The Spoilt Brat

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Public Sex

I was dreading opening the door as I walked up the stairs to my flat.

Let me explain; my 18 year old son was staying with me after having yet another argument with his father who he actually lived with. Freddie had become a real spoilt brat and it was our fault. From being a toddler we had given in to his every need and want. Unbelievably he had got even worse in the last six months since I walked out on his dad after years of mental abuse.

Whenever my son stayed with me he had to sleep on the sofa as my flat only has one bedroom. This arrangement caused as many arguments as any other scenario in our crazy lives; as he had virtually stopped going to school in the February, he wouldn’t wake up until after 10 and the living-room was always an absolute mess. If I ever had the audacity to accidentally wake him up when I was getting ready to go to work there would be Hell to pay later in the day from my foul-tempered son. Plus, his clothes would be scattered everywhere and most days he would leave half eaten food, , empty beer cans, dirty magazines and used tissues for me to find next to the sofa. Just like his smoking; I had given up trying to get him to stop or be discreet as it would cause yet another fierce row and he would storm out to go to live with his dad. He would openly laugh in my face when I did pick the soiled tissues up and put them in the bin.

The split was costing me a fortune and I hardly had two pennies to rub together but my darling son never stopped demanding new trainers, video games and cd’s; all of the things we couldn’t really afford but if I didn’t buy them he would go running back to daddy. So…obviously I always gave in. Not that buying his love actually worked as he would still be as obnoxious as ever and would treat me with next to no respect whatsoever.

As I opened the door I was met with the unmistakeable waft of marijuana and the sound of a woman groaning with pleasure.

My heart sank as I rushed into the living room.

“What the Hell do you think you’re doing?” I screamed at him.

Freddie drowsily looked up from the TV and sarcastically told me, “What’s it look like? I’m having a wank!”

He’d really crossed the line now and I wanted to kill him. He was only wearing a Basketball vest and a baseball cap as he lay on the sofa tugging on his young dick with one hand and holding a joint in the other. Three empty lager cans were scattered among a dozen or so soiled Kleenex tissues on the carpet. A young white girl was now screaming as she was getting a right royal seeing to from a big black guy on the porno DVD that he was watching.

“Oh Jesus, Freddie, Have you got to do that?” I sighed, “Come on…this is my home and…STOP IT!” Even though I was standing only four feet away from him he was making no attempt to cover his stiff dick or even stop playing with himself.

He took a long draw off his spliff and slowly exhaled the large plume of blue smoke in my direction.

“I don’t want to,” he grinned as he waggled his penis, “I like having a wank when I’m bored…just like you do!”

“What?” I asked incredulously, “What do you mean by that?”

“Ooh Robbie, ooh Robbie, harder…harder, YES, YES…ooh Robbie fuck me…FUCK ME!” He giggled as he mimicked my voice. Shocked that he had heard me fanaticising about the singer Robbie Williams, I held my hand to my mouth.

“You know…when you’re drunk and think I’m asleep?” He continued, “Ooh Robbie…deeper, deeper…fuck me harder Robbie!”

I was now finding it difficult not to stare at his erect cock as we argued. Just like his loathsome attitude and violent temper it looked like he had inherited a large penis from my bastard of an Ex too. Simon is quite well built so his thick 6 inches is probably in keeping with the rest of his physique; but our son…Jesus! He was as skinny as a rake and about 5 feet 9 inches tall; so his…thing…looked totally wrong…out of all proportion…it was huge…definitely bigger than his dad’s and he knew it.

“You can’t take your eyes off it? Can you?” He smiled ‘that’ smile. Freddie had a smile that wasn’t a happy smile; it was a devious smile. I knew that it had fooled a few young girls into letting him ‘have his way’ with them. But it never lasted, he always moved onto another gullible young sexual plaything.

“Don’t flatter yourself!” I snorted, “Now put it away.”

“You want to touch it, don’t you?” Freddie pulled his foreskin right back exposing a dazzling red plum, “Go on, ask me nicely and I’ll let you!” His smile needed slapping right off his face.

God…it was tempting! I hadn’t touched or seen a man’s cock in seven months. Not since I’d left home to live on my own. The first few months had been so bad, mentally, sex had been the last thing on my mind, but recently I’d become more relaxed (probably because I was drinking too much) and as my son so politely put it had begun playing with my vibrater again. Plus I had been reading some of his dirty magazines. The British ones had some exciting erotic stories in them the others were, what I guessed, hardcore pendik escort porn – loads of pictures of women being fucked in every which way, usually ending up with them getting covered in slimy spunk. I tried to be disgusted by them but found myself drawn back to them time and time again; fantasising about the sex life that I’d given up when I had left my husband.

