Snatching my Stepsister’s Spankies

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Big Tits

This is an erotic fantasy. It is a work of fiction. Any characters or events related to real-life people or real-life events is unintentional and entirely coincidental. The characters that are present or implied to be present within this poem are all adults and are at least 18 years of age. They are portrayed as steps. This author neither encourages nor promotes sexual acts where at least one party does not provide legal consent.


It was a typical Friday afternoon. I was an 18 year old high school senior, and at that moment, I was sitting in the basement with my two good friends, Chuck and Kyle. We were goofing around when Chuck suggested we play Truth or Dare.

“Truth or Dare?” I asked Kyle.

“Okay, truth this time,” Kyle answered.

“What’s the most dangerous thing you have ever done?” I asked him.

“Uh… well…”

“Come on, you’ve definitely done a lot of crazy shit,” Chuck stated. “This really shouldn’t be a difficult question for you to answer if we’re being honest.”

“I’m aware,” he said. “It’s just kinda tough for me to decide on what the craziest thing I have done is.”

“Well, pick one,” I stated.

“Okay, okay,” Kyle stated. “I saw Samantha Blake in the hallway at school one day. You remember her, right? The girl I’ve had a crush on for a while now? Anyway, she was wearing a fairly loose white top and a tiny red miniskirt. I couldn’t help it. And I sprinted to the nearest restroom and beat off to her. Multiple times. I was feeling that horny, and I really had to cum a few times. Amazingly, I didn’t get caught.”

“Damn,” Chuck remarked. “Not what I had in mind when it comes to “dangerous” but there’s definitely a risk involved in that.”

“We going to count it?” I asked.

“Fuck it, let’s count it,” Chuck said.

“Cool,” Kyle said. “Alright, Chuck, it’s your turn to ask the question”

“Yo,” Chuck stated, as he turned his attention to me. “You know the question. Is it going to be Truth or Dare?”

“Dare,” I announced.

Anytime we played this game, I picked Dare. I did not want to reveal my deepest darkest secret.

“I dare you to steal Mariah’s cheerleader panties,” Chuck said.

“What?!” I gasped.

“Come on, dude,” he said. “Why you acting so surprised? You know that I’ve had a hardon for her for a while.”

This was indeed accurate. I was fully aware that Chuck had a crush on my 18 year old stepsister. However, he didn’t know that I had sexual fantasies about her ever since we met. When my mom married her dad and they moved into our house, those fantasies became more frequent than ever before.

Mariah was 5 foot 4, had light brown hair, light blue eyes, perky breasts, and a surprisingly big ass. She had the perfect body for an innocent barely legal cheerleader.

Her body was so perfect that I couldn’t help but gawk and stare at her every single time she wore her cheerleader uniform, and it happened regularly since it was currently Fall and thus football season.

Sometimes, I would try to take a peek up her miniskirt and see if she wore any panties underneath her cheerleader spankies whenever she wore her outfit in the house. I hoped that she didn’t and that I would be able to catch a glimpse of the shape of her pussy. I knew it would always remain a fantasy, but I still hoped a day would come where I would get to fuck that pussy and tell my stepsister how I actually felt about her.

“You know she’s going to notice if even one pair is missing, right?” I asked Chuck.

“I’m not going to keep them,” Chuck reassured me. “I just want to see if you can pull it off.”

“Come on, don’t chicken out on us now,” Kyle said. “I’ve had to do much more dangerous things than snatching a random undergarment out of my freaking home.”

“Ok, I’ll be back,” I told them. “Hopefully won’t take too long.”

I ran upstairs and headed towards Mariah’s bedroom.

Luckily, my mom and stepdad were at work right now, and Mariah was still hanging out with her friends at school. Therefore, I didn’t have to worry about getting busted while I snooped around. Or so I believed anyway.

I entered Mariah’s bedroom and ran over to her dresser drawer. I quickly pulled open the top drawer and glanced inside.

Then I reached czech amateurs porno into them and pulled out an undergarment. They were the dark blue spankies that Mariah traditionally wore for cheer competition.

Mariah always wore her royal blue spankies under her outfit to school on Fridays and at the games. Nevertheless, I figured that these briefs would be good enough to meet the requirements of Chuck’s dare.

Instinctively, I raised the briefs up to my nose and inhaled the scent. I smiled. Mariah recently masturbated while wearing these spankies. I could feel my cock get hard as I imagined my cock on top of her wet pussy.

“What are you doing?” I heard a familiar female voice ask me.

“Mariah! It’s… it’s not what it looks like!” I cried out, as I tossed the panties back into the top drawer.

“Really?” Mariah replied, as she stood in the doorway. “Cause it looks like you were just sniffing my bloomers.”

“I know it does, but I… I…”

I kept stammering as I tried to find a way out of this mess. Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of a decent excuse at that point and time.

“You don’t have to lie to me or pretend that you don’t have a crush on me anymore,” Mariah informed me. “I’ve seen the way you look at me anytime I’m wearing this cheerleader outfit. At home, at pep rallies, at the games. How your eyes are always locked onto my tits or peeking under my miniskirt. Kind of like this.”

