Tom and Kitty’s Adventure Pt. 04

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Special thanks to drbob80 for help with this story arc!


“Let me show you the way. It can be a bit confusing in this old house full of so many long hallways.”

Leda pushed back her chair and stood. She quickly moved out of the dining room and into the central hallway, turning toward the wide grand staircase leading to the second level. The house may have been old, but it was beautifully maintained. All the antiques and paintings were carefully protected from the tropical heat and humidity by the very cool temperatures constantly blowing from the air conditioning. Kitty felt better moving around and the cold air revived her a bit. Leda guided Kitty into one of the guest suites and through the bedroom toward an elegantly appointed bathroom. Leda flipped on light switches and quietly escorted Kitty into the bathroom pointing out the amenities and opening door to the water closet – which annoyed Kitty – as if she couldn’t have figured it out herself.

When she finished in the toilet Kitty opened the door and was surprised to find Leda standing at the sink combing her hair. “Leda, you needn’t have waited for me, I could have found my way back to the dining room.” Her annoyance resonated in her tone of voice.

Leda didn’t turn toward the woman, but rather gave the American an amused look reflected in the mirror. Then with a slow, seductive move she turned her body toward Kitty and reached out to tuck a loose strand of hair behind Kitty’s ear, as she did so she caressed the woman’s cheek then trailed her fingers down along her jaw and neck to the bodice of Kitty’s dress slowly running the tip of her finger around the areola which was just visible through the silky material. Leda starred into Kitty’s eyes for a reaction.

Kitty was shocked at the overt gesture of sexual intimacy but decided not to overreact. She simply attempted to step back away from the woman. Rather than putting distance between them, Leda stepped forward and slipped her arm around Kitty’s waist and pulled her close while using her other hand to hold her jaw at the neck and placed a tongue probing kiss on Kitty’s mouth. Kitty was caught off guard and attempted to step back further only to begin to lose her balance. Leda was taller and stronger than Kitty; she pushed the Kitty’s ass against the vanity which arched her back over the sink so that she was at a disadvantage.

The Caymanian woman pressed her body hard against Kitty restricting her movement as she stroked her neck and ran a hand down over her chest, roughly manipulating one nipple between her fingers and then massaging the breast with her palm. Leda took her eyes away from Kitty’s while she looked down to enjoy the view of Kitty’s nipples puckering at the touch; she bent close and flicked her tongue on the nipple and sucked it through the material which caused it to rub, the friction creating further arousal.

Kitty cried out softly in surprise at the sensation the stimulation had caused in her lady parts.

Kitty was almost at the point of giving in to the pleasurable touching – it felt quite good, but her rational and suddenly very sober mind told her to resist. She had never experienced the sexual stimulation of a woman’s touch before and her mind clanged about in sexual confusion.

Leda had the advantage of position and height; she pressed her body against Kitty and took the other woman’s hand and guided it down under her caftan between her legs rubbing Kitty’s fingers along her very moist cunt. Kitty immediately recoiled and attempted to pull her hand away. Leda held firm to her wrist and worked feverously with Kitty’s hand rubbing the clenched fingers against Leda’s own clit; the sensation was similar to a vibrator before penetration and it felt arousing to Leda. She knew how to achieve her own pleasure but the objective here was to delay her own gratification while showing Kitty a whole new way of enjoying sex – with a woman.

Kitty’s eyes were squeezed tight shut as if she could keep the sensations she was experiencing at bay.

Leda had other ideas. “Open your eyes and look at me!” she commanded.

Kitty was actually frightened at the tone of voice; it had a purring undercurrent of menace, but she did as she was instructed out of fear that she wouldn’t know what was about to happen next. Leda smiled warmly at her, “There is nothing to be afraid of my dear, I will not hurt you; I intend to give you great pleasures and happiness tonight.”

With that – the woman released Kitty’s hand and pulled away from her, but continued to physically be a presence in her personal space – so Kitty couldn’t bolt. “This will be a world of new experiences for you.

Don explained to me that you have never known the touch of another woman on your body. We know how to pleasure each other better than any man can. Come my lovely Kitty, I will show you how to reach orgasmic heights you did not know existed, no matter how great a lover you think your Tom is.”

The güvenilir bahis Caymanian woman slipped out of her caftan and stood in front of Kitty naked: Leda’s coffee-colored skin, well-toned body, with her ample breasts still swaying slightly from the movement of her arms removing her clothes.