“Come on mam; sit down next to me.” Freddie smiled that smile and patted the cushion next to him.

As if in a trance I did as I was told. I was beginning to regret the two glasses of wine that I’d drank after work.

“If you’re not gonna rub it for me show me your tits and I’ll do it myself.” My son even sounded just like his dad, “My balls feel like they’re gonna… explode!”

“Don’t you think you’ve …you know…done it enough for one day?” I motioned to the used tissues and then I noticed a dirty pair of my yellow panties with a fresh damp patch lying underneath a lager can. “Oh Freddie How could you?” I sighed.

“They always feel nice and soft when I’m having a wank!” My son’s fingers were now stroking my knee and thigh beneath the hem of my short denim skirt.

“What?” I gasped as I kicked them out of sight, “Please don’t tell me that you…use my knickers when…you…do THAT!”

His cock was even stiffer now as I sat next to him and even though I was fighting my emotions, my eyes and hands were being drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

“Come on mam” he mockingly pleaded, “get your tits out and I’ll get a pizza when I’ve finished!”

“No!” I tried to sound as sincere as possible, “You know I can’t…it’s wrong.”

But the desire to touch his magnificent cock was proving inescapable.

“Come on mam,” he persevered, “I’ve wanted to look at them ever since you had them done.”

My new boobs had been a belated 40th birthday present from my husband. I’d have preferred a gold chain but he insisted! My 34C’s were beginning to sag so he had them ‘pumped up’ to a nice firm D cup. They look even bigger as I’m only 5 feet 1 inch and a size 10. Although my Ex had probably had his money’s worth from them; they were the only present that he ever bought me that I actually liked!

“N0! Freddie! No means no!” I sighed; knowing as well as he did, that I would eventually give in.

“Fuck it!” He grunted and sat up. As he twisted to grab the hem of my t-shirt his red hot cock accidentally brushed against my hand. In a second my t-shirt was flying across the room and my son had buried his young face in between my luscious cleavage as he unfastened the hooks of my lacy bra.

“Ta da!” he announced like a magician as he swung my La Perla bra above his head like a flag, “That’s better!”

I sat like a frightened rabbit for a few seconds, afraid to move in case it annoyed him.

“Get on with it then!” My son chuckled as he stared at my mountainous tits.

I don’t know how it happened but my hand was already wrapped around his thick throbbing shaft.

He grinned as he blew another plume of smoke onto my heaving tits and passed the spliff to me. Stupidly I took a long cool draw as my son leant forward so that he could suckle my tingling nipples for the first time in 17 years. I never got the opportunity to answer my son.

“Dad’s right – you’re cock mad, aren’t you?” he laughed a hollow laugh.

I shook my head and tried to ignore him.

“I’ve wanted to fuck you since I was…about 10 or 11.” He coolly told me as he took another slug of beer.

Shocked, I turned to face him, “10 or 11?” I was incredulous.

He smiled and nodded, “That was when I first heard him fucking you. Then I would look forward to Friday and Saturday nights when you would both come home drunk.”

I was now transfixed as he carried on.

“That’s when he couldn’t wait to take your knickers off and you would get careless and leave the bedroom door open,” Freddie’s eyes were twinkling and his hand was inside his pants again. “Then I’d sneak along the landing and watch him undress you then fuck you.”

I was shocked at the thought of our 10 year old son peeping through the crack in the bedroom door as I made love to my ex-husband.

“I didn’t really know what you were doing at first, especially when you sucked his dick – but I knew that it made him feel good!” Freddie was now fiddling with my tits and I was beginning to get moist.

I took another long draw, holding the smoke in my lungs and closed my eyes as his tongue felt amazing; as he licked my rosebud nipples and lapped up the sweat that was in the valley between my plastic tits.

I slowly opened my eyes and looked down to see that my hand was steadily gliding up and down my teenage son’s long cock just like he’d demanded. My wrist became a blur as he began mashing my tits together, prodding each one with his bony fingers as if he were testing melons for freshness.

Everything that happened in the next half hour seemed like an out of body experience. I can’t explain why I did what I did but I know that it was me and no one else!

I maltepe escort pulled my tits away from Freddie’s face and bent sideways until my lips were level with his scarlet knobhead. I took a deep breath and dribbled some spit onto the tip then swallowed three or four inches until my mouth was full of his red hot cock.

