The Day In My Life I Became Me Ch. 01

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This is CH. 01 of my second erotic story submitted to Literotica. I continue being thankfully indebted to Candy_Kane54 for providing editing, style advice, and general encouragement for my second erotic story submission.

Primary Characters:

Rachael Saunders: MBA and Business Owner = 26 Years Old

Catherine Jamieson: BS Math and Key Employee = 24 Years Old

Shels Gordon: HS Senior and Lost Girl

= 19 Years Old

Ames Davis: HS Senior and Lost Girl

= 19 Years Old

Jocelyn Williams: MA Education and HS Teacher = 26 Years Old


Today, I was relaxing in the office of my new investment company and taking a “Long hard look” at my life. I pondered, “When or what was the exact time” in my life that brought me here. Almost everyone acknowledges at some time, a person, an event, or other ecliptic action propelled them into life, education, and career choices. A good friend would probably say, “Rach,” you have absolutely too much free time on your hands, therefore go and do something useful. Therein lays my fundamental problem with life since I do not have any good or close friends, other than those I work with.

I am Rachael (Rach) Saunders, fairly tall with a nice slim figure. Some friends say that I am cute, although I definitely feel that I am not a “Model” type of cute. I do concede that possibly some people would see me as being attractive. I am twenty-six years old, with an MBA from a Northern USA-Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) University. I am the owner of a very successful investment firm with a “Unique business plan” and yet continue to question what day, event, or time in my life brought me here!

I was born and reared in Northern Florida as an only child with a middle-class lifestyle. I believed my parents loved each other dearly; however, they basically kept a tight lid on their emotions. We did most of the typical family functions, although our nuclear and extended families were not large.

Primary and secondary schooling was enjoyable for me, with my grades being excellent, and I always made the honor roll. I was uninterested in competitive sports; however, I absolutely loved distance running and horseback riding. In retrospect, my enjoyment with the two activities was that I could do them alone. Most small-town people labeled me an “Introverted loner,” which was probably correct as I was happy being alone most of the time.

Life was “Rocked for me” in my senior year of High School when my parents were killed in a small-craft boating accident since they were indeed my lifeline. I was terribly distressed at having to bury my Mom and Dad at the young age of seventeen years old. Several neighbors and the St John’s Church Community helped me function somewhat normally during this early life crisis, which I was totally unprepared for.

I persevered through my senior year and High School graduation after eventually coming to grips with their loss. As I stated earlier, my parents and the few other local extended family members were not a highly emotional lot. So, after a few weeks of despair, I regained my balance and eventually continued on with my life. My parents were very cautious in their lives. Therefore, they had the best insurance coverage available to them, with my being the sole beneficiary.

I met with the “Law Firm,” which managed the financial trust I inherited at seventeen, most of which was our family property. Allison, who handled my financial trust fund, invested the insurance funds wisely. This left me with sufficient disposable income for daily needs and long-term investments for my future benefit. Additionally, I had previously been awarded a “Full Scholarship” for my five-year MBA program at the ACC University in Boston. Therefore, güvenilir bahis most of my life was proceeding as well as could be expected. Virtually all of my free time had previously been occupied by parents and studies. My parents’ death resulted in a significant gap in my life, with only classroom studies consuming my time and emotions.

I am pretty confident that the timing of my parents’ death had a lot to do with why I am currently sitting at my desk questioning the “Day In My Life I Became Me.” However, I certainly do not feel their death was the primary or sole reason.

I excelled at the Boston University and spent quite a bit of my free time studying investments, since being a loner with the financial means allowed me much time to play around with “Penny stocks.” This was a natural activity for an MBA major that was friendless throughout my five years of university studies.

I developed “Rach’s Theories on Successful Investing” by designing an investment model packaging high-moderate-low risk investments into a subgrouping of expected timed returns. I lived in a small apartment in Chestnut Hill just outside of Boston, not needing or desiring a roommate. Therefore, I was the only person knowledgeable of my investment package computer models, which I jealously guarded. It is important to note that investing money is quite similar to gambling and can definitely spiral out of control if you’re not careful.

