The Senior Trip Ch. 05

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Kenny dressed quickly and came over to watch Linda get ready. As he approached the room, all he could hear was, “Damn, damn, damn, what did I do! What’ll I do now?” As he came in he saw that she was completely naked except for a pair of black, lace-topped, thigh-high hose. Certainly an interesting picture, but as she looked up, seeing him, tears of frustration in her eyes, she said, “I didn’t pack what I need to wear with this dress! Now I don’t have anything I can wear tonight and it’s too late to buy anything! Oh, how could I have been so stupid?” Kenny obviously was confused, so she explained. “As you may have noticed, my breasts are large for my height and weight. As a result, I have trouble ?nding dresses that ?t. If they ?t my breasts, the waist and hips are too big. If they ?t my waist and hips, the top is too small. This dress, though,” holding up a silky, black sheath, “?ts perfectly down below and has a light built-in bra that stretches enough so that it holds me ok. Unfortunately, the material is soft and thin so that if my nipples get hard, they stick straight out. In addition, I can’t wear panties, garter belt and hose because the material shows the outline of them too. What I normally wear is a heavy body stocking that hides my nipples and I wear these thigh-high hose that stay up by themselves. It is perfect then…..but I forgot the damn body stocking! I can’t wear a bra under the dress and I don’t even own any pantyhose!” The frustration was suddenly too much for her, and she started to cry.

Putting his arms around her, he tried to help. “Come on, Linda! You have lovely tits and they certainly are not too large. They’re perfect! Now, put the dress on with nothing under it and let’s see how it looks.”

“My god, Kenny! I couldn’t wear it like that! I’d be almost naked! Everything would show! I’d have to wear panties, at least.” Despite her consternation, she was finally agreed to slip the dress on just to prove to him how impossible his incredible suggestion was. She reached into the drawer and pulled out a pair of panties, slipped them on and slid the dress up over her hips. “You’ll have to fasten it in back. The zipper goes the whole way up and I can’t get into or out of it without help.” The dress was a silky, form-?tting black sheath, the material, as she had said, stretching comfortably and snuggly over her breasts and following the curves of her body ?awlessly.

After zipping her up, Kenny stepped back to see the overall look, and his reaction was one of awe, saying, “Wow, Linda, you’re beautiful! That ?ts perfectly! Look at yourself! “

She looked at herself in the mirror and agreed that it looked wonderful — as he said, a perfect ?t. She picked up the brightly colored scarf she wore with it and tied it around her neck, the tails ?owing gracefully, one over her shoulder, one over her left breast. The vibrant scarf set off the black sheath, creating an ensemble that anyone would be pleased with. “Oh, Kenny, I do like it, but that’s not the problem.” Even as she spoke, her nipples stiffened and, suddenly, two hard points projected through the cloth. “See what I mean? And look here!” She turned her back to the mirror and looked at her hips. The material of the dress was thin and clinging, and every seam of her panties was clearly delineated. “I couldn’t possibly go out like this! I feel positively naked on top and my panty line shows in the back! And, even if I could wear it, the girls would be morti?ed to be seen with me! It just won’t do!”

“You look wonderful, and you see more than that on TV every day! What makes you think that the girls wouldn’t like it? I’ll tell you what. I’ll call them and have them come up. They can look at you and tell you what they think.”

“Oh, Kenny, don’t! I’d be horribly embarrassed! In any case, they wouldn’t tell the truth if they didn’t approve!” Ignoring her protests, Kenny did phone the girls’ rooms and told them that Mrs. Kramer had a serious problem with her dress and asked them to come up and help. Linda was aghast when he told her that they would be right up, sure that they would be scandalized, wondering, anyway, if she should tell her students about her personal problem. She never showed anything in school, and always tried to minimize the size of her breasts and, certainly, to hide her very prominent nipples.

Kenny led the girls in, sitting down on the edge of the bed and saying only that Mrs. Kramer evidently left something at home and that she thought that she couldn’t wear this dress without it. As they came into her room, their first reaction most certainly was not what she had expected and feared. They had anticipated seeing their teacher in a teacher-type dress, but instead they found a glamorous woman dressed in a sleek, sophisticated ensemble. There was a moment of silence followed by a jumble of appreciative comments, ranging from “Oh, wow!” to “That’s beautiful!” More than the remarks themselves, however, was their immediate and obviously sincere approval. She basked casino şirketleri in that appreciation as the girls continued their admiring comments, saying that they couldn’t see any problem. That brought her back to earth and she explained the need for her missing body stocking.