“Touch my breasts with your hands… cup them with you palms as you have done to yourself. Feel them!” She instructed. “The sensation you feel touching me is how you react when Tom cups your breasts – yes? We both take the pleasure of that touch. It is much more sensual than touching a man’s chest as they are not as sensitive, wired to the arousal of the manipulation of the nipple as we are in our cunts.” Leda was leading Kitty to focus on the feelings she was experiencing while the woman slowly began to undress her – peeling Kitty’s dress off and unhooking Kitty’s strapless bra. Both items of clothing dropped to the floor which left Kitty standing facing Leda, tentatively touching the woman’s breasts; Kitty’s panties were the only piece of clothing still on her body. The two women continued to face each other, staring into each other’s eyes, but Leda could see that despite Kitty’s reservations she was responding, her breathing shallow, the pace of it quickening.

And then Leda leaned forward and sucked one of Kitty’s nipples into her mouth, while she tugged at the other roughly rolling it between her fingers pulling and pinching the nipple – causing it to blush pink from the friction. Kitty hic-coughed a sharp intake of breath and moaned slightly at the sensation of being touched, licked and sucked. The feeling was a similar to that when Tom put his mouth on her nipple, however Kitty realized her reaction to Leda’s overture was more visceral. She was responding despite herself, she could feel wet between her legs and her breathing was raspy with need.

Leda had purposely left Kitty’s panties on but now she broke away from licking and running her tongue on the woman’s nipples and slid her hands over the Kitty’s hips and crooked a finger into the panties tugging her out of the bathroom and into the bedroom. Kitty didn’t resist.

Leda pushed the woman onto the smooth, cool silk sheets; Kitty fell backwards onto the bed. As her legs went up above her head Leda took the opportunity to grab the panties in one swoop and pulled them away. Nowvthe two women were naked and Leda fell forward onto Kitty enveloping her body, pinning her arms down with one hand, kissing her on the mouth and penetrating and probing deeply with her tongue. Despite herself, Kitty responded with her own tongue and the two women found erotic stimulation as each one explored the other with lips and tongues.

Kitty was breathing hard and feeling the tingling sensations of arousal both in her puckered nipples and further down in her cunt, which had become very wet with anticipation of a penetration.

The two women explored touching, stroking, and licking each other – taking turns, enjoying the tactile feel of skin on skin and the while Leda expertly pushed Kitty to respond on an ever higher plane reaching for that ultimate feeling of arousal just before climax. But Leda didn’t want Kitty to enjoy that release just yet; she kept her stimulaion just out of the woman’s orgasmic plateau. Kitty wanted it, needed it, but couldn’t get there unless Leda allowed it. Kitty was becoming frantic with need and started making mewling noises of helpless desire.

Leda slowed the pace slightly, stroking Kitty as she slid her body down over the other woman’s belly and played her tongue quickly into her bellybutton, but only very briefly because her goal was in sight. Kitty was distracted with the need for her own sexual fulfillment; she had been moving her hips in a frantic motion of needed friction trying to achieve climax.

With a quick motion, Leda moved down between Kitty’s legs pushing them apart as she tongued the woman’s smoothly waxed mound, but she didn’t linger to enjoy it. Leda pushed aside the folds of Kitty’s cunt with her tongue as she plunged into the moist, sweet taste of Kitty’s labia and licked and flicked her tongue creating frenzy in Kitty of want and need.

Kitty was wild with anticipation of orgasm – so close. She grabbed at Leda’s head and pushed it holding it down toward her cunt needing more satisfaction from the pleasurable movements of the textured tongue on the most intimately sensitive parts of her body. The vulnerable hard clit responded to the other woman’s practiced movement – probing Kitty’s moist core – Leda took long licks, like a cat’s tongue, enjoying the other woman’s taste and smell of heightened sexual craving.

She took Kitty’s hand again and this time brought it into her own cunt and guided the woman’s fingers to touch and probe and penetrate her in a rhythmic quick-paced motion. Kitty didn’t try to remove her hand this time, she seemed to enjoy exploring and it excited her own want and desire by handling Leda.

