but I was happy about that. I formed four bonds each with a loop on one end and a slip know on the other. Mom would be able to free herself easily if she wanted to. After I finished I again looked into her room.

She was in almost the same position as before. Her limbs were in almost perfect position for the bonds. Now was the time. I picked up the bonds and slipped quietly into her room. The lights were dim and the disc player was rendering soft sensuous music as I began my efforts.

I was able to get all the bonds in place without waking mom. Then with my feather duster in my hand I bent and for the first time kissed my mother as I might kiss a sweetheart. As she stirred and came awake she responded in kind her tongue moving sensuously back and forth over my lips and on occasion battling my tongue.

She tested her bonds then began to tremble as she realized their significance. I drew away so as to test her reaction, prepared to unbound her and take my lumps if I had misread her desires. She was smiling a gentle smile as she said.

“Don, be gentle, it’s been a long time for me.”

I stood and touched the feathers to her right breast. The semi hard nipple grew long and hard much as my penis had become. I tried the left breast, it mirrored the reaction of the right. Meanwhile mom’s lower body began a gentle circular thrusting imitation of the movements of intercourse.

I next touched her inner thigh with the feathers. Her thighs separated and her knees raised to the limit of the bonds. Her whole pussy was now exposed. I could see the wetness inside the lips of her vulva which seemed to have opened in anticipation. I held the duster big tits porno behind my back as I placed a gentle kiss upon each nipple then passed my tongue top to bottom between the lips of her vulva.

As my tongue was nearly finished I could feel her orgasm begin. I helped it along by inserting my tongue into her vaginal opening and thoroughly fucking it with that tongue. Her pelvis rose to the limits of her bonds again and again as she moaned her approval and uttered sweet nothings in appreciation.

I subjected my mother to another round of teasing with the duster which left her writhing side to side in frustration.

“Now Don, now please. I can’t wait, take me now.”

My penis agreed. It was going to come pretty soon no matter where it was. I looked at my mother’s parted legs. Was there room there for my body? No, I decided. With that I began to untie her feet. I made short work of that and began to do her hands when I heard her say.

“Never mind them. Put it in me now. Don’t wait I want it now, pleas.”

I didn’t need to hear any more. I always obeyed my mom. I was between her legs in a flash. I was inside her in another flash. I felt her wrap one leg up over my mid-section the other below my ass as she lifter her bottom off the bed and began sliding her cunt up and down my shaft.

That went on for only a few seconds before I started to come. Shot after shot of my hot fluid spread through out her vagina as she continued to ride my shaft up and down. Then with a shout of joy she came too. Her movements were so hard that they were lifting me off the bed with each inward stroke.

Then it was over. I rolled to my right and lay beside her, taking her partially bound body in my arms.

“You read the story.” She said. “As I read it I kept reversing their roles. I also have often wondered if I could get away with doing it to you.”

I untied my mother and we fell asleep in each other’s arms. I awoke about an hour later with something tickling my lips then pushing into my mouth. It was mom’s finger. I licked and sucked it knowing full well what I was tasting.

“Taste. That’s us together at last.” With that I fell asleep again.

When I awoke again I was alone in moms bed. The four bonds were hanging from the four posts, a pleasant reminder of the past night’s activity. I needed to pee. I walked into mom’s bathroom to relieve myself and noticed the still wet shower door. I took the hint and took a quick shower myself.

I picked up my shorts off the floor then decided that fresh underwear was in order. I went to my room and picked out a sexy silk pair which actually was a gift from my mother the previous XMAS. I then followed the smell of breakfast to the kitchen.

Mom was wearing an apron over a pair of sheer panties and high heels. It was a very sexy outfit and told me that last evening was not to be the ‘last evening’.

I came up behind her and slid my hands under the apron and on to her breasts. I kissed her ear and said.

“Hi mom. What’s new with you?”

“Well son, I had this delicious dream last night. Then this morning there was a naked man in my bed and all this sticky stuff leaking from me. I guess that it wasn’t a dream. What do you think?”

“It reminds me of the dream that I had of finally making love to this sexy woman who has been keeping me hard for a long time.”

“I guess that it wasn’t a dream in either case. That being true, sit down and eat a hardy breakfast. You’re going to need your strength. Afterward since it is such a beautiful day how would you like to zip up to the lake house. It’s nice and private and I did the spring cleaning up there the other weekend.”

As I nodded my acceptance she added. “Maybe after lunch you can give me the rest of my Mothers Day Gift.” My semi erect penis came to full attention with that remark.

One hour later we were on the way. Another hour we were opening windows and setting blinds. Since we used the boat on and off all winter all we needed to do was to uncover and launch it. We were rather chastely dressed as we cruised the lake and enjoyed the sun.