At that point, a strange transformation of the group took place. Rather than being a teacher and four girls, they became ?ve females discussing clothing problems — what was suitable and what could be done. The girls showed unrestrained admiration for her ?gure, particularly her “too large” breasts (Jenny Simpkins, looking down at her own 34A’s, said “I wish I had that problem!”), and being very emphatic that she shouldn’t worry about points showing.

Beth Simmons added, “You see it all the time! Going braless and letting them show is perfectly acceptable today, all the stars do it! Besides, you have a bra in the dress so they can’t stick out too much even if the material is thin.” Then, “Ooh!” as the “points” they were discussing suddenly stuck out, causing her to add, “Well, I guess they can show! What difference does it make anyway? It looks very nice and very sexy!”

That was the unanimous opinion and the comments about her “points” were extremely complimentary. Linda was beginning be convinced by their enthusiastic support, but, she suddenly remembered the other problem — her bottom. Reluctantly, she turned around, presenting her hips to them, saying, “Even if I could go out without the body stocking over my breasts, I still need it back here!” There was immediate and universal agreement she was right — there was no way she could wear that sleek, sophisticated dress with her panties so clearly outlined.

It was Angela, who ?nally made the obvious suggestion that the others had been reluctant to propose. “Mrs. Kramer, why don’t you try it without panties? It would get rid of the lines, and no one would know, anyway.” Once the subject was broached, everyone enthusiastically supported the idea, and, after several protests that she couldn’t do that, Linda ?nally pulled the tight skirt almost to her waist, exposing her hose tops and even, brie?y, her cunt hair. She quickly pulled the panties down and off, throwing them onto the bed near Kenny. (Actually, everyone had forgotten that he was there, but peculiarly enough, no one seemed surprised or concerned that he undoubtedly had just seen a considerable amount of Mrs. Kramer. Certainly, she paid no attention.)

The removal of the panties made a tremendous improvement, as might be expected. The panty lines were gone and the material ?owed over her hips in a smooth, unbroken line. Unfortunately, however, as the material hung from her waist over her hips, it molded itself to her body, showing the rounded cheeks of her ass, even dipping into the indentation between. As she walked around the room, her unfettered buttocks moved seductively through the thin fabric, teasingly announcing the lack of undergarments. Again, the consensus opinion was expressed as “Wow! Everyone agreed that the out?t was somewhat revealing, but insisted that she wear it. Far from being embarrassed by being with her, they loved the idea! Finally, she conceded, saying, “Well, if you all think it looks nice and doesn’t show too much, I’ll do it. It feels wonderful on me, much better than with a body stocking — but,” blushing for at least the twentieth time in the last ?fteen minutes, “I almost feel naked! But, I guess that if you’ve seen this much of me, it doesn’t matter about a bunch of strangers!”

So, in short order, accompanied by the four girls (now de?nitely her friends and collaborators (or co-conspirators) and her youthful lover, Mrs. Kramer went out to face the world, feeling very sexy. Once again, she went out naked under her clothes, enjoying it much more this time, that pleasure augmented by the extremely complimentary comments and admiring (and envious) looks that the girls continued to send her way. Needless to say, however, those were certainly not the only appreciative eyes that roamed up and down her body. As she strolled through the vast lobby of the Kennedy Center, her nipples proudly erect and protruding, her hips swaying and undulating, she attracted glances and stares which normally would have made her cringe. However, the overwhelming majority of those observing her appearance clearly were impressed by what they saw, and she felt like a celebrity with her coterie as they were ushered to their seats. All evening she felt glamorous and daring, one time, during intermission, deliberately bending low over a drinking fountain, knowing full well that the clinging fabric was molding itself around the cleavage of her ass cheeks.

