The Invisible Woman

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Max eased herself into the soul saturating heat of her soaker tub, swirling the rose scented bubbles around her aching body. Laying back, she immersed her body fully, save for her face. She closed her eyes and let out a small moan of pleasure as she felt muscles start to loosen. She had gone hard at the gym, clinching a personal best for both squats and deadlifts.

Max lifted her left hand out of the tub and encircled the wineglass on the edge of the tub with her well-manicured fingers. She had earned this indulgence. She was proud of herself; Max had never been an athletic person until a few years ago when she joined a gym. She had started awkwardly with the usual runs on the treadmill and machine weights and had eventually developed enough confidence to tackle the free weights low and steady, she had gotten stronger. Her work outs now comprised of stairmaster and hill runs punctuated with powerlifting. Max looked down through the bubbles and glimpsed her thighs. Yes she was proud of how her body performed and of how it looked.

After draining her chianti she stood up and examined herself in the full length mirror. Her body was thick from her love of good food and wine and firm from her newfound passion for fitness. Not allowing herself to linger any longer she wrapped herself in a soft housecoat and started her nightly routine of creams and oils. Every inch of her flesh was left soft and hydrated. After all, her job involved looking after her clients skin, so she made sure she practiced what she preached.

As she sauntered dreamily into her bedroom, she realized her husband had come home. He stood with his back to the entrance removing his shirt. Max lifted a corner of her lips in an appreciative smile as she watched his unintentional strip show. He undid his belt and let his pants fall to the ground before turning and realizing he had an audience…

His expression, while slightly startled, was neutral and returned none of warmth Max had felt while watching him. Her heart sank.

“Hey, I didn’t realize you were there,” he said.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” she replied, no longer smiling. “How was your day? Were you guys busy?”

Geoff was a chef at a popular restaurant downtown.

“Ya,” he winced, stretching his back. Max couldn’t help but allow her eyes to caress his well defined legs. “You?” he asked as a courtesy.

“Was a good day. I hit a personal best at the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri gym,” she said, allowing a little enthusiasm to enter her voice.

“Nice. Good for you,” he replied, without any real interest.

He had already pulled out his phone and started his nightly ritual of scrolling through social media and sports highlights. He climbed into bed as she set about getting dressed.

Opening her drawer she decided to put on a lacy plum nighty. She was feeling sexy and hoping maybe he would notice her. Even for just a few minutes. Dropping her robe she glanced over her bare shoulder. Nothing. She may as well not even be there. She pulled the nighty on and felt her nipples harden under the fabric. What was it about lace that did that to her?

“I did 3 sets of 6 squats at 225 lbs today,” she said as an attempt to continue the conversation and regain his attention.

He glanced up, “That’s really great. I know you’ve been working hard.”

He threw a small, neutral glance at her body before looking back at his phone.

“Ya,” she said quietly, “I really have.”

Not that he noticed. In fact it had been a long time since he’d noticed her. One of the reasons she had started at the gym in the first place was because he had stopped pursuing her sexually. It had dwindled slowly at first. What had once been an amazing, passionate sex life filled with experimentation and lust, became boring and mundane and then just nothing. Complete and utter nothing. Once every couple of months she would initiate something, thinking that if she just got the ball rolling he’d be into it. They would have awkward, to the point sex with just a pinch of standard foreplay but he never seemed all that into it. In fact, sometimes he wouldn’t even orgasm and she was left to feel embarrassed and foolish.

Afterwards, she always felt undesirable and unloved, so she wouldn’t try again for awhile. Occasionally he’d feel up for it in the middle of the night and he would, under the cloak of darkness, just go right for it. Not even kissing her, touching her as little as possible.

The reality was, for whatever reason, her husband was no longer sexually attracted to her. Furthermore, he seemed to enjoy her company less and less in all aspects.

She sunk onto her side of the bed and turned off her lamp, her eyes moist with tears that she didn’t need him seeing. His pity and her begging güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri him to want her was just far too pathetic.

