The Training

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Big Dicks

I answered the door to find my young neighbor standing there with a measuring cup.

“Um, hi, Mr. Jackson, my mom wanted me to ask you if you had a cup of sugar she could borrow?”

“Borrow? Does that mean you’re going to give it back when you’re done?”

She giggled and tossed her shoulder length red hair. “Um, I don’t know, I mean, she’s making cookies. I could…”

“You could…what?” I prompted with a slight smile. “I’m just giving you a hard time, Sally. Sure, come on in. I’ll get you some sugar.”

“Um, my mom said I shouldn’t come inside. She’s watching.”

“Your mom doesn’t want you to…?…well, ok. But the sugar is inside, so you’ll have to come in to get it.”

She bit her bottom lip and looked over at her house, passing the measuring cup from hand to hand. Finally, she smiled nervously and nodded slightly. I held the screen door open for her and then she was inside. I could tell she was nervous so I moved slowly, taking the measuring cup from her hand and gesturing her in to have a seat on the couch. “Relax,” I said. “I’ll be right back. A cup, right?”

She nodded, not looking at me, but suddenly fascinated with all the lights and backdrops and video equipment she could see through the vestibule into my studio. I used the opportunity to study her. I had lived here next to Sally and her parents for quite a few years now and had watched her as she’d gone from a gawky adolescent climbing trees and scraping knees to a gawky teenager in a training bra and still climbing trees. She was still gawky – and still a teen – although today she was trying really hard not to be, dressed in short black boots and a schoolgirl mini-skirt that zipped from the back. She was wearing a t-shirt that was ripped up the middle to show off her pale freckled belly, and I could tell she was trying really hard to get my attention. Straight red hair that hung to her shoulders in a pixie cut framed her face and that combined with her pale skin and extra-red lipstick on thin oval lips made her look like a young girl playing dress-up. And she was tiny. She probably only stood about 4’8″ in her stocking feet and if she weighed more than 95 pounds, I’d be surprised. Sitting on my couch, bony knees pressed together and shoulders hunched over while she stared at the floor, she appeared extremely young.

But she was older than she looked. She had turned 18 a week ago. I only knew that because I saw the signs in the neighborhood directing people to her house to help her celebrate. I think that party is the reason Sally is here now actually. And also the reason her mother doesn’t want her coming in my house.

Here’s the thing. I’m a pornographer. I shoot movies in my home and in my backyard, mostly gonzo amateur stuff. I’ve filmed some gang bangs, and some bukkake here and there. You’d be surprised how little you have to pay a stripper for letting a bunch of men cum all over her face. I’m accessible and I like to do amateur stuff, so I also have husbands that write me so I can set scenarios up for their wives, those are probably my favorite. Sometimes, if they’re from out of town, we’ll make a weekend of it and put the wife through her paces with a whole weekend of debauchery, taking her to strip clubs and having her suck off all the guys in a bachelor party, or to gloryholes, or theaters, or whatever. I’ve been doing it for years and make a pretty good living at it, not enough that I can retire on, but enough where I don’t have to do a regular 9 to 5. Most of the neighbors know what I do but we all pretend I’m an independent salesman and nobody gives me a hard time about it. I’m low-key and a nice guy and I’ve got a big privacy fence in the back, so most of them just let me be.

The predicament here is that Sally’s parents have an oak tree in their backyard and like I said, Sally knows how to climb trees. And last week at her party, I guess she was showing off for her friends when she climbed that tree and saw what I do in my backyard.

It was a blowbang. I had Marcia (a hot little Mexican with amazing lips) blow 12 guys outside around my pool. It didn’t take very long. Most of the guys dumped all over her open mouth pretty quickly – I think the entire shoot took about an hour and a half. Marcia was awesome – one of those chicks who loves cum so much you almost think she would do this even if she wasn’t getting paid. The guys blew all over her eager mouth and she scooped up everything she missed and swallowed like a starving woman. She made a joke about how that’s how she wants to go out, drowning in cum, and all the guys laughed.

And then they left. Marcia went in the house to take a shower. I sat down on one of the lawn chairs by the pool and went through some of the footage, making mental notes about editing. I was re-watching Marcia swallow her third load when I heard a noise off to my right. I looked over toward the edge of my property but couldn’t see anything. The privacy fence that surrounded my property was usually a good sound barrier but this sound wasn’t coming from beylikdüzü escort behind the fence. It was coming from the gigantic oak tree above the fence. And it was words.

