The Sauna

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We arrive at the hotel eager to explore, Andrea & I drop off our bags in our room and locate the restaurant, bar and fitness room. A quick drink is needed so we take a seat at the bar. After three drinks we can feel the alcohol and I can tell you’re tipsy so we decide not to waste any more time and head for the pool.

You change into your small figure hugging bikini that leaves little to the imagination and we jump in. After a few lengths of the pool we find refuge in the whirlpool section, start cuddling and kissing. You wrap your legs around me and I imagine what’s behind that thin piece of cloth that’s now pressing tightly against my cock.

I look down at your tits nestling in your bikini top, moving with the water as it washes between them. I would like to let them free but I know your shy but know all the woman would be jealous and all the guys would go hard watching you. Your pussy is pressing against me making me hard and the thought of others getting turned on by seeing you starts to make me even harder.

You appear to know what’s happening in my trunks, smile at me and slide your tongue into my mouth. I can’t help thinking of you naked in the pool for others to enjoy or even offering yourself, I know your fantasies and two cocks is one of them.

We come to our senses, the drink, our body’s close to each other and our imaginations has taken the better of us. What to do next?

Walking past the pool we see signs for the sauna, Turkish bath and massage suite. We look at each other and head towards the sauna, the sign reads ‘swimwear to be worn at all times until 10pm when naked bathing is permitted’. Knowing how shy you are we agreed to visit the sauna now.

Walking into the wooden structure we are welcomed by a hot blast air, luckily it was empty and we sat down together. Both still horny from our pool fun we look at each other, you look at my bulging trunks and lick your lips. I notice the beads of water on your neck slowing rolling down between your breasts, down into your belly button then disappearing into your skimpy bottoms, I wish I was that drip running between your legs and between your lips.

We jump as the door opens, you close your legs a little as I do, and my hardness is almost poking out.

A couple of similar age walk in, we say hi and the sit down. We both try not to look at them but she has the smallest bikini I have ever seen and he the tightest shorts. I look at you and catch you looking at his shorts.

You whisper in my ear ‘my god, I can see the full outline of his cock’.

You like I say? Maybe and we both giggle.

I can’t help looking at her breasts, large and firm, the outline between her legs must mean she is shaven, her mound appears perfect. She lays down and we see her full outline, similar to yours which doesn’t help my already hard cock. She opens her legs, her bottoms strain to keep her modesty, as if answering my prayer one of her lips slips out, I was right she was shaven, soft and smooth, oh I want to touch. I look at you, you give me a gentle slap and a disapproving look.

I whisper, if you can look so can I!! This once we agree to let each other enjoy the view.

You again whisper ‘if you can see half her pussy I want to see half his cock’ I look at you, the shy girl now the dirty naughty one.

I ask to you what you would do if you saw it…. you run your tongue round your lips again and smile. I’m now fully hard and unknowingly have opened my legs, I notice she is looking at me smiling, her mouth slightly open, her legs open.

The guy says hi again and makes comment about the hotel and its facilities. They have been here before and said they always come in after 10 and would we be here later? Eager to answer you say maybe and lean forwards giving him a full view of your tits, I can see him looking and by the look in your face enjoy showing them to him, you tease. I bet he wants to fuck you as much as I do now.

I put my hand around you and feel your wet hot body, wondering if you are wet and want to guide his erection into your pussy, the way I feel I think I would guide it into you as you guided me into her. I look again at her pussy, wet and waiting to be filled hopefully by me.

We look again at each other and realise the time, we say our goodbyes and head to the room to prepare for dinner.

Back in the room you head to the shower, I watch you as you enter, I shout above the noise of the shower and ask if you want to go to the sauna after 10, your instant reply

‘No, I’m shy and güvenilir bahis not into that, it’s just a fantasy’.

I open the shower door, you are facing the wall with your arms above your head washing your hair. I run my hands up your side, over your tits, tummy and cup your pussy. You don’t stop me and I slide my finger between your lips, you are so wet, you move your bottom and I know what you want. I jokingly say I’m the guy from the sauna, your husband is in my room…

You say mmmmm I noticed your cock, why don’t slip those shorts down, I want to feel it behind me, I slide them down. Fuck me quick before my husband returns.

I knew we needed it fast and quick. You lean against me and I slide between your legs and strait inside you, my balls hitting your bottom as my shaft fills you.

I jokingly say what would your husband think, to my astonishment, I don’t care, I just want that cock in me, just fuck me, fuck me now.

As we fuck I run my hands through your hair tightening my hand each time, I start to pull your hair harder and you start to moan with pleasurable pain. I pull your hair so that your head goes back against my shoulder. You face the ceiling, your mouth wide open, I see your smooth neck move as you swallow and gulp for air. Each time I thrust myself into you I pull your hair back. I whisper in your ear that ever since I saw you in the sauna I wanted to fuck you, the mound under that small clothe between your legs is mine, it wants me in you, my juice to bathe your inner sanctum.

