The Mother-In-Law Ch. 04

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Alexis Fawx

Writer’s Note: This is a story for adults over eighteen years of age about adults over eighteen years of age. While the story line is true the dialog has been compressed for the sake of time and space. Safe sex was not an issue in the early seventies but should be a concern for everyone today.


After a playful shower my former mother-in-law, Marie, and I threw on a few clothes then ate a late lunch on the patio. The orange trees surrounding my house were in full bloom and put off a wonderfully sweet aroma.

Marie talked about Marlene, her daughter and my former wife, and how she had changed since she remarried; it was obvious that she and her daughter had been having conversations about the sexual liaisons we had experienced during our six years of marriage.

“Did you know Mike was her first lover?”

“Yes, that was one of the stories she shared with me when we were first married. She also told me about getting rubbers from one of the stores when her Daddy wasn’t looking.”

I chuckled then added, “I guess she had been had been watching you and John and decided to give it a try; obliviously you taught her well.” I chuckled more as she smacked my arm. “She also told me about you finding her rubbers too.”

“I did; I was really upset with her too. She swore that she was not having sex that she only wanted to see what they looked like because the girls at school were talking about them.”

After a short pause she changed the subject.

“I was upset with her for letting you leave that last night after she told you about wanting a divorce. I wanted you to stay for the weekend; I was planning on taking you down to the basement so you could help me label the new canning jars.” She gave me a coy smile then leaned over and gave me a kiss.

Then she added, “We heard you didn’t go straight home that night.” I knew my secret was out. “Debbie told us you stopped by to see her then she finally admitted that you spent the night.”

I changed the subject because I had gotten together with Debbie, my former sister-in-law and Marie’s daughter-in-law, several times and didn’t want to cause family friction.

“Oh, I finally got the pictures back I made of you and Marlene; let me get them.”

There were two dozen prints I had gotten a friend to process; they were all beautiful black and white, very tastefully done nude prints of my wife and mother-in-law. My favorite was of Marie sitting at a vanity brushing her hair; it was so detailed the pleasure bumps on her areola were clearly visible. Another favorite was one of Marie and Marlene standing, leaning against each other, their shoulder touching, and their arms folded beneath their breasts, their nipples clearly distended.

Marie said after going over all of them, “I hope you limit who gets to see them if you hang them up with the others; I like the thought of you seeing me nude every day but I really don’t want everyone to see me nude.”

She was referring to the montage of nude photos of Marlene hanging in the hall way outside the master bedroom; neither Marlene nor Marie could take them home where their husbands would see them so I got keep them.

Marie brought up another topic we had talked about earlier, “Are you going to invite one of your friends over while I’m here?”

“Are you sure you are ready for that; two guys at the same time?”

“Do you have someone in mind that you and Marlene have been with?”

Sometimes I wondered if Marie was trying to compete with her daughter; she seemed to delight in the fact that they had already shared the long time family insurance salesman and her son-in-law.

“Yes, he and his wife were the first couple with whom we shared partners. I have no doubt that Marlene would rate him highly as a possible lover for you. Do you want me to call him?”

She nodded “yes”. I picked up the phone and dialed our friend, Paul.

Paul’s wife, Megan, was away at a conference so he was home alone; he trusted me and didn’t ask any questions about the invitation. He agreed to come by.

“Tell me about him.” Marie said.

Paul was about six feet tall, a good looking guy of Mediterranean descent with black curly hair, blue eyes, and olive complexion. But, that was not what I told Marie.

“Just trust me; you will like him. I’m not going to say anything to him about why he was invited; just let things develop as they may. If you change your mind just tell us and it will not go any further.”

Paul arrived just as he said he would and brought with him several bottles of Chianti and several new record albums; one was a new Chicago album.

Paul’s immediate response on seeing Marie was, “Oh my god, you have to be Marlene’s sister,” he paused, “but I’m certain she does not have a sister.”

When I introduced Marie as Marlene’s mother he was still skeptical. We poured wine and sat on a cozy sofa in the den listening to Paul’s new music. When the song, Color my World began to play Paul asked Marie to güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri dance with him; she readily agreed.

