Size Does Mother

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Caring sizequeen mother takes her son to sizequeen doctor. Apparently, the whole world in this story is made of extremely demanding sizequeens who will never be satisfied even with a huge dick. Get ready for some SPH and taboos being broken. This story is fictional and all the characters are of legal age.


Yesterday was my 18th birthday. Today is the day of my last doctor’s checkup with my mom. It has been embarrassing for quite some time to have her there every visit. She is so caring and protective, but… I think you see my point.

So I was taking shower being in a positive mood, when I heard knocking on the bathroom’s door.

“Tommy, you ready?”

“In a minute, mom.”

“Okay sweetheart. Don’t be late, please. I wanted to talk to you about something…”

“Can’t you wait till I’m done? It’ll be five minutes,” maybe just four, I thought. I haven’t jerked off in couple days, so I needed some me-time.

“I want to talk about your father…” oh god, there we go. It’s been five years, mom… I get it, you are sad, but right now I am in the middle of something!

“He suffered from a condition,” she continued.

“I know mom, that’s why he died…”

“No, I mean other than that. His mom found out when he was your age. She got him treated and he was much better when we got to know each other, but… I don’t want you to suffer the same way he suffered. I just need to know, if there’s everything okay with you.”

“Aww, mom. I understand you are worried, but I’m eighteen now. I can take care of myself. I can assure you, I feel absolutely fine.”

“Well, it wasn’t a condition, that hurts… It was… Um…”

“Huh?” I couldn’t hear her over the hissing shower.

“His organ… His penis was too small.”

“What?!” I couldn’t believe what I just heard, standing there with my 11″ boner. I was quite proud of the size, to be honest. But why would my mother want to discuss penis size with her son?

“He… He was only 10 inches long, Tommy. That’s way too small to satisfy a healthy woman. Now, I have to ask you this question. Oh god, I can’t believe this… Is everything okay with you? Down there?”

I didn’t know what to say to her… I felt uncomfortable sharing this piece of information with my mother.

“I’m… I’m 11 inches.”

“Oh Tommy…” I heard the relief through the bathroom door, “It’s not that small, but we have to go to see the doctor anyway. And how long is it when… When you are… Excited?”

Wait a second… Not that small?

“What do you mean? It is 11 inches when erect.”

“Tommy?! I am going in this minute. And you better be joking right now!” she stormed through the door, I could barely put my hands over my crotch. “The hands,” she ordered in a bossy tone.

“Oh my god, Tommy…” she covered her mouth in despair “Oh god, Tommy, I’m so sorry… Mommy will take care of everything. I won’t let you embarrass yourself with this size… Get dressed, we are going to the doctor’s office and I’ll get you treated.”

I just stood there as she ran out of the bathroom. I was under a warm shower but I froze there. My father was 10 inches when soft? And his mother got him treated for having a small penis? Is this some kind of a weird dream?

Mom’s aggressive honking woke me up. She was in the car already. I have to rush. The wank has to wait, I couldn’t focus anyway…

We arrived to the doctor’s office. My mother was stressed and seemed in a hurry. There were many people in the waiting room. They seemed like couples. Most of the men looked embarrassed. Wait a minute… She was prepared for this my whole life? Does my sexmex porno doctor cure small penises? But my cock is 11 inches! What’s going on?!

“We’re here to see Dr. Jones. We have a small problem,” she told to the nurse at the reception. All of the women in the waiting room shook their heads looking at me. What the fuck?

“Of course. The doctor will see you right away, ma’am.”

“Welcome to your last checkup, young man. Hopefully, everything’s okay and you can continue visiting me without your mother.”

My mom shook her head a bit, almost unnoticingly, and kept staring at the floor.

“Oh,” went the doctor seeing her reaction, “so it’s that kind of problem. Okay Tommy, get behind the paper wall, get undressed and wait for me.”

As I started undressing, I heard the whisper.

The doctor was lecturing my mom “I told you Sarah, this is not something that will go away. We have to treat it immediately.”

“I know, I thought he will grow up to be a healthy, fully developed man… I haven’t thought it will be this bad…”

“Okay, we knew, it will be underdeveloped. How small is it?”

Sooner than my mother could respond, I shouted “I’m ready!” nervously.

“Come here, sweety,” said Ms. Jones. As I stepped out, she said: “Oh, Sarah. I am so sorry… Tommy, stand here, so your mother can see. She is still responsible for your development. Now…” she took out tape measure and measured my limp dick.

