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The following is a story I wrote about myself and my wife, who I will refer to as K. It is based on a Roleplay scene from the erotic chat, mixed with a real life situation we experienced. I hope you enjoy my first contribution here.


K was sitting at her folding desk, grading stacks of papers like a tornado of white pages and red ink. She’d been working all day, all week really, and I can tell she needed a break. I picked up her phone from the desk and turned on her favorite slow jam. She looked up at me, her eyes looking a bit tired around the edges, but there is a smile there that she reserved only for me. “Thanks Sweetheart.” She said

“No problem Beautiful,” I responded as I walked around behind her. K’s light brown hair was done up in a messy bun and her dark t-shirt and sweats are comfortable. She always said if she had to do uncomfortable work then she might as well be in comfortable clothes. To me she never looked better. I went to the kitchen and made her a hot cup of her favorite tea. When I came back a few minutes later I found her, resting her head in her hands and rubbing her temples with her fingertips.

“I’m feeling so stressed out!” she groaned and leaned back to stretch her muscles, sore from sitting all day. I admired her shapely body as she did so. She always looked amazing to me. “Why are all my students so lame?”

“You need a break K,” I said as I set the cup in front of her. “A stress relieving break.” I planted a long kiss on the nape of her neck right under her hairline. She let out a whisper of pleasure escape her cupid’s bow lips.

“You make it impossible to concentrate when you do that you know.” but she didn’t do anything to stop me.

“I know,” I said as I trailed kisses down her neck. “That’s why I’m doing it.” I slid my hands down her shoulders and held the back of her hands down on the table. I twined our fingers together. All the while my mouth was working on her neck, where I knew she liked it. Using my teeth I pull off the left shoulder of her top, exposing more flesh for me to play with. Her pale skin started to flush starting at her temples and cheeks, disappearing tantalizingly into her neckline. My mouth latched onto the muscle of her shoulder and I made some interesting swirling motions with my tongue. Then I moved forward and slid my tongue over her collarbone where I knew she is more sensitive.

K squirmed under my hands and giggled wickedly. Her head cocked to the side and her eyes closed as she started panting slightly, gasping with pleasure. I stopped kissing briefly to ask. “Want a break?” She nodded enthusiastically, her bun bobbing and her flush deepened. I pulled her to her feet and into a kiss. K’s hands locked around my neck pulling my 6 foot frame down to her 5’3″. My hands slipped around her waist, they are so large that my fingertips almost touch at the small of her back.

We opened our mouths as the kiss deepened, hungry for each other. Needing each other. K’s hands roamed over my chest, squeezing my pecs over my green long sleeved Henley. My right hand held her jaw and the back of her head illegal bahis and the other stroked up and down her spine. As we kissed she started letting out small moans of pleasure. Mewling into my mouth as our tongues dance and our breaths mingle.

Her hands drifted down my torso and bunched into the hem of my shirt. not breaking our kiss she lifted it up and only pausing her lips on mine long enough to pull the fabric out of the way and over my head. We crushed our mouths back together and my hands flew to the hem of her shirt. In an instant I stripped it off her, catching it a little on her hair. We rested our foreheads together, panting a little as we pawed at each other’s bodies.

She was wearing a black bra underneath her top, nothing fancy but with tits like hers there isn’t much needed to look amazing. they are about 36D and heaved towards me with her panting. I was wearing a cotton tank top under my shirt. I was about to shed that one as well, but K held my hands in hers. “Uh uh uh.” she tutted and dug her fingernails into the fabric. With a sharp tug and heave of effort that made her breasts jump teasingly in their cups, she ripped the undershirt in half. leaving my muscled torso exposed for her to lavish with her kisses. I rolled my head back as her lips and tongue bathed me with hot flashes wherever they touched.

I reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, flinging it aside. Her fantastic tits spilled out, her nipples pink and perfect, ready to play. She held herself back and gave them a shimmy for my benefit. I let out a growl and pulled her tight to me. Our naked chests collided with a slap of flesh on flesh. We kissed again like we were trying to inhale the other. Our hands roamed and explored every inch of the other’s skin. I reached down and cupped her ass with my hands and with a grunt of effort pulled her up in the air. With a squeal of joy she wrapped her legs around me locking her ankles at the small of my back. All the while we never stopped kissing. She twisted her head to the side and sucked my tongue into her mouth like she was sucking on my cock. Then pulled back her head letting my long tongue stretch between us and finally let it go with a soft pop.

Her tits are mashed against my chest and I could feel her nipples hardening like twin points of heat as they rubbed back and forth on my chest hair. I don’t have much but it’s enough to stimulate her nipples into diamond hard nubs.

Speaking of hard, my cock had been hardening quickly as our stress relief session quickened. I could feel it pressing up, wanting, needing release from it’s denim prison. K smiled and ground her hips down on mine. “Looks like someone wants to come out and play!” She tossed her head back exposing her tits to me and dry humping me for all it’s worth. I can feel her heat now nestled against my stomach. She was so ready for it. So hungry to have me deep inside her.