“Hey, Mr. Jackson. Hi, Mr. Jackson. Can you see me?”

“What? Who is…? Oh, Sally. Hi. How are you?”

She was waving at me from the branches above my fence. I could see her straddling a large branch and facing my direction. She had a clear view of my backyard and the area where Marcia had just had about 10 feet of cock shoved into her mouth.

“How long have you been up there,” I asked, worried about what she may have seen.

“For a while.”

“Did you…”

“I didn’t see anything.”

“That’s not what I asked. But okay. Do you…” I didn’t know what I was going to ask her. I was only trying to buy time, to think about what she may have seen with Marcia and the guys. “Do you…have plans for your birthday?”

“I’m doing it, silly. I’m only up in this tree because my friends dared me like when we were kids and then they all left to get cake. And so I’m here. Watching you.”

“Ah, I see,” I said. King of the comebacks, that’s me. “Well, Sally, I hope I didn’t…”

At that moment, Marcia came out of the house with a robe on and padded over to me in bare feet. When she reached me, she shrugged the robe off and let if fall to the patio floor. She giggled and played with her tits for a moment before dropping to her knees in front of me and started to unbuckle my pants. This wasn’t part of our deal or anything, I don’t let the business and the pleasure mix like this, generally speaking. Marcia just likes to suck cock. And I like getting my cock sucked. That’s all this was.

I looked toward the tree. Sally was watching with wide eyes at what was happening. Her mouth was open in an “I don’t believe this” gape, but her eyes sparkled in a way that I had seen before in a lot of other women. She was feeling her first lust.

I thought about trying to stop Marcia, at least get her to go in the house with me, but even though she had just sucked off a dozen guys, I knew by the look on her face that she wasn’t going to stop until she had pulled her 13th load of the day. She held my cock in her hand for a moment, staring at it. I looked over at the tree. Sally stared too. My cock isn’t the biggest but it’s not bad – 8 inches and thick. I wondered if it was the first cock Sally had ever seen. Marcia bent her head forward and started licking it. I relaxed and let her do her thing. And I had to admit to myself – I wanted to see how this would play out – Sally was staring like she was looking at a three-headed snake. Her mouth was open, agape, as Marcia did what she’s best at.

Marcia sucked my cock like a hoover, up and down. The whole time she sucked me, I watched Sally in the tree, eyes as wide as manhole covers and I was afraid she was going to fall. Marcia sucked my cock with amazing skill, slurping up and down and gagging herself on it like she was starving for it, like she hadn’t just sucked off 12 other men half an hour ago. I grabbed her head in both hands and started slamming her face down on my cock, but the whole time, I was staring at Sally in the tree, pumping Marcia’s mouth while thinking about Sally, so young and innocent, watching this debauchery. I felt the urge to cum rise up in my cock and stood from the chair while still pumping in and out of Marcia’s mouth. I turned her head so that when I came, Sally would be able to see it pumping into her mouth. My cum shot into Marcia’s mouth and all over her outstretched tongue, three or four big squirts which made her moan hungrily. She licked and sucked until all of it was gone, using her fingers to push any excess into her mouth. I locked eyes with Sally and smiled, then I reached down and grabbed my softening cock and pointed it at her while shaking it slowly back and forth across Marcia’s still outstretched tongue. Sally stared back at me for a minute with a strange combination of lust and shock in her eyes, then slowly started making her way down from the tree.

So now here we are a week later, and Sally is sitting on my couch in what I’m sure was the sluttiest outfit she could find in her closet. Her tiny little skirt barely covered her ass cheeks and as I brought the sugar back from the kitchen, she crossed and uncrossed her legs just enough to give me a quick glimpse of tiny white panties.

I walked up with the sugar. “Here ya go,” I said. I handed her the cup but stood over her almost menacingly while I did it, moving my right leg between her knees so she couldn’t move away except backward. She did, leaning back against the couch and looking up at me with a strange expression in her eyes. Lust or fear? Probably a combo of both. “Anything else?” I asked.