After about an hour we happened to be in the middle of the lake. I shut off the engine and let the boat drift. I looked at mom and she seemed to be in a happy mood. I decided that maybe we should ‘air out’ the situation.

“Was last night come as a pleasant surprise?”

Mom thought a moment before replying. “Cliff darling. Last night was the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me, bar none. I want to do more but I also don’t want it to go on for very long. Let’s have a nice honeymoon then go our separate ways. At least that what I’m thinking.”

I had to admit, I was a bit relieved. It was an exciting adventure, sexually speaking I had a lot to learn, but blacked porno I really didn’t want to marry my mother. I waited another minute before replying.

“Yes mom, you’re right as usual. But let’s not wave good-bye yet, I still have things I want to do with you.”

“I agree. Something I’ve always wanted to do is to give a guy a BJ in a situation like this. Nobody around is there? Now just unzip and take it out.”

“You’re serious?” She nodded her head. I did as she asked as she folded a blanket and placed it on the rough floor. As she did that I did unzip. I couldn’t seem to work my hard out the fly opening so I unbuckled and slid my shorts and underwear down below my balls.

I couldn’t believe that I was going to get a real blow job at this time in this place. I had my legs spread wide as mom kneeled between them. She smiled at me, then thoroughly licked her lips getting them glistening with saliva then holding the base of my cock she enveloped it with her mouth.

Up till then I had some experience with oral sex but never had I enjoyed the moment of contact as much as I was enjoying that moment. She took me all the way into her mouth before closing it around me. My cock was completely enveloped by her mouth and her tongue.

Her tongue then began to massage the underside without her moving her mouth back and forth. She continued to do that for a short time then she began moving her mouth up and down as she continued the tongue action. I had my hands on each side of my mother’s head as she ministered to my inflamed penis.

By now not only was it inflamed it was engorged and ready to come.

“It’s gonna come any minute mom. It’s ready. …….. Just so you know.”

With those words I came. My cock pulsed as it shot a load. Then it pulsed again delivering another load. Again and again it pulsed shooting load after load. Mom was swallowing but for a minute couldn’t quite keep up with it. A little leaked but when my glands were finished she took it onto her fingers and offered them up to me.

I accepted. I had tasted my own cum often but this was special and I savored the experience. I saw another boat in the distance but coming our way. Mom sat back in her seat then waved at the boat as it passed. I swear that the couple on that boat were wearing knowing grins as they returned our waves.

It was about four in the afternoon when we returned to the lake house. We undressed without speaking and ventured into the shower stall. It is a bit tight but the water temperature was just right. We had fun teasing each other with the shower massager and the soap doing those things a fun loving couple does in a shower.

We dried quickly then returned to the bedroom clean and horny. It was time, I decided to test my oral skills. I think mom was in the same mood as she fell across the bed with her legs hanging over the side.

“Is that an invitation?” I asked.

“More like a request.” Mom replied.

I didn’t need any time to decide. I fell to my knees between her legs. I took them in my hands and placed them on my shoulders. I kissed her right inner thigh just above her knee and keeping my tongue extra wet moved it slowly toward her pussy. It was my plan to lick it briefly then start down the other side, hoping to make her beg me to return their.

Mom fooled me. As I paused in the center running my tongue up and down her slit I suddenly felt my head locked in that position by her now closed thighs.

“No teasing Cliff. I’m starved for human sexual contact. Just do it.”

My tongue could already detect reactions within her body. Orgasm was not far away. Even in my inexperience I could tell that. I alternated between boring into her vaginal opening with my tongue then shifting to her clitoris where I licked and sucked it gently. Soon she was constantly writhing but holding back until her bodies need to orgasm overwhelmed her self control.

Then! There it was! It happened. She slammed her sopping wet pelvis again and again against my face, bucking and gyrating her ass trying to get my tongue where only my cock could reach. I got the message and pulled away.

“No! No!” She screamed. “Don’t stop, don’t ever stop.” But I did. I slid upwards until my cock was aligned with her cunt and drove forward. Mom screamed in delight and ecstasy as I began to drive in and out, in and out till with a roar of my own I came too.

She was gripping my cock so tightly with her cunt muscles that I could feel my own hot cum flow back and over my hard cock because I was taking so much of her inner space. As it leaked out an around my crotch I viewed with inner joy the things that were to come. So to speak.


Our ‘affair’ lasted several months till we met a father and his daughter, Tom and Wanda who seemed to capture our hearts. We have all since married (Tom and mom, Wanda and I, just in case you couldn’t figure it out) but to the best of our knowledge they do not know our secret. If they are harboring a secret of their own I am not privy to it. But who knows what the future may hold.

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