Traveling by Train

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I hate late night journeys, especially at the weekend. Happy revellers spill from the pubs and onto the last trains home, eager to avoid having to pay extortionate taxi fares.

Sadly I was neither happy nor drunk when I stepped onto the train. A long day in the office had left me tired and eager to get home to soak away my stresses in the shower.

Tonight the train is busier than normal and although I am in my usual spot, I am among a crowd of around ten other people. I can tell there is someone behind me so I am conscious not to step back too far. I hate anyone invading my personal space, so try not to make the same mistake myself.

It’s hot and in an effort to ease the tension I feel, I move my head to the side stretching my neck and adjust my bag on my shoulder which causes my blouse to lower slightly revealing the top of my black lace bra. Behind me I hear a sharp exhale of breath and feel the cool breeze from it on my neck. I close my eyes momentarily and as the train jolts I lose my balance stepping back slightly, against what feels like a tall, lean body. Now I can feel every breath on my neck, and I have no idea why, but it excites me.

I’m not short at 5ft 7, but I gauge him to be around 6ft. I like taller men. I can smell his aftershave, something musky, and I can also smell alcohol, he’s not drunk, but he’s had a couple perhaps making him a little braver than normal. He adjusts the strap of my bag, his fingers grazing against the side of my breast as he does so. This time, the sharp exhale of breath is mine. As I am pushed against him yet again, I can tell he likes what he sees, there is a definite hardness that was not there previously.

I can’t quite believe this is happening, nor can I believe how aroused I am at the thought of this total stranger reacting to my body. I certainly can’t believe what I do next, which is to push myself backwards against him, a total invasion of his personal space, but from the way his hand goes to my hip and pulls me back, I guess not an unwelcome one.

The next stop is the one of the busiest and I expect to be jostled as people leave and sure enough I am, in fact I am turned around where I stand, and end up face to face with the stranger, who again places his hand gently on my hip to steady me. He smiles at me and I cannot help but grin back. He tells me his name is Paul and I tell him mine is Nicole, he tells me it’s nice to meet güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri me as his hand finds the small of my back and pulls me close, his head dipping forward as he lightly kisses my neck, his hand lowering to caress my arse.

My body betrays me. My cheeks flush, my nipples harden and there is a very welcome tingling between my legs. I moan quietly and bite my lip. He looks at me questioningly, I smile and using the tips of my fingers trace the outline of his cock through the material of his trousers. I think he has his answer.

He leans back and lets me continue to work his hardening cock. I watch his face, noting how his breathing quickens and when he finally looks at me it’s almost as if his hazel eyes can see into my soul, which sends shivers right through my whole body. For some reason I know I can trust this man, he is, like me, simply turned on by a stranger.

He tells me to put on my coat and at first I am a little bemused by his request, but I do as I am told. Within seconds I realise his plan. My coat comes to just above knee level, longer than my skirt, which he gently slides up towards my waist, his fingers caressing the inside of my thighs. Taking his cue I unzip his trousers and slide my hand inside, grasping his now rock hard cock. Warm to my touch it twitches as I run my thumb over the head, his tip moist with pre-cum. I stoke him slowly, lubricating his shaft as I go, before cupping and fondling his balls. He leans against me, into me, his breathing quick and whispers a soft yes into my ear.

When his fingers find me, it’s all I can do to stop myself crying out. Using his thumb he pushes the fabric of my soaking panties against my clit, while using his middle finger to trace my slit. I feel like I’m on fire, and I am so lost in the moment I’ve forgotten that I am actually standing on a train. The next stop suddenly jolts me out of my reverie.

As people leave, the closeness of our bodies hides what has been going on between stations. I am thankful that today of all days I chose this coat and also this train. Seats become available and Paul pulls me into the one nearest the back. It’s darker here and there is no one around, even the conductor is making his way to the other end, following drunken passengers who have not bought tickets.

He kisses me, his fingers again finding my sex, this time more insistent. He and I both know güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that we are halfway through this journey, meaning there is not much time left. He and I both know what we want, but I am the first to voice it. “I want you to fuck me” is the only thing I say.