“Um, uh, no, I think…” she started, moving farther back into the couch cushions. I looked down at her eyeing me warily from the couch. She was biting her bottom lip nervously and looking up at me with what she probably bostancı escort thought was a coquettish look. I smiled down at her. She was here because of what she saw from the tree last week, we both knew it. I wondered if her mom even knew she was here. The more I thought about it, the more unlikely that seemed. I’d met Sally’s mom and she was a cold fish – she left me and my activities alone, but the scorn in her eyes whenever we saw each other in the neighborhood told me what she thought of my lifestyle. No, I thought, there was no way she would send Sally over here for sugar. If she wanted sugar that bad, she would have told Sally to go to any other house except mine. Conclusion – mom didn’t know she was here and Sally wasn’t here for sugar.

I turned my body slightly so that my left leg was also slightly between her knees – and then I widened my stance about six inches, which had the desired effect of making Sally’s legs spread a bit wider. Her skirt got pushed higher on her hips when I did so, and again, I got a quick glimpse of thin white cotton panties. She tried to sit up which brought her face inches from crotch and I subtly pushed my hips toward her, while at the same time grabbing her free hand as a pretext to help her up from the couch. The bulge in my pants brushed against her cheek as I helped rise to her feet – it would have hit her right in the mouth but she turned her head at the last second. I know she could feel the heat from my cock through my pants which was getting hard as I played mind games with this little 18 year old virgin.

As I helped her rise to a standing position, I looked hard into her hazel-green eyes, smiling wickedly. “Okay, well, there you go,” I said. “Sugar.”

“What?” she stammered. She had a slightly dazed look on her face, like she had just woken up from a dream.

“Sugar,” I repeated. “That’s what you needed, right? That’s what you came here for. Was there anything else?”

“What?” she repeated. And then snapping back to reality, she stammered, “Uh, yeah, sugar. Um, thank you.” I backed off and she just stood there looking at me. Her skirt was still hiked up, panties clearly visible now, but she brushed it quickly down with her hand before I could get a good look at her sweet little mound, probably making a wet spot right this moment in her little girl white panties.

Her eyes were cast down at the ground as she stood there, reckless thoughts obviously warring inside of her. I waited, still standing closer than I should.

“Did you want something else, Sally?”


“What else, Sally? Why did you come here today? It wasn’t for sugar, was it?” I dropped all pretenses and used my left hand to lift her chin up so she could look me in the eyes.

“Yes,” she said after a moments hesitation. “Sugar. Just sugar. Thank you, Mr. Jackson.” She stepped around me and started slowly for the door. She put her hand on the knob, but then stopped, frozen.

“Sally,” I said. “Turn around.” Slowly, she turned to face me. Her eyes were downcast again. “Why are you really here Sally?” Her eyes stayed rooted to the floor as she whispered something. “I can’t hear you Sally. Tell me why you’re here.” It was then that I noticed she wasn’t staring at the floor. Her eyes were locked on my crotch. I put my hand there and squeezed my cock through my pants, making sure she saw and that I was done playing games. All the teasing that had led up to this with Sally had made me semi-hard and my cock was clearly outlined through my loose jeans.

She whispered it again. This time I heard her. “I saw…” She wouldn’t look me in the eye, was still staring at my crotch. I reached down and unhooked my belt, then the top snap of my jeans.

“What did you see, Sally?”

“I saw…that girl.” Her voice was so quiet and soft I had to strain to hear her. “I saw…” she started again.

“What did you see, Sally? Tell me.” I was determined to make her say it.

“I saw that girl. Last week. She was…she was…”

I pulled the zipper of my pants halfway down and then stood there, waiting to see what she do. My cock was still tucked safely inside, but a quick hip wriggle and my loose jeans would easily fall to my ankles. And no, I never wear underwear. “She was sucking my cock, Sally. Wasn’t she?” She nodded. “Say it. Say, “I saw that girl sucking your cock.””

“I saw her…sucking…”

“Sucking what, Sally? What was she sucking?”

“Your cock. She was sucking your cock.” She said cock with a funny little tic in her throat. I wondered if she had ever uttered the word out loud before.

“That’s right. She was sucking my cock. Marcia is a great cocksucker. Did you see her before too – with the other guys?”

“No, I saw a bunch of guys right after I climbed the tree. But then they left. And then she came out, and…I saw.”

