The Wedding

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Double Penetration

I stood next to her she smelled like flowers and expensive perfume. I sat their listening to what she said while trying hard not to get hard from looking at her sweet tits. Oh god how I love the flesh. Her flesh. Her normal size breasts were anything from normal to me. They were the promise to heaven. So were her eyes. Beautiful brown mystical swirls that hinted at mystical pleasures. I could feel her entirely the hot heaviness building inside her chest and seeping down to tease her loins. I could only imagine what it was like for her. The anticipation of our wedding day building inside of her. My dick was already hard. She was dressed in that beautiful white dress. A veil concealing a face I already knew too well but was more beautiful each time I saw it and I yearned to see it again. “Please just lift the veil for a moment” I pleaded still staring at her beautiful gateways to paradise. She was dusky. Latina. I was rich and white and a little dull. She was poor but rich and fiery of spirit.

“No, no, no.” she said with a faint accent and a wave of her painted fingers. Red. Blood red. Just the same as her lips should be I knew.

“Tell me again why red?”

“Because, it’s my favorite color.” She pouted in mock defense. Although it was only her favorite color after she found out it was mine long ago when we first met.

The first hand job she gave me her nails were pink. The first time we met. I thought to myself reliving our sultry past. I moaned that she was sooo dirty and turned me on, when I came on her pink shirt by accident. She cried after that for she was attracted to me but ashamed of what she did outside the church while mass was still going on. I tried my best to cheer her to make her laugh and ease her guilt. Her tears dried quickly and when I told her I loved her she smiled, took the cum from her shirt with the edge of her pink finger nail and daintily lifted it to her outstretched tongue and tasted my essence. She tilted back her head and placed her finger up in the air above her fresh with a good helping of my man batter and let the cum slowly drip from her finger then down to her tongue and passed through her throat, looking me in the eye the whole time. She then smiled her wicked smile and told me she loved me too. That was how we first met. Love and lust at first site.

“And besides, it’s my wedding. You understand that?” a bit of the domineering in her voice “No man’s day is this. This is purely a woman’s day. My day and you won’t ruin it by spunking me with your jizz before the big moment. Understand?” she pointed a finger at me in a way that only a women can, I have never seen a man point the way she did.

I nodded my head playing the subservient and Said” Yes love.”

“Look at you. You’re getting even harder just by looking at me!” she said trying to cover her deep cleavage that the dress gave her with her arm. “Close your fucking eyes!” she said with language born from a poor upbringing, with fire born from a big spirit, and with a sexy Latina accent. But she was pointing at me again. My pretty angel standing their pointing at me in that way. well I just couldn’t help from laughing a little. It was a mistake. The next thing I knew my cheek was smarting from a slap I barely saw it was so fast.

“I couldn’t help it.” I rubbed my cheek trying to put some life back into it where I knew it must be bright red with my pale skin. “That was hardly proportionate to my laugh by the way.”

“Serves you right.” She said, and sat back down opposite me satisfied. She was right about this being ‘her’ day and she was satisfied so I didn’t argue further. I closed my eyes, so as not to get a hard on.

“Sorry sweetheart. Remember when I bought you that car.”

“How could I forget? It was my first birthday being with you. I thought he must be really rich or he must truly love me a lot. I found out it was both. Now why are your eyes closed?” she questioned me.

“Do you love me as much as I love you?” I went on. She forgot about how stupid I looked answering my important simple question with a serious simple answer.

“More.” She said softly “I love you more” she said seriously. I smiled knowing that that would be our argument in the future. “Look at you with your eyes closed and smiling like an idiot. O-pen your eyes “she said the last sentence slowly as you would to someone dumb and couldn’t understand a normal sentence.” I opened them. And my eyes went again to her tits and I instantly got hard from this breath taking beauty that I was going to spend the rest of my life with. The romance. Her tits. The lewdness of me getting hard in the church with relatives and friends just outside the sound proof room that was normally reserved for a playroom or any event that was too noisy. All that just served to make me more solid. I knew she felt a measure of this güvenilir bahis passion too though she went on about how we mustn’t make love before the wedding.

