The Andersons: Jacobs Mother’s Stud

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All characters are over the age of 18.

All characters copyright WithFurvor.


The Andersons: Jacob, His Mother, and His Stud


It had been hours. Jacob, tied to a chair, had been forced to watch his best friend Tony have sex with his mother over and over again. They were on the edge of Jacob’s bed, Tony sitting down with Jacob’s mother bouncing rapidly on the thick meat in his lap. Jacob’s cock, much smaller by comparison, had not been touched at all. Well, that wasn’t quite exactly true.

But it certainly hadn’t been relieved. No, he had been quite pent up for hours on end as Tony released his balls deep into Mrs. Anderson’s various orifices. At this point his mother was leaking bull semen from her pussy even as Tony continued to shove himself inside of her, as though every push forward forced more of the built up cum out of her. Jacob’s bed was a mess.

Jacob whined, his cock was aching from watching his mother fuck his best friend. The idea of why he was enjoying the sight was long gone from him now. Now he only wanted release, but timid as he was Jacob was afraid to speak up. Honestly with the way his bed was banging against the wall, and with all the noise his mother was making, Jacob wasn’t even certain that they’d hear him.

“I-I’m gonna cum!” Tony breathed, and this made Ava grin and look back at him.

“Do it stud! Fill my pussy up!” She started slamming down harder on his length, her rear smacking against him loudly with each thrust down. Tony grabbed her hips tightly and pulled her down for one last thrust and held her there, shaking and groaning as he started to cum inside of her. Avas legs bent inwards against each other as she felt the young bull unload his seamen in to her. Finally Tony fell back on to the bed with Ava still on his lap, and his cock still inside of her. Ava’s long ears fell down in a relaxed state as she trembled, closing her eyes and squeezing her inner walls around the cock inside of her and enjoying the warmth of all the cum that would soon be leaking out of her.

“M-mom?” Jacob finally whimpered, giving Ava a start.

“Goodness! I almost forgot you were there.” She giggled. “Thank God I didn’t though, knowing that my little boy was watching me this whole time made me cum so much harder.”

Ava stood up, Tony’s shrinking length sliding out of her with a soft ‘pop!’ As the older bunny stretched cum began leaking out of her and sliding gently down her leg. With a content sigh she walked over to her son, patting him on the cheek condescendingly.

“Poor boy.” She crooned, leaning down in front of him purposefully hanging her large breasts in front of his muzzle. “I bet you want some of mommy’s pussy too, don’t you?”

“Y-yes ma’am.” Said Jacob meekly.

“Well too bad.” She said bitingly, standing up straight. “Mommy’s pussy is just for big, fat bull cocks. Not scrawny little bunny boy cocks.” She said, flicking him on the nose with an evil half smile.

Jacob flinched and looked down at his throbbing cock in disappointment, then he turned his head to look at his best friend looking so incredibly satisfied laying back on his bed. Tony had his head propped up on his forearm behind him on top of his pillow, and he stared at the ceiling with a content if not dazed smile.

“Tony.” Jacob pleaded. “How can you do this, man?”

“Can’t help it man.” Tony grinned, not even looking pendik escort up. “Your mom said I can basically fuck her for the rest of my life as long as I do it in front of you. Besides, you’re a cute little cuck aren’t you?”

“Yes he is.” Said Ava, speaking up before Jacob could reply. She placed a soft paw gently on Jacobs chest and started walking around him, dragging her hand sideways across his chest and then over his shoulder until she was behind him. She placed her other paw at his opposing shoulder and began to massage her son gently on either side of his neck.

“Look at him, Jacob.” Ava said as she rubbed Jacob’s shoulders, leaning her face down next to his long raised ear. “He’s such a virile male. Look how strong his muscles are, and how tall he is. Not to mention that big cock.”

“S-so?” Asked Jacob, squirming against his bindings.

“Well,” Ava reached past the boy’s shoulder to his throbbing shaft, and laid her palm against its underside gently. Jacob moaned at the sensation, barely a squeeze being enough to elicit such a reaction from him after all he had been through. “Doesn’t it just make you want to please him? You’re such a small boy, Jacob. Almost like a girl. Couldn’t you see yourself helping Tony here find release?”