Kitty seemed to be mindful türkçe bahis of how she responded to the pleasurable feeling when Tom intimately touched her, and Kitty surprised herself by using her fingers to thrum on the clit and then quickly push first her index finger and then another finger, and then another into the woman – stroking up and back in a slow but steady motion filling Leda’s hole as she penetrated her. It was Leda’s turn to respond excitedly to the manual stimulation and she moaned with pleasure and desire rocking her hips against

Kitty’s touch – she needed to come.

The two women were moaning and rubbing against each other with desperate need for sexual fulfillment and release. Each woman moved on the other’s body, pinning with arms and legs pushing and trying to satisfy the other, but seeking their own orgasmic relief as well. The sense of carnal craving was building and while each woman wanted to satisfy the other – selfishly their own gratification was paramount.

Kitty shifted without warning, pushing Leda off her onto the bed and slipping her hips onto the woman’s pubic bone seeking her hips to grind onto Leda to relieve the stress of the sexual itch – the ultimate need for satisfaction.

The two women worked cooperatively, each complimenting the other’s movements and physical cues with motions practiced in other sexual situations and slowly, steadily they were building to climax. Kitty surprised herself and came first. Exploding, grunting and shaking as the sensation rolled through her body as she came in waves – rippling over her in the most pleasurable sensations imaginable.

Leda had attempted to hold herself in check not wanting to explode in an orgasm throwing the momentum of Kitty’s climb to the peak – that first experience with another woman, but when Kitty exploded Leda was primed and released moments after. The two women held each other and rode the mind blowing joy of the sensation for as long as possible moaning and whimpering with delight in the experience. Both were left exhausted and breathing fast and hard to catch a steadying heart beat again. The afterglow of the sex was wonderfully relaxing, almost sleep inducing.

After a few more moments to regain composure, Kitty reached her hand out gently touching Leda’s cheek tracing her lips with the tip of her finger. “Thank you. I was very reluctant, as you realized, but you are a wonderful patient teacher. The experience was mind blowing. I am glad you were my first experience.” She smiled and placed a chaste kiss on Leda’s lips.

Leda sat up on an elbow and leaned in to return the kiss and then took a moment to flick her tongue on one of Kitty’s puckered nipples biting it softly between her teeth. “You’re most welcome, anytime.” And she smiled but it was a slightly mischievous smile on Leda’s face.

The door suddenly swung open and Don charged into the room breaking the mood. “Is this a private party or can we join in?” He seemed a little tipsy and both women reacted with annoyance at the abrupt interruption of their sexual afterglow. Neither woman tried to cover themselves. However, Kitty did look beyond Don’s shoulder, noticing the very worried expression on Tom’s face as he hovered just beyond the doorway and peered into the room at the two women on the bed.

Don had two empty glasses and a fresh bottle of Krug – one of Kitty’s favorite champagnes. He sat down on the bed near Kitty’s legs. Kitty pulled herself up so that she was lying on her side with her head supported in the palm of her hand; her legs were stretched out and crossed at the ankles. She was keeping a wary eye on Don and Leda. Tom was now sitting at the foot of the bed with his legs crossed Indian fashion and a pillow on his lap, looking a bit like a dorky teddy bear; sheepishly he looked like he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Leda had taken the opportunity to quietly slip off the bed and discreetly move into the bathroom. Don asked Kitty, “Care for a fresh one?” holding out a glass of bubbly.

As Kitty glanced toward the glass to accept it, she noticed Leda had already returned into the room. She was holding an empty wine glass used earlier in the evening and left in the bathroom. Leda set her glass down on the end table and moved around the circular bed until she was behind Tom – who seemed to be sitting up straighter anticipating her next move. He looked over his shoulder trying to get a better view of what Leda’s next move might be. As Leda moved toward the edge of the bed, Kitty was suddenly transfixed by what she was looking at; she lost all notice of Don’s presence beside her. Absentmindedly Kitty drank the contents in her glass while trying to maneuver for a better view of just what it was that Leda was doing. Don put his hand down on the bed near Kitty’s thigh and stretched out in the narrow space remaining next to Kitty on the side of the bed.

With a bit of a glint of debauchery in his eye and a smartass tone in his voice Don asked, güvenilir bahis siteleri “Did you miss that before?” knowing full well of the intimacies Kitty and Leda had shared earlier. Without taking her eyes off Leda, Kitty said, “That looks so real – it looks hard and soft at the same time.”

Kitty had finished her champagne and presented her empty glass in Don’s direction for a refill while keeping her eyes transfixed on Leda.