I graduated Cum Laude in my MBA class and decided to return to the “General area of my youth.” My final decision was to relocate to Tybee Island, GA, after graduation, where I currently reside. In my fourth year studying for my MBA, I designed the “Mother Lode” investment package. I was then financially set for life, provided I am sensible in my spending.


After graduation, I immediately relocated to Tybee Island. I signed a six-month rental agreement on a quaint three-bedroom cottage. My immediate task was to decide on an area suited for permanent residence and then identify a property and/or structure to purchase for my business within a twenty to thirty-minute drive. I was being quite careful in my search, which required a few months to complete. Therefore, I extended my cottage lease for another six months, which really pleased the owner since few residents live year-round on Tybee. I could now focus solely on the business development component of my life.

The business location would initially be one level. However, local zoning rules allowed for adding a second level if desired. I would occupy the largest private office in the facility, including five smaller offices, a reception area, a well-appointed conference room, and a small canteen. If everything went according to my business plan, the second level would be fully completed in three years.

My business plan had the company owning the building and all contents, including computers, smartphones, and furniture. All electronic instruments were privately encrypted; therefore, downloads to any non-corporate-owned electronics were not allowed. The newly recruited “Investment Contractors” would walk in on the first day, only needing their brains to start working immediately. Each contractor was entitled to work for one year “Absolutely rent-free” while developing their client base and commission income positive flow. Once their commission income commenced from successful client investments, my company would bill them twenty-five percent of their commission income. The commission billing percentage would automatically decrease as their billings dollars grew. If the contractor(s) was intelligent and aggressive, they would be earning six figures within eighteen months, with absolutely “Zero” out-of-pocket business startup costs.

All was now according to plan with the türkçe bahis facility purchase and renovations to specifications. The search for contract workers could now commence.

Catherine (Cat) Jamieson was the first contract investment person on board at my company. She was a quiet, brilliant person who saw a newspaper ad on unique investment opportunities available for a contractor. After five minutes of interviewing Cat, it was readily apparent that her personality meshed beautifully with Rach’s. Cat agreed to a five-year contract working as an investment advisor. She also committed to working for the company as a part-time employee for ten hours each week. Cat wrote and maintained the company’s Contract Investor Procedures Manual. She was a “Whiz” at this type of documentation, which I could perform, but really detested doing it.

After a few weeks, two additional female and one male contractor were signed on with three-year contracts. They would have to attend a one-week operations training class taught by Cat. The company had space for another contractor, but that space was left open for a contractor to be hired later.

The company’s business was growing nicely, with Rach being in a very comfortable place now. She felt it was now time to bring on a full-time receptionist, the company’s first employee. She again asked Cat to assume the HR responsibilities for the one full-time employee.


Rach had never seriously dated anyone and only allowed a few kisses in her 26 years, which were quite bland, to be honest. Thoughts on her lack of romance and good friends were constantly zinging her on a subconscious level. Oh well, she thought, just place this item on the back burner again.

There was a noise in the lobby, which caught Rach’s attention once she released her mind from the subconscious level thoughts of romance. The company was not positioned for a walk-in business, and Rach had not yet placed the advertisement for a receptionist. She took a quick peek and noticed a relatively young-looking brown-skinned girl gazing wide-eyed around the office. She thought, oh well, Cat will buzz me if I am needed.

Cat stepped over, introducing herself, and asked, what do you need?

The girl responded nervously, oh, hi. I am Shels Jor Jor Jordan and lost. What are you guys doing here? Do you need anyone to work?

Cat smiling impishly, asked Shels, what can you do?

Shels, continuing to gaze “Wide-eyed” all about, replied, I can do whatever work you need me for!

Cat answered, we will soon hire a receptionist. However, we have not placed the ad yet.

Shels quickly said, I can do that cause I really need work.

Rach had become intrigued with this exchange between Cat and Shels, so she stepped out of her office and said, I will talk with her, Cat.

The two other female contractors smiled at the girl while the guy smirked, shaking his head negatively until Rach gave him a hard stare.

