So You Were Watching? Pt. 05

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If you are under 18 please go away.

Otherwise, since this is a series, I recommend you click on my username and read parts one-four because they set the scene.

This is a story about consenting adults who just happen to be distantly related, and enjoy D/S role-playing. All parties are 18+. All activities are consensual. I don’t condone sex with minors, or disrespect or violence against women.




Marie said, “Darling?”

I said, “Uh-huh?”

It was nearly three o’clock the next day, Sunday and I’d been noticing something troubling her.

“Umm, you said you wanted to try everything I did with your father.”

“Yes, and I do.”

“Well your dad liked to have lots of his buttons pressed. One was his jealousy. Actually that’s not right. Possessiveness is better.”

“And? I don’t own you.”

“You might know that in your mind dear, but what you are doing down deep, is claiming me. Like a new head wolf leaving his scent in the corners of the pack’s territory. Except you’re are doing it by cumming on my face and tits and in my cunt and ass.”

“That’s just because I like to fuck you.”

“And I’m yours to fuck any way you want, any time.”

“Except last night.”

“I told you why. I want to be extremely horny today.”

“You’ve got me intrigued about that.”


I knew what was coming and I was worried. His dad loved being at the junction if jealousy and lust, and I love taking him there. I craved the scenario I had in my head, and I knew how to make it real. But would it turn Glenn away from me? Would it be too much for him? I wanted to trust him. What I had in mind was incredibly erotic, but there were a few surprised involved too. I hoped to hell he could handle it.

I said, “Let’s say, what if you were with me and found suddenly you weren’t in charge? Would that make you insecure?”

He said, “I’m sure it would, but I’m not in control now. This is mutual. So I don’t see how it applies.”

I couldn’t help a chuckle. “Yes you do. You’re an alpha guy! You can’t help but want to be in control.” I kissed him. “Are you able to trust me?”

Glenn said, “Yes. I care about you and I don’t believe you would deliberately hurt me. So I’m in, okay? Wherever you want to go.”

“Just trust me okay? It might be incredible. And just remember I raised this whole topic, okay?”


I said, “Fair enough. Now if you’re going somewhere and won’t tell me where, you better get your hot ass out of bed and do it.”

“Okay. It’s a nice afternoon so I’ll bring some food home to barbecue, okay?”

I napped a bit longer, got up and had a shower about five. Just before six I was wondering where she was when I hear her SUV pull up in the driveway. There were voices briefly and then her key in the door. She came in followed by three muscular, clean-cut young men. The guys were carrying paper bags from Vons. She had them to put the food on the center island in the kitchen.

“Rich” said the tall one.


“Anthony. Call me Tony.”

They were very good looking kids and had firm hand grasps.

I said, “Pleased to meet you,” while raising an eyebrow to Marie. She smiled mischievously.

“This is my friend Glenn. Glenn I’ve invited them for a barbecue. Would you mind putting it on? Boys, would you like to take a look around while I change? Take a beer and make yourselves comfortable?”

They grabbed beers out of a bag and disappeared out to the patio. Marie said, “Don’t worry. They’re juniors and seniors at Saddleback College and all over 18. I’m not stupid.” Then she trotted upstairs.

I got a cold one to be social and found the boys standing near the barbecue chatting.

“So you guys on some kind of team?”

Mike said, “Baseball. Rich here’s an All-American pitcher. Being scouted by the pros already.”

“Oh c’mon” said Rich with an aw-shucks look at his friends. He was a good looking boy with big arms like me. Mike was bigger and broader-shouldered like a slugger. Tony was the slightest, perhaps a shortstop.

“And you?” Mike asked.

“Ah I’m just out of the Navy. MDSU.”

“What’s that?”

“Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit. We clear harbors in battle zones, recover crashed fighter jets, lost weapons, that sort of stuff.”

Really?” We launched into a conversation about recovery jobs I’d done. Places I’d worked. They were good kids and interested in all things military. Would probably make great SEALS if they had the mental part to go with the physiques.

