The Reenactment Ch. 02

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I didn’t see or talk to Sarah for over two months after that party, and the long silence only exacerbated the anxiety I felt. My palms were already sweaty as I arrived at the restaurant for Emily’s 21st birthday with Sean once again in tow.

The couple of conversations I had with Emily since her party had assured me that she had no knowledge of anything occurring between Sarah and me, in fact she didn’t even seem to realize what an inspiring show she had put on for us. There was still a lingering worry that she could be hiding something, I had no idea what John may have remembered and shared, but it was unlike Emily not to want to discuss something as juicy as my hooking up with Sarah.

Everyone was already seated in a reserved section of the upscale Mexican restaurant where Emily was holding her party at. All together there seemed to be about fourteen people squished together. Emily got up to greet us, an oversized sombrero clownishly bobbling on top of her head.

I of course noticed Sarah instantaneously, she gave me a smile and wave, but stayed seated. She was wearing a stunning silver dress, with a plunging neckline, giving a generous view of her ample breasts.

I averted my eyes quickly saying hi to some of the other people I knew, including Jaime, who I hadn’t really thought of since that party. Her own beauty, and my ability to forget it, was evidence of my preoccupation with Sarah since that night.

She looked incredible in a turquoise halter top with a silver crucifix hanging from her neck. By tying her rich black hair back, she really opened up her elegant face, which blushed slightly when I smiled at her. Her eyes emerged from their long lashes to let me know that I hadn’t been forgotten.

Emily, the consummate matchmaker, created room for us to sit besides Jaime, which happened to be at the opposite end from where Sarah sat. I quickly became reacquainted with her, as we warmed up with a round of tequila shots and a couple of margaritas each. Everything came so natural with Jaime. The way she laughed, the way she smiled, the way she made me feel like the center of her attention even when she was conversing with someone else. She almost placed Sarah out of my mind.

Almost, as we got up to leave the restaurant I took advantage of Jaime’s trip to the restroom to finally talk with Sarah. I expected her to break off her chatter with her friend Nicole, but she simply folded me into it. It was as if nothing had happened, so following her cue I decided to let that story line die for the night.

When Jaime reappeared next to me from the bathroom, I switched all my attention back to her, drifting away from Sarah and Nicole as we left the restaurant heading up the street towards a bar, my hand lightly pressed against the small of her slender back, no confusion over who I was with.

At the bar, Emily continued her adopted Mexican theme with shots of tequila. With Emily this quickly turned into body shots as she hopped up onto the bar giving everybody a peek up her skirt as she did so. Not to my surprise it was evident with her knees spread that she was wearing nothing beneath her skirt, the small ring of her piercing catching my eye. In fact there’s no doubt in my mind that she would have fucked someone right then and there if a fellow exhibitionist had the nerve to initiate it.

A mental image of me carrying out that deed flashed through my mind, lowering myself between her inviting thighs, her skit hiked up over her waist, my hands freeing her creamy white voluptuous breast from the flimsy material barely containing them already, my mouth sucking in her large nipples as I thrust inbetween her spread thighs with a single powerful stroke, feeling the cool metallic ring tease the base of my cock as I pushed in all the way, her body arching up in reaction to the penetration Feeling my cock enlarge in reality, I snapped out of the sudden fantasy, averting my sight from the alluring scene before me.

Eric, Emily’s current fuck buddy, was the first to take a shot, licking salt off of her neck before inhaling the tequila from her belly button. Emily assisted him in removing the lime from her mouth by lifting her tongue into his. Everybody hooted and hollered during this, even people outside of our group focused upon the action on the bar. John did a shot next, sprinkling his salt on her upper breast, really eliciting a reaction from the crowd as he slowly licked it off.

But Sarah topped them both by taking the next shot. You could feel the eyes surrounding the bar intensify as the bartender poured the tequila into Emily’s belly button, splashing some onto her stomach as well, an excited smile on his face. Sarah hesitated, then provoked a series of male whoops by sprinkling salt onto Emily ‘s right thigh. Only a few specs of salt stayed on, but that didn’t matter as everyone cheered when Sarah stuck out her tongue and licked Emily’s tender flesh up to the hem of her short skit. Not hesitating she sucked the shot from Emily’s stomach, even, canlı bahis to the crowd’s delight, moving her lips over the bartender’s spilt drops. Emily rewarded Sarah, and every guy in the room, by grasping the back of Sarah’s head when she went to remove the lime from her mouth, drawing her into a fantasy kiss, each girl dramatically flicking their tongues at one another.