Surprisingly, the girls seemed almost as excited by her appearance as she, gleefully pointing out people, mostly men, of course, who couldn’t take their eyes off of her. They seemed to get a vicarious thrill from her sensual appearance and the attention she received as they casino firmalari walked through the crowd. All evening their conversation centered on her ?gure and her appearance, all of them startled by the transformation from a nice looking teacher to a fem fatale. Remarks that a day or so before would have been catty, now were admiring and sincere: “Boy, look at her nipples! They must stick out an inch, at least!” “I’d love to see her tits bare! They must be something!” “Gods, when she bends over you can see the split of her pussy right through her skirt! I’ll bet she doesn’t know how much she is showing!” “Kenny sure got a good look at her pussy when she took her panties off! I’ll bet he’s hard!” “Wow, look at that guy over there…I think he got a ?ash of her cunt when she got up. He can’t take his eyes off of her!” On and on, but not critical: envious perhaps, certainly proud to be with her — and honestly curious about what was under her dress.

Kenny had brought his digital camera, and they took pleasure being photographed with her, individually and collectively, both in the lobby and the concourse outside. By the time they returned to their hotel after a wonderful performance, she was ?oating again, ?lled with the pleasure of the evening and their unending compliments. The girls were still suffused with the energy generated by that vicarious participation in her erotic display. Thus, as might be expected, no one was ready for bed after such a heady evening, so they purchased a variety of snacks and drinks from the small store in the hotel and prepared to have themselves a little party.

They sat around, eating and drinking, giggling and comparing notes as they talked about performances at the Kennedy Center, both that of the orchestra and that of Linda. The consensus was that Linda was more interesting. She had never had this kind of adulation and genuine admiration, and when combined with the sexual thrill she had felt all evening, she was actually giddy, almost drunk with sensations, not liquor. The girls were almost as exhilarated, and they seemed as excited as ever by their participation in her semi-illicit (for a teacher) exposure. They looked at the small images of the pictures, taken that evening, in the digital camera, and even in that minute size, Linda’s “?ner” points were obvious, not to mention several showing her “rear” assets! The reality that the girls (and Kenny, of course) were co-conspirators, was made clear when one of them commented, “We’d better not let anyone else see these! We’ll have to take some regular pictures tomorrow to show other people!”

Linda, replied, “Good heavens, is that the truth! But, I had hoped some of those at the theatre wouldn’t be so obvious. I wanted to be able to show them at school, but I’m afraid they might be shocked at these! Actually, they don’t really show anything, but it’s pretty clear that I don’t have anything on under my dress!”

At that, Kenny volunteered, “Don’t worry. These will go right into my computer and no one else will see them. I’ll make prints for all of us, but I’ll be able to ‘dampen down’ your ‘points’ with my editing program so that you can have regular prints.”

When Linda realized that the pictures would not have to be developed and that Kenny could “clean them up” if necessary, her relief was obvious, and when Beth suggested more pictures, with unanimous support from the others, she joined in the levity with enthusiasm. Several pictures were taken that emphasized the projection of her nipples, and several more showing her skirt following every line and division of her hips.

Finally, Kenny suggested a few “cheesecake” poses, and, again with the unanimous urging of the collaborators in her debauchery, she perched on the arm of a chair, breasts projecting out, skirt pulled half-way up her thigh, asking, “How’s this!” She was greeted with whistles and applause, calling for more provocative poses. Several of the girls joined in, pulling their skirts up, exposing thighs encased in pantyhose, and urging her to lift her’s higher. However, she ?nally, drew the line when the band of her thigh high stockings came into view, blushing and saying, “I can’t pull it any higher than that! I’ve got nothing on under here, as you well know!”

For Kenny, all of this deliberate sexual showing off had an obvious impact. Upon returning to the room, he had changed to a tee shirt and soft sweat pants with, as usual, nothing under them. He had not anticipated anything sexy going on until after the girls left, so he never even thought of needing to restrain his cock. Seeing, ?rst, Linda posing sexily, followed by the girls’ exposure, had the inevitable result. As a result, if he straightened up, his hardened cock projected straight out, a fact that had become more and more dif?cult to conceal. Actually, the girls were already well aware of his condition and found it to be both amusing and exciting. Like most girls in a similar situation, they wanted to play up to a boy (or man) and to show themselves off, using any reasonable güvenilir casino excuse to do so.

