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I hope you all enjoy this latest story from me, it’s been almost a year since my last addition so this is something of a come back. Please leave feedback and vote, it’s much appreciated. Enjoy!

Note: This was written in one inspired five hour period. There may be some grammatical errors, none that I saw on a quick scan, but I’m sure there are a few. Sorry about that, I just feel like I want to get it submitted as quickly as possible since I’m very fond of this one. Thank you.

Also, Kieron’s name is pronounced as Keer-in not Kee-ron. But pronounce it however you like.


Kieron drove with one hand on the wheel of his Corvette and the other was stroking the long left leg of his girlfriend Aurora. Whenever he had the opportunity his strong fingers would be rubbing their way up and down his gorgeous girlfriend’s chocolate legs. They were soft and strong, as well as silky smooth, all at once. He was almost sad when he removed his paw to shift for a moment, but then he placed it back and stroked his fingers down about five inches.

“Turn here babe,” Aurora said in her melodic voice, pointing right with one hand and taking his stroking fingers into her petite palm with the other.

“Got it,” he smiled back at her, checking his mirrors and pulling into the turn lane. As the car slowed to a stop at the light Kieron looked over at Aurora. He couldn’t help being amazed at times, she looked very similar to the singer Ciara, in body and face actually. She could likely play her double if needed. How could he be this lucky?

“What are you looking at babe?” Aurora asked lightly as she noticed him staring.

He blushed for a moment, his lightly tanned cheeps flaming red. “Nothing Rory,” he said quickly with a smile and then pulled his car around the corner and sped up to forty.

“Sure, sure,” she laughed, then she became serious. “Look, my sisters are very nice, but they are a bit out there. Giselle is one of those girls who tries to be at peace with the universe and all of that nonsense. She meditates, practices yoga, believes in crystals and spirits and doesn’t think money is important whatsoever. I’ve never been able to understand her.” She was squeezing Kieron’s fingers quite hard now so he pulled them away and pretended he had to shift.

“Calm down baby,” he cooed to her, “You do you and let her do her. What she does with her life isn’t your problem as long as she’s happy.”

“Yeah… Well she’s just lucky that we come from money and she doesn’t have to work. She’s never had a job ever in her life.” Aurora was speaking through her teeth at this point.

Clearing his throat Kieron added, “Well babe… Neither have you.” As soon as he said it he knew he shouldn’t have. However, instead of chewing his face off, Rory laughed at herself.

“Okay, yeah,” she giggled, “But still, she has no aspirations…”

“Except to be happy?” Kieron questioned his girlfriend. “That doesn’t sound too bad to me baby.”

“Oh hush up,” she hissed. “Okay, turn left up at this light okay?”

“Yes ma’am,” he say calmly and turned his left blinker on with a flick. His right hand was still resting on the shift knob, a bit afraid to return to the warm, silky comfort of Aurora’s dynamite legs. “Well, what about Robyn? Your younger sister.”

“Rob is a bit better,” Aurora answered carefully, “She’s never had a job either, but she understand the real world a bit better. She likes to party a lot though, and she’s very materialistic.” Aurora laughed a bit, “Ironically she adores and admires Giselle to an endless extent. She would never do anything to displease her.” After a moment she mused, “It’s funny, we’re all like complete opposites… I love them though.”

Kieron smiled warmly at this gorgeous woman he’d been dating for a month now. Then she pointed silently at a nice apartment complex on the right side of the main road and he nodded, “Alright.”


After pulling into the parking garage and finding a spot close to Aurora’s floor they exited the stylish black Corvette and Kieron locked his doors. They held hands as they walked towards the door that led into the high-dollar apartment complex, and passed a group of black guys who all watched Aurora enviously as she swayed by. Kieron smiled and planted a solid kiss on her cheek, catching their eyes as they stared at her plump ass in the tight short-shorts she wore.

As Aurora turned to look at him his baby blue eyes were twinkling mischievously, and she grinned, “Oh stop showing off.”

“It’s hard with a girl as good looking as you on my arm all of the time,” he smiled widely, flashing bright wide teeth. He was certainly an attractive guy, just as she was an attractive woman, but most people didn’t expect the two of them to be a couple because he was of Irish decent with light blonde-brown hair and she was a healthy brown and easily a ten out of ten.