She stood up took half a step to cover the distance between us then knelt down adjusting the flowing hem of her dress so to best preserve it. My dick was pulsing in time with my heart now. She ran one hand through her wavy hair reaching the other towards my pants undoing my belt with one hand; she was skilled at things like that. “Now I’m only gonna suck you because I don’t want you standing with an erection while you watch me walk down the aisle” she said with a little bit of greed in her voice. She loved to suck me, it turned her on and on this special day I could tell she was doubly eager by the way she hurriedly undid my belt and the clasp on my trousers but slowly unzipped my fly with her eyes closed.

She enjoyed the sound of a man’s fly being unzipped and what that foretold. One second two seconds almost three seconds it took her pulling down my zipper before my seven inch thick cock jumped out. It looked like it belonged to a monster you could see the sharp contrasts of color; red pink skin with a tinge of purple at the head of my cock from the blood flowing through blue veins that popped out so much that it was as if the veins were outside the pale skin rather than in.

Then she said in a voice that was first a lustful whisper than a hushed exclamation than a laugh. “Oh mio. Dios mio. Thank you god mmm.” With that she held on to the base of my shaft with one hand enjoying the feeling of my prominent pulse. Thump thump thump thump. My heart was beating fast.

She threw back her veil with the other hand her mouth already open. It was my turn to say “Wow” she was breath taking and heart stirring the kind of face that men would die or kill, or start a revolution because of. It was as if a bright light shone out from her face, pierced by deep fires where her eyes were. Her intense eyes were focused on my cock her pupils slightly large, she could care nothing for the people outside now, she could care nothing for my face she was entranced upon by dick that was so hard she could chip a tooth if she wasn’t careful going down on dick was bouncing up a down from the pulse of blood. She didn’t care about anything at that moment except enjoying the sensation of putting this mythical beast that is my penis into her mouth.

She probably didn’t even care about me at the moment all there was, was an insatiable need to enjoy my flesh. It consumed her and the world turned red her nipples were solid proud peaks and there was a thrumming feeling in her pussy, this was an intense world she was now in, one where pleasure was king and she was determined to fuck that king to death. But she knew she could never extinguish that king for he ruled eternal in this world. She was prepared to die if it would please this king called pleasure in her world called lust. Then she was leaning forward and she didn’t notice it.

I saw the most beautiful thing in the world namely her face so pure so angelic meet with the demon of a dick, doing the lewdest thing, this angel. Such purity and such wickedness.

What she did notice was the cock that she had to open wide fit it in her mouth. She closed her eyes and engulfed it with her mouth until she couldn’t go much further without gagging eventually form holding it in her mouth wich is what she did she had her mouth full but still managed to say “Mmmm” and I felt her breath exhale through her button nose. Her mouth was like a wet warm miniature cave. So soft.

“Your mouth was made for cocksucking”

She barely registered my breathy lustful comment. As she enjoyed the sensation of my very warm cock bumping up and down inside her mouth a the back of her throat she felt it in her lips, she felt it dance and in her cheeks once she started sucking. Her hot mouth got warmer with my dick inside and she could feel my dick throughout her mouth. In her pussy she felt it though it had not traveled there yet this day. She noticed then that her clit was throbbing just as my cock was. She could feel my dick throughout her entire body and even in her spirit. This was life she thought this was what it meant to LIVE. She turned her head to the left so that her cheek popped out from my steel shaft pressing against it.

She whimpered “Mmmph. Mmmm ” her pussy was very wet now and I saw the fabric of her dress ruffle as she stuck her hand underneath found her lace white panties and pulled aside the area of cloth covering her pussy. She stuck two fingers inside her sopping wet pussy. All the while she took me all the way down her throat; my entire 7 inches disappeared inside of her. She held it there till her eyes watered and she couched twice trying not to gag. Then she slowly withdrew her mouth all the while türkçe bahis she had only thrust inside her pleasure slit twice and she came.