I walked to the door and took her hand and led her back toward the center of the room. Just before we got to the couch, I turned and çekmeköy escort faced her, then cupped her chin with my left hand and made sure she was looking directly into my eyes. “She sucked my cock really good, Sally. She made me feel so good with her mouth.” She stared into my eyes, and I used pressure on her face to make her mouth open slightly. I used my index finger to outline her lips and then I put my finger in her mouth. She continued to stare at me as her lips closed around my finger and I felt a soft sucking motion, more reflex than thought. I used my left hand and the aforementioned hip wiggle to let my pants slide down and bunch around my ankles. I stepped out of them and stood before her, my cock sticking straight out and poking her gently in the stomach. Because of my grip on her chin, she couldn’t look down – I don’t think she even realized I was standing naked in front of her.

“Did you like watching Marcia suck my cock?” I asked. She gave no indication that she heard, just continued to suck on my finger but I did notice the suction got a little harder so I took that as a yes.

“Have you ever sucked a cock before, Sally?” Her eyes got big and she shook her head slightly back and forth. “No? You’ve never experienced what it feels like to take a man’s hard cock deep in your mouth and provide the ultimate pleasure? You’ve never had a guy fill your mouth with cum?” She said nothing, just continued to stare and suck gently on my finger. I took my finger out of her mouth and put both hands on her shoulders and tested by pushing gently down. She didn’t resist at all but went to her knees in a daze. It was only then she realized I was naked and saw my cock, inches from her nose. She stared at it, awestruck. It was obvious this was the first time she had ever seen one in real life. I pumped my hips forward and back, very slowly, almost bringing my cock to her lips but pulling back just before it touched. I reached down and lifted her chin so she was looking into my eyes again. I cupped her mouth in such a way that her lips parted slightly. “You ready?” I asked. Without waiting for an answer, I pushed my hips forward and slid inside.

Her eyes went big as the reality of what had just happened hit her. She had a cock in her mouth, she was sucking a cock, really doing it, with her pornographer neighbor who was old enough to be her dad. I smiled inwardly and pushed farther into her mouth, slowly at first, letting her get used to it. I pumped in and out of her mouth, trying not to squirm when she nicked me with her teeth and holding the back of her head so I could guide her. Her mouth felt like a velvet oven, warm and wet and deep. I know it was her first time, and so I kept up the gentle strokes for a while, but it wasn’t long before I started thrusting my hips forward harder, making her take more of my dick down her throat. She had seen me with Marcia, seen the way I had fucked her mouth so I figured she knew what I was about. I was not about to be gentle with her forever. I pushed deeper until about half my cock was in her throat. Then I just held her there until her face started to get red and her eyes started bugging out of her head. I backed off just as her gag reflex kicked in and let her spit and drool all over herself for a moment. Then I pushed forward again for a repeat. I tried to get my cock deeper into her mouth and probably did get to about the six inch point but she just couldn’t seem to take it any deeper than that. So then I started pounding my cock into her mouth with long, steady strokes, slowly at first, but picking up speed until spit was flying everywhere.

I face-fucked Sally hard for about 10 minutes and although she was squealing and gagging and gasping for air, she never once tried to quit. Good girl. I pulled my cock from her mouth and slapped her in the face with it, then had her get low and give my balls a good workout with her tongue. I considered having her get even lower and get that tongue up my ass but figured I would save something for next time. I then sat down on the couch and had her kneel on the floor between my legs.

“Finish it,” I growled at her. “A blowjob is never complete until the guy is finished. Remember that.” I pushed her head back down on my cock, this time letting her go at her own pace for the most part, providing advice when she needed it. “That’s it, there, when it’s deep, hold it there. Now let me feel your tongue. Come on, dance all over it.”

I could have held out longer but I figured it was time to let her off the hook. I stood back up and pumped my cock in and out of her mouth until I felt the familiar tingle in the back of my balls. “What are you going to do when I cum?” I asked her. I didn’t give her time to answer. Besides, her mouth was full. “You’re going to swallow it. Right?” She groaned in response. “You always swallow the cum. Always. Got that?” Another moan. “Ok, you fucking slut, here it comes,” I said, and shot an enormous load of cum right into her sucking mouth. She choked and tried pulling off but I held her there as I shot another and then another, big salty rope of cum down her teenage throat. She swallowed most of it and pulled off, cum and spit drooling from her mouth, her eyeshadow running like big black tears down her cheeks. Her bright red lipstick was no longer even there. She sat back on her haunches with a dazed expression.

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