“Oh God”, my son exclaimed, “That’s fucking fantastic!”

I wanted to chastise him for swearing but didn’t think that it was an appropriate moment.

“Oh Jesus mam, keep doing that!” His young voice went up a couple of octaves as my mouth created a vacuum around the globular tip and I swirled my tongue across and around the velvet skin of his crown.

I did as I was told but started bobbing my head at the same time.

Freddie grabbed my hair with one hand forcing his cock deeper inside my mouth and squeezed my swinging tits with the other. “Fucking Hell; dad was right about you.” He flinched as I grabbed his hairless bollocks, “You are a good fucking cock-sucker!”

I went off into another world as I licked and sucked every inch of his thick veined shaft and tight young balls which were covered with soft blonde fluffy fur.

“Mmmm,” I purred as he lifted my leg onto his chest and began stroking my soaking pussy through my black satin g-string. Freddie made it difficult to concentrate as both of his hands explored my most personal parts; squeezing my arse; tugging at my hairy pubes and puffy sex-lips and eventually…sticking his middle finger into his mummy’s willing sex hole.

Even with a mouthful of teenage cock I still managed to moan and groan as my son fingered my burning twat. As his fingers explored the innermost reaches of my vagina he bucked his hips in such a way that he was actually fucking my mouth.

“Ugh, UGH! Mam!” he gasped as his fat cock began touching my tonsils; “I can’t cum! I can’t cum! I need to fuck you!”

I reluctantly stopped sucking his gorgeous cock and swiftly pulled my skirt and knickers off for him as he nonchalantly eyed me up and down.

Forgetting how young he was I panted, “Which way?”

“What do you mean?” he shrugged his shoulders, “I just want to fuck you.”

I was still panting with excitement as I gasped, “Let me lie on the sofa and you can kneel in front!”

He swung his legs off the sofa making his long dong shake like a flagpole and I quickly replaced him; lying on my back with my arse hanging over the edge, ready for action!

His green eyes twinkled with lust as I opened my legs exposing my sopping ginger hole for him.

Freddie knelt between my splayed legs and ran his engorged purple plum along my desperate cunt. He was surprisingly gentle as inch after inch of his pink meat slid inside my love tube.

All I could do was grunt and gasp as he filled my lower body with his love tool. As soon as his knob touched my cervix he immediately pulled back until his cock nearly came out… then taking his weight onto his toes and hands…he pounded my cunt like a wild animal!

I flung my arms around his shoulders and wrapped my shaking legs around his hips; hanging on for grim death as he banged into me like a jack-hammer.

The angle that he was fucking me made his cock stretch my belly.

My grunting was now developing into a squeal!

“Huh, mam…huh…it’s so fucking good!” My son repeated like a mantra as he built up a real ‘head of steam’.

Every time he pushed forward his gold chains hit me on the chin and the peak of his cap hit the top of my head but I didn’t care – I just wanted him to fuck me forever!

All I could think as he fucked the living daylights out of his mother was, “I’m fucking my son! I’m fucking my fucking son!”

As he took control of the situation he began calling me a ‘dirty cocksucker’, a ‘fucking slut’ and that he ‘had always wanted to fuck me and get me to suck his cock’ and he was going to ‘sell my arse to all of his friends’. The dirtier the names my son called me the hotter and wetter I became.

“Cumming…I’m cumming!” he gasped, “, Yes, yes YES…FUCKING HELL MAM! I’m cumming! What should I…?”

“No, no, NO!” I screamed just as his body tensed and then with one final powerful thrust he filled my pussy to the brim with his hot young spunk. After a couple of slower strokes he finally drained his balls deep into my skinny belly and collapsed face first into my heaving tits.

As he lay on top of me I tried to grind my clit against his groin but he didn’t understand what I was doing and raised himself onto his hands and knees making me loosen my grip with my legs.

“That was fucking fantastic!” Freddie smiled ‘that smile’ again.

His dick was still stiff when he withdrew from my gaping hole; leaving my cunt feeling empty and the lips flapping like flags in the wind, as his warm juice dripped out and splashed onto the carpet.

“Ooh mam – you dirty cow!” He chuckled as his cock twitched back into life, “that’s fucking fantastic!”

I couldn’t stop myself and was furiously rubbing my clit and sucking the nipple on kartal escort my right tit as I was so desperate to have an orgasm. Within seconds I screamed out even louder than when he was fucking me as the most exhilarating orgasm of my life took over my whole body leaving me trembling and shaking like a new born foal.