“It’s only 7,5 inches long when in soft state.”

“His father was only 10 and Tommy is even smaller!” my mother started sobbing, “I failed as a mother… Oh my… He will never satisfy a woman!”

Ms. Jones tried to comfort my mom “It is small, Sarah, but we can try to cure him. He will never be fully developed, but we can make it bearable. There, there…”

She turned to me. “Tommy, I need couple of other measurements. Firstly I need to know your erect size and then I’ll need a semen sample. Is that okay, Sarah?” My mom nodded, drying her eyes with a napkin.

“C’mon, young man. Get hard.”

“I’m sorry. It doesn’t work that way. You’re a doctor, you should know!”

She looked at me with her eyebrows lifted. She opened the door to waiting room so all of the women could hear and started shouting at me: “You don’t make rules here. You have a small, 7,5 inches soft cock, you don’t have a say in this office. It’s one of the smallest I have ever seen and I’ve seen plenty, trust me. There’s waiting room full of women disappointed in guys like you, with their small penises. I feel sorry for your mother and for any woman you’ll ever touch!”

Then she closed the door and just switched to her normal professional tone. “Well Sarah, as you can see, this strategy usually works on the small ones. Let’s measure you, Tommy.”

I have to admit, being humiliated for my penis size was arousing. Even when I don’t feel like having a small one. That’s weird, isn’t it?

“It’s 11 inches when erect.”

Mom started sobbing again and hugged me: “I’m so sorry dear… I should’ve taken care of you better… You weren’t supposed to be this small… But we will go through this together, I promise. We will get you treated. Right, doctor?”

She turned to the doctor. Ms. Jones was standing there with her arms crossed, looking at my penis in doubt. I just can’t stand this… “Mom, my penis definitely isn’t small. Just look at it! It hangs between my knees! When erect, it’s almost as long as your arm! Does nobody see it?”

“Enough, Tommy! Stop hurting your mother. I need your semen sample. Get here while you’re in hard state,” she said, walking to the other side of stranded teens porno her office. “Sarah, how would you describe the size of Tommy’s testicles?” she asked with her face buried in a shelf full of measuring cups on the other side of the room.

“I… I don’t know…”

“C’mon Sarah. Are they melon-sized? Fist sized?”

“I would say… They are size of a… Grapefruit? Maybe?” she said and looked at me like I should confirm.

“When is the last time Tommy masturbated?”

“Excuse me?”

Ms. Jones sighed and turned our way. “Sarah… You didn’t know what was the size of your son’s penis. You didn’t know the size of his testicles and you don’t know, when he masturbates. Sarah, are you even ashamed of his size? Do you want his penis to grow to at least ‘below average’ spectrum?”

“Of course I do! I want him to have bigger penis no matter what!”

“Then you should cooperate. Mothers with sons like yours know everything about the problem. You are a strong female figure for him, responsible for his development. You are in charge of his development. From now on, everything will be different. So… Should one liter beaker suffice?”

Mom looked at me, I nodded.

“Yes, that’ll do.”

I was afraid to ask what’s going to happen next. My mother and my doctor were standing there, dissapointed in the size of my cock. They were both in their mid-forties.

My mom had long dark curly hair and a young face with lots of make-up on. She was one of those women who are able to put on make-up that makes them look like pin-up models. She never looked trashy even with a huge amounts of make-up on.

She wears dark red lipstick on her full lips and long nails in matching color. That day she wore all black costume with a white blouse underneath.

She is some sort of manager in a huge corporation. Nobody understands those job titles anymore. Half her day she fills up Excel sheets and the other half she overlooks people doing their sheets.

Anyway, she looked bossy in her red high heels, short skirt and a slim figure. Her huge – and I mean HUGE – breasts were about to burst from that blouse.

Ms Jones was wearing a long white lab-coat. She is a bit shorter than my mom. She is rocking platinum-blond hair in a bun. Her breasts were a lot smaller than my mom’s but still quite obvious. She didn’t wear much make-up, maybe just eyeliner. Her nails were much more conservative with a french manicure. But her fingers were slim and long and the way she held the long glass beaker…

“Sarah, Tommy seems to be ready to go. I am going to give you a pair of these,” she handed her latex gloves, “Please, proceed. I’ll make notes.” My mom’s eyes almost popped out.