Everybody now drunk we left that bar for a club up only another block. Jaime placed her hand in mine as we left the bar, again everything between us in harmony as her delicate fingers slid in between my own.

In the club Jaime and I unconsciously drifted away from the group on the dance floor. The club was packed, bodies everywhere bumping and grinding against one another in rhythm with the thumping bass of the hip-hop beats. My left hand on her swaying hips I brought her body into me, her pelvis kneading in time with mine, as we smiled into each other’s eyes, her arms loosely hanging over my shoulders.

When the DJ transitioned into the next song Jaime turned around pressing her full, round ass into my crotch, rolling her hips seductively slow, then playfully fast as she bent over, eliminating any thought about the cross dangling from her neck. I held her hips tight as I attempted to match her pelvic gyrations. Unable, I simply enjoyed her skills until she finished with a slow roll straightening herself back up and flinging an arm back around my neck as I buried my head into her neck, giving that tasteful flesh a sucking kiss, my hands wrapping around her waist taking control of the pace, slowing it down to a gentle rocking.

We comfortably stayed in that position until the end of the song, when she switched back to our original position, no longer a playful look in her eye, but a lustful burning desire as her parted lips reached up and exchanged a tender peck with mine.

Emily broke the spell, as she came up behind me placing her arms around both of us as she teased, “look at you two lovebirds, thought you could sneak away,” From the glazed look in her eye I could tell that she was fully coked up in addition to the booze. She rubbed her body into my back, as Eric, no doubt equally high came behind Jaime. We smiled shaking our heads at one another as we broke our embrace.

Knowing Emily was trying to intimidate me with her aggressiveness, I refused to play the timid square, turning her body around, locking my hands onto her waist as I attempted to take full control of her. Semi-aroused I grinded roughly into her ass. Emily didn’t miss a beat, responding just as aggressively, banging her backside into me. She bounced me off of her with a violent move, both of us laughing as she faced me again. She wildly hooked her leg around my waist bringing our bodies fully together as we dry humped in the middle of the dance floor, sweat dripping from both of us. Emily could roll her body with the best of them. Thus, I was no longer semi-aroused, a condition Emily duely noted when she unhooked her leg, licked her lips, and mouthed, “just friends,” placing her hands fully on my bulge, giving it a squeeze for good measure.

I could only laugh as I felt another sweaty body hug me from behind, her evidently prominent tits smashing against my back. A hand reached around me and slapped my chest. Even before I pivoted my head to the side, I could smell Sarah’s ever present sweet aroma, which mixed with sweat, was pure sex. “Missed me stranger,” whispered Sarah into my ear. I looked forward to Emily, who smirking, nodded her head knowingly, but before I could think about it, both girls mashed their bodies into me. I simply went with it, enjoying the feel of two sexy women over my body.

Eric emerged behind Emily, cupping his hands lewdly over her breast. The four of us melded into one sweat drenched pulsating entity, before Emily turned from me and locked her lips onto Eric’s mouth, the two of them feasting on one another like they were all alone.

Before Sarah or I could react to our isolation, Jaime replaced Emily’s body in front of me. She still had that lustful look in her eye as she, completely ignoring Sarah, placed her hands behind my head and lowered it to her own, not a pleasant peck, like before, but a wet and urgent kiss, her tongue darted into my mouth, her body rubbing up against my aching crotch. I felt Sarah’s body fall away, but barely reacted to it, as I fully concentrated on greeting Jaime’s slippery tongue with my own. We finished the song locked together, bodies all around us dancing to the continuos beat.

When we finally emerged from the embrace, we found that we were once again all alone. I saw a few of the people from our group about twenty feet away. By now they had intermingled with the other dancers on the floor.

I noticed Sarah dancing somewhat closely with an attractive guy, the typical club goer, with spiked glistening hair and a cocky look in his eye. He was trying to close the gap between Sarah and him, but she kept pushing him back. Perhaps, thinking she was bahis siteleri toying with him, he made a bold move wrapping his arm around her drawing her in. Sarah erupted, fully shoving him off of her causing him to violently crash into the couple next to him. I could hear her over the music yell at him, “fuck off!”.