Marie reappeared. She’d touched up her makeup, just around her eyes and some gloss lipstick, and put on some scent, and changed into a thigh length blue wrap-around skirt and a white knit top very low cut in front, czech sharking porno without a bra – which she didn’t need anyway thanks to my dad. Her nipples were just tantalizingly out of sight. I could see Rich and Tony trying not to stare, but big Mike didn’t give a rat’s ass who noticed. He was just staring and lapping it up.

Marie made sure he got a great view, then said “So how’s the grill Glenn?”

“Coming along.”

“Oh. Well. I’ll help inside. Mike would you mind giving me a hand? I may need to get some things down.”

Mike put down his beer and went to follow. Marie gave me that teasing look again and licked her lips.

Oh wow!


Well, so far so good. Glenn seemed to be handling things just fine. But he hadn’t see anything yet. As soon as we got around the corner Mike had his hands on my ass. I’m sure he immediately discovered I had nothing on underneath.

I turned and look up at him coquettishly. “You be a good boy a little while okay? I really do need to get some food going.”

He grinned. “Later.” Before I could resist the horny kid was walking me backwards down the hall.

“Whoa whoa,” I said.

The boy grinned wider. “You don’t mean that. You want me!”

My whole upper chest was glowing and my breath was short. This was what I’d thought about all day. Getting fucked and fucked and fucked. I was already gushing. I clung to him tightly.

The first open doorway was the main bathroom. He hustled me inside and wrapped me in his arms. His tongue was in my mouth in a second. He was a terrific kisser. When I stopped sucking on his tongue, he said huskily, “Put your foot up on the bath. Do it!”

I shivered while obeying.


I get the grill cleaned and set up in less that 10 minutes, then found I didn’t have a way to light it, so I went inside and didn’t see anyone. I was wondering if they’s gone upstairs, when I heard a male voice go, “Oh fuck that’s so good.”

I sidled a little further to into the hall where I could peek in the downstairs bathroom, and saw Marie and Mike. She was standing with her leg up on the bath, giving access to her pussy. He was finger fucking her and had her tits out and was sucking on them one after another. She had one hand in his pants fondling his cock. She saw me over his shoulder and gave me a big lustful smile. I backed quietly away.

It was hugely exciting, but I felt a tingle of something. That was my woman in there! I liked watching the hard bodied kid playing with her, and obviously she liked it too, but dammit I was jealous. I wished it was me.

I went outside with the lighter and as soon as I did the other two kids left and went to get fresh beers. I turned down a refill. In few minutes the heat was right, so I went back in to get the food to put on. The kitchen was empty. I listened and heard small noises in the hall so I peeked around the corner.

All three boys were there with Marie, who still had her tits out, but now her skirt was pulled apart in the front. Mike had a double handful of her hair and she was bobbing her head on his large cock. Tony had his cock out waiting his turn. Rich was stroking his slowly. Just then he turned and I thought he glimpsed me.

I grabbed the food and rushed outside, my heart pounding. I quickly put the steaks on and called into the house. “Marie can you come help me please!”


The big boy, Mike had just gushed his delicious hot cum in my mouth and I was putting on my best total slut performance licking him clean, when I heard Glenn calling. I quickly gave Anthony a kiss on his big cock, and pushed the boys away, much to their disappointment.

“Later, okay? I promise!”



It took a couple of minutes but she came smiling and looking very flushed but more or less straightened out. She came to my side and ran her hand over my ass, but didn’t say anything. The boys followed her out with fresh beers. The food was browning nicely.

Marie said, “Glenn I think I have something to go with that. You need another beer anyway. Could you pop inside a minute?”

As soon as we were out of sight she dragged me into the lounge, closed the door and put her back against it.

Her eyes were wildly excited and she pulled me in and kissed me frantically, mouth open, working her tongue. Her mouth tasted musky.

“You like that huh? Huh?”

“Oh yeah, but why the cat-ate-the-cream smile?”

“Because I did babe. I ate that big boy’s cream. Can you taste it?”

“You sucked him off in the bathroom?”

“In the hall on the carpet. Horny little fucker only took a minute once he had his hands in my hair. And does he have a big cock! I have to have that thing in my cunt!” czech streets porno

She saw my uncertainty. “Are you upset with me?”

