The Portuguese Girl

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Summer’s day various friends join together to go to the beach. There we would find another group. surprise was than in that group there was a new girl. We were eight guys and she only girl, it was clear she was the center of attention.

Her name was María, and she was Portuguese, but she was speaking very well, but with accent. At the zone where I live the Portuguese girls they have the reputation of horny, more legend that other thing. But María was evidently a little whore.

She was tiny heigh, 5 feet and 90 Lbs, but he was having very good figure just like of sandglass, and a teats than for the form were clearly of silicone. Its were not excessively big, but in that so small body were calling attention very much. She was wearing a very small black bikini, but when she was turning around, disclosed than was a tanga. He was the first girl that I was seeing that the small size bikini in the beach and the truth is that she could use because was a hard bubbled ass .

But when they introduced her to me, I disliked her . She was seeming like the typical little pretty girl with the empty-headed. Anyway I was not having nothing that to do. I know what I am . I do not have success with the women. I am not good-looking, neither rich, neither I have a sweeping personality. I was sick and tired of listening” … you are very good and very nice, and if I not be madly in love of this son of a bitch that he treats me like a shit, your will be my ideal man. As soon as I prefer that we be friends … although the truth is that I do not want to return to see you never again …” You know of it I talk to you. Truth?. In order to behave like a cockerel, than was what they were doing all my friends, I no me to get nothing.

We were sitting in the sand, talking about nonsense when María requested me that apply cream. All boys got mixed-up, giggles and remarks. María lay down face down leaving to the sight her buttocks with the strip of the tanga splitting it in half. The sunlight was doing than show up a lightweight white fuzz on her tawny skin. Wanting to amass that ass strongly, to lick and biting it softly. But, Why had she requested me it to me? There were four boys more near. It was clear she wanted to make fun of me. Another girls had tried the same type of cruel joke. Look idiot, what never you will have

I denied dryly, not even take the trouble in giving an excuse. She seemed disappointed, but I was passing a run of bad luck and the last thing that I was needing was to be a presumptuous girl’s clown.

In güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the evening we existed to a locale out in the open. After a while to be there María appeared with a too elegant night-dress for that place. It was clear the girl liked attract the attention. The dress adjusted perfectly to her body, divining all that was under the black silk. The truth is that she was very attractive.

She I do not delay very much in coming near, passing among my friend and I, she did not lose a chance for rubbing her body with me, while faced to me with a smile. And passed again to the few minutes in the reverse direction repeating same look. Next, she placed to my side and remained listening to conversation as it were the more interesting on the world. After a while she asked me with that so smooth-tongued accent for to taste it some that my goblet allow. I gave its to her entire and separate me of all the people, I got over to a backwater. That girl had me confused. When I was turning to say my friends that I will go to home I encounter with her.

– Hey, What Happens with you?

She gave me a kiss in the mouth for all answer, a very soft kiss, almost rubbed my lips. When separating us she whispered me – Let’s Go To my apartment.

We went up the stairs kissing and engaging in caressing. Once inside said to me that I should sit in the sofa and she began to undress of sensual way. Doing me suffering why I was desiring to see her undress . The dress fell to the ground letting to see a black lingerie with gray embroideries. Her teats were overflowing the bra and the tanga was marking the the form of her hips and her little. She Was Contorting and twisting like a cat in rut, while, I also had taken off the T-shirt and the shoes.

She took off her brassiere and at last I could see those perfect hooters, with the dark and thick nipple. The sensuality of the moment faded away when she tripped when she was taken off the small size pant and almost breaks her head in a table’s corner.

I picked her up of the ground and take her in arms to the bedroom, without stopping to laugh.

– Now let to me – I said

I seated in the bed’s border and she sat on my legs. I began to kiss the neck while touched softly her belly. I went rising even to catch her teats, caressing, pressing and pinching softly the nipples. I separated her legs and began to touch softly the inside of the thighs. I was knowing that she was looking forward that I touch her little vagina, but güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I was wanting to desire it in reality, that all her attention focus in her hairy vagina. Every time that my hands were rising they were getting more close to their groins, but without arriving to touch it, each time a bit more near. When at last I caught her vagina she was all wet and the vaginal lips were swollen and very hot. She shook up to the contact of my fingers and moaned sweetly, next turned to kiss me in the mouth. My left hand went back to rise to caress its breast, but the right hand stayed where it was to do a fine job.