“No!” Jacob protested weakly, but his eyes turned to his friends shaft. Even at half mast it was huge.

“C’mon.” Pined Ava, stroking her son’s length slowly. “Maybe if you help him cum, mommy will help you cum?”

“B-but…,” Jacob trailed off, his bunny ears drooping. He looked from his friends shaft to his face and Tony was all teeth, smiling wryly at his friend with a curious anticipation.

“Do it.” Said Tony.

Jacob whimpered as he felt his mother squeeze harder on his shaft. He watched as Tony reached down and grabbed his own penis. His bull shaft was thick with prominent veins along its length which was easily the size of Jacob’s arm. Something about the sheer size of it just made Jacob wonder if he could even fit it anywhere. Anywhere like his mouth.

“Okay.” Said Jacob breathlessly. “I’ll suck him off.”

“Oh joy!” Ava began to purr. “Mommy will help, but first thing’s first. Wait here.”

Ava gave Jacobs cock one last squeeze before swiftly walking out of the room. Tony was still smiling at his friend, stroking his shaft slowly in anticipation.

“So, you gonna suck me off bro?”

“I-I guess so.”

“Don’t you want to?”

“…Kind of, yeah.”

“Your mom is really hot.” Said Tony airily.

“I know.” Replied Jacob.

“Here we go!” Ava’s voice rang out as she appeared from the door frame. In her paws she held what appeared to be a girl’s outfit. “This will make you look like a pretty little whore for your friend.”

“W-what?!” Jacob exclaimed as his mother began fiddling with his bindings and undoing them. The ropes fell to the floor and before Jacob could get up Ava pulled his chair out from under him, causing him to hit the floor with a thud. He looked up in confusion to see his mother standing over him wickedly, brandishing the outfit. Then she was on top of his naked form, putting the panties, skirt, and top on him with quick precision. Tony watched from the bed with amusement.

As his mother got off of him, Jacob stood up and looked at himself in his bedroom mirror. The top, which had very thin straps, was bright pink with a flower on the center. The skirt was a complimentary maltepe escort shade of pink, slightly darker than the shirt. Jacob caught himself blushing, he honestly didn’t mind the look.

“Now get over here.”

His mother’s voice came from behind him. He turned and saw her on her knees next to the bed, her paw already firmly gripped around Tony’s swollen length. Timidly Jacob walked over to her, and with a tug of his paw Ava pulled her son down to his knees. She nuzzled her face against Tony’s hanging balls for a moment, inhaling deeply, and then turned to her son.

“Take his cock in your paw.” She instructed.

Jacob did as he was told, having very little resistance left within him. He crossed the final threshold of his friendship with Tony and wrapped his little bunny paw around Tony’s thick meaty cock. It was so large Jacob felt like he could feel Tony’s heartbeat in it. As Jacob was getting his bearings, his mother had other ideas. Ava grabbed her son by the back the head, eliciting a little ‘erk!’ from the boy, and shoved his face up against Tony’s stiff length. With his cheek pressed against the member Jacob came to the realization that Tony’s length must have been easily double the length of his face or longer.

“Take it in,” Said Ava, who’s face was riddled with the delight of what she was doing. Her eyes were mesmerized with lust. She punctuated her words by planting a kiss on the inflamed head of Tony’s bullcock. “I want you to fall in love with it. Its length, its girth, its everything. I want you to worship it.”

Something in Ava’s words began to drive Jacob mad. He opened his mouth and let his tongue hang out, dragging it slowly from where his hand held the member still and all the way up to the head. He then started planting little kisses down its roughness, until his mouth came to Tony’s testicles. They were huge too, big swollen orbs aching for release. He pressed his mouth up against one and opened his maw, straining his jaw to suckle on the large ball with his eyes closed. Above him, Tony let out a sigh of relief.

“You’re a natural.” He complimented.

“He is, isn’t he?” Said Ava, joining her son.

