The Birthday Boy Ch. 07

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Stepping out of the shower, I pulled on my good pair of pants and a collared shirt, and adding a little cologne, I was ready to go, I came downstairs expecting to find mom in the kitchen, all I found were the flowers, which as I had requested, were very exquisite.

“Mom?” I called out

“I’m up here in my room dear, I’ll be down in a minute” my mom replied,

Standing at the bottom of the stairs, I waited for my mom to immerge, when she finally came out from her room, my jaw dropped, for standing in front of me, was the most beautiful site I’ve ever laid eyes on, my mom, in a dark blue cocktail dress, with only thin straps holding it on her shoulders, emphasizing her cleavage.

“God mom, you look absolutely amazing, down right hot!” I managed to say while taking in her beauty.

“Oh don’t be silly, I know you’re just trying to make me feel good”

“I meant every word of it, you’re the best looking date I’ve ever had, I’m proud to have a mom as attractive as you, anybody who sees us together tonight, is sure to be jealous”

“Well thank you dear, and thank you for the flowers, that was very nice of you, but really, you shouldn’t have” she said as she came down the stairs, placing a kiss on my cheek.

“Now it’s my birthday, so I’ll do whatever I want, and if I want to show my mom how much I love her, then I will, any problems with that?”

“Well then birthday boy, are you ready to go?”

Offering my hand to mom, I gave her my answer, and I escorted my date for the evening to the car.

The drive to the restaurant was a quick one, pulling up in front of this quiet little Italian place, stepping out from the car, I circled around to the other side to open mom’s door for her as she stepped out.

“Why thank you dear”

“Mom may I ask you something?”

“Certainly hun, you can ask me anything you’d like”

“Do you think it would be possible if…um…we could…act like a couple tonight, and not like mom and son?” I stammered out, already wishing I hadn’t said it.

“Ah so the truth finally comes out, your not really embarrassed about being out with your mother are you?”

“No not at all, there’s no one else I’d rather be out with tonight, I love you mom, more then maybe you’ll ever really know, I’m just a little self conscious about what people might think if they saw me getting romantic with you tonight and found out you’re my mom.”

“Okay baby, we’ll act like a couple tonight, just two love birds out for a romantic dinner together, how’s that sound?”

“That’s great, oh thank you mom, I mean Stacy” I responded, making a mental note not to slip like that again or people would probably start to wonder.

Walking up to the front of the restaurant, I held the door open for mom as she walked inside, but something seemed different from when we left the house, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

“Welcome to The Amore Della Famiglia bistro, do you have a reservation?” The maitre’d greeted us.

“Yes, Ronstien table for two” My mom spoke up

“Ah yes, here we are, Ronstien, please çankaya escort follow me” He responded, taking two menus from the reservation table and walking off towards our table, with mom following him and me bringing up the rear. It was then that I noticed something about mom’s dress, how it clung to her hips and showed off her very feminine curves, the sway in her hips as she walked. I nearly walked into her as I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that we had arrived at our table, which in fact was a somewhat enclosed booth which was rather dimly lit. Mom sat down on one side of the small table, and I on the other, when mom shifted over towards me I took the hint and did the same until we were next to each other.

Once we were alone, mom moved closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder

“Such a nice table don’t you think?” Mom asked, I could only nod, since from my vantage point, I could see down the low cut front of my mom’s dress, showing off her creamy white skin and ample cleavage. Maybe it was the position we were in, or maybe I just hadn’t been paying attention, but this was the first time I realized how sexy the dress looked on mom, how sexy mom looked, I could feel myself getting hard from just the thought of such an attractive woman sitting right next to me. It was then I felt something come over me, placing my hand underneath mom’s chin, I tilted her head up to face me, when we made eye contact, nothing was said verbally but much was communicated between us as I leaned forward and kissed her lips, I could hear mom moan as she kissed me back, pushing my tongue against her lips, I was surprised when she parted them and met my tongue with hers, this was a kiss not meant to be shared between a mother and son.

Pulling back, I realized what I had just done, and began trying to apologize for my stupidity in thinking that I could actually get away with kissing her like that.

“I’m so sorry mom, I…I…I shouldn’t have done that, it was totally uncalled for and certainly not right, I’ll understand if you think I’m sick and just want to go home, this is all my fault, I don’t know how I could be so stupid.”

“Steve, for one, your not stupid, and two, I’m glad you kissed me, I liked that very much, and I hope you’ll do it again too”

Shocked at what I had just heard, I couldn’t even manage to say one word, although I doubt it would be understandable if I had been able to say anything.

It was at that moment that our dinner showed up, and I was left in shock wondering about what mom had just said until the waiter left and again we were alone.

“Steve honey there’s something you need to know, and I want you to remain quiet until I’ve finished okay?”

