Webmeets Diary Ch. 07

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Note to the reader: In this diary I will tell the true stories of my sexual encounters that have come about thanks to the internet. Some more precise details such as names and places will be left out to protect mine and others’ privacy, and also because they don’t matter. Each entry in the diary can be read alone or as part of a series, but since I have a wide sexual appetite you may not find everything I’ve done to be such a turn on, so you may want to skip those chapters. This chapter and chapter 5 feature only heterosexual scenes.


After my first meeting with a contact near Beijing from the adult dating site I used (the encounter is the subject of the previous chapter of this diary), I planned to spend four days travelling south to Shanghai where I had two contacts.

One of these contacts was an older expat American couple in their late thirties who I had only exchanged a few, very business like messages with on the site. According to their profile they organised frequent sex parties in which the wife, a rather attractive African-American woman from the photos, enjoyed being gangbanged (the phrase they used). They hadn’t actually promised I could join one of these, but instead said they preferred to meet new people individually first to decide if they were suitable. This seemed fair enough to me before I’d left England, from Beijing we had finalised the arrangement and I was to meet them on the Friday for the “audition”, with the possibility of joining one of the parties sometime soon after.

The other contact was a young straight Chinese guy, only 27 years old, who claimed on his profile that he enjoyed meeting visitors to his city and could find lots of horny local girls for them to have fun with. This seemed a little exploitative to me, not to say arrogant, but I had contacted him anyway, and he seemed friendly enough. I was desperately horny, so after he had assured me that these girls were not hookers or anything, I agreed to look him up when I got there. He gave me a phone number and on the Wednesday night, the night before I would reach Shanghai, I gave him a ring.

“Hi,” I said. “Is that John?” John was the name he’d given me, although I was pretty certain it wasn’t his real name. I’d noticed that many Chinese people had an “English name” that they choose or was given to them when they learnt English, presumably so they didn’t have to put up with foreigners constantly mispronouncing their real names, although sometimes they were pretty unsuitable names.

“Hi, yes, who is this?”

“My name is Jack, we exchanged some messages online a month or two ago, if you remember?”

“Jack, Jack… From America?”

“No, from England.”

“England? Oh yes! I think I remember! Are you in Shanghai now?”

“No, not yet, but I arrive tomorrow and I’ll be there for a week maybe, I wondered if you still wanted to meet?”

“Yes, of course! Tomorrow at what time?”

“About 5 o’clock in the afternoon, but then I have to go to my hostel and drop my things. We don’t have to meet tomorrow, any time over the next week is fine.”

“Tomorrow is OK. You arrive at 5? I can meet you at 7 on Nanjing Donglu near the Bund. This is the main tourist street you know?”

“Yes, I know, my hostel is near there. Where on Nanjing Donglu?”

“By the entrance to the train station Henan Zhonglu. How will I recognise you?”

“I sent you a photo didn’t I?”

“Oh yes, I think I still have that. What will you be wearing?”

“Um, jeans and a red hooded top?”

“What is a hooded top?”

“It’s a type of sweater.”

“A red sweater? OK, I shall meet you at 7 tomorrow then. Goodbye!”


Thursday evening I arrived and found my hostel without a problem, so I was able to drop my bag off there and then enter the crowd outside and find the meeting place more than an hour before. I did so surprisingly quickly, so then spent a while wandering around killing time until 7 o’clock. At that time I was there waiting, and after ten minutes or so, when I was starting to wonder if that was where he meant, a young, wealthy looking Chinese couple approached me.

“Hi, are you Jack?” The guy greeted me. He was about my height, well dressed, with fairly short, styled hair.

“Yes, you must be John,” I replied extending my hand. “Pleased to meet you!”

“Pleased to meet you. This is a friend of mine who wanted to meet you, her English name is Juliet.”

“Pleased to meet you too,” I said, turning to shake hands with the attractive woman at his side. She was a few inches shorter than me, though I guessed that she must be a three or four years older than me, and was also well dressed as if she had just come from the office. Her elegant, slightly haughty facial features were framed by a long sweep of silky, straight black hair falling past her shoulders and streaked with red, not in the amateurish way of an unsuccessful bleaching as many girls have there, but in an intentional, professional style.

“Pleased to meet you,” she replied, fluttering ankara escort her eyelashes. “Do you mind if I practice my English with you? I like to improve it.”

“No I don’t mind,” I answered. “Where are we going to eat?”

“I know a good place,” John said, and led us off through the throng. I won’t bore you with the details of the meal, other than to say that the food was very good, and the conversation similar to many I had in China with people who wanted to practice their English. Some people find it tiresome, but I quite enjoy it, even if things get a bit repetitive. In this case I had a very pretty conversation partner in Juliet, who flirted with me the whole meal in the very open way I had experienced from several Chinese girls already, telling me how handsome I was with my wide, light-coloured eyes, naturally fair hair, and so on. Both of them also spoke pretty good English so topics were not quite as limited as usual and their accents were not too indecipherable.

