Sister Beautiful

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Life is beautiful. I never believed in this until this happened to me. To start with, I am twenty years old, studying architecture in one of the most beautiful cities of the country. We aren’t rich. In fact, we come under the upper middle class part of our society to which the majority belongs nowadays. Things were so tough those days. We used to live in a rented house… house is too good a word for that. It was more of a shed than a house.

My sister, mother and myself had one room for everything. There was just one bed and a chair apart from the utensils and the usual household stuff. My sister and myself used to sleep on the floor while my mother slept on the bed. My father passed away a few years ago.

One day I was walking along the road when I felt a pain at my back and the next thing I knew was my mother and sister looking over me. Oh! I forgot to mention. My sister was five years elder to me then and my mother was around forty-five. I never knew her exact age. Might be less too. Then they told me that a truck hit me and I was very lucky to have survived it. My left leg was put in plaster. They said I was lucky that nothing actually happened to me and that it was just the shock that affected me. The doctor promised that I would be back on my feet at most by the following month.

As we couldn’t afford the hospital charges, I was discharged and we went home. I took support of my mother and sister on either side and fell onto the bed. That’s when it all started. My sister was adjusting the pillow when her pallu fell off revealing her smooth white breasts to my eyes. They were so close to my face that I feared they would touch me. Although we had just one room both my sister and my mother changed their clothes when I wasn’t around or at night without a lamp. My sister didn’t notice it and just pulled up her pallu as if nothing has happened.

At night, my mother and sister put more pillows so that I could sit on the bed and my mother brought me food. After I finished it, my mother cleaned my mouth and asked me sister to help me with my dress. I removed my shirt and gave it to her. She did look at my chest but that look was quite normal. Then she called my mother and said, “Mother, it would be difficult to change his pants regularly. Shall we just wrap him in a towel?” My mother agreed to it. God! This shouldn’t happen. I was praying they would leave me alone. But my sister came to me and said, “Brother, lift your hips a little so that I can pull down your pants.” I obliged. Already the docs tore away the left side of my pants. My sister got a wonderful idea and decided to tear off the pant as I won’t be able to wear it anymore. I tired my level best not to get an erection. I thought of everything else in the room other than the fact that my sister was undressing me. Then she asked me to lift my hips again and put her thumbs tricky masseur porno inside the elastic and pulled my underwear over my buttocks. Then she pulled down the front. Without another word, she cut off my underwear too with the scissors. Then she just left me without even caring to wrap me in the towel like she said.

Then my mother and sister ate their food while I had the worst time of my life trying my best not to get an erection. After the meal was over, my mom came over to me and said, “Son, aren’t you feeling shy? Let me put a blanket over you.” As my mother was putting the blanket, her hand brushed against my pubic hair. God! I want this woman. But she was my mother. I didn’t care. I quickly closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep hoping that my mother or my sister would change their dress leaving the light on.

They talked for sometime and then my sister stood up and took off her pallu. She then opened the hooks of her blouse to shock me as she didn’t wear a bra inside. I was lying on my side and so was able to cover my erection. Her breasts were lovely. And then she removed her long skirt and was in her panties. She then put a short nighty over her head and then removed her panties too. Pre cum started oozing out of my penis. Her nighty had a large neck that would surely show her nipples if she bent and it was hardly able to cover half her thighs. She then slept on the floor.

My mother slept beside her after switching off the light. I woke up later in the night and looked at the clock beside my bed. It was three in the morning. My leg was slightly paining as I slept on it. My eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness and the sight I saw gave my cock an instant hard on. My sister had wrapped her left leg over my mother and was hugging her. That was quite ordinary for a mother and daughter but the fact that her nightly was well over her hips was very erotic. I could see the curves of her lovely ass. And the ass crack was perfect too. I felt like eating them at that very moment. But then I wanted to see them in the light. I quickly started moaning as if in pain and in sleep and my mother heard me, got up and switched on the light. I quickly caught a glimpse of my sister’s pubic hair as my mother put her leg down before getting up. She then came over to me not even caring to pull down her daughter’s nighty.

She ‘woke’ me up and asked if it was paining. I took the chance and told her that my hip was paining a lot. She quickly removed the blanket without warning. My cock was erect. She saw it but didn’t say anything. Then she asked me where the pain was. I told her the bone just beside my cock was paining a lot. She put her hand there and pressed slightly and I let out a ‘painful’ moan. Then she said, “Look dear, I know it must be very embarrassing for you to be like this before türbanlı porno me but remember that I am your mother. And so, there is no need to feel shy. I can see you are hard but I know it is quite natural in the circumstances. Please don’t mind.” I was taken back and overjoyed. She massaged the reason for sometime, touching my cock more than a few times accidentally and after a while went back to her bed. She then realized my sister’s condition and quickly pulled down her nighty. I slept but only after masturbating my heart out over my sister’s ass and my mother’s touch.