I just nodded

“As you already know, ever since your father left, I’ve not been out on many dates with other people, and the truth is, that the ones I have been on were nothing to get excited about either. I’ve always had one man in my life since then that has meant the world to me, and that’s you Steve. I’ve watched you grow from just a little boy escort çankaya who would tug on my dress to get attention, to a fine young man who someday will make a very fine husband for some lucky lady. Over those years I’ve noticed a change in myself too towards you, you’ve always been able to light up my life whenever you would walk into the same room as me, I’ve always loved when you would come up from behind me and hug me, but as of late, I’ve noticed another feeling I have for you, now whenever I think of you, it makes my heart all a flutter, I’ve come to realize that I’m in love with you Steve, not just as a mother loves her son, but as a woman loves a man.”

I could see a tear running down her cheek as she poured her heart out to me.

“I don’t know what you think of your old mother Steve, and I wont hold it against you if you don’t share my feelings too, but…”

It was then that I had to say something, taking her hand in mine, I started

“Mom, you don’t have to worry, because there’s something I have to tell you, the truth is that, I’m in love with you too. I honestly am overjoyed to find out that we share the same feelings for each other, and I know that society doesn’t accept it, but I’ll be damned if I care what anyone else thinks. I love you from the bottom of my heart mom, and I’ll do whatever I must to see you happy.”

It was then that she burst into tears, but not tears of sorrow, but tears of joy, wrapping my arms around her, I pulled her to me and we kissed passionately, our lips locked together like they were one, our tongues seeking out the other, almost tying together in knots. I didn’t want this kiss to end, but the need for oxygen caused us to come apart, looking into mom’s eyes, wiping away her tears, I told her.

“I love you with all my heart mom, I always will, no matter what may come between us. You will forever have a special place in my heart. One that no other person could ever fill, you are one of a kind.”

“I love you too Steve, you will always be my baby, and now you will always be my true love, no one can ever replace what we have together, what we’ve shared, and will share in the future. I’ll always be yours”

“And you will always be mine Mom”

“Now, why don’t we finish our meal and head home so you can unwrap your present” mom asked, once again lighting up with a smile.

“Sounds good to me”

The rest of dinner went by in a blur, with the occasional feel under the table where no one else could see what was going on. Although we got our share of strange looks whenever I would make contact with an especially sensitive spot of Mom’s and she would jump, banging her knees on the underside of the table.

Once we got out to the car, I knew that since I was driving, I was truly in for it, I was sure that mom would try and get me back for what I had done to her in the restaurant. I was mistaken though, since all she did was cuddle up next to me and rest her head on my shoulder until we got home.

We weren’t in the door for more then 5 minutes when we were all çankaya escort bayan over each other, kissing and pawing at each other madly, I could feel mom’s hands pulling at my belt, trying to get it loose.

“I want you so badly baby, I want you to put your big cock between my legs and fuck me till I can’t see straight.” Mom said as she slipped her hand into my pants and squeezed my cock. Then pulling away from me, with a shrug of her shoulders, her dress floated down to around her ankles, and with a turn, she took off upstairs, leaving me standing with my jaw on the floor watching the sexy ass of my own mother as she ran off upstairs.

Taking off after her, shedding my clothes on the way, by the time that I had made it to the doorway of her room, she was lying on her bed, underneath a silk sheet, which obviously was new since I hadn’t seen this before, and I was standing in there in only my boxers.

“Well big boy, are you going to unwrap your present now? Or would you just like to stand there and look at the wrapping?” She said in a seductive voice I’ve never heard from her before. Walking up to the foot of the bed, I took hold of the bottom of the sheet and pulled, and with a giggle from her, I completely removed the sheet, uncovering the most heavenly sight I’ve ever laid eyes on. I stood there for a moment taking in the beauty that is my own mother.

Starting at her toes, my eyes moved up her body, her long taut legs, that just seemed to go on for miles, her hairless pussy, which I had had in my hand earlier in the car, her flat stomach with what could only be described as the cutest belly button ever, her firm jutting breasts topped off with puffy pink nipples that made my head spin knowing I had once before suckled from those very nipples, and would again soon, finally our eyes met, I could see the passion in her eyes, the passion I shared for her.

“Happy Birthday darling”

I moved forward and crawled onto the bed between mom’s legs, kissing my way up each inch of her body, it was when we were finally face to face that we kissed again, our tongues dancing together, that I felt mom’s hand grasp my cock, placing it at the entrance to her pussy, without having to be told, I thrust myself forward, taking that final step, there was no turning back now. Mom groaned into my mouth, and I’m sure I did the same, as I slowly began to thrust in and out of her, I could feel her pussy squeezing down on my cock, milking me for all I was worth. We hadn’t been going long when she broke off the kiss and screamed, it was then that I felt a warm gush of fluid cover my cock, she was having an orgasm, I had made my mom cum. That was it for me, my cock twitched and I thrust hard once more, burying myself deep in her as I felt rope after rope of thick potent sperm shoot out of my cock and into her womb. I groaned once more as I collapsed next to mom, who was still coming down from her climax, my cock still inside her but slowly deflating. Looking into her eyes, I wrapped my arms around her body and could only whisper

“I love you mom”

“I love you too Steve”

With that we both slipped off into sleep, wrapped in each others arms, content in the fact that we had both found true love in one place most people wouldn’t think to look. This certainly wouldn’t be the end of our relationship, as it truly was only the beginning.


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