John insisted that I was his guest so he paid for the whole meal, which though I found awkward at first, I was more comfortable about later when I learnt that he was the son of a very rich businessman who had been able to send him to university in America, and so had inherited a lucrative position at the company, so I was hardly exploiting him. It turned out Juliet was in a similar situation at a different company, though she had not studied abroad, and in fact they new each other from business meetings.

From the restaurant we got the metro to John’s apartment, which was only a few stations away in any case. The site of the apartment block immediately banished any misgivings I had about imposing on someone from a poorer country than mine, as it was clearly a place for the very wealthy. We entered the shiny marble lobby and took the lift up to the top, Juliet now holding on to both our arms and getting very giggly.

The interior of his apartment was certainly no let down from the rest of the building, far more spacious than Patrick and Ai Ling’s place and far more expensively furnished. There was a huge window looking out on the colourful lights of the city, a large wide-screen TV, a leather couch and armchairs, all the furniture very modern and Western looking. All this I took in only briefly, as we passed straight through this room into John’s bedroom, which was similarly well furnished with a large King-size double bed in the centre.

With no further conversation, Juliet got down on her knees in front of me and undid my flies, pulling my trousers and boxers down in one move. My pubic hair was still short stubble, only having had a few days to regrow since I shaved it the previous weekend for Ai Ling and her husband, which she seemed to like, brushing her fingers over it and examining the unhidden shape of my balls.

With a smile up at me, she ducked under my expanding cock to lick them, and I stroked her hair, feeling wonderfully relaxed. She look her time, working her lips upwards, letting me become fully extended before touching my head. When she did I gasped and tightened my grip on her hair, it felt so good, then relaxed again as she went down on me, moving her tongue sensually.

I glanced at John and grinned, and he smiled back, moving closer and dropping his pants once he was near, stroking his own erect cock as he watched us. There are many racist myths about Asian people, but although on average they’re certainly shorter than Europeans, at least from what I saw it is an unfair slur that Asian men are poorly endowed. Of course I didn’t look too closely at his, he might have got worried and called things off, and anyway the pretty woman sucking my cock soon pulled my gaze back. But from what I saw of him in action and casual observations, he was not noticeably smaller than my respectable 7 inches, though he had the disadvantage of being unshaved and so looking shorter than me as the first inch or so was hidden, unlike mine.

He said something in Chinese, presumably something along the lines of “I’m here too you know”, as she pulled back, apparently reluctantly, and began to give him a blowjob, not bothering with any foreplay. I seized the opportunity to get rid of the rest of my clothes and then stood wanking with her saliva as lubricant, watching them. Much as I had enjoyed being filmed the previous weekend, and the idea that I and others could watch it all again sometime, it was a relief not to watch everything through a lens or to have to change position so the camera could get a better, porn-style view.

I noticed that Juliet only used one hand, and looking for where the other was I saw the top of her wrist, the rest tucked under the waistband of her skirt and panties. Eager to help her, I knelt down and found the fastening for the skirt, then pulled it down, letting her lift her knees alternately to let it pass off her legs.

To my great delight I found she was not wearing tights but stockings, held up by suspenders, a style I found incredibly arousing. Then I saw that her lace knickers, in escort ankara which her hand was still thrust, had been put on over the straps, so they could be removed without interfering with the stockings. Absorbed in my exploration, I forgot she was still in her blouse and bra, and tugged her panties down. Now I could see her pale, slender fingers lying in the thick black bush of her pussy, which was trimmed neatly from what I could glimpse down there in the shadows.

“So who do you want to fuck first, me or Jack?” John asked, breaking my attention. She pulled back to answer.

“Jack,” she said, then turned to me, her fingers still in her pussy. “I want Jack to fuck me first.” And she grinned at being able to speak dirty in English.

We both stood up and stripped off the rest of her clothes, though I made her keep the stockings and suspenders on. She got on the bed while I bent down to the pockets of my discarded jeans to take out the condom that I’d almost forgotten in my lust. It was on by the time I was kneeling between her legs, looking down on her gorgeous, petite body, from the black tuft of hair in her crotch, over her slim frame and small but defined breasts, to her smiling face, her hair fanned out on the pillow below her head.

I fell forward on to my hands, then supported myself on just one to run my finger through her bush. It was wet, very wet – she had done a good job at getting ready. So I lowered my hips and guided my cock to her entrance, pressing it in and pulling hairs out of the way. This was no tight virgin that was for sure, as I slipped in easily, and my hand could move to her hips, pulling her close. I began to thrust, watching her face and then kissing her lips passionately. She was a little more passive than the other girls I’d had though she kissed back and gasped, and once I began moving my hands around her body, cupping her breasts and stroking her thighs, she began to respond more, thrusting up towards me.

All the time John watched us, I could see him jerking off out of the corner of my eye, but when she started to let out loud cries he climbed up on the bed and knelt by our heads. I could guess what he wanted, so I pushed myself up as far as I could, leaning on my hands either side of her stomach. He guided his dick into her mouth, and with unexpected eagerness she began to suck it, propping herself up on one elbow to get a better angle.