“Excuse me, Jane?!”

“Sarah, my nurse isn’t here today and I have to make notes so I can find the best way to cure Tommy’s condition. You’ll have to measure him weekly, so you better get used to touching his underdeveloped penis. Now please, there are other small penises to cure. Could we get started?”

Mom approached me. She told me in a quiet voice: “I’m doing this for you Tommy. You’ll have a big penis, I promise. This is necessary. Please forgive me…”

She put the latex gloves on and touched my penis. I saw the hesitation in her face, but her touch was soft and caring. She caressed my 11″ cock while the doctor was watching and taking notes, murmuring.

“Subject suffers from underdeveloped penis. Length is 7,5″ when flaccid. Subject is 11″ long and 2″ thick when erect.”

Doctor Jones fixed her glasses and continued.

“Veins… One dominant, very visible, running on the street blowjobs porno right side… Sarah, please, pull the skin over.”

I am not circumsized, but you probably understood that.

“Uncircumsized… Glans – normal shape, significant corona.”

Mom took a handful of thick lubricant and spread it over my cock. The doctor squatted. My penis was at her face level as she lifted my sack with her pen. Mom lifted my cock so doctor could see everything.

“Testicles… Size of a grapefruit, should be able to produce up to 1000ml of semen. Quite heavy. Subject probably haven’t ejaculated in three or four days.”

As my mom was slowly stroking my penis, the doctor sat at her desk. She crossed her legs and made a few more notes in her notebook. Then she took the beaker and drove her office chair to us.

“Sarah, do you think you could finish this? I have another patient appointed in five minutes.”

“Tommy, would you mind if I speeded up a bit? Yeah?”

“I… Uh… No, of course. Do what you have to.”

She turned up the pace and I just sighed… It felt like a dream. My mother is stroking my cock as my doctor watches us. Her long red nails… She was so skilled. Oh my god… Oh…

“Mom… I… Think… I’m… I’m…”

“Jane, quick, the beaker! I’ll aim the penis, you stroke the shaft.”

Doctor took over and started jerking me right on the edge of the head. Mom stood behind me holding my penis with both hands – one hand on every side. If it wasn’t hot as fuck, it would be almost funny – she was hugging me from behind, holding my cock with both hands at the base as my doctor was stroking it so they could get my semen sample…

“I’m… Cumming! Ugh…” Oh boy… I started breathing heavily. Doctor Jones put the end of the beaker over my glans and continued jerking.

Oh god… The sperm was so thick and those streaks were so huge… But to shot a liter of cum takes some time.

“Tommy, look at you! You’re a good boy, you’re mommy’s little boy. Hmmm… Yes, get it all out… We’re almost at 300 mililiters! Do you have any more in there? Huh?”

“Ugh… Yes… Yes I do…” I responded while panting heavily… Doctor kept stroking me and I was filling the beaker like crazy. I almost felt like a horse being milked just for the cum bucket.

Mom continued encouraging me: “Yeah sweetheart… One day you’ll be hung like a real man is supposed to be… Uh-huh… Give it all to mommy…”

“We’re almost done,” said the doctor in a formal tone. The beaker was almost full and I was, in fact, running out of cum.

“Okay Tommy, get dressed. Not here! Behind the paper wall! I need to speak to your mother.” I took my clothes, got behind the wall. They were whispering but I was able to understand quite well.

“He isn’t aware of his problem… Sarah, he has one of the smallest penises this office has ever seen. And I used to treat your husband!”

“Oh, Jane… I’m so sorry… Is there any hope for him? We will do anything. Anything, that helps him.”

“Well, this is a tough one… I would recommend visiting psychiatrist to help him accept that he has a small penis. After we solve the problem in his mind, we can treat the condition in his pants. What do you think?”

“Okay. Anything to help him. Do you have any specific doctor in mind?”

“Yes. Doctor Taylor. She is a psychiatrist, we cooperate quite a lot in cases like this. I’m warning you. This could get pretty messy. She has to break him mentally. He will suffer. But after that, we can re-start his development. Do I have your consent?”

“Oh god… When I think about what Jim had to go through it makes me cry…”

“I understand. This will hurt both of you. But it is necessary. You don’t people to look at you as a mother who wasn’t able to raise a fully developed man, do you?”

“No… No, of course not. Please, arrange it so we can go see the doctor tomorrow.”

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