“OHhhhh! MY fucking God yes!!Ohhh!” It was not like fireworks it was like an atomic bomb, she couldn’t see anything but white light for a second, she was blind, it was as if she her orgasm had taken her to another world as if she had finally been fucked by god himself. Pleasure swam throughout her so much that she couldn’t place where it emanated from. She didn’t know anything where she was who she was what she was doing all she knew for those few seconds she was blind was pleasure, pure sexual pleasure.

The third second ticked by but in her new world time was irrelevant and it seemed like she was there for an hour with all the pleasure in the world concentrated and focused on her. Then the fourth second ticked by and the fifth at the sixth she was halfway back to the real realm of earth but half of her was still in that third dimension. She registered a blood curdling scream and even that felt pleasurable at the seventh second she realized it was her screaming from orgasm.

“Oh my godddd!” She screamed and the pleasure was starting to fade but still very intense by the eighth second. It was as if the entire army of troy had fucked her all at once. “Ohhh!”

Then other sounds were coming clear to her “-for gods sakes be quiet love” I was desperately trying to get through to her while masturbating. The situation was grim and dire indeed if any one heard or suddenly decided to enter the room that was cleared out for our private talk and saw this mad woman writhing on the floor screaming her dress all a mess.

The world was suddenly back to her though she was still feeling the pleasurable after effects of her orgasm her whole body tingled with pleasurable sensation and a relaxing warm pleasure mingled in with the sharp tingling. She had no idea how long she had been laying there and as a matter of fact this was the first moment she realized she was laying on her back on the floor moaning.

“Oh thank god” I said as her moaning took on a regular volume level. “She noticed a smug smile grow on my face as I continued to masturbate slowly drinking her in with my eyes. I saw a smile you would normally see on an idiot on this lady that was never idiotic to me. It looked relaxed. Her eyes looked full of love for me as she slowly reached her hand back under her dress and between thighs sticky from her love juice and began to masturbate again.

Lust slowly started to fill her up once again once she started masturbating. There she was looking at the handsome love of her life. Care suddenly filled her again and she felt that care so the much more sweetly as she started to rub her clit caring mingled with pleasure and the two became one. Her hair was a complete frothy mess from the efforts of her desire. ‘I love you’ she mouthed silently then puckered her lips as if to kiss me.

“Mmm” I groaned closed my eyes and tilted my head back, my climax was still far away but I could feel it building, she did love me I was putty to her loving and to her sexiness. I could now see her smooth brown legs all the way up to the thigh parts of it glistening with her sex dew.

“Mmm papi.” She said some other stuff in Spanish too that I couldn’t understand as she finger fucked herself. I loved how I couldn’t understand it and it still turned me on. The language always sounded like lust to me even when Latinas were saying plain things which I knew now she was giving me a tirade of the vilest dirty talk. Wait she was demanding something now, I could tell by her tone,

the red world of lust had taken her over again she was no longer slack jawed and relaxed she was intense with the fire within her determined to get her rocks off. Nothing would stop her. “I said –oh!-kneel before me love” she said full of sexuality and in the midst of pleasuring herself.

I knew that she was only seeking more pleasure by her instruction. So I stroked my cock once more then got on my knees and bent down to give her head. Slowly I bent down to this slit I loved to lick enjoying the look of her rubbing her clit and smelling that same expensive flower perfume on her landing strip it was intoxicating the sight and the smell of her musk mixed with that perfume. I could see every detail of her pussy every fold and crevice this was the definition of love of the flesh,

I was pulled out of my reverie literally and then down into her wet glistening sex by her forceful hands. “Ohh honey.” She said as she smashed my face against her pussy feeling my wet tongue instantly enter her “I Lovee you” Her hands gripped my hair as I slowly explored her pussy enjoying the slick taste and slurping her juices then I went to town inside of her licking like a man possessed while wanking with one hand güvenilir bahis siteleri I licked he for fifteen minutes we fucked in all sorts of positions that ended up lasting over an hour all the while her desire and sexual delirium increased until finally when I had her bent over a wooden chair fucking her from behind and looking at the delicious brown round ass of hers.

