Teach Me Ch. 06

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That weekend was a pause in the drought. We went through another week of school and nothing happened but a few quick after school kisses and some touching. We were starting to drift apart it seemed. Her husband wasn’t going on any trips and was putting most of his time into making her life hell. I felt bad for her but at the same time my life was just as crazy as hers.

Suddenly as quickly as things went south they turned around and started to look up. Mom asked her to watch me for the night. Dad had a business dinner with clients and mom decided she would like to go with him. They weren’t about to leave me at home just quite yet after the last time. They would be back early the next morning so I had a night and part of a day with her.

Sarah had no objections when my mom asked her too. She seemed too eager when my mom called her and asked. I eavesdropped on the other line of course. I was finally going to get to some time with her away from school.


We had to hang out at school while she worked on the quarterly grades. She worked hard to complete them while I worked hard on something else.

“Where is the construction paper,” I asked?

“In the closet,” she said. She didn’t look away from her computer. She was hard at work hoping to get out of here quickly. I got a few sheets and cut them to fit over the glass in the door. I went to her desk and got the tape from it as she met me with a kiss. I walked away and started taping the paper over the window.

“What are you up to,” she asked?

“Nothing,” I replied. I finished my task and headed back towards her desk. I set the tape back in place. She didn’t stop her work this time. She kept plunking away on the key board and flipping papers.

I started kissing behind her ear lobe and massaging her neck and upper back. “Stop trying to seduce me,” she said in a teasing voice. “I’ll be all yours after I finish this.” I continued and quickly unsnapped her bra.

“That was fast,” she said as she responded to my kissing with a turn of the head and a deep exhale. “Oh, that feels good,” she said as I reached under her arms and cupped her tits.

She tried to refocus as she whimpered, “I have to finish this and I’m almost done.”

“Come on,” I said, “You need a break.” I continued my push to free her from her work.

“You are bad,” she teased as she turned and looked me over.

“What,” I asked?

“I can’t believe we are going to try it here,” she said. “You are so, so bad,” she teased in her little girl voice. I loved that little voice.

“It will be fun,” I said. She looked torn. She wanted to but here at school, it was difficult for her to bring herself to this.

“The door is locked,” I assured her as she glanced at it.

“I guess a short one wouldn’t hurt,” she said as she put an emphasis on the word short. She minimized the work as I took off my shirt. “Not to short though,” she said as she unbuttoned my pants and yanked them down.

“Hmm, what have we here,” she purred as she looked my cock over. She popped my rapidly rising cock into her mouth and started working up and down on it, spinning her tongue around it as she did. She started unbuttoning her shirt as she continued. She slid it off and the already unhooked bra at the same time. She was just in a skirt as she tossed her clothes over the computer.

She released her grip on my cock and said, “I don’t have anything.” I shrugged. It wouldn’t be the first time I thought. She gave my cock another quick lick before she stood and pushed the computer chair out of the way. She walked towards her desk. She hopped onto the desk and let her legs dangle over the edge.

“You don’t mind it up the ass then,” I said as I lifted her skirt and gave her underwear a tug to release them from her hips.

She smiled seductively as her panties cleared her knees.

“Or, I could lick your sweet pussy,” I suggested as I twirled her underwear around my finger. It parted slightly as almost winked at me as I looked at it. It seemed to miss me as much as I missed it.

“Hmm,” she purred with a slight rasp of excitement in her voice. I slung her panties into the air. They landed on a students desk as I leaned down and splashed my tongue into her wet hole.

“Oh, that’s good,” she cooed as she leaned back and took the excitement in that coursed through her body. A few items fell to the floor. She giggled as I went down and tongued her asshole a little.

“I don’t mind it up the ass,” she sighed as I continued to lick. “I like it in the other hole better, but I get off just as well with it in the butt,” she purred.

With that I released my suction cup grip from her snatch and pushed her legs wide open. She leaned forward to get off the desk. “Lean back,” I ordered as I spit in my hand and rubbed my cock.

“Oh, feisty are we now,” she said as she leaned back exposing more of her butt to me. I gave a quick run over her pussy with my dick. “Put it in there,” she moaned.

“We are not going through ataşehir escort that again,” I said as I lined up my dick with her little butt hole.

