Twins Saved by Nudity Ch. 07

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Thanks to my anonymous editor


The day passed. Dinner followed the same format as before. The twins fed Tyler and Brenda first and the care-giving trio ate afterwards. However, this time the atmosphere was much different as all joined in the conversation.

Bath-time followed and the eager twins volunteered to handle the preparations.

When Brenda, Tyler and Tyler’s mom, Janice, came upstairs, they found the girls splashing around in the tub minus their artificial limbs. The twins’ alabaster skin shimmered as water droplets refracted the light. Their little pink nipples had twisted up into tight peaks as they played grab-ass with each other. Tyler hated to break up their wrestling match; he could have watched their bare asses and hairless pussies play all night long.

Abby and Beth washed Brenda and Tyler without hesitations. Together they cleaned Tyler’s cock. If fact, both twins took an unapologetic, sincere interest in stroking his full erection, caressing his balls and playing with the mushroom-shaped tip of his penis.

Brenda, Tyler’s wife, had agreed to help the twins’ personalities emerge. It was an unexpected bonus for her that in doing so she was able to explore her bi-curious inclination. This week was also instructive for her as Brenda learned that she had a strong desire to be wicked. As she told herself, “Who knew that teasing, controlling and manipulating people could be so much fun!”

Brenda was ready for more “wicked” behavior. For the past day and a half, she had been teasing her husband about being sexually excited by the sight of his naked mother. She decided to play that card again. “I wonder,” Brenda thought, “if Janice might be a little turned on by him? After all, she hasn’t had any dick for four years since her husband died and she did sneak a peak at us having sex. Well, even if she isn’t interested, I can always enjoy teasing Ty and it might be fun putting his mother in an embarrassing situation.”

“Now, let’s see if I can make this happen,” Brenda told herself as she carefully planned her next devious move. It wasn’t long before she was saying,

“Gosh Janice, look at the way those girls are abusing your son!”

Janice looked. The twins were really working him over. They were rubbing their young breasts against Tyler and fondling his dick. Janice cringed as she caught herself staring at his erection. She could not stop herself from wondering how good that thick stiff dick might feel in her hands.

“Tell them that’s enough,” Brenda whispered, “before he expires.”

Janice was momentarily unable to speak. Was her throat dry because she was too embarrassed by the scene unfolding in front of her or maybe it was because her flooding sex had drawn down all levels of her body fluids?

“Uhmm..uhmm…Girls that’s enough now. Please dry him off.”

Brenda continued in a conspiratorial whisper, “He’s definitely going to need a release tonight. Aahh…I hate to ask you…, but maybe you should join us…you know… to help me take care of him. I hate to put you in this position,” she lied, “But…” Brenda shrugged and held up her bandaged hands.

She immensely enjoyed watching Janice squirm. The struggle was written all over her face. Janice obviously was uncomfortable with the suggestion, but what was she going to do? Clearly Tyler was being stimulated beyond any man’s endurance. She knew she couldn’t send one or two virginal high school students into the marital bedroom. She groaned as she struggled to find a response she could accept. She did not find one.

Brenda didn’t take “no answer” as a “no”. She stood up, slipped her arm through Janice’s arm and led her out of the room. She called out behind them,

“Girls have a nice bath. We’ll meet you downstairs later. Tyler canlı bahis come with us.”

His hard prick leading his way, Tyler followed his wife and mother’s bare asses to the bedroom.

“Close the door, Ty,” Brenda said sweetly, “Join us on the bed. Honey, I know how trying that bath was for you. Well really the whole day, has been hard…” She giggled at her accidental pun, “I’m sorry, I mean it must have been exasperating for you. Your Mom has recognized it too.”

Brenda looked over at an extremely uncomfortable woman. Janice was sitting with her head bowed and her shoulders drooping. She looked like a thoroughly defeated woman. Janice’s head was spinning as she thought, “What have I gotten myself into?”

Tyler was not in any better shape. His dick throbbed begging for release. But for God’s sake was his Mother going to help?

Brenda loved the situation. She was putting tremendous pressure on both of them and she enjoyed their predicament. She was making progress coercing them to do as she wanted.

“Tyler, your Mom’s here for you. To help me, help you. Isn’t that right, Janice?”

Janice was silent her mind still reeling. She jumped a little when she realized that Brenda had asked her a question. It took her a moment to process it before she smiled weakly and nodded.

Brenda was satisfied. It appeared that Janice was not balking so she continued,

“Let’s see. The missionary position is out. Tyler would crush me since he can’t support the weight of his upper body. Shall we try doggy style?”