“Easy now,” Leda said to Tom. “Don’t be so nervous, I’m not going to tickle you. I just want to hold your head in my hands… like this… while I brush my lips along the nape of your neck… like this… mmmmm… now that’s not so bad, is it?”

Don and Kitty’s eyes were glued to watching what was going on. Kitty hadn’t moved and neither had Don. When Leda next moved her fingertips up Tom’s arms to his shoulders, she moved them over and down his chest – circling his nipples and slowly starting to bring Tom under her control.

It was then that Kitty focused on the long nightgown Leda had slipped on while in the bathroom – a beautiful black gown with glistening gold guipure lace at the bodice with a dramatic slit – and saw that as Leda stood behind Tom the slit parted to reveal that generous cock – a Feeldoe, strapless strap-on.

“She’s really quite good with it, which I think you’ll see very shortly.” Don again refilled Kitty’s glass but rather than handing it to her straight away, he gently touched the glass to her knee and slid it up her thigh where her hand was resting. “Ohhhh, that is cold!” Kitty said as she shivered from her shoulders down her body as goose-bumps were raised up on her thigh along the trail of condensation from the glass. Just as she took hold of the glass, Don leaned over and slowly ran his tongue along the watery trail sucking and licking the moisture off, before it had a chance to run off the top of her thigh.

“Ooohhhh! Now that’s warm…” Kitty murmured.

“Shhh, watch what happens.” Don said as he tipped his glass toward Kitty.

Leda had moved nearer to Tom’s side; bringing one hand to her mouth, then down to stroke her cock, obviously getting ready for her next maneuver. Leda took her strapless cock in one hand, and brought the other hand up to Tom’s neck near the side of his face where she traced her fingertip around his lips, along his jawbone seductively near his ear. Leda slowly turned Tom’s head and pulled him toward her cock. Without hesitation Tom ran his tongue around the head. His hand grasped the cock steadying it so he could slowly open his mouth over the head slowly moving his mouth up and down as the glistening shaft disappeared into his mouth. Yes, Tom clearly had experience with sucking cock as he had done it many years before and it seemed comfortably familiar and completely satisfying to him.

Kitty almost swallowed her fingers as she emptied her glass again. She hadn’t noticed that Don had moved away from her and toward Tom and Leda. When she realized his departure, she also noticed that the robe Don was wearing was a perfect complement to Leda’s satin gown, although much shorter. It was only then that Kitty realized how perfect Don’s legs appeared – the calves narrowing down to the ankles – and they looked so smooth.

Tom had taken all of Leda’s cock into his mouth and was murmuring hungrily as he lifted his head off the cock slowly and then drilled his mouth down on it again, taking every bit of it into his mouth. Kitty had a lot of experience with Tom’s mouth and knew damned well that most of Leda’s strapless cock was now down his throat. Kitty inadvertently giggled softly at the thought, as she replayed in her mind the scene from ‘Deep Throat’ when Dr. Young finds his patient Linda has her clitoris in her throat and can only achieve orgasm by having a long cock down her throat. Kitty refilled her drink but almost poured her refill on the nightstand while watching her lover expertly make love to the beautifully long, hard cock that was smooth and silky soft on the outside of the shaft. Kitty wanted that cock.

Don had moved beside Leda and was now running his fingers through Tom’s hair from the front to back of his head, massaging around his neck and over his ears. Kitty saw Don release the sash from his robe and step forward as his cock appeared from underneath that sexy satin robe. Don held his cock out next to Leda’s – Kitty’s jaw dropped, and hung open, as she compared the two cocks. They were absolutely identical. Kitty took another sip of her champagne and muttered to herself, “How in-the-hell did they do that?”

Leda leaned back just a bit, as Don leaned in – an almost seamless transition as Don’s cock disappeared down Tom’s throat. Don’s head went back and his eyes closed, “Oh yes, baby – you know how to suck me… and I love it!”

Tom responded to Don’s voice with a deep guttural moan of ecstasy as he reached out putting his hand on the back of Don’s thigh and ran it up to his ass pulling that cock ever deeper into his mouth.

“Yes baby! Let me fuck that pussy mouth of yours. I want to feel your lips tighten on the base of my cock while I fuck your pretty mouth. That’s it baby, that’s where it’s at… all the way down.” Don moaned in pleasure.

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