“Just teasing,” she paused. “Not really, but I know we can’t,” she sighed. I pushed my head against her asshole. Her hole parted a little but it wouldn’t open and allow my cock entry. I pulled back as she leaned forward again. My cock rubbed across her lips and parted them. It touched her clit as she moaned and pushed hard against my mouth for a kiss.

I kissed her back as I slid my dick along the lenght of her pussy. I pushed the tip into her opening. It pulled at my cock to enter. I left the tip just inside her opening as I felt her getting hotter and wetter. We kissed hard but remained still from the waist down. I pulled back finally and ran my cock over her soaked lips. I leaked precum all over her as I slid my way back and forth over her creamy puss. She didn’t seem to care as I continued. I pushed the tip back into her opening and watched it stretch around my cock. She kissed me hard again before pushing me back and sighing deeply.

A trail of her juice and my precum connected us. I slid it back in and pushed a little more then the tip in this time. It felt so hot and tight.

“No,” she finally cried. It was a soft but painful cry. One that said the opposite of what her words were. I knew I didn’t want to make her mad so I retracted. Both our fluids kept us connected again. She was soaked. She looked a little confused as she leaned away and went for her purse.

“We just can’t do it there yet,” she sighed.

“This will make it better for my butt,” she whispered. She handed me the KY from last weekend.

“I don’t know why this is still in here but it is sure going to be useful,” she whispered.

I looked at her sitting there on the desk. Topless, skirt pulled up, legs askew and wanting to do what ever I had in mind. If I tossed the bottle down and pushed myself deep into her waiting cunt, she would have let me fuck her until I released my seed deep inside her womb. I realized right then that I wanted to have more with her than just sex. I had to have her. I snapped back quickly. I didn’t know how to convay these feelings to her yet and I didn’t know how she would take them. She was married and had to have loved him at some point. I didn’t know how she felt about me.

“Yeah,” I said as she lay back down and assumed the position. I splashed a little lube on her rose bud and eased my cock in with a course of short strokes.

“Oh that’s tight,” I said as I finally push most of my dick in.

“Yeah, it feels good,” she squeaked as she started to rub herself. I gave another quick squirt before I started to get a rhythm. She started moaning with joy as my cock stoked the inside of her asshole.

Knock, knock. “What was that,” I asked as I recoiled away from her hole? It held open for a few seconds as it was relaxed and then closed up.

“The door,” she said as she hustled off the desk and grabbed her shirt off the monitor. She buttoned it up as the doorknob jiggled and then another knock.

“Every time,” I grumbled as I grabbed my stuff and started running for the closet. I stopped as I remembered her things were still strewn about. I collected her things and ran for the closet. I looked out as she pushed her skirt to her pussy to catch a steam of juice leaking down her leg. She looked over as I hid in the closet. Her nipples strained against the thin fabric of her shirt as the light struck it when she opened the door. I had just shut the closet door as I saw Mr. Cooper standing there. Hope he can’t smell her pussy I thought as I sniffed her underwear. It sure smells nice I thought as I heard them talking.

“I heard you screaming,” he said as she looked at him looking at her nipples pushing against her braless shirt. “Why are you sweating,” he asked as he continued down to her wavy, mid thigh skirt? It was wrinkled and not centered on her waist as it should have been. She looked a little flustered as she tried to answer.

“Well,” she stammered, “I-I-I saw a ah a spider and it scared me but it ran away.” “The air is broken in here but I’m not sweating, if anything I’m glistening,” she huffed. His head jerked back in surprise at that. “I lost my 4th hour grades and I have to do them by hand and I’m under a lot of stress trying to make the deadline.”

“Well,” he started. “I can help with the stress or, or the papers,” he replied as her face cringed at his innuendo. Maybe he wasn’t gay after all I thought as I listened through the cracked door of the closet.

“I don’t think I need help with either,” she hissed.

“Are you sure,” he asked hoping for a different answer?

“I’m sure,” she scowled at him.

“Well, you know,” he started but she interrupted.

“Good-bye” she said sweetly but sternly as she shut the door.

“Okay, but if you need me I’m across the way,” he said as she walked away from the door.