The next morning, when I woke up, mother had already left for her job as a typist and sister was at home as she had finished her college sometime back and was idle. She was wearing her half-saree now. She smiled at me when she saw that I woke up. I was naked and as many of you would know that the cock loves to be awake too early in the morning. My sister came over to me and gave me the brush. After I had brushed she said she would take me to the bathroom which was outside. So, taking her support, I climbed out of bed and walked over to the bathroom and finished doing my nature call. Then I called for her and she brought me back to the bed. She asked me to lie on my stomach and said she would sponge-bath me. I turned obediently. Then she started wiping my body. When she came to my buttocks, she skipped them and went to my legs. I was disappointed. But as soon as she finished with my legs she came back to them and pressed the sponge on my buttocks. Water oozed out and spread on my ass cheeks. She moved the sponge for a while and then to my surprise, she parted my ass cheeks and put the sponge in and pressed it again. Then she took a thin towel and started wiping off. When she came to my buttocks she took her time and again separated my ass cheeks. I knew she was enjoying the sight of my ass hole. Then she put the towel in and touched my ass hole ‘accidentally’. I moaned slightly.

Then she asked me to turn over. She sponged my limbs and then she came to my chest. After she sponged that too, she moved her hands over my wet chest and teased my nipples with her fingers. Then her sponge came down and she said, “Brother, you should shave this part regularly. Look how bad it has grown.” Then without warning she caught hold of my prick and started to wash it too with the sponge. Then she washed my balls and said, “Brother, your cock is really big.” I managed to say “Thanks”.

After that she left. She went outside to the bathroom to take bath and she returned wearing only a towel to cover breasts and a petticoat to cover her lovely thighs and ass. She looked at me and said, “Hey, what are you looking at? Turn over and close your eyes.” I said, “Sister, that’s not fair. You have seen me naked and had touched all over. You should allow me to see you türk porno naked too.” She laughed and said, “But I am a girl. I can’t do that.” I said, “Please sister, let me watch you. Please.”

She looked into my eyes and saw how truly I wanted it. She smiled and turned her back towards me and took off her towel. Then she untied her petticoat and let it fall to the ground. Once again her lovely ass graced my eyes. Then she asked, “Enough now?” I said, “That’s not fair. Turn around.” She laughed again and turned. God! I thought I would die that moment. I never saw anything more beautiful. I quickly caught my penis in my hands and started to shake it. She was shocked at this and came over to me not even caring to cover her nakedness.

She said, “Stop you idiot! What do you think you are doing?” She then tried to remove my hand. But I quickly caught her hand and held it over my hot throbbing cock. I said, “Sister, I have never seen anything more beautiful. I love you a lot and I want you. Please don’t say no sister. Please don’t cheat your body and kill its desire to want me.” She looked into my eyes and said almost in a whisper, “I don’t want you.” I said, “Don’t lie sister. You may lie but your nipples aren’t.” She looked down and saw them erect and crying out for touch. She quickly hugged me and lied on top of me. She put her lips on mine and we slowly opened our mouths for our tongues to explore every inch of our mouths. Meanwhile my hands moved all over her back and buttocks. I put my fingers inside her hot ass crack and touched her hole. She cried out and started moving her hips all over my cock. Then she moved down and put my cock in her mouth and started to suck. She sucked very well and her fingers were playing with my balls. When I came she gobbled down all my cum and sat between my legs and started kissing me again. We were both sitting now holding each other. Then she asked me to fuck her. I laid her down on the bed and moved on to her top. Then I put my cock at her pussy and pushed forward. She let out a cry and was moaning with pain but soon her moans showed her passion. Soon she was moving with me until the rhythm matched. I was kissing all over her face and neck while my fingers tore at her nipples. Her hands moved all over my buttocks and this time she put a finger inside my ass hole. I told her I was about to cum. So she pulled me out and again sucked me to another orgasm. Then she squatted on her face and I ate her pussy until she came all over my face.

Then I said I want to eat her ass. She laughed and turned to the other side and bent and put my balls inside her mouth. I ate all over her ass and put my tongue inside her ass hole. She loved the feelings and sucked my balls to new levels of passion. We both came back to this world with the sudden knock on the door. She pulled a blanket over me, wrapped herself in a towel as if she had just come from the bath and opened the door to let my mother in. It seems her boss was on leave and so she had no work. She asked me if my sister took proper care of me and I told her she did do a great job. We both smiled within ourselves.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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