He pulled her into his arms instead of using the traditional dance stance with arms extended and Marie responded by wrapping her arms around his neck. Half way through the two and a half minute song Paul’s hands dropped from the small of her back to the firm, round cheeks of Marie’s lovely ass; she ran her hands up his neck and entangled her fingers in his hair.

The next song also had a slow beat but the couple dancing no longer moved their feet; they swayed to the slow sound with their bodies grinding against each other. Paul’s hand moved from the firm, round cheeks of Marie’s lovely ass to the full, round mounds of her breasts.

She pressed her hips against his lean body. I had no doubt that she was already feeling what her daughter had on several occasions described as a “well endowed delight” even though he was really only an inch longer, not counting the protruding foreskin, and only slightly larger in girth than my cock; at least that was the results our wives had gotten one night when they decided to measure our cocks.

Paul’s hands unbuttoned Marie’s blouse as they kissed each other passionately. I decided to join my mother-in-law in her new adventure. I moved behind her, raised her short skirt up to her hips, and ran my hands over the white porcelain skin exposed by her new French cut panties. I pressed my loins against her sweet ass in rhythm to their swaying; my hands moved slowly up and down her hips and thighs as I pressed against her firm mounds of flesh.

Marie’s blouse was open and Paul’s hands lifted her bra above her full, round breasts; he lowered his head to kiss her nipples. Her chest heaved to supply the needed oxygen rich blood to her brain while at the same time pumping fresh blood to her dilating vulva.

In one smooth motion Marie’s unbuttoned blouse and unfastened bra fell to the floor leaving her completely bare from the waist up. She reached to unbutton Paul’s shirt completely comfortable with being exposed to two men for the very first time; one being a complete stranger.

I lifted my shirt over my head as Paul’s shirt fell to the floor. We immediately pulled Marie to us and began devouring each of her breasts; a deep sigh escaped her lips as her hands reached out to the front of our trousers and unfasten our zippers. I felt her hand inside my pants reaching for my swelling cock; just as her left hand pulled my cock into the open her right hand pulled Paul’s swollen cock into the open.

The look on her face clearly showed both surprise and admiration for the already engorged cocks in her hands. We took a break from her heaving breasts to enjoy the sight of my beautiful mother-in-law standing in the middle of the room holding two erect cocks, one in each hand.

“Marlene told me it was empowering to hold two hard men in your hands at the same time; she was certainly right.” Marie said as she smiled at her achievement and moved her hands slowly back and forth on our hard cocks.

After a few minutes of playing with our hard cocks Marie sat down on the edge of the sofa and took turns covering each one with kisses; after each cock was covered with kisses she took turns taking each one into her warm mouth as deeply as possible. She tried Paul’s uncircumcised cock both covered and uncovered. With each attempt she gently tugged until our cocks were almost head to head; she looked up for our reaction to having our cocks so close together then slipped both into her mouth.

Paul and I had been in this situation several times with our wives and did not mind that our cocks got close together or touched while double penetrating our wives orally or even vaginally. Yes, we had double penetrated our wives vaginally; Paul’s wife, Megan, could easily take two cocks vaginally, maybe because she had birthed two children, but Marlene had found it uncomfortable.

After several minutes of experiencing Marie’s oral talents I told Paul, “You really should go down on her; she is unbelievably delicious and unbelievably beautiful.”

Paul held out his hand to lift her off the sofa. I unfastened her skirt and held it for her to step out of then Paul joined me to cover her torso and thighs with kisses. We slowly lowered her light blue, French cut, panties over her full, round hips, lovely firm ass then down her long shapely legs.

You could clearly see the amazement on his face at seeing her beautiful cunt for the first time. He toyed and played with her large, exposed labia and kissed and licked every square centimeter of her delicious, glistening, juicy cunt; while Paul demonstrated his oral talents on Marie, she demonstrated her oral talents on me.

It wasn’t long before she began moving her hips, slowly at first, then faster as her need to release her sexual energy increased. As Paul brought her to a very animated orgasm, somewhat muffled by my cock güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri in her mouth, I plucked and pinched her nipples; like her daughter, she always loved having her nipples stimulated.