Currently Aurora was wearing a white tank top with a white bra underneath that pushed her B cups up to show off ankara escort some superb, chocolate cleavage. Her midriff was bare from belly button to the start of the V leading into her shorts. Her shorts were tiny and black, hugging her thick legs like an extra layer of skin, and coming down just below her ass cheeks. The one inch black heels she wore finished the casual outfit, making her legs appear delicious and pumping her butt up every so slightly, and making her stand at around five foot, eleven inches.

Kieron was dressed up a bit, wearing a light blue button-up with two buttons undone to show off his chest slightly, and the sleeves rolled up to his elbows in the heat. His slacks were black to match Rory and fit him quite well, showing off his but like Aurora liked, and loose about his legs. Shiny black shoes covered his feet. Even with her added height, Kieron was still the taller of the two, standing at six foot, two inches.

The attractive pair entered the building quietly. For some reason everyone became hushed when they enter a high-class apartment complex. Keiron felt that it had something to do with the insulated walls or something. They padded softly down the carpeted floors and down to the end of the hall, where Aurora reached into her handbag and swung out her keys. “You ready?” She asked with a nervous look on her face.

“Baby, it will be fine. You worry too much.”

“Okay… I just want them to like you and you to like them, that’s all.” After releasing an explosive breath she inserted the key slowly into the hole, twisted it, and pushed the handle. The door swung open quietly and Rory moved in apprehensively. Kieron followed, becoming a bit worried by her fear of this situation.

Inside it was quite dark, and his delicious girlfriend moved over to the light switch on the wall, flicking it upward. Kieron blinked once as the lights hit his eyes, and then he looked about the apartment room. It was a nice set up, very posh. There was some trash and plates scattered about, but for the most part it was rather tidy. A nice fifty inch television sat at the focal point of the room. Pointed towards the T.V. were two very comfortable looking couches, with a glamorous coffee table position in the center. Directly ahead of where he stood was a hallway, that led to at least five other rooms, from what Kieron could see. And to his right was the dining room. A very nice set up.

“Hello?” A rich feminine voice called out from one of the other rooms.

“It’s just me Giselle,” Aurora called to her older sister.

A moment later a beautiful woman came strolling out of what appeared to be the kitchen, putting the remains of a sandwich into her mouth and turned towards Kieron and Aurora with a smile. Normally this wouldn’t cause Kieron to drop his jaw; he’d seen plenty of gorgeous women in his life, and considered himself a rather composed gentleman. He was dating a beautiful woman who looked like a celebrity’s twin after all. However, Kieron’s jaw dropped this time.

The equally amazing older sister of his girlfriend was striding toward the both of them stark ass naked. She had skin the color of caramel, and if Kieron ever looked into her face he would notice her striking similarity to the famous Beyonce (what was in these girl’s genes?). Her flawless skin was just as silky smooth in appearance as her sister’s and as she approached her marvelous (what appeared to be a hefty C cup) tits were jiggling like jello. Kieron’s eyes were fastened to those miraculous globes, perky and soft, sitting high upon her chest and giving her luscious curves the appearance of a teenager rather than someone in their mid-twenties.

Her waist curved in and out like an hourglass, but she wasn’t as lithe as her sister, who was about four inches or so taller, Kieron guessed. Her body was thicker, and it didn’t look bad or fat at all. Her sloping pelvis led into a soft, curly black bush covering her pubic mound, but not the bald, meaty lips of her brown pussy which were quite delicious looking. Framing her enticing box were a set of thick, caramel legs that despite her height looked like they might go on forever.

As she stopped plainly in front of the pair of them, and Kieron stuffed his left hand into his pocket to keep the immediate boner from becoming apparent, he noticed Aurora covering her face with both hands in exasperation. He finally looked at her sister’s face and was stricken by her immense beauty. Completely natural. She had the perfect mix of african and anglican features, exotic eyes, and slightly wider nose, full lips, high cheeks, and a delicate chin. She wore her hair natural, in a springy, loose afro atop her head. Not like bristles, but more like tight curls.

“Oh, hi,” she said casually, “You must be Aura’s boyfriend!” Her voice was kind, and rich, not as light as Aurora’s. She then stuck a hand out happily.

As Kieron bashfully took the gorgeous naked woman’s hand into his and shook it, Aurora sighed, “Giselle, why don’t you have escort ankara any clothes on?”

“Why should I?” She asked casually, taking her hand back.

“Because we have company?” Aurora asked, the edge in her voice dangerous.