I separated to her vaginal labia and look for the entrance of her vagina that was oozing juices, moving fingertips in circles on her fleshy pleats. Next, with the fingers spread with hers fluids, draw the fat clitoris from its hood and I caressed it to carry her a so loud orgasm that she had little convulsions that they shook up all her body.

He was beaten for the orgasm and I leant her in bed.

– I have not finished – I said

Look for her teats and I amassed its strongly. I went over its making spirals with my finger’s tip from the bases to the hard nipples; That first I kissed and next was sucking its alternatively, softly and next with more force, hitting its with my tongue or pressing against the palate, finally I bit softly and pull its.

When her nipples were completely excited and covered for my saliva. I blew over its doing than she close the eyes and bite herself the underlip, of pleasure. Little by little I descended for her belly standing up around her navel and licking the sweat drops, to continue going down to her swollen vagina , red and supersensitive after the previous orgasm .

With the tongue’s tip I did Arabesque in the inside of her thighs, later I separated her vaginal lips and I sipped her clitoris strongly, licking over and over again while I introduced two fingers on her vagina and was looking for her G point. But as soon as she calmed down a little, she did than I lie face upwards in the bed and she got straddled on me.

– Now is my time.- she Said To with a smile and she was left to fall flat on my penis penetrating herself to the underside while was sighing with closed eyes. María was quiet a moment, enjoying, before beginning to move up and down, beginning slowly and later she went picking up speed. Moving the hips ahead and behind to rub her clitoris agin my pubis. While I touched softly her belly, amassing her güvenilir bahis şirketleri teats or pressing with fingers in that firm and round ass. She was answering my caresses arching to the back, tense like a cord or collapsing on my chest, looked for my mouth like desperate.

He was riding me during almost half hour, slowly but with intensity. Stopping every time that was sensing that I was ready to ejaculating, until she let that I explode in her inside. He persisted moving with the vagina inundated of milk of male, until just after she also had her orgasm screaming savagely. Leant over me and began to move hips in circles with my penis even well nailed. She kissed me softly in the mouth and was whispered thing in Portuguese language that I was not understanding . She was pursuing the latter whisks of the tail of a so strong orgasm that even was doing than her vagina contract over my penis, as if she milk me. Both were exhausted and falling asleep dirty and sweaty.

Already it was breaking the day when María woke me up sucking my penis. She was doing it like a puppy, licking the glans and trying to get stung all of the trunk in the throat to the balls, to next take it out completely and masturbating me while she looked me in the eye with a smile of desire. Next she was sucking my glans covering it completely with her lips or t was exceeding the tongue´s tip for the base of the glans’s crown, doing that I shake of pleasure. The saliva mixed with my liquid pre-seminal leaked out for the mouth’s commissures, forming a thick white dribble that was draining for her chin. She began to pick up that dribble and use my penis to spread it to her face. It was clear she was enjoying suck so much like I.

Next was placed on hands and knees, quarrel to the bed head , begging that I fuck her. Her vagina was all wet and that posture was left to the uncovered the anus. I approximated by the rear and I began to pass my glans for the vagina’s slit, that it was opening hungry. I clutched her for the hips and I went penetrating her slowly. Feeling as her vagina was opening easily. My hands began to caress all her body. The back, her teats, her buttocks. The rhythm of my attacks was going growing and she was beginning to lose control, screaming in a mixture of idioms. With the left hand I began to touch her clitoris softly, while i was licking the fingers of the right hand, to caress her anus; making circles on it and pressing lightly, but without inserting the fingers in her anus.

She had an orgasm that did that she collapse on the pillow, but I not yet had finished and continued pumping with the same rhythm. She entered in another large wave of orgasms, pegging the fingers in the sheets and biting the pillow. Until I ejaculate again into her vagina. Both be completely satisfied and lay on the bed, smiling like fools

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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