Temptations of Father Tim

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New to the parish, Father Tim knew that the inner city of Chicago would be very different from rural Ohio. Born and bred in central Ohio. This was the biggest city he had ever seen.

Now in one day, here he was new home, new parish, and new parishioners.
Quite a lot to fathom for anyone. He was not surprised the devil was giving him trouble by telling him he would fail and fail miserably.

Father Patrick Thompson was young, and enthusiastic, convinced by his teachers he had a mission from God. He was to turn these fallen members of his congregation from the ways of the devil to the path of the Lord, and win the local basketball championship if possible.

He encountered his first problem, when he found out they had hardly any money. The next problem was the school was rat infested and had a leaky roof and broken windows. Last problem, for the day was the news that most of his students didn’t come to school anyway.

The next week he spent on the telephones. He got commitments for free flour, butter, eggs, milk, and bacon as long as it was used to feed the kids. Now that was a breakfast waiting to happen. He called around and soon the mothers had that organized. That Saturday they cleaned the gym stored all but the perishables in garbage cans he begged from the local hardware, the rest he stored at the rectory in their refrigerators. Monday morning they served breakfast to over one hundred people. It was a start. Breakfast with the already established lunch program meant that two out of three meals were available for his children. A well-fed child is a child who has the will and the stamina to study. Now he had to look for sources to feed their parents as well.

During breakfast, he meet some veterans who knew about an army surplus program that did community projects. He went to present his project and two weeks later. A platoon of marines turned up with material to roof, fix windows, tile, and paint his school. Now they had a working food program and a clean school. All he needed he asked God if it were not too much trouble, was some basketballs and a coach.

While he was out looking for food and volunteers for the lunch program, he ran into the coach. Paul Wilson a former NBA stars now in a wheelchair from a driveway shooting one night at the zenith of his career. He wasn’t anxious to help, had to be shamed into it for the sake of his little brother but help he did. He even begged the equipment and uniforms for the new team.

Father Tim was getting cocky. Anything and everything was going his way. He should have listened better to his mama who often told him Pride goes before a fall and the bigger the pride the harder the fall.

Father Tim’s fall was of course a woman. She came home early in the fall with a small child no money and no job. She moved in with Paul Wilson who was her brother until she could earn some and get her own place. She was young, honey skinned, large beautiful dark eyes, and the most exotic thing Father Tim had ever seen. It didn’t make it easier that when she feed her baby. He stood and saw the Madonna and the baby Jesus. He was in love with love, and what the baby and the girl represented of a world unknown to him. He was also horny but that part comes later.

We lust in our hearts, and who knows how it counts with God. Night after night, Father Tim woke up dreaming carnal thoughts of pure sweet Theresa. He never for a moment thought she arranged for him to see her feed the baby. That she was especially provocative when he was around. He was a baby in the real world, ready for plucking and Theresa wanted Father Tim. canlı bahis şirketleri She had always gotten any man she wanted and if she had to fight, God for this one so be it.

Father Tim lost a secretary and so he hired Theresa telling her she could bring the baby as long as she got her work done. Now she had rooms in the rectory with him so when he woke dreaming at night the devil could whisper in his ear.

“Get up holy man and walk down the hall your dreams are that close.” It was even more difficult at breakfast time when sometimes he caught glimpses of her bare leg or slightly open robe with its warm honey flesh smelling of milk so close and yet so far.

He took to running a lot but it didn’t help. He finally went across the city to confess his sins to a priest in an area where nobody knew him. The young priest with problems of his own, told Father Tim to go for it. That just once they had the right to know what sex between man and woman was like, that they were entitled to know love. How else could they council their parishioners. It made sense to Father Tim and so his life began to change.

The next morning at breakfast, Father Tim held the baby while Theresa ate and had a chance for another cup of coffee. When she took the child back, he touched her hand and smiled deep into her eyes.

She sang all day around the rectory, and Father Tim smiled a lot. That night they sat for the first time together and watched a movie. Theresa went out to make popcorn and when she returned, she sat next to him on the sofa and shared from the same bowl. When the bowl was empty, giggling, she licked his fingers free of salt and butter and ran upstairs.

He had a hard time sleeping that night his dreams all of a honey skinned sweet smelling woman. A woman with a soft warm mouth that he could imagine wrapped around him bringing his seed into her mouth and watching him with her huge dark eyes as she swallowed it down and licked her lips clean. He was in lust and working his way toward love.

Late the following night returning from a call to a sick parishioner’s home he was on his way upstairs when he thought he heard a noise from Theresa’s room. He knocked lightly and getting no answer softly opened the door to check.

Theresa naked on her bed had one hand wrapped around her breast, the other deep inside her open and obviously wet pussy and was so close to orgasm she could hear or see nothing. She was all want. Father Tim could smell her arousal from the door. He walked to the bed and softly said “ let me please”

Theresa looked up with lust filled eyes and Father knelt down and for the first time in his young life, worshiped at the font of all life. She tasted of warm slick honey and the freshness of spring. She was as hot as the hell this certainly would condemn him too. When she reached her peak she pulled him deep into her body, the body he never wanted to leave, coating his face and beard with her juices.

Finally, recovered Theresa crawled to where he still knelt, and pulled him up on her bed. She unzipped his pants freeing his hard and weeping cock to the air and her waiting mouth. Father Tim knew he had lost the battle when the wet confines of her mouth took him inside and sucked him deep. She was unlike anything he had encountered in his life. The feelings she brought were so far beyond masturbation, that he could not put words to how he felt. In his heart of hearts, he thought, “God can’t find this wrong.”