“Well how was I supposed to know that? You didn’t tell me you were bringing him over finally.” She smiled handsomely at Kieron then, looking him up and down. “Besides, I don’t think he minds at all. I’m Giselle, hun.” She finally introduced herself.

Chuckling nervously and still hiding his boner uncomfortably Kieron smiled back, “I’m Kieron, but you probably already know that.”

“Oh yeah, we’ve heard a lot about you,” she laughed, her breasts jiggling merrily with her. Kieron’s eyes were glued, following the thick, dark brown nipples as they bounced up and down. He marveled at how thick and long her nipples were, and then he felt Rory elbow him.

“Ah! Well, I hope it was all good.”

“Oh yes, though she didn’t do your looks much justice. You’re quite the stud Kieron, hun. Bet you have a nice, thick rod don’t you?”


The elder sister began laughing maniacally, “Well he does doesn’t he? I know you’ve been sucking on it for the last month Aura.” Turning back toward Kieron and scratching at her pubic hair nonchalantly she grinned, “Does she give good head hun?”

“Uhmm..” Kieron stammered.

“That’s enough Giselle!” Aurora snapped at her sister.

Still laughing merrily Giselle stops her attack, “Sorry, sorry, I know you give great head sis,” and then she winked. “Well, welcome to the casa Kieron. Sorry you had to see all of my goodies like this,” her voice betrayed her attempt at being serious.

“No, no, not a problem,” Kieron said weakly, still recovering himself. His cock was pounding with lust against his hand.

“Giselle, could you go get Robyn?” Aurora asked, dismissing Giselle.

“Sure thing, should I tell her to put some clothes on first?” Giselle’s smile was barely hidden.

“Please…” Aurora sighed.

“Be right back then,” she smiled politely and spun to leave. Kieron’s jaw dropped again as she put on a show strutting down the hall. Her ass was magnificent, bubbly and firm, jiggling up and down as she moved, her cunt lips peaking beneath her dark ass crack with every step. Kieron felt like he might explode in his pants just standing there. To add to the sight before him, Giselle has an intricate flower tattooed on the side of her left ass cheek, trailing from the curve of her back down to the crease between cheek and thigh.

As she disappeared into the room at the end of the hall Aurora groaned. “I warned you,” she growled.

“I didn’t mind baby. She’s an attractive woman.” Kieron tried comforting her, placing his hands on her shoulders as he moved behind her.

Pushing her ass back into his prodding prick she chuckled, “I see you noticed just how beautiful she is.”

Kieron laughed and ground his cock into her pert ass, “Yeah, she’s almost as beautiful as you.”

“What a smooth-talker,” Aurora said drily and then laughed. “Lets sit down and wait for Robyn.”

They both took a seat beside one another on the incredibly comfy felt cushion of the couch. Kieron could almost fall asleep right there, if it weren’t for the hard-on still raging inside of his pants.

After about three minutes they heard the door open again down the hall and could hear two sets of feet coming down the carpeted hallway. Soon enough Giselle reemerged from the darkened hallway, still buck naked and moved into the dining room to grab a cushioned chair from the table.

Following her was a tall, slightly darker young woman. She had Aurora’s height, and her hair was straightened like Aurora’s was, though it was shorter, just barely reaching her chin. “Jesus,” Kieron thought as she came closer. She was a knockout too, and he had to rub his eyes and check again before he decided that she looked like she was Rihanna’s twin. He would certainly have to give their father huge kudos; what a family.

Robyn had much more African-esque features than Anglican, unlike the other two sisters. Her nose was a bit flatter, her lips luscious, and her eyes more heavily lidded and not as angled. Her cheeks were still high and her chin was just a bit stronger than theirs.

She had thrown on a very expensive set of underwear, and that was it. Kieron thought back to what Aurora had set earlier about Robyn’s connection to Giselle and he thought that she was probably dressed like this just because Giselle thought it would be fun. The panties were little more than a thong, practically disappearing between her fat cunt lips, and showing off the fact that she was completely waxed. Her tits were squished snugly into a tiny, lace bra, of a matching black color. They looked like they might be between a B and a C in size, but it was hard to tell in that particular bra.

She approached almost seductive and casual at the same time, and then bent over to stick out a hand, ankara escort bayan “Hey there Kieron, we’ve heard so much about you! I’m Robyn, the youngest.” Her smile was angelic.

“Nice to meet you Robyn,” Kieron smiled and took her hand, “interesting choice of outfit.” He couldn’t help laughing a bit.