I pull one last time, within seconds my cum is inside you and my expert fingers have made you cum twice. We get dried, dressed then kiss but I sense you are still turned on and unsatisfied. I say did you like that strangers cock, yes I did you say, and the way he used it. I say again, want to go to the sauna at 10 hoping it might be a maybe, again the response it no.

I fantasise about her being worked on by another cock, watching it going in and out of her, watching what it was designed to do, to be opened, fucked and welcoming cocks into its depths, watching her bottom as it moved around it, her back arching, her face in pleasure and her tits moving in time. Her body is amazing, it was designed to be used and fucked repeatedly. I regain my thoughts and we go to eat.

Throughout the meal we talked about what we had done in the shower, what she had done with him. I knew it was you so it was ok to fantasise, you say as I order another bottle of wine. After a few more drinks I again say shall we go to the sauna, this time with a bit more hesitation you say, well maybe if I have a few more drinks but only to watch.

We settle down in the cocktail bar and order our drinks, we start kissing and from the corner of my eye I notice the couple from the sauna across the other side of the bar. I tell you and you say don’t look. Oh no, they are waving, we wave back and they start to walk over.

Hi there, we are off to the sauna soon, love to see you there, they say. You reply saying we are thinking of having an early night but might come for a short while.

We head to our room, I take out a bottle of champagne that I had hidden in my case and we start to drink. We start kissing and drinking, you look at me, are we both thinking the same thing, I say are you drunk? You reply a little and also a little inquisitive. I may be a bit drunk and would like to go to the sauna if ok with you. I ask why, well to be honest, his bulge was so big, I would like to see more and I know you would like to see more of her.

I pretend no but yes please I would, I would like to see both lips this time and maybe more. We agree to stay in our costume so only enjoy the view. I know you are turned on and I’m turned on thinking of you looking at another man’s cock. We get changed and head to the sauna…

We arrive just after 10pm, a few couples and singles wrapped in towels, we feel a bit let down as we are both feeling tipsy and a little naughty. We again get in the pool and watch others start taking their towels off and getting in the pool naked.

Some of the woman have great bodies, and know Andrea is staring at other men’s bodies. We look at each other and I slip my shorts off, feeling the cool water flowing against my cock and balls. You undo your top releasing your breasts, your nipples glistening against the water. I spy someone looking at them, I know he wants to touch, feel and suck them.

My cock starts to harden seeing your tits and imagining others wanting you, feeling them, sucking türkçe bahis them. Your hand grasps my cock and starts to wank me, I slide my hand down your bottoms and slide my finger over your clit, we are being watched and we stop.

Sauna time I ask as I replace my shorts, mmmmm yes I think so you reply as you replace your top.

We walk into the sauna, the couple still in their towels are sitting in the corner. She stands and lowers her towel revealing her full shapely breasts, the towel falls to her waist and then to the floor, her pussy is shaven as I thought, we both can’t take our eyes of her, she turns and bends forward revealing her curvy firm bottom and luscious pussy lips, it’s so wet and inviting, I wonder how many cocks have serviced her, if only, I think silently.

He then stands and removes his towel, I hear you gulp, I look and see you staring at his long shaft and large pink head. Its semi erect and I know you want to sample it. His wife lays on her back with her feet facing us, raises her knees and opens her legs, the lips of her pussy part revealing her inner sanctuary, dark, wet and appealing.

I put my arm around you then undo the bow holding your bikini top, you put your hand up to your tits in an effort to keep them covered and you look at me and let it drop. Your breast are revealed, wet from the sauna, shapely, full with large erect pink nipples.

Anyone would want them in their mouth feeling your nipples against their tongue. You place your arms behind you and lean back as if proud to show them, showing him off what you have. I’m sure you’re pointing them to him, turning him on and wanting him to take you, your sweet shop is open.

They ask if we would like to sit with them, we go over next to them, so difficult not to look at her wet body and his cock now semi erect between his legs. We are still in shorts and bikini bottoms, they look and ask if we are taking them off.

I want to, my cock is hard and I don’t mind her seeing. You hesitate so they offer us vodka shot, after three you stand up face the wall, wiggle from your bikini bottoms, you sit back down legs tightly shut. All four of us naked together, both our cocks getting harder, imagining what come next, are you both of you wet, horny and ready for our advance…am I dreaming?

You lay down and rest your head on my lap, your hair laying across my cock tickling it in an erotic way. You turn your head slightly and in a joking manner slide your tongue against my shaft, I look up, he noticed what you were doing and smiled at me, you continue not knowing you’re being watched.

Your legs slowly opening as you get more into it and forgetting they are there. The view of your tits, tummy, legs and shaven pussy are driving us wild. I push the head of my cock toward your mouth and you start to suck me, your tongue feels fantastic.

The guy moves closer for a better look and is right beside you but you still don’t know your being watched, caught up in the moment, a little drunk and very horny. He sits close to us, his cock now hard close to your face, he looks at me and I nod, I know you’ve always wanted two cocks, this is your moment. He pushes it toward your mouth, your eyes closed I move mine slightly and replaced with his.