Rach took Shels to the conference room, gave her a bottle of water, and said, please tell me about yourself.

Shels replied, what do you want to know about me?

Rach said, to start with, your age, education, where you live, and why you are out on Tybee today?

Shels becoming teary-eyed, quiet for a moment, and then quickly stood, saying, I am leaving!

Rach asked, Why?

Shels began crying saying, she did not have a life or money, and she only had one friend from school. I am nineteen and only a senior in high school because I was very sick for a year. My good friend is also nineteen and poor, so almost everyone at school “Bullies us!” I also think my friend is hit by her folks at home.

Are you hungry, Shels? Shels excitedly shook her head yes!

Rach asked Cat to order four large Pizzas and Salads for güvenilir bahis siteleri everyone to share at lunch. She then returned her attention to Shels.

Shels continued, saying, my grades are bad, but I am not stupid. I am just so sick and tired of being poor, with everyone bullying and laughing at me. This place looked beautiful and friendly, so I just walked in for a bit of peace of mind. Cat was so friendly talking with me that I thought I would be happy working here. Everyone smiled at me, except for the man, who I think would treat me the same as the school bullies.

What is your friend’s name, and where is she now? Can you phone and ask her to come to our office here?

Her name is Ames, and I will call her, but I am lost and really do not know exactly where I am.

Okay, call her and tell her to take a taxi to this address, then I will pay the driver. You go into the restroom and wash your face and hands a bit, then come back to my office over there.

Cat walked over, asking, what is happening with the girl?

Rach replied, I am at a loss. However, I will get the last name for you to check with the school system. I will also try to learn more from Shels. However, I do know she has a close friend named Ames. I have asked Shels to phone Ames and tell her to take a taxi here. I do not know what is happening with this young girl, but I strongly feel that I should help her. Please keep an eye out for a taxi at the front and pay the driver, including a nice tip.

Shels comes to Rach’s office and looks a bit more settled. Rach said, Shels, I would like to help you and possibly your friend Ames. My company works in high-level finance, with the five of us having four or five-year university degrees. We are going to hire a receptionist for the phones and helping with other projects. This person does not need a university degree but does need good verbal and writing skills.

When will you and Ames graduate from high school? Are you passing all your subjects? Also, who do you live with? I know you were cutting school because of the teasing from other kids. However, I need you to be completely honest with me about everything. If you are honest with me, maybe I can help you and Ames.

While they ate pizza in her office, Rach learns that Shels is basically homeless and Ames lives with abusive relatives. She phones St John’s Church, asking if Pam is there. When Pam comes on the line, Rach tells her about Shels and Ames. Rach also tells Pam that she wants to help the two girls. She says, I know it is risky; however, I want to take them home with me tonight, ensuring they are safe.

Pam feels this could be a bit premature with Rach not really knowing both girls. She suggests that maybe Rach, Cat, and the two girls stay at the office tonight since there are two temporary living spaces upstairs. Pam adds that she should take the girls shopping for nice inexpensive school clothes in the morning and visit the school with them.

Rach said, that is a terrific suggestion, Pam. I will update you tomorrow after the school visit.

Cat agreed to stay overnight with Rach, and both girls were pleased being in a friendly place. Ames was a pale, freckled redhead while Shels had a cocoanut-brown skin color and long black hair. Otherwise, they were both slim in body size and similar in height. The upstairs sleeping area and bathroom had a few toiletries, beddings, and other needed items for an overnight stay, so the ladies were comfortable. The four of them really enjoyed dinner, watching a movie, and then relaxing upstairs before turning in for bed.

Rach is now lying in bed questioning herself for the umpteenth time, “What is the day in my life I became me?” She was now twenty-six years old, the owner of a flourishing investment business, and poised to buy a beautiful home near the beach.

“Yes!” Life Seemed Perfect For Rach!

“No!” Rach had a Major Secret. She was a Twenty-Six Year Old “Virgin!”

The Day In My Life I Became Me. Ch. 02. – Rachael Sees Light

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