“Whew,” I said as kadıköy escort bayan I exited the closet, my dick still hard as I hoped to resume our dance. I had no chance but a guy can dream.

“I need to finish this so we can get the fuck out of here,” she said as she snatched her underwear from my pile of clothing. She stepped into them and pulled them up.

“Put your stuff back on,” she hissed as she unbuttoned her shirt. I handed her her bra as she slipped her shirt back off. I dressed as she sat back down and tried to finish.

“It’s going to take an extra 20 minutes now to focus,” she said as she looked over the computer. “You got me all worked up.”

She started plunking away on the keyboard as she entered grades and checked her hand written ones with what she had on the computer. I sat quietly and studied for a science test oddly enough.

She finished her work and slammed the grade book into the filing cabinet. She pushed the door shut hard and stood.

“Let’s get going,” she ordered. Oh boy I thought. I pissed her off good this time. Why can’t you behave I asked my cock? It just throbbed as I watched her bend at the waist to get her bag.

I opened the back door and put it in reverse. “Whoa,” she cried as I bumped into her backing up!

“He’s out there,” I whispered as I closed the door. We peeked out the blinds and watched him. He climbed carefully into his Prius and left.

Bats for both teams I thought to myself.

“Okay, let’s go,” she said as we left for her car. We quickly climbed in and pulled out. She turned on the radio and we started to talk.

“You know my husband is home don’t you,” she asked?

“Well that is going to make things interesting now isn’t it,” I replied.

“That’s the understatement of the year,” she chuckled. “I don’t know if we will be able to do anything at all.” “You know how he follows me everywhere.”

“So it is just like you are baby sitting me then,” I replied.

“I was hoping he was going to leave but for some reason he hasn’t yet,” she replied. “I think things went real bad and he can’t go out yet.”

“Well fuck,” I sighed. “It is what it is then.”

“At least I get to spend some time with you then,” I continued.

“That’s sweet,” she said. “I like spending time with you too,” she added.

“I like fucking too, don’t get me wrong but if I can’t have one then I’ll take the other,” I replied.

“Me too,” she agreed.

I was pissed off on the inside. This wasn’t how I had planned it. Well at least I could scope him out and see what made him tick.

We continued on towards her house in silence. I knew this wasn’t the way she wanted to spend her time with me either.

We got to her house and went in. She said hi to him and gave him a hug. He didn’t even seem to care that she was home.

She introduced me to him. He raised his head out of his papers to look at me. He knodded slightly and then returned down into his work. She shrugged slightly at me in embarassment for his actions and then went to her room to change out of her school clothes.

I sat down and watched TV. She came out and did a few chores. He sat in the chair and read some papers. He barely acknowledged that I was there. Asshole I thought as I studied him for a minute. What the fuck is his deal I asked myself? How could you have such a hot wife and not want to fuck the shit out of her? I just didn’t get it but it worked out better that he didn’t. I continued to study him as he thumbed through a few papers in his brief case. Sarah walked into the room and looked over his shoulder.

“We are going out to eat later on,” she said. “Where did you want to go,” she asked him sweetly?

“My usual place,” he said as if she was bothering him. He quickly shuffled the papers down and away from her view.

“Okay,” she said as she rolled her eyes at him. Hum I thought. She stepped back and waited a moment. He looked back down at the papers. I looked past him and at her. She smiled a wicked little smile before pulling her shirt up and flashed me her tits. I remained calm but admired the perfect pieces of flesh that were exposed to me. She lingered only for a second before pulling the shirt back down. She walked off and continued her chores. My cock started to stir.

He grumbled about something and looked over at me as he changed the channel. He noticed me watching him but his expression never changed. Motherfucker I thought. She came around the corner and continued her teasing.

She leaned against the wall near her room and slid her shorts down. Her perfect ass came into view. She wiggled it around a little before arching her back and stuck it out. She slid a finger down it and pressed it over her puckered asshole. She grinned again wickedly before pulling the shorts up. She continued sliding her hands up her sides while pulling her shirt up again. Her tit came into view. She cupped it and pinched the nipple. It caused a tremmer and she bit her lower lip. My cock escort maltepe strained against the fabric of my clothes. She spun away suddenly and disappeared into her room as he grumbled about something.