Mariah spun around and locked her bedroom door. Then she bent over. I watched her miniskirt slowly rise up as she revealed her ass and the skimpy royal blue cheerleader spankies that covered them.

“We’re finally alone,” Mariah said, as she shook her ass at me. “So come on, what do you want to do?”

I couldn’t help myself. I stepped forward, yanked down the briefs, and plunged the middle three fingers of my right hand into her pussy. Mariah pressed both her hands against the door and moaned as I masturbated her.

The smacking was audible and very loud as I finger fucked my hot stepsister. I rubbed Mariah’s clit with my thumb, fully determined to give her as strong an orgasm as I could possibly muster with my right hand.

This feeling was amazing, and I was ecstatic to finally be in this moment, finger fucking my hot stepsister.

About a minute later, Mariah cried out, and I felt warm liquid gush out onto my hand and down her legs and into her cheerleader spankies.

I extracted my hand, raised it up to my mouth, and tasted Mariah’s sweet pussy juice. It was exactly as delicious as I imagined it being.

“That was amazing,” she gasped, as she sunk to the floor and breathed heavily. “Now… allow me.”

I watched as Mariah climbed to her feet, spun around, got down on her knees in front of me, quickly unbuckled my belt, and pulled my shorts and boxers all the way down to my feet. My cock was already erect. Finger fucking someone as beautiful as Mariah was enough to make me very aroused.

She pushed my cock into her mouth and began to suck. I moaned as she gripped the base of my cock with her right hand and began to stroke it.

Instinctively, I grabbed Mariah’s hair and held on as she increased the intensity of her sucking. Eventually, she pushed my cock in even deeper down her throat, and I was surprised that she was genuinely capable of this.

Before long, I felt like I was going to explode inside her mouth. I cried out as I orgasmed and prepared to flood her mouth with my sweet cum. However, Mariah noticed this and promptly removed my cock from her mouth.

“Mariah… what are you…”

“Not just yet,” she informed me. “I don’t have to be at the game for another hour. And I’m sure there’s a lot that we can do within that one hour.”

“Yes, there is,” I confirmed.

“So what do you want to do to me next?” Mariah asked me, inquisitively.

I grabbed Mariah’s arms and motioned for her to stand up. She promptly obeyed. Then I lifted her up and tossed her onto her bed. She giggled as she spread her legs and waited for me to make the next move.

I clamped onto the top of Mariah’s briefs with both hands. Then I yanked the spankies down and off of her legs.

“Shaven,” I remarked, as I stared at her sweet czech bitch porno pink pussy. “Nice.”

“Mhm, so what do you want to do with these lips?” Mariah questioned. “I have a good idea what you’ll do next, but instead of telling you, why don’t you just show me?”

I smiled as I tossed the panties aside, lowered my head, and began to kiss her pussy. I could hear my stepsister moan as I moved my warm lips over her own warm lips. She truly tasted like perfection.

I bit down softly on her pussy lips as I made out with them. I always had a thing for giving cunnilingus, and it was just as amazing as I envisioned it would be.

Mariah wrapped her legs around my neck. I could hear her miniskirt flap around as I mashed my lips against her pussy and pushed her to orgasm.

Then I inserted my tongue into her and went back and forth, determined to give her the best orgasm she would ever have from cunnilingus.

Mariah cried out as I made her cum again. Her body shook violently as I succeeded in pushing her to the edge. I flicked my tongue around and lapped up every last drop of the juice that leaked out of her pussy and down her legs.

“So is there anything else you want to kiss?” Mariah asked me, as I finished licking and kissing her thighs.

“Yes,” I confessed. “Let’s get this fucking top off of you.”

Mariah smiled as I assisted her in removing her top and tossing it to the bedroom floor. Then I pressed my mouth down on her boobs and began to kiss them.

As I massaged my beautiful stepsister with my mouth, I flicked my tongue out and licked her nipples. She moaned softly as I made her nipples perky and erect.

As I kissed Mariah’s boobs, I stuck a few fingers on my left hand directly into her pussy and moved them around, eager to make her cum again.

Before long, I had made her cry out yet again. Giving my seemingly flawless stepsister orgasms was a truly incredible feeling, and I didn’t want to stop.

“I think I’m ready to feel that big cock inside me now,” Mariah informed me. “Are you ready for it?”

“Okay,” I gasped. “I got to get a condom. It’s in my wallet back in my bedroom. I’ll be right…”

“No, stay,” she insisted. “I know it sounds crazy, but I don’t want you to leave while I’m feeling this hot and horny.”

“But how…”

“Just pull out when you’re about to cum,” she told me. “I know you very well. You can pull it off.”

“You sure?” I questioned.

“Like I said, I know it,” she confirmed.

After a few seconds passed, I decided to just go along with it.

“Okay,” I announced. “Let’s fucking do this.”

I grunted as I pushed my fully erect cock inside Mariah. I moaned as I felt the walls of her cooch wrap around my big throbbing cock. I could hear Mariah’s anticipatory breaths as she waited for me to start fucking her.

“You like it rough?” I asked her.

“Hell yeah,” she confirmed.