Her sex partners just stared in disbelief as she mooned them. She turning her naked butt to their faces and knelt on the bed with her weight on her elbows. Looking over her shoulder at his massive hard-on, Brenda said innocently,

“Ty, I can see you’re raring to go. Would you mind licking me a bit so I can catch up? Then your Mom can guide you in.”

Both Tyler and Janice were stunned. Tyler was aghast. His mind was racing. “I’m supposed to lick your pussy with my Mother in the room.”

Janice was equally horrified thinking “I’m going to watch my son have oral sex and then grab his penis and shove it into Brenda’s vagina? What kind of bizarre world am I trapped in?”

Brenda spread her legs exposing her bald pussy and began shaking her ass provocatively at them like a cat in heat. Feeling cornered, Tyler rested his cast on the bed and began eating out his lover. Brenda preened and moaned. Tyler became more enthusiastic with his tongue when he discovered how hot and wet her pussy was. She tasted great.

Janice felt every bit the third wheel as she sat there. With vacant eyes she watched Brenda’s breasts dangle and jiggle in rhythm to her soulful moans. The air was soon filled with the musky perfume of an aroused woman.

Minutes passed. The smell of sex and the pleasured-filled moans emanating from Brenda began to have an effect on Janice. Her body was beyond her mind’s control. Her feeling of embarrassment was replaced by a warm and wet feeling down below. She found herself biting her lip trying to distract herself from the arousing sights, sounds and smells in front of her.

‘Oh Baby, I’m ready for you,” Brenda said. For both of their benefits Brenda continued, “Janice stick that big, hard cock in me!”

Tyler reared up and moved forward. Horny, he looked anxiously at his Mother pleading for her help to complete the process. His sense of embarrassment was overcome by his lust for pussy. He was a man begging to cum!

Janice touched his erection. It was so hard. She found it warm and pleasurable to have in her hand. She couldn’t help but to compare it to his father’s penis, the one that she had enjoyed for all those many years. Tyler had a fine cock. She guided it to its home, Brenda’s pink opening. bahis siteleri

In his haste for sex, Tyler quickly drove fully into Brenda trapping his mother’s hand between their two bodies. Tyler and Brenda moaned and groaned with satisfaction over their sexual union. Janice stood planning to leave the room.

But that wasn’t part of Brenda’s plan! Brenda began wildly thrashing about limiting Tyler to only a couple of deep strokes before causing him to slip out of her. He lost his balance and fell on the bed.

“Damn it!” Tyler cursed in frustration. “Who do you have to pay around here to get fucked?”

“Tyler, I know, I know. I feel the same way. Janice wait, please,” A sexy and flushed Brenda begged.

“Janice can we try just one more position?” Brenda said sweetly.

Zombie-like Janice turned back around thinking “Is my embarrassment never to end? My conscious is rebelling at being part of this and especially so due to my body’s active sexual response to it.”

“Thanks ever so much,” Brenda said thrusting out her big beautiful breasts with their rock hard nipples in her mother-in-law’s direction.

“Janice I think the major problem is Tyler’s heavy cast. Let’s put him on the bottom and I’ll mount him. Uhmm, I might need some help balancing. You should be able to do it. I’m much lighter than Ty”.

Brenda crawled over and straddled Tyler. She looked to Janice who sighed and shook her head thinking to herself “Once more into the breach I go.”

Janice gently grasped her son’s slick erection. It was wet due to Brenda’s sexual secretions. Janice guided Ty’s cock in into Brenda’s wet hole. Brenda impaled herself with one quick motion. Tyler groaned heartily with pleasure.

“Okay Janice if you support me as I lean forward, I get this over with as soon as possible. I know what a strain this is on you.”

Janice knelt beside Ty facing Brenda. She grabbed Brenda’s shoulders and attempted to support her as she leaned forward and began rocking her hips fucking Tyler. Unfortunately, Janice wasn’t strong enough. She ended up toppling over on top of Tyler sliding her big, soft breasts all over his lean, manly chest. Her nipples grew harder due to the contact. Tyler and Janice tingled all over from the pleasurable contact.

Brenda smiled to herself over the mishap. She let herself fall over. Tyler’s dick slipped out of her glory hole.

“Damn it, ” Brenda said with fake emotion. “Janice dear, I think you need to be directly in front of me to support me properly. I’ll straddle Ty’s hips and you can straddle his chest while facing me.”