“Oh, you like it?” She almost squealed, and did a spin to show off. Kieron noticed that she actually had quite a few tattoos, though he couldn’t make them all out. He was mostly focusing on her fantastic ass cheeks, wiggling a few feet from his face as she spun. Her hips were slimmer than her sisters, but her ass was just as nice, firm, and bubbly. They all lived up to the black woman’s stereotype marvelously.

“Yeah, yeah it’s nice Rob, sit down.” Aurora almost snapped, she was quite agitated.

Robyn went quiet and submissively went to sit next to her sister. Meanwhile, Giselle had brought the dining room chair over and had positioned it to face them. She now sat in it with a serene smile on her face, left leg planted on the floor and off to the side, and the right leg posted up on the coffee table. Her delicious cunt was splayed open for all to see.

Kieron couldn’t help where his eyes drifted. Her juicy lips were spread for him and his cock was throbbingly grateful. His hands were firmly planted in his lap to keep it less obvious. He tried looking away a few times, but the silky, glistening pink insides of her tunnel were winking at him and all he wanted to do was dive in and devour them with his tongue. Aurora was groaning next to him.

“So, do you two have any plans for today?” Giselle asked casually, flipping through a magazine she’d picked up.

“Not really,” Aurora replied under her breath, “I just wanted him to meet my ‘delightful’ family.”

Giselle laughed richly, “I’m sure he didn’t expect us to be this delightful,” and then she flexed her cunt teasingly.

“Ugh…” Aurora groaned, “why don’t you put some close on Giselle?”

“Well what’s the point now? He’s already seen everything. Plus we’re a family. Don’t worry so much, Aura.”

“Well do you have to flash pink at him?” Aurora hissed.

Giselle just laughed her rich, rolling laugh and threw the magazine at Kieron abruptly. Instinctively he reached up to catch it and his thick cock shot up against his slacks, tenting them immediately. “He’s enjoying himself I think, Aura.”

Kieron couldn’t help but blush as Robyn leaned around Aurora to see, covering her laugh with one hand.

“I knew you had to be hung,” Giselle relished. “Damn Kieron, that has to be at least nine inches huh?”

Kieron couldn’t help noticing that his girlfriend’s sister’s cunt was getting quite a bit juicier. Deciding that he may as well answer, he said, “Yeah, roughly. I mean give or take half an inch I guess.”

“Wow… That monster is getting me all hot and bothered.” She looked slyly over at her sister, “I couldn’t borrow him could I?”

“Giselle…” Aurora was growling.

“Fine,” she gave up immediately. “Robyn? Could you help?”

Kieron was confused at first, but without missing a beat Robyn stood from the couch and scurried over to where Giselle was sitting and got down on all fours. She wasted no time before beginning to lap furiously at her sister’s hot cunt. Kieron watched Robyn, as she supported herself with her hands on both of Giselle’s thighs and ate that pussy as if her life depended on it. The way she was positioned allowed her cunt to devour the rest of the thong and Kieron could see her juices gathering along her light brown lips. He could also see the stain of her anus peaking from under the string of the thong and his cock stirred.

Giselle was loving the attention, her eyes were closed now and she was leaning back into the chair and rolling her breasts in her hands in ecstasy. Her moans were delicious by themselves, but the mixed moaning and slurping coming from Robyn was giving Kieron chills.

he knew Aurora had to be disgusted with her sisters, and he was quite shocked by the scene that had unfolded as well, but as he looked over at her, he noticed she was grinding her thighs a bit, which he knew meant she was getting aroused. This aroused him even more. Leaning over, he grasped her tit through her shirt and whispered, “Why don’t we just join them? It seems like a lot of fun.”

Aurora only groaned, not taking her eyes away from her lesbian sister’s carpet munching. Kieron just took it upon himself to unbutton her shorts and quickly yank them and her panties off of her hips. He was greeted by the strong scent of her steaming pussy. She might have been just as turned on as him, though she had hidden it better.

His girlfriend’s cunt was soaked, and he wasted no time before diving into the swamp between her legs. She liked to keep her hair finely trimmed but never shaven, which Kieron didn’t mind at all. His tongue delved deep between her engorged lips, tasting that sweet, tangy musk and lapping it up as fast as he could. His hands pushed her thighs up into the air on either side of her. She was so juiced up that he couldn’t lick fast enough, her cream just kept flowing from the pinkish-red tunnel he was assaulting as she squirmed her hips into his face.

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