I set her down to work at undoing my belt. While I did she turned her back to me, facing the window. I saw her pause for a second like she was looking out at something, but then she slid her hands seductively illegal bahis siteleri up her sides to cup her boobs. I could see her reflection in the mirror and I watched the ecstasy on her face as she cupped her large tits in her rather small hands. She jiggled them up and down. right. left. right. left. Waggling her ass at me in an enticing manner. I finished with my jeans and pulled them off my boxers along with them. My cock popped up free of the constraining jeans, all 6 inches and a bit, ready for her.

I rushed forward grabbing the waistline of her sweatpants and panties in my thumbs. With a sudden pull they slid down over her hips and puddled on the floor. I knelt behind her and K presented her heart shaped ass to me, legs widening apart exposing her moist pussy. I held her ass in my hands and pulled her cheeks apart for better access. I dove in tongue first spearing her pussy with my long tongue. She shook and quivered leaning against the glass of our window. her hands splayed flat on the glass and her tits pressed up against the cool hardness.

“Aaaaaahhhh!” she moaned tossing her head back as I tongued her pussy. One of my hands slid up between her legs to rub my thumb on her engorged clit, while the other continued to massage the muscle of her butt. She tasted sweet and sour, in a flavor that’s all her own. After almost ten years together I never get tired of her juicy pussy.

She moaned louder as I worked her vagina with my mouth and her clit with my hand. “Yes. Yes. YEs. YES. YEEEEAAAAAAASSSS!” She pounded her fists on the glass and swirled her hard nipples on the cold glass as she came. her legs grew limp as her body forgot how to stand under the onslaught I was attacking her pussy with. I released her clit and held her bodily up with my arms as she spasmed with aftershocks. I pulled my tongue out of her, my face coated in her cum, and spun her around. Her arms flopping like a rag doll in a post orgasmic bliss.

I lifted her once more, this time she cackled with joy as I lowered her slowly down on my hot hard length. She took it all in one smooth motion and wrapped her legs behind me again. I kissed her mouth and she licked her lips lasciviously afterwards. Commenting on how she doesn’t always hate the taste of her when it’s me giving it back. I smiled and widened my stance to begin fucking my incredible wife. I cupped her ass in my hands and lifted her up my shaft. Going up slowly at first and then like a roller coaster dropping her down suddenly impaling her on my thick cock. She gasped as I repeat the motion five. Six. Seven more times. Her body shook with pleasure at each thrust.

My legs were beginning to tire and I noticed her chair was perfectly right next to us. I moved us over and sunk into it. she uncrossed her legs from behind me and perched her toes on either side of my bare ass. Her legs flexed and she started riding my cock. One hand reaching back to hold herself steady on the desk the other wrapped around the back of my neck. I dove forward to her exposed tits, licking the nipples and sucking the now cold points of perfection canlı bahis siteleri into my mouth to heat them back up again. K buried her hand in my hair as my sword was buried over and over again in her boiling sheath.

I made myself a slave to her tits, worshiping the nipples with my tongue and teeth. I nipped at her while I fucked her, flicking my tongue in rapid short strokes up and down. She moans as she rode me and crushed my head to her chest. For some reason she kept looking over at the window, I let it go. She was probably looking at our reflection. We must have been a spectacular sight

I moaned into her tits as she ground her soaking wet pussy down on me. My mouth was full of her spectacular tits. “HMMMMMMMMMMMM.” I released her left nipple from my mouth with a pop and watched her ride me.

Her hair was a mess. many strands coming loose from her bun. our bodies were slick with sweat from our lovemaking. The whole apartment smelled like sex. The heady aroma of cunny juice mixed with precum. I could feel myself coming close and I murmured that to her. She smiled at me and screams at the top of her lungs. “FUCK! FUFUCK! FUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKK MEMMMEMEMEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! BAAAAAAAAABYYYYEEEEEEEE!!!!!” She screwed me then with reckless abandon tossing herself back and forth as she brought us both to a world-shattering orgasm. I could feel my muscles tense up as my cock drove as hard as possible into her depths, spraying my cum in her, painting her inside walls with coat after coat of hot white cum.

Her body twitched and spasmed again, she holds her breath when she comes hard sometimes. This time her face had turned red until she remembered to exhale. After she started breathing again we collapsed against each other. I didn’t know where her body and mine began. My skin tingled all over and I felt myself continue to spasm inside her. My body trying like fuck to impregnate her even after all my seed has been spent.

K lifted her lead off my shoulder. her eyes alight with mischief. I felt confused and puzzled as she kissed me and lifted herself up off my still throbbing cock. It doesnt like the cold, but I was a little dead after cumming so hard and fully in the grip of the afterglow. K grabbed a sheet of blank paper from her stack of finals she was grading and with the largest pen she could find wrote something on it. She stumbled to the window, my cum leaking down the inside of her fawn weak thighs. She held the paper up against the glass and turned to smile at me.

For the first time I focused not on our reflections but out through the window. I could see some lights in the building across the alley. But there is one that drew my attention like a magnet. I can see a woman there. She was splayed out on a chair next to the window. Her dressing gown was wide open revealing a curvaceous lithe body. She had violet colored hair up in chopsticks, though there are a few purple locks escaping to lay across her ample naked bosom. She had one hand pinching her left nipple and the other had at least a few fingers stroking herself as she still watched us. I waved sheepishly. Not bothering to cover my still hard cock. She waved back feebly, her fingers coated in her own cum.

K showed me the paper. It had just one word followed by a question mark written in all caps.


The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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