You run your tongue along it still thinking its mine then take his head into your mouth, sucking it deep within you. You open your eyes and see both cocks in front of you, the cock you’ve fantasised about is deep in your mouth. You stop and look at me for approval, I nod and say suck him as if it’s was mine and I know you want it.

You run your tongue over his shaft, lick the slit on his tip then slide him deep into your mouth. He moves up and down as if to fuck your mouth, wrapping his hands with your hair and forcing you on to him.

I notice your legs are now wide open, your pussy wet and your lips apart. You’re open, ready for cock, body ready to do what it’s designed for, primeval and demanding something inside. Your back arches and I slide my hand over your wet face, neck, breasts, tummy and between your legs. I run my middle finger between your lips and brush your so sensitive clit.

His partner up until now just watching, kneels beside us, her wet body glistening in the light. Her large breast only inches from my mouth, she leans forward and takes both our cocks and starts to rub up and down and her hand feels so good. Leaning further forward she kisses your mouth, you respond by sliding your tongue into her. I can see them flicking back and forth, güvenilir bahis siteleri her saliva dripping into your mouth.

As she continues wanking us, he puts his hand into her bottom and I follow, her bottom soft and firm, I slide my hand round between her cheeks, I touch her anus and move towards her pussy. Rubbing it up and down over her clit then slide my finger inside, then a second finger. She feels amazing, if only my cock could be in there.

He lifts his head and moves round between now your wide open legs, he starts to gently slide his tongue over your lips and gently parting them with his tongue, tasting your juice that I have tasted so my times before. Your bottom starts to move every time he touches your clit, I watch wishing it was me.

I feel a warm wet mouth around me, I look down thinking you had me in your mouth, no she has it moving quickly up and down my shaft, I feel her tongue working on me, I squeeze her bottom, oh god it feels so good.

Your eyes are closed mouth open enjoying his tongue deep inside you. My whole length is in her mouth while you start licking my balls. I release precum into her mouth, she tastes then drips it into your open mouth and you swallow it down like a pro.

I look down at his head between your legs, his tongue licking over your lips, between them, inside and over the skin between your pussy and anus. Drinking you like a sex fountain. I see his hand moving toward your bottom, you pant as his first finger enters your anus and starts to use it. I hear you about to cum, you’re panting and moaning gets louder, your body goes into spasm as his tongue and fingers make you cum, you tighten your legs around his head and start squeezing your own breasts.

I take my cock from her mouth and remove my fingers from her pussy and lean over and lay next to you, we kiss and I immediately taste our precum on your tongue. We look up and see him enter his partner from behind, his cock pushing its way deep inside her pussy, I notice her large breasts moving back and forth, I would love to suck them.

I lay on top of you, your legs open and my stiff lubricated cock slides easily inside. Her saliva on my cock, his saliva plus your pussy juice make it so easy to enter. You arch your neck and open your mouth wide as I start to pump my cock inside your sex canal, you feel so good, my cock enjoying every inch of your wet female hole.

I watch him thrusting into her, she can barely hold herself against the force. He appears close to climax but withdraws from her and moves towards us plunging his cock into your mouth, you suck him tasting her juice as I continue to work on you. He slows and releases his cum into your mouth.

His partner moves over and sits on your face and you spit his cum into her pussy while gently licking her clit. This is too much for me, I release my hot thick cum inside you while watching you sucking her lips into your mouth. You make her cum with your tongue, she lays between your legs and starts to eat my cum from your pussy as it dribbles from you. We lay motionless for a while.

We start to kiss gently and you lay on top of me, your curvy ass in full view, I think they are enjoying it. I quickly become erect and slide inside, you start to ride me. He comes up behind you and start to rub himself between your cheeks. You start to wiggle your curvaceous arse as if to tease him. I hold your bottom still and hold your bottom open as he penetrates your anus. He gently slides into you making both your canals tight. We all start to thrust inside you, your fantasy fulfilled. Two cocks wanting you so badly. You move with us pushing your bottom against us sucking us in, enjoy the full feeling moving inside you.

His wife kneels beside us and I start to finger her as you both kiss. You scream, I want his cock in my pussy, I want his cum. We exchange places, this time he’s under you and I’m behind. We start again, his wife comes up behind me rubbing her tits and pussy against me. I can feel myself cumming as your anus tightens around me. Suddenly she slide her finger into my bottom, then two fingers. As you start to orgasm I can feel my cum welling up inside my balls and her fucking my bottom with her fingers. I release myself into your bottom as he cums in your pussy.

After what feels and age we get off you. You are covered in sweat, saliva and cum. Your body used, spent. I’m still turned on by the thought of you being used to satisfy others while being satisfied yourself, your pussy used by their weapons to penetrate and empty themselves, just used for their own pleasure, a vessel to ejaculate their cum, their bitch, their whore.

I kiss you and carry you out limp, still dripping from every hole back to our room, back to reality and mine again …x

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