“Good,” I replied.

And I proceeded to fuck her, rubbing my cock vigorously inside of her.

Mariah cried out as I rubbed my thumb against her clit again. This made the fucking even more intense and more enjoyable for both of us.

I was reaching the point where I was about to cum when Mariah spoke up.

“Hold on,” Mariah said.

“What’s wrong?” I asked her, as I stopped moving my cock up and down.

“Nothing,” she said. “But this is something I always wanted to try.”

“Okay,” I said. “This sounds like something I got to see then.”

I pulled out of Mariah and lay on the bed, waiting to see what my stepsister had planned.

I smiled as I watched Mariah perform a handstand. Her miniskirt flew up, and I got a good look at her pussy and ass as she performed a trick that I regularly got to see at her games. Except this time, they weren’t covered up by her spankies. And she was all mine to enjoy.

“Okay, now put it back in and fuck me hard,” she instructed.

“With pleasure,” I replied.

I stood up, lifted my right leg up, and pushed my cock back into her pussy. I increased the intensity of my fucking while Mariah balanced herself on her hands. I could tell that she was deeply enjoying this.

Mariah let out a high pitched scream as I pushed myself in deeper. czech casting porno At that moment, I suddenly began to wonder what it would be like to fuck her doggystyle, and I knew that I had to try it right there and then.

“Hold on,” I said, as I pulled out of her.

“You going to cum?” she asked me.

“Not just yet,” I confessed. “But I got to try my favorite position next. Let’s be honest. I got to see that ass. So let’s get back on the bed and get back to it.”

“You got it,” she said.

I motioned for her to turn around so that I could fuck her doggystyle. Mariah complied. Then I inserted my cock back into her pussy and began to fuck her hard.

Mariah let out several loud cries as she felt my cock slam around inside of her!

Feeling the urge to discipline her being such a naughty cheerleader, I raised my right hand and spanked her right cheek as I fucked her as hard as I could!

“Oh, God!” I gasped.

“Oh, fuck!” Mariah screamed, as she orgasmed.

I could feel myself start to cum, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop myself this time! The sex was far too hot and far too passionate for me to hold back! I had to cum, and I had to ensure it was somewhere besides the inside of her pussy!

Within seconds, I pulled out of Mariah and pressed my cock against her face! I cried out as I ejaculated onto my beautiful stepsister’s face!

I shut my eyes and moaned loudly as I bathed Mariah in my warm cum. The climax was so great it really did feel like I was going to go several minutes before I stopped cumming. I knew it wasn’t going to happen, but at that moment, it sure felt like it was possible. And that’s what made sex with Mariah so fucking amazing.

When it finally ended, I opened my eyes and watched my stepsister lick my cum right off of her face.

I collapsed onto my back on Mariah’s bed and took several long breaths. This truly was the high point of my teenage years.

I did it. I finally had sex with my crush. My stepsister. And who was easily the hottest cheerleader at my high school.

After about a minute passed, I stood up and walked over to the drawer. Mariah eyed me with genuine curiosity. Well, even more genuine curiosity.

“What are you up to now?” Mariah asked me.

“Actually, it was the main reason why I was even here in the first place,” I confessed. “Chuck and Kyle and I were playing Truth or Dare. It was my turn. And Chuck dared me to steal your cheerleader panties.”

“Why am I not surprised you’re all horny for me?” Mariah giggled.

I chuckled.

“You know, you really are a very beautiful woman, Mariah,” I told her. “Believe me, I’m very grateful that you and I share similar affection for each other. And have a similar passion for hot intense sex.”

“Me too,” she replied.

“Sooo… in the end, I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to explain to the guys why it took so long to get these panties,” I confessed, as I opened the top dresser drawer and held up Mariah’s competition cheerleader spankies.

“Easy,” Mariah replied. “This door was locked, and you had to wait for me to leave and shower.”

“Good plan,” I said.

At that moment, Mariah dropped her miniskirt to the floor. I stared in awe at her now fully nude body.

“Matter of fact, I’m going to go shower now,” she informed me. “I’m sure your equally horny friends will enjoy the belief that I was in here by myself for so long.”

“But we know better,” I confirmed.

“Yes, we do,” she said.

Mariah stepped forward, pressed her lips onto my lips, and kissed me.

I opened my mouth for her to stick her sweet tongue into my mouth and play with my own wet sticky tongue.

“I’ll catch you at the game tonight,” she told me, as soon as we finished making out. “Maybe once it’s over, we can have a private celebration.”

And with those parting words, Mariah shook her ass at me, walked out of her bedroom, and headed over to the shower.

With a grin on my face, I got dressed, placed Mariah’s cheer competition spankies into my right jeans pocket, and returned to my friends.

I could hear the shower water running and Mariah moaning as I walked past the bathroom. A huge smile formed on my face. Apparently, the sex was so hot that she was compelled to masturbate in the shower.

One thing was certain at this point and time. I was looking forward to the next time that I would get to snatch off my stepsister’s spankies, make her wet, and fuck her to yet another glorious climax.

Yep. I definitely couldn’t wait for Part 2 of that story.

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