The guy regrouped himself and took a strong step towards her, looking like he was about to slap her. I quickly parted through the crowd, which was already turning in that direction, and stepped in front of Sarah, as he yelled a string of obscenities at her as the veins in his neck bulged with the strain of his words.

“Step back!” I shouted at him. I was a couple of inches taller than him, but he was slightly more built then me.

“Who, the fuck are you,” he questioned, now pointing an angry finger at me. The security guards arrived on the scene before I could answer him, two huge guys who grabbed each of us roughly.

Sarah, pleaded her case to the one holding me, “That pig over there grabbed me,” she angrily pointed out the other guy.

“That bitch is lying, I was just dancing with her,” he responded back, “and she flipped out,”.

“You were groping me,” she yelled back, the security guards fed up with both of them dragged us off of the dance floor.

The guys friends came grouped around him, as he tried to explain to the guard what happened. Sarah, was in tears, probably more from the adrenaline of the situation, than the actual incident. Nicole held her in her arms, as I tried to reason with the security guard, “Let me take her outside for some fresh air, she’ll be better, it wasn’t her fault, the guy grabbed her,”

“We can’t have fighting in the club,” barked the crew cut guard.

“I know, but she was just trying to protect herself,” I steadily answered.

My guard looked over at the other one, who was already leading the pissed off offender out of the club. “Okay, you can stay, but calm her down, I don’t want to see anymore bullshit, you hear me,” ordered the guard walking over to the other guards huddled by the door.

I stepped over to Sarah, her broke her embrace with Nicole and melted into my arms, tears still streaming down her face. I wiped them away, and tenderly swept her hair back off of her face, whispering comforting words into her ears, telling her it would be okay.

Jaime came up to us, and I explained what happened as she rubbed Sarah’s back, offering her own kind words to Sarah who tightly gripped my back. Jaime and Nicole coaxed her out of my arms and led her to the bathroom. She emerged with her make up redone, although the puffiness around her eyes betrayed her previous condition.

Jaime came up to me, sighed as I placed my arm around her and she nestled into my chest. “She just kept talking about how she wishes Nick were here. She misses him so much,” explained Jaime.

“I know,” I mindlessly answered, disturbed by the sudden jealousy I felt.

“You, should talk to her, you’re Nick’s best friend,” added Jaime, now combining guilt with the jealousy I already felt.

“It’s probably better if Nicole takes care of her, she knows what to say,” I replied, knowing in my heart that I relished the role of savior and protector, yet not wanting Jaime to get a hint of how much I really wanted to have Sarah into my arms.

Both of us glanced over at Sarah and Nicole sitting in the booth, I could tell that Nicole was having no success in cheering up Sarah, who was just staring blankly out onto the dance floor. It was about one o’clock, Emily and Eric were no where in sight, no doubt unable to control themselves any longer in public. Without the birthday girl our group had really fractured, I could only pick out about seven of them in the club.

“Look how miserable she looks,” pleaded Jaime.

“I guess I better see if she wants to talk,” I finally relented. Jaime looked up to me with a warm smile and gave me a quick peck. I wondered if she would have been so content if she knew the whole story. “I’ll take her outside to get some fresh air. Let Sean know I’ll be back,”.

“I will,” she replied, giving me a look full of admiration.

Sarah quickly agreed to go outside with me, grabbing her purse as if to say she had been waiting for me to take her home. Once outside, I placed my arm around her as she clung on to me. “Thanks, for protecting me in there,”.

“No problem, you know how I love playing the hero, plus I’m pretty sure I could have taken him in a fight,” I added trying to lighten the mood.

“I’m sure you could have,” responded Sarah pressing her body into mine, reacting seriously to what I had intended as a joke.

I didn’t want to stay out on the street, in case the guy and his friends were looking to continue what we had started, so I took her back to the small bar down the street we had originally been in. There was only about ten people still in the place. It was the type of bar where people started the night, not the kind you’d want to finish it in. Sarah picked bahis şirketleri out a booth towards the back, as I ordered a couple of drinks at the bar, the bartender giving me a smile and a nod, no doubt remembering Sarah from her earlier exhibition.