After it was over Marie told us, “Every time I think I have experienced the most amazing orgasm ever the next one takes me even beyond the previous one. One day I expect to have an orgasm so intense that I will just explode into a billion small particles.”

Marie sat between us on the sofa as we laughed and drank more wine while we waited for her to recuperate from her orgasm.

“Will tells me the two of you have had sex with my daughter at the same time.” Marie said.

I was surprised that she was able to bring up the topic so quickly or even at all but she was quickly becoming more interested in her sexuality and exploring where it might take her. She had gone from a faithful, pillar of the church and community, wife and mother to a wanton woman desperate to experience a variety of sexual pleasures in a matter of months.

“Yes we have; and with my wife too. Is that something you are interested in trying.” Paul replied.

“I would but I should tell both of you that I am both very excited about the possibility and rather nervous, maybe a little scared, at the same time.” She added.

Paul and I assured her with tenderness and lots of kisses that she would be fine.

Marie reached out and wrapped her hand around Paul’s cock, “If you don’t mind I would love to try this on before we get too far along.”

“I would be honored for you to try it out.” Paul said.

Marie stretched out on the sofa with her head in my lap; I was close enough to watch as she guided his Impressive cock toward the thick patch of hair and into the open, moist lips between her splayed legs. One leg was up on the back of the sofa and the other one open enough for her foot to rest on the floor.

Paul fit perfectly in her saddle; he grasped her hips and repeatedly slammed into her with a force that caused her to emit loud yelps and groans. I held her full breasts in my hands to keep them from shaking violently; with each thrust his cod sack smacked against the soft cushions of her ass.


After a short time Marie grunted, “Wait! Let me turn over.” She said gasping for breath.

Once she was on her knees with her beautiful ass open and high in the air she rested her upper torso on the sofa and extended her arms against the arms of the sofa to give her leverage. Paul again took hold of her hips and began his long powerful thrusts into the depths of my mother-in-law’s hot cunt. I stood beside her for several minutes watching the large, glistening mass move in and out of her wet cunt before taking a seat on the coffee table beside them.

On several occasions Marlene and I had talked with Paul and Megan about how much we loved watching our spouses being fucked by someone else, especially a good friend; we agreed that we were all consummate voyeurs. Marlene and I had on several occasions watched her Mother get fucked by her father from the shadows of the bathroom which adjoined two of bed rooms in their home; now I had a ring side seat to watch Marie get fucked by our good friend Paul. I wished Marlene could have been there to watch the event with me.

Minutes later Marie’s body began to tremble, she stretched her body out like a cat after a nap, her fists clenched, and the primal sounds that emanated from her throat sounded like a crosscut saw cutting a log; she gasped for breath then sighed a long sigh.

Marie was glowing from her fuck with Paul. Paul and I watched with amazement as she walked down the hall to the bathroom; her hips and sweet cheeks seemed to float in unison and she moved. We smiled at each other then heard the whizzing sound as she began to void her bladder.

When she returned she had a big grin on her face, “So are you ready to teach me the ropes of this two guy thing?”

“We are ready.” Paul told her. “Since you are familiar with the equipment do you have a preference for which one goes where?”

“Well, I a wonderful anal workout with Will this morning so if you would like to give that a try that will be fine; just go slow to start.”

Paul gave her a kiss saying, “I certainly will.”

I threw a thick comforter over the heavy, ship’s hatch, coffee table I had been sitting on watching my mother-in-law get fucked by my friend; that gave us room to move and the strength to keep us from sagging down like the sofa. Marie straddled me and guided my cock into the heat of her cunt; she was still soaking wet.

“Would you like for me to try joining Will in your vagina before I try your sweet bottom?”

“Sure, but be careful; I’m not sure I can stretch that much.”

I felt the head of Paul’s cock along the base of my cock as he tried to align it along the softer underside of my shaft. We had done this several times with his wife and knew how to proceed güvenilir bahis şirketleri in order to give her maximum pleasure.

I watched the expression on Marie’s face as I felt Paul’s slow push along the length of my shaft; it was certainly a snug fit but Marie’s face did not show any displeasure, certainly not pain.