When he was hard she pulled him upright and standing lowered her onto his lap. Inch by slow inch she immersed him in the hot fire canlı kaçak iddaa of her pussy. His cock now deeply planted inside her covered with her wetness, and massaged by her muscles, it was a New World for Father Tim and he moaned his approval. She pulled his head to her chest where he suckled the milk that up to know he had envied her baby the right to have. It was sweet and hot and he groaned aloud with his pleasure as he nursed from one then the other. Theresa was moving faster on his cock, and she was moaning words he couldn’t understand. Age old words of love and lust between a man and a woman. Suddenly the crisis came and he spewed his juices for the first time in his life deep into a woman. He screamed out in completion waking up the baby. Theresa shushed his apologies and pulling free wiped herself on her forgotten until now nightgown and pattered off to get the child. Soon she was back in bed, him beside her as she suckled the little one back to sleep. That is how they woke up as the sunlight filtered through her open window the next morning.

He leaned over and kissed her awake. Tasting the early morning leftovers of their night together and savoring the odor and taste. He thought it delicious. He dipped his head for a sip of milk and then hurried to get into his own room and prepare for the day. He paused at the door. “We have to talk. You have to understand how much this meant to me, and what it changes.” She nodded her head and with a shy smile said, “I will start breakfast. We can talk tonight when all are gone.” Father Tim knew that from this morning forward his life could not be the same. He would not give this up. This woman must want him. She must come to understand his need of her. He even hoped bad as it would be that last night they had made a child. A son, he never knew until this moment, that he wanted one, two, three lots of them.

“Theresa” she looked up at him as she started to dress. “Yes Father” He walked back to her and pulled her tight to him for a long deep kiss, and whispered in her ear as he left her, “I hope we made a baby last night. I would love many children.

She couldn’t wait to call her brother and tell him Father was hers. A baby would make it perfect and she was in her fertile period. Ah! She grinned and lightly caressed her clit and hot pussy. Tonight we will fill you up again. He will learn to worship a new Goddess before I am done. As she touched up her makeup in the mirror. Was it a shadow or was there an evil image of a dark lord watching her?

All day as he worked he had to readjust himself. Like a boy with a new Christmas toy, he wanted and waiting was hell. Never had a day seemed so long. Thank God, it was a weekday so no late mass. After supper baring parishioner sick calls he was done.

He ate at exactly six o’clock and the telephone went onto recorder. He held out his hand and they walked upstairs. Theresa took time to feed and bed Benny and then slowly gracefully she turned to him and said, “Let me make love to you tonight my love. He nodded and she knelt to unzip his trousers and pull them slowly off his legs. Now she licked him through his shorts saturating them with her saliva. He could feel his cock growing heated and enlarging as she sucked and licked and feathered her fingers gently up and down his shaft. Finally, he almost screamed “Please, for the love of God” She looked up and with a smile pulled his shorts down releasing him.

He had thought that would end his torment. He was wrong. Now she went to work on his warm skin with her hot tongue and wet mouth making little sucking noises pulling canlı kaçak bahis in small pieces of skin sucking them tight then letting them go. She traveled down his head under the crown where she lightly bite him, pushed her tongue deep into his small hole and sucked the precome into her mouth. He moaned loudly and then she lowered her head to suck his balls one by one into her mouth. Weak-kneed he sat down. She pushed him back onto her bed and pushed his legs up. Now her mouth was below his balls and he had never felt such exquisite pleasure in his life and when her mouth and tongue found his anus and licked out and suckled him he came all over his belly.

She laughed and raising herself as he watched her she licked it all up and swallowed it. Now she straddled him and as he recovered, she bent forward for him to suckle from her dripping breasts. He was in heaven or hell. He hadn’t figured out which one. He did know he could never live without this pleasure again.

He felt his cock stirring and moved her lower to engulf him into her velvet soft hot tunnel. It was hotter and wetter than he remembered from last night. This time he put his hands on her hips and he moved her to his rhythm. He drew her nipples deep into his mouth found that when he bite them she clenched his cock with her internal muscles and moaned. She came for the first time on his cock as he bite her and tugged them hard from her chest. He liked it so he did it again to the other side and her orgasm was stronger. She was mumbling words he did not understand again and her hair was whipping side to side as she said “again please father again” She reached behind him and he felt a wet finger invade his ass and push softly against something deep inside. He spewed his cream deep inside her as they together rode a wave of joy that took them star walking together. It was many minutes before softening she could slide off and cuddle next to him.

“Is it always like this he asked?” She shook her head no. “Only for the very lucky my love.”

He held her close stroking her hair and told her he liked it when she called him her love. She reached and found him semi hard and getting harder. She giggled. Turning over on her hands and knees, she smiled at him through her legs. “Now father ride me like the stallion you are. Make me your mare my stud.”

He got behind her and hands on her hip cock shoving deep inside; he had never felt more powerful. He stroked hard and fast into her wet and willing pussy and without thought found himself spanking her ass as he shoved deep inside saying “Come for me my little pet, show me how you like your stallions cock.”

She looked over her shoulder and said “Hit my ass harder Father and let this woman show you how it feels when she really comes. He did making her ass almost cherry red and very hot, each time he hit her, she clutched his cock tighter, and soon they collapsed together exhausted from their climax.

He tried to tell her he was sorry as he kissed her reddened ass. He found instead he was tonguing her anus and eating her pussy sucking up all their juices as she came for him repeatedly. Finally, they slept as they had the night before.

It was morning before Father Tim realized how much further down the path of erotic life he had traveled. Theresa went and fetched Benny and with him on one side and the baby on the other, she feed them both. He thought as he lay there playing with her clit and pussy and suckling from her breast, that he could get used to this with no problem.

He barely made it back to his side of the house before the first of the staff arrived. They would have to learn some discretion. Being caught before they had determined what they should do was not an option. Whatever that was to be.

End of chapter one
copyright 09/04/02
no reproduction without author’s permission

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