She brought her head down to the opposing testicle and sucked it in to her mouth entirely, making muffled moans as she pulled on it and let her tongue run over it inside her maw. As the two bunnies sucked on his hanging balls, Tony began to jerk himself off. He had never felt the sensation of two mouths working over his sac before but he loved it. His paw moved up and down his stiff cock as he watched the two rabbits, mother and son, doing their best to pleasure him. Ava let Tony’s testicle plop out of her mouth with a wet sound, then looked disapprovingly at her son.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Jacob look, he shouldn’t have to jerk himself off should he?”

“Oh.” Replied Jacob simply. He licked his lips, now salty with the taste of his best friends balls. Then he reached back up and took hold of Tony’s massive length, and with his soft bunny paw he started stroking up and down. Ava straightened her back up and took the tip of Tony’s cock in to her maw, making a pleased noise as she began suckling on his head. Jacob kept his tongue on Tony’s balls as he looked up at his mother. She seemed to have to force her head down in order to even fit some of Tony’s length in her mouth. She took her mouth off of it, gasping for air and wiping away a string of saliva kartal escort that until that moment had kept her mouth and Tony’s cock connected.

“This thing fits much easier in my pussy.” Ava said, looking up at Tony while absentmindedly petting her son on the head. “What do you say big boy, do you want to shove this monster in my pussy again?”

“No.” Came Tony’s answer breathily. “I want to cum in Jacobs mouth.”

“Ohhh,” Ava grinned. “Kinky.”

Ava grabbed her son by his head fur and pulled his head up roughly.

“You heard him. Give your stud bull what he wants.”

“Y-yes ma’am.” Jacob replied submissively. Jacob looked for a moment at the large, girthy tip of his friends penis. He wasn’t even sure it would fit, especially not if his mother could barely get it in to her maw. Still, something burned inside of him to see Tony fully pleased so the young rabbit lifted his head up, opened wide, and connected his lips to the tip of his best friend cock. At first, he couldn’t get his lips all the way around it but he soon found that with a little work of his jaw he could manage to get the whole tip in his mouth. He sucked hard on the member, closing his eyes and trying to let his mouth work. He ran his tongue along the underside of the engorged tip, and up along it until his wet muscle found Tony’s urethra. Jacob lapped at it gently.

“Oh fuck.” Came Tony from above him.

Jacob felt warm, salty pre-cum lurch out on to his tongue. He didn’t feel the disgust he expected, on the contrary he felt his own cock twitch with excitement. He savored the flavor and the musk that was engrossing his brain. Then, he felt Tony’s hands on the back of his head pushing him further down. He could hear the heavy breathing of his friend, and between that and the pulsing he could feel in his mouth from the engorged cock Jacob could tell that Tony was close to the edge.

And then, finally, Tony hit the edge and passed it. With a loud grunt Tony’s seed erupted out of his cock and in to Jacob’s maw. At first Jacob couldn’t breathe, there was so much cum filling his mouth and throat.

“Swallow, honey.” Came the unusually sweet voice of Jacob’s mother from behind him.

Jacob did as he was told, swallowing down as much of the bull cum as he could manage. Unable to take it all, some ran down his mouth in a sloppy trickle. As Tony continued to grunt and spew his seamen in to his friends mouth, Jacob lifted up a paw and massaged the bulls hanging sack. Something deep inside of him wanted every drop, and he got it. Tony bucked in to Jacob’s mouth, gagging him loudly. Finally Jacob removed his mouth, unable to take any more. A string of seed shot out on to his face, and he felt the soft paws of his mother grab him by the sides of his head.

“Give me some of that.” She murred.

Then all at once Jacob’s mother began to lick his face clean, her wet tongue hungry for whatever amount of cum she could get. The saliva mixed with the cum on his face fur leaving him a mess. Once Ava was satisfied she gave a soft giggle and let her son go. Jacob looked up at Tony, who was leaning back on his arms with a pleased smile, and then he looked away with a blush forming under his fur.

“There now.” Said Ava, looking condescendingly down at her son. “You make a cute little cum slut, don’t you?”

“I-I guess so.” Said Jacob.

“Say yes ma’am.” Commanded Ava.

“Yes ma’am.” Jacob obeyed.

“Now go wash your face while I get this stud ready for another milking.”

“B-but you said you might help me cum.” Jacob whined, his small cock throbbing.

“I said maybe, now do what mommy told you to do.” Ava commanded.

“…Yes ma’am.”

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