So, seemingly accepting Linda’s statement as a limit, Jenny proposed a group picture, a girl on each side of Linda, all holding their skirts up. Jenny got on one side, Beth on the other, and all three lifted their skirts and posed for a very provocative picture. Then, Jenny said, “I know, you put your arms around both of us and we’ll each hold our own skirts with one hand your skirt with the other!” So, the tableau was set. They got in position, the girls lifted their own skirts up and, together, raised Linda’s. As it came up higher, Linda, concerned, said, “Not too high girls!” Kenny prepared to snap the shutter, and just as he did, both girls gave a quick tug, pulling Linda’s skirt well above her triangle of cunt hair, exposing everything below her waist.

It was very quick, and Linda wasn’t quite sure of how far it had gone up, but she almost screamed, “Girls! What are you doing! Oh, my heavens!” Her face was suffused with red, horribly embarrassed — but, somehow, excited at the same time. She didn’t know where to look or what to do, but the air was ?lled with whistles and “wows” from her audience. The two girls hugged her and she brie?y hid her face against Beth until her composure returned. At last, face still red, she faced them, saying, “You’re awful! What a thing to do! Gods, I’m embarrassed!”

Jenny asked, “Are you mad at us?”

Yes! That was awful! ” but she, reluctantly, was smiling as she said it. Reassured, Beth said, “Let’s look at the picture.” On the small screen, the image of Linda’s exposure was crystal clear and, once again, her face turned crimson, as she blurted out, “Oh, Kenny! Make sure no one ever sees that! I’d be ruined!” He promised and the others all consoled her, telling her how sexy she looked and it was nothing to be embarrassed about with just them. Finally, comforted by their obvious caring, and convinced that she really did look sexy, she simply said, “Ok, damn it! I guess it’s all right as long as you keep it hidden. It’s a little late to worry about showing everything after the fact, anyway.”

Angela then chimed in with, “But, that’s not fair! Beth and Jenny had their picture taken with you but Judy and I didn’t. We should have a picture, too!”

Linda looked at her in consternation, asking, “Do you mean that I should pose like that with you too? I couldn’t possibly do that deliberately! lt’s bad enough that they tricked me into doing it!” However, after long and intensive cajoling, there was Linda standing between Angela and Judy, all three holding their skirts up, the girls showing their panties, as Kenny took their picture. Then, resignedly, Linda put her arms around the two girls, smiled at the camera, and waited. The girls pulled up their own skirts all the way up, and, without hesitating raised Linda’s almost to her waist — and held it there, exposing her completely, as Kenny focused the camera. This was no quick glimpse at her nether charms, it was a viewing, an exhibition that she permitted with no protest. It was, in part, resignation to the inevitable, but, even more, she liked it!

At that point, Angela whispered to Jenny, “Let’s give Kenny a thrill! His cock is almost breaking through his pants now!” She whispered her proposal and Jenny passed it on. One by one, without saying anything, the girls went into the bathroom, removed their pantyhose and panties and came back out. When all were ready, Angela suggested, “Let’s have a picture of all four of us with Mrs. Kramer.” The proposal was enthusiastically accepted and they stood together, two girls on each side of Linda, and Kenny took the shot. Then, as planned, Angela said, “Ok, one more with all our skirts up! Mrs. Kramer, make sure yours is pulled up all the way!”

Linda was resigned (as well as pleased) to exposing herself, so she giggled like one of the kids, saying, “Why not? Everything was displayed before, anyway!”

Kenny said, “Ready!” At that signal, and just as he snapped the shutter, they lifted their skirts to their waists, revealing that all ?ve were now naked beneath their skirts. Kenny’s eyes, ?guratively, at least, bulged out in shock at that totally unexpected exposure. The girls and Linda all laughed uproariously at his expression, refusing his request that they do it again.

Then, someone suggested that Kenny have his picture taken with Mrs. Kramer and he ended up sitting on a chair with her perched on his knees, her breasts thrown out, nipples erect. Egged on by the girls, Linda pulled her skirt up to show her thighs for a shot, and ?nally, after much prodding, her skirt all the way up, exposing her cunt hair with his hand resting on the lace of her hose tops. Both she and, of course, Kenny were visibly (particularly Kenny) turned on by that intimate posing, to the riotous laughter and giggling of the girls, who urged even more activity. Teenagers are noted, of course, for getting out of hand, one thing leading to another without regard (or even thought) of consequences, egging each other on to greater and greater indiscretions. Linda was loving being included in their companionship, one of the group, going with the ?ow, and was tempted to just let things happen.

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