To Corrupt a Church Boy…

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Big Tits

(If you have read any of my writings before, you know that I try not to put myself in too many places. This is possibly my most revealing story, not in a sexual sense, but more of a peek inside my mind. Alas, not really a quick stroking story. Please vote and let me know what you think.)

It is common knowledge that the majority of my stories are written from my imagination. Thanks to the inspiration provided by a marvelous woman who inspired me, I started to remember the first time. Not the first time I ever had sex with a woman for that wasn’t as eventful, as romantic as the first time I really made love, or more accurately the first time I was seduced. In order to put this act in perspective, I need to provide a little background.

Growing up in a family of five children is hard for any child, especially when the three ahead of you start doing behaviors that violate your general sense of honor so to speak. Parents divorcing when I was twelve left me in the precarious position of becoming not only a latch key kid, but one responsible for watching my little brother as well. My older sibling would come and go as often as they wanted and kept up our family style of discipline. This meant constant beatings of each other for any reason. This plus a determination to not turn out wrong probably made me the most tightly wound individual you could imagine.

During my teenage years, I had only three sexual encounters with the same older woman. This woman was as conservative as I was to a point with the exception that I was the only virgin for my first try at sex. The three times trying were uneventful, lacking any redeeming qualities except for the initial thought of just canlı bahis şirketleri getting it done. We broke up within a month after the third attempt on my seventeenth birthday. I had no other encounters after that during my high school life.

Enlisting in the Army after graduation was a dual purposed role. On the one hand, I used it to escape my family and the town I was from. On the other hand, I wanted to experience as much of a life as a church boy from a Southern state could muster. During my enlistment, I visited my first strip club, almost got a tattoo and met the woman who would change my outlook on sex for the rest of my life. Ironically, the place I met this sexual goddess wasn’t the strip club or the conventional places.

I was approached by a lady from the church I went to about the possibility of having dinner with her daughter at their place. Being a proper Southerner, I accepted because even though the thought of meeting a woman was nice, this person was a dynamite cook. Any member of the Armed Forces will tell you home cooked meals are the best way to get a single soldier to do almost anything.

To make it easier to explain, her daughter moved from her dad’s house in California and was nothing like her mother. Her mother was a God fearing, conservative blond woman with long hair and a quiet demeanor. Her daughter had short red hair, a wild streak and was a little chatty. I was smitten immediately. The next time I saw her was at her house while her parents were gone. This was the night I first kissed her on the cheek outside in the rain. To say my resolve was weakening would be an understatement.

The first seduction happened in a very canlı kaçak iddaa strange place. Believe it or not, we had our first lovemaking session in my barracks room. It started innocently enough. She met me at our CQ area where we were going to go for a walk and maybe a quick make out session. Even though we had done a year’s worth of kissing in the initial two weeks, there was no way I would let my resolve crumble to try to screw this woman. Partly, my beliefs were in jeopardy when she was around. Partly because I was embarrassed to even think I could seduce her. You have to remember that when you are in a unit with all guys, sex is one of the top three topics we talk about. Having my church boy reputation meant I was not invited to speak about my lack of experience. As we headed for our walk, she asked me where my room was. I stupidly pointed it out even yelling the number when she decided to run upstairs. I tried to stop her, but it was too late. She was already in my room and looking around. She made remarks about how my space was small, but the bed looked nice. That was when I was trapped.

She rushed into my arms and kissed me slowly. Her lips slowly parted to allow her tongue to escape and begin to wrestle with mine in my mouth. At that moment, I could feel my resolve begin to crumble. Like Jericho’s walls, my insides crumbled as my arms found hers and we fell onto my bed. Luckily, everyone else was doing other things and there was no one else in the whole building, including my roommate. Her hands began to unfasten my BDU top to reveal the brown tshirt underneath. I had my hands on her back until I felt the zipper seem to magnetize to my fingers as I ran it down canlı kaçak bahis her back. She made some statement about how it had been too long since she felt a man close to her as she let the dress fall, revealing a very conservative bra and panty combo. By this time, my t shirt was off and my button fly on my pants was being undone until my cock sprang into position.

After she removed her panties, she pushed me onto the bed and unceremoniously sat on me as she started to tease. She asked me if I was sure I wanted to go on. I nodded yes, blinded by my lust for this petite red head. She simply straddled me and took me into the tightest treasure I think my member had ever been in before and after. Her movements were not like my first one who tried to run the forty yard dash on my dick. Hers were slower, more graceful, allowing her soft folds to caress my member for each stroke. I felt like my sexual life had been upgraded by this goddess. During this time, she removed her bra and took my hands to start teasing her nipples as she rode me. I felt a rush of fluid on my member as she had her first climax on me. I followed soon after before laying there holding her.

We spent the rest of the afternoon trying different things. She administered my first oral orgasm while I learned the art of caressing her vaginal folds in my mouth. We even tried a few positions just for kicks before I called a cab to take her back to her mom’s place. We spent the next three months sneaking off wherever we could. It wasn’t until I left the military that the fantasy ended. I would love to tell you that I married her and had kids, but that is untrue. I left to come to Seattle to find myself soon to realize that we were never meant to be. But sitting here typing, I can honestly say that I am forever grateful to this teacher who taught me that sex wasn’t a chore, but a beautiful thing that when done right can be the most magical process in the world.

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