Brenda re-position her self and waited with pretend impatience for Janice to mount her son. “I’ll be more careful this time,” she said hoping to keep Janice from thinking about what she had been asked to do.

Brenda loved her feeling of complete power. Janice and Tyler were puppets 100% under her control and direction. It added to her sexual excitement, Brenda’s’ juices were rolling profusely down her thighs.

In a moment she would have Janice’s ass in Ty’s face and Janice’s pussy rubbing his chest. She planned to have intercourse with the son while she crushed her tits into the mother’s big soft breasts. Brenda was almost delirious over the prospect of staring into her mother-in-laws eyes as she fucked Tyler.

It all came to be as Brenda planned. Janice without complaint mounted her son. Brenda eased her back until her ass cheeks touched Tyler’s chin. Tyler could feel the snail trail on his body as his Mom slid down his chest. His nose was overwhelmed with the unmistakable odor of his mother’s pussy. Her soft, plush ass cheeks brushed his chin and her crinkled asshole winked at him.

Again, Mom inserted Tyler’s hard engorged dick into Brenda.

“Oh my God,” thought bahis şirketleri Janice. “Could I be any more a part of this abomination!”

Janice could feel and hear the breathing of the lovers. Their fucking rocked her too. Brenda’s hard nipples were being dragged across Janice’s tender flesh. The motion, the moans, the smells, the contact. She could not convince her mind or her body that she wasn’t having sex. Her groin tingled, Her face and breasts were flush. Her breathing and heart rate increased. And yes, her sex was flooded with warmth and lubrication. She began rocking her hips fucking her son’s chest!

Tyler too, was fully stimulated by the situation. He gritted his teeth and with ragged breath savored this experience of such intimate contact with two desirable females.

Brenda had it all. She had the delicious feeling of her lover’s dick filling her pussy completely. She also had the even more delicious feeling of having forced mother and son into this ultra-embarrassing situation and getting them both to like it. She leaned into her mother-in-law and began kissing her neck. She almost laughed when she heard Janice moaning in response. Then wide eyed, she kissed Janice hard and long while bumping her tit to tit. Brenda began clenching her pussy muscles around Tyler’s steely cock and grinding her clit into him triggering an orgasm in both of them.

Tyler exploded into her with a loud groan. He was in ecstasy. Brenda lost contact with Janice’s lips as she spasmed. Unbelievable pleasure radiated throughout Brenda’s body. With a huge surge of energy, Brenda bulldozed her mother-in-law backwards off Tyler’s chest until her pussy landed on her son’s mouth.

Tyler was shocked and surprised. He was even more astonished when his lips and tongues did what they are made to do. He licked and sucked and ate the pussy presented to him as his dick ejaculated into Brenda.

A beautiful orgasm had been building inside Janice. She was dumbfounded to discover herself sitting on her son’s face. She felt a tongue pierce her hole and lick her clit. It was too much! She was overwhelmed with an explosion of pleasure. Wave after pleasure-filled wave moved through her as her son tongued her sex.

The threesome was complete. All ignored their learned sense of right and wrong and concentrated on the euphoric sensations that seemed strong enough to conquer the morals of present society.

Tyler’s dick blasted cum again and again into his wicked, scheming wife’s cunt .

Brenda sighed with satisfaction. Her wicked mind was amazed at what she had done and her sweaty body was too. She was enjoying an orgasmic bliss beyond expectation. As the feeling faded so did her consciousness. She was completely satisfied and fully spent. She hugged her man and closed her eyes to sleep

Janice was seeing stars. As she came off her orgasmic high, she likened her experience to someone who had awakened from a long coma. She felt she was once again a living, feeling human being. The severely constricting matronly facade she had adopted after her husband had died was completely destroyed. She felt like her old self again. Her only qualm, a small uneasy feeling in the back of her brain, was whether her re-discovered sexuality was a sign of her coming to grips with the loss of her husband or was it a banner proclaiming some secret hunger in her, a dark unspoken desire to have sex with her son. She sighed heavily. She was too wiped out to figure it out now. She slid off her son and fell asleep.

Tyler also was tuckered out. Pinned between two naked women, he too succumbed to the arms of Morpheus. His guilt over having oral sex with his mother would have to wait for tomorrow.


The twins grew bored waiting patiently downstairs. They came upstairs looking for everyone. Entering the bedroom they were struck by a strong odor unknown to them. They found their three companions disheveled lying together on the bed. Wanting company, they joined them and soon were asleep as well.

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