He bites my lip gently, his hands sliding underneath my blouse. His thumbs brush against the outline of my hard nipples, his fingers tugging gently on the fabric of my bra. I laugh as he pulls me towards him, expertly unhooking and removing the barrier before I have time to complain.

Pulling my coat around me, his fingertips trace the side of my breasts, I moan my approval, my lips on his, my tongue insistent, gasping against him as he flicks my nipples with his thumbs. I throw my head back, pushing my hips against his hardness, in need of his hard cock.

He pulls me onto his lap, straddling him, bending down so his lips close over my nipple, his teeth grazing me gently. Opening his legs slightly he spreads mine and I shiver as a delicious cool breeze brushes over my hot, wet, cunt. He looks at me, those brown eyes never leaving mine as he slides his hand inside my now soaking wet knickers.

Using his middle finger he circles the entrance to my cunt, his thumb rubbing against my clit. I feel like I am going to explode and if he continues to work me like this I will. He is clever however and finger fucks me until I am almost at the edge and then stops, withdrawing the pleasure and leaving me wanting more.

But I too have a plan, which starts with a simple question. ‘Don’t you want to fuck me?’ I ask. ‘Don’t you want to slide that rock hard cock of yours deep into my hot little cunt?’ This time the moans are his as he slides two fingers deep inside me, his eyes still locked onto mine. ‘That’s it’ I say, ‘fuck my hot little hole’. His thumb again finds my clit as his fingers curve and twist inside me. I am moaning so loud I have to bite my lip to stop, my hips pushing against him as I start to cum, riding his fingers and calling his name as wave after wave of pleasure washes over me.

‘Hot little bitch aren’t you’ he says as he lifts me up. This time I lock eyes with him as I slide my knickers to the side and ease my tight cunt onto his hard cock, inch by inch. I know he can feel the little tremors that still course through me, as he closes his eyes and tightens his grip on my güvenilir bahis şirketleri hips. He stretches me, and I fuck him slowly allowing myself time to adjust to his size. His cock feels so good.

His lips return to my nipples, sucking and nibbling me gently as I move my hips against him, his hands almost lifting me. I need to feel him deeper inside me, so kissing him once more I slide off his lap.

Seeing the carriage is now empty, I climb onto the seat in front of us, my knees apart as I lean forward against the back. He comes behind me, his hands gently caressing my arse as he slides my knickers first to my knees and then off altogether. Leaning over me, his hands cup and fondle my breasts, his cock rubbing against my sex as he whispers in my ear ‘Well, do you want me to fuck you?’

All I can do is nod, I want him so badly. I need to feel him inside me once more.

Stroking his cock, he slides the tip from my clit to the entrance of my cunt. I whimper, as he pushes himself gently inside me, his hands repositioning me slightly and opening my legs, feeding my greedy little snatch.

My hands go to the wall in front of me as I push back against him, tits bouncing, his shaft buried deep inside me. I’m begging him to fuck me, to fill me and make me cum again. He slides his hand around and teases my clit, flicking and pinching me gently. I’m gasping, so close yet again, and I lean forward to allow him to slide deeper inside, his balls bouncing against my super sensitive clit.

He starts to moan his hands gripping my hips sliding me back and forth, my juices lubricating his cock. He lifts my coat, evidently he likes to see his shaft working my wet hole, his hand lightly spanking my ass.

He starts to fuck me faster, more urgently and I know he is close. I am too, that amazing cock of his having stroked me to the edge once more. He asks me if he should pull out and I say no, that I want to feel him fill me with his hot cum. This seems to spur him on, as he places his hands on my shoulders ramming his cock deep inside me. I lose control, my cunt tightening against him as I start to cum, which in turn pushes him over the edge. He almost growls as with hard thrusts of his hips he pumps his cum into my cream filled cunt until we are both breathless and spent.

He steps away, turns me round and kisses me while fixing my blouse and sliding my skirt back to its original position. “Well that was pretty fucking hot” he says handing me my knickers. Laughing I nod my head in agreement. He pulls me close and kisses my neck and whispers in my ear, “My stop’s next, same time next week?” I’m speechless, but somehow I manage to again nod my head, and then with a last kiss and smile he is gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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