“Fuck me Fuck me” she cheered me on the whole way

“Will you stay with me forever?” I asked. By now the chair was getting a little loose from the pounding I was giving her love canal.

“Mmh. I’ll never be without you.” She gasped.

“Will you ever tire of me?”

“Never!” she swore. Then she climaxed with another mind blowing orgasm and accidently broke the arm off of the chair she was using for balance. She was screaming again as she slammed one hand on the carpet floor more by instinct than rational thought, I just kept on fucking her as she stood there one hand on the floor one on the intact chair arm and her face in the cushion of the chair, then I had to pull out my dick just couldn’t take any more and as soon as I left her hole my dick which was rigid and seemed impossible to move convulsed and jumped sharply upward my spooge shoot out in a thick powerful jet hitting the low lying ceiling my vision went fogging but I still knew to aim my cock down wards as it spasmed shooting a never ending fountain of cum.

When my vision cleared I was rewarded for my quick thinking and good aim, by one of the must lustful scenes in the world. there was a splatter of my white goo all over her ass as if someone had a bucket of the stuff and threw it on her, it was on parts of her back too and a jet of it must have been off mark because a line of my sperm started at the top of her neck and down in a straight line ending at the top of her back. She wore her hair at shoulder length so some of it was obviously in her hair.

I was like a connoisseur enjoying a painting my love slumped over a chair panting and ooh and ahh- ing in her flood of pleasure. The colors particularly grabbed me. the stark white in her midnight black hair the splatters of my sperm on her brown ass and back slowly because of the thickness of my cum but quickly because of the amount ran down her thighs down her legs and pooled on certain parts of her body or dropped to the floor in audible drops.

“I love you” I breathed. She was breath taking.

“I saw heaven” she said dreamily and she was mumbling some stuff in Spanish too. She was obviously out of sorts from the excellent bout of fucking

“Your delirious honey” I said then placed my hand on her ass and swirled it picking up my own cum and then offering it to her “Here taste some of this.” She loved my cum it was a reminder of sex to her. She licked my dripping hand, dirtiness in her eyes when they were open a relaxed look when they were closed, she took parts of my hand in her mouth and she didn’t stop cleaning the cum from my hand with her tongue until it was all gone. She licked the last bit off of her lips then got up once she could without fear of stumbling.

She then got dressed fixed herself up so that she looked presentable again. I did the same and we opened the door and walked out with relief that no one seemed to notice the fucking we had enjoyed. Then we parted not to see each other again until she walked down the aisle.


As she walked down the aisle she couldn’t hide the relaxed air she had. She was beautiful and I couldn’t help but think of the dirty deed we had did only an hour ago as the bridal music was playing. all eyes were on her as her dad led her down the red carpet. This was her day and every little design detail and wedding plan was going perfectly right down to the shagging we had that day.

She finally made it to the priest and her dad handed her off to her fiancé saying “Treat my angel well”

I said nothing in response because I’m not her fiancé. Then my friend who happened to have made me one of his best men said “Assuredly” in response. They both smiled at each other the dad left. Me and my love didn’t dare make eye contact with each other. They said their vows the priest spoke his part then they said their “I do’s” and my sweetheart was positively beaming for the wedding that she finally had and the two men that adored her were right there. Jose gave her an opened mouthed kiss and she always the one to take charge of things smooched him passionately and she was the one to bend him backwards during the kiss instead of the reverse which brought a big roar of approval followed by laughter from the crowd, this was a blessed sweet day and everyone knew it no one would leave this wedding unhappy or unsatisfied especially her or me.

As she bent him backwards a got a good glimpse at her cleavage again and she stole a glance at me with pure debauchery in her eyes then she returned her attention to the man she was kissing and the wedding.

The story is true that I was going to spend the rest of my life with her but we’d only fuck when her husband was not present.

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