“I’m going for a piss.” My darling son shook his head and laughed when I’d finished.

It was only when he had left the room that the magnitude of what I’d just done hit me like a thunderbolt.

I was getting dressed and crying when my son walked back into the living room still only wearing the vest and cap; a couple of inches of his floppy cock dangling below the bottom of his shirt.

“What’s the matter with you?” Freddie grunted as he picked up his jogging pants.

“What do you think?” I spat out as I wiped a tear off my cheek, “I can’t believe what I’ve just done!”

My son laughed out loud and pushed his hand back up my skirt and grabbed my spunk filled cunt and twisted my sticky pubes.

Towering over me he stared straight into my eyes and scowled, “You enjoyed it as much as I did; more maybe. What do think dad would do if he found out that you’d fucked his precious son? Or Gran? Or…do you get the message…Mummy!”

I shuddered at his threat and the fierce look on my son’s face. He meant it. He really was capable of being spiteful enough to tell his dad if the circumstances merited it.

“Now,” he slowly let go of my pussy and twanged the elastic of my panties, “be a good little mummy and go to the shops and get me some more beer and 20 cig’s.”

When I came back from the shops with his beer and cigarettes I’d calmed down and my son was, thankfully, finally wearing his jogging bottoms.

After lighting a cigarette and opening a beer my son followed me into the kitchen where I began preparing our evening meal.

“You enjoyed that as much as I did, didn’t you?” My son arrogantly asked me as he swigged his beer.

I tried to ignore him as I began preparing the evening meal.

Thankfully the microwave ‘pinged’ and it broke his attention. Fortunately his empty belly was more important than his balls; so apart from him grabbing my tits at every opportunity, we didn’t do anything more that night.

Work was Hell the following day as all I could think of was sucking my son’s dick and then him fucking me rigid. I was torn between being disgusted at my weakness and being incredibly turned on at the thought of Freddie’s massive cock and his incredible stamina. When I returned from work my darling son was lying on the sofa in exactly the same position as I’d found him the previous day – dick in hand watching a porno DVD, surrounded by empty beer cans and three pairs of my knickers. Yet again it was another young girl getting fucked silly at both ends. My son looked ready to cum as I entered the living room.

“You’re late;” He grinned and waved me towards my bedroom. “Get your dildo and I’ll fuck you like the girl on TV.” Like the good mother that I am I went straight to my bedroom and took the 7″ pink dildo that I thought was hidden out of my knickers-drawer.

“How did you know about this?” I asked him like a school teacher.

“I found it weeks ago when I went through your drawers looking for some knickers to wank onto.”

As I got near the sofa he grinned again and stopped me, “Take your knickers off.”

I submissively obeyed; unbuttoning and unzipping my skirt. With a suggestive wiggle of my hips which made my tits wobble, my skirt fell to the floor. I then sexily pulled my t-shirt over my head and unclipped my frilly bra. As I let it slide down my arms my son’s eyes were nearly out on stalks. All I could think of was making him happy; so without thinking I put the dildo into my mouth as I slid my tiny red g-string down my legs with both hands as sexily as possible. When I stood upright I ran my fingers through my mop of ginger pubes and pretended to suck the sex toy as his eyes lingered on his mother’s naked body. I hadn’t had the urge to trim my pubes since I left my husband so the hair was a bit longer than I would have liked and I was so wet I could feel it sticking to my labia.

Still wearing his vest and cap, my son shrugged his shoulders and grinned, “Fucking Hell mam; you really are cock hungry tart, aren’t you?”

I couldn’t argue with that sentiment and now wouldn’t have been the right time to have a philosophical debate with my son, about relative sexual appetites as all I could think of was sucking his magnificent cock while he fucked me stupid with my well used dildo!

I handed him the pink toy and lay across his skinny belly. His cock was no longer as stiff as when I’d arrived home so I pulled the floppy foreskin back and began kissing the tip and slowly while sensually stroking his shaft and balls. As it quickly began to harden I raised myself onto my knees and opened my legs as wide as possible giving my son the same view of my sodden cunt as he’d had 17 years and three months previously!

Freddie let me get his cock nice and hard before he began probing the entrance to my hole with the fat tip of the dildo, then with no finesse at all he shoved all 7 inches deep inside my cunt until it knocked the breath out of me and I could feel it deep in the pit of my stomach.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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