“No no. It’s just different.”

“Don’t you want me to have my cunt and my mouth and my hands full of hard young cocks tonight?”

“Yes I do.”

“Then let me have this. Enjoy it with me. I want it very much.”

“Yes. I want you to have that. But do you think they will?”

“Fuck yes. I was just finishing off Mike when the other two came in. If you hadn’t called me I would still be there on my knees being face fucked.”

“Do think they will want to fuck you all at once?”

“Probably. But I need to slow them down a little first, so they don’t cum as fast as the big boy. If you see me go off for a minute with one of them you will know why.”

“But you have to tell me all about it.”

“Every touch, every suck, every feel, every fucking word. I promise.”

“You had better put out that salad and I’ll get the steaks and the boys.”


Supper was terrific and surprisingly tension-free. The young me ate with gusto and Marie was a great hostess. The conversation was full of humor. Afterward, we four males took fresh beers and went outside while Marie cleared the dishes. We were finishing the conversation we started earlier when Rich said “Is this a problem for you man?”

“No why would it be?”

“Oh being a friend and all. Maybe you have something going with her and we’re cutting in.”


“Yeah she wants to suck and fuck us all. You should have seen her in there.”

“How about you three? Not a problem sharing?”

They exchanged grins and Mike said “Cougar alley man.”

“What’s that?”

Tony said “That’s what we call Sunday afternoon batting practice at school. Ladies cruise by, watching the bodies. When one stops we know.”

“She picked you up at your college?”

“Sure. It happens a lot. It’s cool. We treat the ladies with respect unless they want it otherwise. It’s fun for everyone. And this woman man, is hot, stacked and ready.”

“Mike said “But are you cool?”

“Yes, as long as she’s happy and you aren’t rougher than she wants.”

“Can we play it by ear on that?”

“Sure. Do you mind if I’m there?”

Mike looked uncomfortable. “Don’t know man. Have to think about that. We don’t know your scene.”

“What say we all go and help with cleanup?”

But there was none to be done. Marie came parading down the stairs smiling. She’d redone her makeup and refreshed her scent, and had on her blue negligee and black thigh-highs. We could all see her pussy framed between them as she walked.

Tony and Rich converged on her when she reached the bottom of the stairs. First one, then the other kissed her. She responded with open mouth and lots of tongue each time. Their hands were on her, touching and stroking. Her hands made claws and she scraped gently down their backs.

“I think I was going in the wrong direction. We should be going that-away.” She pointed upstairs. “Anthony and Rich do you want to keep me company a little while? Glenn would you mind looking after Mike?”

It was a huge jolt. She was excluding me. But as quickly, I knew the anticipation and the hearing about it would be wonderful too. Mike didn’t seem to care. He’d already gotten his rocks off. I was the one with mixed feelings, but then I’d been warned and I really wanted her to enjoy herself.

Mike and I sat in the lounge, maybe fifteen minutes, talking about his dream of a pro baseball career. He’d had an invite into the Phillies’ farm system if he wanted it. I wasn’t really into it and keep glancing upstairs. I understood he was the muscle in case I had an untoward reaction. I’ve done a lot of training alongside the SEAL guys, including a couple of belt-levels of Krav Maga. It was cute that the kid thought he could take me, but I let him think that. Finally he said ‘You better go look man, you know you want to.”

I tiptoed up the stairs. Marie had conveniently left her door wide for me. She was on her knees facing to my left at a perfect angle. The negligee had been pulled down off her shoulders exposing her wonderful tits but not off completely. That’s because she had her hands restrained behind her back.

I wanted to rush in there and defend her. What stopped me is the restraints are lined with pink fur. They boys hadn’t bought them. She’s provided them.

I couldn’t see Rich’s face. He was naked with his back to me. His right arm was moving as he stroked himself. Tony was naked too. He was side on to me and his cock was waving in the air in front of her face. Just then she licked her red lips and tried to reach it with her czech super models porno mouth, but he had his hand in her hair and stopped her.