“Jaime said you were talking about Nick in the bathroom,” I started off, realizing it was the wrong opening question as she gave me a sudden frown, a hurt look in her eyes.

“Well, I couldn’t really talk about you,” boldly responded Sarah, not even attempting to dance around the issue.

“uh…” I couldn’t manage a response, completely thrown off by her comment.

“I’m sorry, I know you’re with Jaime, you guys make a cute couple,” she responded solemnly to my stuttering silence.

“Sarah…” I paused a second reformulating what I meant to say, “I’ve only thought about you since that night. I was looking forward to seeing you tonight, but you reacted like nothing had happened, so I thought…,”.

“The way I acted. You were the one who sat next to Jaime, so focused on her during dinner that you didn’t even looking at me,” Sarah cut me off, almost angrily accusing me.

It took me a second to reply, stunned by own misinterpretation, “ You’re my best friend’s girlfriend, what could I do in front of everyone,” I answered back trying to inflict some guilt on her side.

“That didn’t stop you before,“ responded Sarah, almost smiling afterwards as I think both of us immediately thought of John.

“Nothing could have stopped me that night,” I lightly answered back, the tension between us relieved by a hidden joke.

“It was fun,” replied Sarah, the words not important as the remembering smile on her face.

“The wildest sex I’ve ever had,”.

“The only sex I’ve had in the past six months,” she quietly noted giving me a lustful look, as I felt her foot reach onto my thigh seeking my lap.

Surprised, I shifted upwards stopping her petite foot with my hand, “You know I’m with Jaime,” I tried to remind her, unable to keep a straight face as I did so.

Sarah slid out of her seat and pushed in on my side of the table. I scooted away from her, but that only gave her more room to shift in, “I’ve replayed that night over and over again,” she whispered into my left ear, flicking it with the tip of her tongue.

“Just the thought of your thick dick makes me wet,” she added stroking my hardened cock through the material of my slacks. “You want to feel how wet it makes me,” she continued taking my hand and pushing it up her short dress and in between her smooth thighs. “Feel that,” she moaned in my ear as my fingers felt the moist insides of her pussy lips. She had no underwear on, and as I outlined her lips I also felt no hair. She theatrically gave a short breath as I continued to probe the outside of her slit.

“I’ve been waiting for you all night,” she gave me a throaty whisper. “I could barely stand to see you with her, I wanted to be the one in your arms, I wanted your hands on my body, your hips on my ass. Tell me you wanted me,” she finished sucking my left ear lobe.

I didn’t respond verbally, instead sliding my now slick index finger into her moist pussy, tickling her insides as she gasped for air, her hips squirming.

“But if you’re with Jaime,” she teased removing my hand from under her dress and sliding out of the booth walking to the girls bathroom only a couple of steps away. Possessed I quickly followed not even checking to see if anybody saw as I opened the door and stepped in, the tent of my pants leading the way. Jaime, Nick, were just names, as I took in the stunning sight of Sarah standing in front of me, her dress a heap on the floor below her.

“I thought that would be your answer,” she lustfully smiled, approaching me with deliberate steps, her high heels elongating her toned legs, her breast gently bouncing with each step. I removed my shirt as she strutted over to me, instinctively flexing my pecs when I finished. I reached back and locked the door to the small bathroom.

“Jesus! your so fucking gorgeous,” I mouthed, mostly to myself as I wrapped my arms around her, our lips coming together in a deep kiss, tongues aggressively kneading each other. I broke the kiss and whispered, “I love the way you taste”, as I buried my lips into her neck, the peach scent from her body mixing with the intoxicating herbal smell of her hair. She gasped as I sucked on her taut flesh, moving my lips from spot to spot along her elegant neck.

I lifted her up in my arms and pinned her against the wall. My lips moved down her neck to the top of her breast as I held her above me, her body like a feather in my feverish yearning. I ravished the soft flesh around her areola, brushing my lips across her nipples, which instantly hardened with the contact. I delayed full contact, resuming the care given to the lushish skin of her other breast, teasing the other nipple in the same manner.

“Stop teasing, and fuck me,” ordered Sarah making me realize the foolishness of the care I was taking. I was here to fuck Sarah, not make love to her. I responded by greedily engulfing her left nipple in my mouth, causing Sarah to gasp, as I gently bit it, stretching it with my lips as I pulled my head away.

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