“Oh my goodness; I didn’t think you could get all the way in; it feels wonderful.” She slowly purred as she squeezed us with her sphincter muscles.

Paul held onto her hips while I began slow, short strokes with my cock. Marie’s beautiful tits covered my face and swayed back and forth; my tongue licked her nipples as each one passed over my face. I stopped my strokes and let Paul take a turn before we both began to move in and out of her tight slick cunt; Marie loved it. She moved her hand between us and found her clit, as we continued our strokes Marie’s fingers worked feverishly over her long sheath; several times she moved her fingers to my mouth to wet them.

She came with a scream and quickly requested, “Please Paul, pull out!”

When Paul did as requested a gush of air also exited her pussy and made that pussy fart sound to expel excess air. Marie was embarrassed. She sat up straight on my cock and fluffed her hair with her fingers. She took a deep breath then reached out for Paul’s still very hard cock. She gave it a pat on the head like it was a puppy dog then leaned over and gave it a kiss.

“I don’t know if my poor muffin will ever be the same.”

I reached up and gently pinched her nipples then told her, “Squeeze my cock with it.”

With a good portion of Paul’s cock in her mouth I felt her muscles gently squeeze my cock several times; she obviously had excellent recuperative powers.

With a hard cock in her mouth and me pinching her nipples she quickly began a slow grinding motion with her hips.

“I’m ready to try the other way now if you will hand me that tube of lubricant please.” She told Paul.

Paul did as requested and Marie pushed back his foreskin then covered the shinny purple head of his cock and its long hard shaft. As she had done with me early that morning she put a dab of lube on his finger; Paul knew exactly where it was to go.

Marie leaned forward her full round tits again rolling over my face. Again I felt Paul’s cock near the base of my cock and cod sack; Marie grimaced slightly as he pushed the large head into her tight, rear orifice. I felt the length of his cock slide along the length of my cock with only a thin membrane separating them. Marie was more relaxed and we quickly picked up a fast rhythm with alternating strokes. I felt Paul’s cod sack smack against mine; he created another smacking sound as his body slammed against Marie’s flanks.

Marie was primed and ready to explode; she grunted, moaned, and cried as we continually pounded her delicious cunt and tight, sweet ass. I squeezed her bouncing tits and bit her rock hard nipples. Paul smacked the cheeks of her ass with his hand as he slammed into her ass.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” She screamed as the torture continued until she went limp and fell on my body gasping for breath. I wasn’t sure about Paul but somewhere toward the end I dumped my load into the already sopping wet tunnel. When Paul moved off the table I could clearly see his cock was also covered with a slimy, white cream; long streamers of the creamy liquid fell from his foreskin slid to the floor.

When Marie moved away from the table there was a cream pie that fell from her swollen labia and onto the inside of her thigh. She quickly moved to recover her panties and pulled them up her long, shapely legs; like mother like daughter. Marie scooped up the cream pie slowly moving down her thigh with a finger then wiped it on her panties. Marlene had obviously told her mother how she loved feeling semen ooze into her panties and dry

As Marie tried to collect herself she commented, “I think every cell in my body may have short circuited. You guys did a wonderful job; thank you Will for helping to put this together and thank you both for giving me a memory to last me for a life time.”

Paul mentioned, “My wife is going to be upset that she was left out. I hope the four of us can get together sometime.”

Marie smiled, “That would be wonderful.”

After Paul left Marie and I sat up late and talked about her new experience and other experiences she wanted to have; she told me she really like to meet Megan sometime. I assured her I would get with them and plan something soon.

She surprised me with, “Sometime I want to pick up a complete stranger in a bar; maybe even a married man and have a one night stand in a cheap motel.”

We both laughed then she reminded me that she would need to leave early in the morning to make it home in time to get ready for Sunday Mass.

The following weekend I was sitting on the patio early one Saturday morning reading the newspaper and drinking coffee when I was interrupted by the phone ringing. When I answered it I immediately recognized my mother-in-law’s voice. She used to call me from a pay phone so the call would not be on the family bill but since moving her husband into a nursing home she no longer worried about that.

“When are you going to come see me again?” I asked her.

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