He leaned down and said something to her I didn’t catch. She looked up at him and I saw her lips form, “Please please.” The little fucker was enjoying making her beg.

Whatever she said It didn’t satisfy him, because he pulled her in by her hair and slapped his cock lightly around her mouth as her tongue came out trying to lick it. Then he reached down and grabbed her left tit with the other hand and squeezed it hard.

She arched her back and a flow of words poured out of her mouth. They were far enough away I could only hear the louder words, among them, “fuck my mouth like a little hot cunt!”

She saw me and smiled. Then turned her face back to look up at Tony just as he silenced her with his cock, and began rocking back and forth as she sucked it greedily.

I had the hard on of my life, but I backed slowly down a couple of steps and walked back to the lounge. Mike was still in the chair finishing up his suds. He grinned at me. I suppose the look on my face must have been priceless. I wanted to go back up there, but Marie had asked me for this and I’d said yes.

Mike and I sat another quarter hour. This time it was him constantly glancing away. Finally, I said “You’d better go up and see what your friends are doing.”

I drank more beer, and generally paced and agonized around downstairs another half hour. Finally the three of them trooped downstairs, fully dressed except for shoes, which were at the door.

Rich grinned at me. “Marie said if we asked you’d give us a lift home. We’re right in town here.”

“Sure, but give me a moment first.”

I ran upstairs. Her room smelled of sex. She was on her back in the middle of the bed naked, with her head on a pillow. Her hands were lazily draped across her front. Both wrists were a little pinker than the rest of her arms. Her belly had shiny wet streaks across it and the one tit I could see was very red with an extremely swollen nipple that stuck up like pencil tip.

“How are you?”

She looked up at me slightly glassily and gave me that Madonna-smile. Her lipstick was smudged to hell. Her gorgeous lips were very pink.

“I’m wonderful… Darling.”

“Will you be okay?”

“Oh yeahhhh,” she said breathily.

“I’ll get these boys home.”

“Just hurry back!”


The boys lived in a rented white condo on the hill above where the 5 takes a sweeping southern turn into town. Nothing much was said on the way, except appropriate thanks for the food and the ‘great night’. I was back at the house in less than half an hour.

I changed into shorts and a loose tee-shirt, and went into her room. She was now sprawled languorously under the covers. The room still smelled erotically of cum and pussy juice. She smiled warmly up at me. I asked, “How are you?”

“I’m wonderfully fucked darling. I have a cunt full of cum. It’s smeared all over my tits and face. My tits are hot from having my nipples bitten. I’m sure I have love bites. Same with my ass from being spanked for not talking dirty enough when the boys were playing games with me. I feel… fucking wonderful!”

“You promised to tell me all about it. I’m going to hold you to that.”

“Oh I want to, do you want me to shower first?”

I leaned in and inhaled. She smelled divinely of perfume mixed with sex.


“I’ve been very bad. Do you want to punish me?”


She looked at me with searching eyes. “If I have hurt you, you have to tell me so I can make it up to you.”

“I’m okay. Just getting used to some conflicting feelings.”

“I’m sorry, but I warned you of that.”

“Yes you did. I’m not angry with you. I’m just at both ends of the feelings spectrum at once.”

“Please tell me about it.”

“I’m… I don’t know.”

“Tell me one thing?”


“Was it exciting?”


She scanned my face looking for signals and settled again. “Will it bother you to hear everything? I was a complete slut!”

“Huh? No. Why would it?”

“I know you are falling in love with me. I see it in your eyes. Some of the words might touch a nerve if your feelings are divided.”

“It will be okay. Really. I’m just…”

She put her hand inside my shorts and stroked my hardening cock. “Shall we let this decide?”

I felt a twitch. “That will be fine.”

“I think it likes words, Darling.”

“It does.”

“Which word does it like best?”

“Suggest one and I will tell you.”

“My favorite one right now is cock!”


She flattened her palm and circled it over my cock. “Because of what I have been doing with three of them tonight, and been made to do. Or maybe it might like cunt? Because of all the cocks I’ve had in mine. Fucking me and fucking me!”

“Tell me everything, bitch! Now!”


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