He flipped through a few channels before he found one that interested him. He started to watch a little while taking a glance or two my way. I wasn’t intimidated by him at all and didn’t break my gaze when he looked my way. If anything it only pissed me off more.

Suddenly Sarah appeared from her room. She stepped just slightly out the door. I looked at her and saw her doing more teasing. This time she was more bold. She had no shorts on. She leaned against the wall and thrust her puss out towards me. She slid a finger down her slit. My cock throbbed. He clicked the TV off and got up. She scampered away and disappeared into her room.

Little vixen I thought. He went to the bathroom. The bathroom that all this started in, the one I jerked off in. I thought quickly and put my plan into action. The door clicked shut and locked. I didn’t wait to see what it was he was doing. I got up and went to her bedroom door. I eased it open and went in. I didn’t see her but I wasn’t looking for her anyway. I quickly entered her bathroom. I shut the door and locked it. I searched around for a box of condoms hoping that I could get her away from him somehow and fuck her. I was desperate. I found an open box spilled out way in the back and I grabbed one. They were just plain old ones with no lube or anything. I checked the date on them. Expired by a month.

“It will have to work,” I said as I put it into my pocket and then flushed the toilet. I walked back out of the bathroom and saw her changing.

“Oh,” she said, startled. “I didn’t know you were in here,” she said as she covered herself. I gave her a funny look and started to head to the door. She stopped covering herself.

“I guess you have seen it all already,” she teased as I winked just before shutting the door. Teasing little bitch I thought to myself. I will get you for that. I returned to me seat as I heard his toilet flush. He opened the door and walked over to get his phone. He glared at me as he looked over his papers again. He pressed a few buttons and walked to his study room and spoke quietly on the phone. I couldn’t make out what he was saying but it sounded shady what ever he was talking about.

She came out and my jaw dropped. She had on a tight little top that hugged her curves and a short wavy little skirt. I continued down and notice the 3 inch heels that she wore as she walked by smiling. She flipped the skirt up to show me she was wearing a thong.

“Damn,” I said as my dick came to life again. She smiled and went into the kitchen. He hung up the phone and came back out to his brief case. He shuffled some paper around and got another number. He dialed as he stuffed the remaining papers back into it.

“The shippment is a go,” he softly said. He glanced over at me before turning away and heading towards the door.

“The feds won’t be onto,” I heard him say before the door shut.

“We are almost ready,” she said from the kitchen. I didn’t know if she was talking to me or him. I got up and went out the door.

“Eduardo knows the routine, the feds won’t be onto him,” he said. “I can’t fuck this up or it’s bad news for all of us,” he shouted. He saw me and climbed into the expensive BMW SUV. I opened the driver side passenger door and climbed in.

“I haven’t dealt with him before and I won’t start now, he seems shifty and has FBI written all over him,” he continued.

“You do as I say and everything will be fine,” he said after listening. “Make it happen I have to go,” he said bluntly. He glanced back at me before wiping some sweat from his brow. He placed another call.

“The package is coming your way, payout is 10 percent above, make sure it clears,” he said quietly. He hung the phone up and got out a pad and pen. He scribbled a few notes. I studied him some more as we sat and waited for her to come out. He looked to be older than her as I looked him over. I hadn’t seen much of him since his face was buried in papers, but his presents was felt. Sarah was 23 and he seemed like he was 35 or more. Wonder why she went with an older man I thought and what the fuck does he have against the feds. I had my suspicions but tried to think that Sarah wouldn’t be caught up in such debaucheries. She started out the door. He shifted hard in his seat and had a sour look on his face.

“I think that is a little much, Sarah,” he said as he watched her get into the car.

“Are you kidding me,” she asked as she adjusted herself in the seat and crossed her legs? “I’m not going to change now, just deal with it,” she said as she smiled.

“Okay, but I think you are a little under dressed with those legs,” he mumbled.

“What do you mean by that,” she asked?

“I don’t want to have this talk now,” he snapped as he looked into the mirror at me. I just pretended to not be interested in what they were saying.

“Are you saying my legs are fat,” she asked sternly?

He rolled his eyes and sighed. He turned the wheel sharply as we rounded a corner. I wasn’t sure if he was mad at her skirt or her legs. Both looked fantastic to me.

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