He put down his phone and lay his hand about an inch from her ribcage. Close enough to feel his heat but not touching. Never touching. Her skin thrummed with electricity, the proximity of his hand sending a silent current through her, making her ache in areas the gym couldn’t be responsible for. It was hours before a fitful sleep came to her.


As she walked into the bedroom Geoff was undressing. He turns and sees her, his eyes dancing with warmth. He smiles and walks over to offer her his lips in a gentle, tender kiss. He looks down into her eyes and asks about her day. While she tells him, he gently tugs the rope of her robe and in one smooth motion releases it, exposing her ample breasts her nipples hardening on contact with the air. His hand circles around her back, trailing light fingertips from her rib to her hip. His other hand goes to her other hip and tickles its way playfully down to her outer thigh. His look intensifies and he steps closer, pressing her against a dresser. His right hand snakes up her spine and pulls her robe off all together. He turns her deftly and spanks her ass once, quickly releasing a guttural groan of appreciation for the way it bounces. His hands trail up her back and neck, snaking fingers into her hair.

Whipping her head to the side, he kisses her neck with hot, insistent lips. She purrs as he presses his lips into her shoulder and licks his way up to her ear lobe. Taking it gently into his mouth he sucks it tenderly before giving it a quick nip. He becomes more fervent nibbling her neck, ear and shoulder; peppering her with amazing sensations that set her skin on fire. He reaches around and starts massaging her breast. Working the flesh, he shudders behind her.

“You are so hot,” he says breathily, as he tweaks her nipple hard.

She feels herself aching at his touch. He turns her around and lifts her onto the dresser in one fluid movement. He stands close, pressing his erection against her open thighs, letting her feel it twitch in anticipation against her clit. He kisses her hard and deep.

He grabs a fistful of her hair, kissing her as though he needs it to live. He releases her suddenly. Breathing hard, he steps back and looks her up and down, a thirst in his eyes. Max’s chest güvenilir bahis şirketleri is heaving as he lowers his head and starts an assault of soft hot kisses on her clavicle, leading to her breast. He kisses around her areola before settles in the center, gently tugging and nibbling, massaging the other breast with his hand. She whimpers, her whole body is writhing.

“Please,” she begs.

He looks up at her playfully and releases her breast. As he starts to explore and knead her flesh, his hands gliding all the way down, he groans hungrily.

“Holy fuck, you’re so wet,” he moans.

“I need you,” she begged.

He circled her clit a few times with his fingers, easily sliding a finger into her opening. She almost comes undone right there and greedily presses herself downwards onto his slick digit. After a few hard thrusts he pulls his finger away and gently, teasingly, circles her clit once more, making her whimper miserably.

Geoff steps between her legs and presses the head of his cock into her greedy slit. He takes his time entering her, one inch at a time, groaning as he goes. Once all the way in, he grabs her firm round cheeks and holds her still so she can’t pick up the pace. Despite her desperate attempts, she is stuck, moaning pathetically, able to feel all of him throbbing inside her but unable to move. He gently rocks his hips, sending her into a fervor. He pulls out slowly and continues his slow torturous onslaught for what feels like eternity until she’s screaming, begging him to fuck her harder and let her cum.

Slow and steady, Geoff fucked her until, unable to control himself, he starts sliding in and out faster and harder. He bites her neck and breasts fiercely, slamming himself into her as the heat of the climax starts to build deep inside her

Geoff stops suddenly, flipping her over and bending her over the dresser. He grabs a fistful of her hair with one hand and using the other hand, spanks her with a few hard, quick cracks.. He then slams his hips into her, taking her body forcefully, and she is done. Screaming as his cock hits her in that perfect spot over and over, his balls slap noisily against her throbbing clit. Heat builds and builds until he shouts out an unintelligible, primal scream. releasing himself deep inside her ,his seed plashing into her, she cums. Hard.

Shaking violently, Max collapses onto the dresser. She can still feel him spurting inside as he manages a few more greedy thrusts and she cums again.

Max wakes up right in the middle of an earth shattering orgasm breathing hard and as she rides through the very real spasms. She looks to Geoff’s sleeping form and wonders if she’ll ever be able to have even a little of her fantasy in real life.

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