Her hips ground at my crotch ever more insistently, and I could feel muscles inside her contracting around me, while her nipples atop her shaking tits were hard and erect. I was glad that nearly a week free of either sex or masturbation had both been enough to let me recover from the weekend’s excessive exertions but not enough to prevent me lasting a respectable time, which in this kind of casual encounter was proving very important. I could see John wanted a go too though, so when I felt I was nearing a climax, I let it come, groaning and grunting and forcing my eyes open to absorb the sight of her sucking cock and her shaking breasts to add to the waves of pleasure flowing from the wet meeting of our genitals.

Spent, I pulled out and made room for my new friend, who pulled a rubber on immediately and took my place. I cleaned up a bit and watched them fuck, which was enjoyable even if it wasn’t enough to get me aroused again. Patrick and Ai Ling had been obviously in love, so their lovemaking, whilst lustful, had been tender, and at times even uncomfortable to watch. These two on the other hand, really seemed to only be friends, so it was interesting to see how well they knew each other, and how intense their screwing was. It lasted a while, but eventually their writhing slowed to a stop and John rolled off. After a short rest, Ai Ling got up and started to dress.

“I have to go now,” Juliet said, stepping back into her boots. “It was very nice to meet you Jack, maybe we shall meet again before you leave Shanghai?”

“Yes, I would like that,” I replied. “I will be here until sometime next week I think.”

“So long! Then I shall see you again. Bye bye!”

“Bye!” She exchanged a few words in Chinese with John, then left.

“Would you like a beer?” John inquired, turning to me.

“Yes please,” I replied, feeling I’d earned one. I went to sit on the couch while he took a couple of Tsingtaos from the fridge (Tsingtao is one of the best Chinese beers, in my opinion anyway), opened them and brought them over.

“What is it you say in English? Cheers?”

“Yes, cheers!” I said, and we both raised our bottles before taking a refreshing swig.

“So, you like Juliet?”

“Yes, she’s very nice,” I answered, then added as this seemed rather inadequate: “Very sexy too!”

“Sexy, yes. I have known her a year now, she is always very sexy, and she likes to meet Westerners. I know many more girls who want to fuck Westerners, you know? They all love you, with your big eyes, fair hair and so on, you could have any Chinese girl you want you know?”

“I have noticed that I’m very popular ankara escort bayan here, yes,” I replied. This was true, often I would see girls glancing at me and giggling, they would crowd around me at tourist attractions to have their photo taken or practice their English, and many other Westerners I met in hostels had similar experiences, though I hadn’t taken advantage of it until now. I told him the feelings were mutual: “I like Chinese girls a lot too, there are so many beautiful ones.”

“As beautiful as Western girls? I like Chinese girls too, but not as much as Western girls.”

“I think there are pretty girls everywhere,” I said to be diplomatic.

“How long did you say you were staying in Shanghai? A week?”

“Probably about a week, yes.”

“If you like you can fuck girls with me every day, really, I can arrange.” I tried not to look too incredulously delighted at the prospect of 7 days of sex with Asian girls.

“Well, I’m not free tomorrow as I’m meeting someone else, and I might be meeting with them again next day, but I should be free the rest of the time.”

“Do you have a mobile phone? No, you don’t, do you. I will lend you my old one, then I can call you when to come, I will find it for you later.”

“Thanks very much! For all this, you are a very good host!”

He shook his head in modest denial. “It is very easy, so many horny girls in this city, they all want to go with Western men, and I enjoy fucking them too. So, you like Juliet, I think she will come again, and I know other girls like her, but what other girls do you like? Young girls?”

“As long as they’re legal, you know, over 18…”

He laughed. “Of course, of course, I don’t want to get in trouble either. But I know a few young college students, you want to fuck them?”

“Um, yes please!”

“OK, so you like young girls, what about older women, have you ever gone with older women?”

“I’m only 22, so Juliet was older. In fact all the women I’ve been with have been older, last weekend I was with a woman nearly 30 years old, and before then everyone I’ve slept with has been at least a few years older than me. Once I even fucked a 49 year old!”

“49? Wow, that’s much older than I was thinking! So you like older women too? That’s good, I know a few very sexy and kinky older women, though none are over 40!”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t normally go for a 49 year old either… She was pretty sexy though!”

“And what kind of girls you like? Thin girls? I know some Westerners find Chinese girls too thin.”

“I really don’t mind. Thin girls are very pretty, but I quite like girls who aren’t that thin. I’ve not seen any Chinese girls that are too fat, that’s for sure.”

“So you don’t mind if they’re a bit fat?”

“No, it’s often quite sexy actually. The girls I do like a lot though, and haven’t seen so much in China, are alternative girls.”


“Yeah, you know, they listen to rock music, have strange clothes like fishnet tights and a lot of black, have their hair in funny styles, and often have their nose or lips pierced-“


“Yeah, like earrings but in the nose or lip.”

“Oh, yes, I think I know the girls you mean. There aren’t many in China, but I’ll see if I can find some for you. How do you like to fuck?”

“How do I like to fuck?”

“Yeah, do you like anal sex, do you mind if other guys come and fuck the girls with us, do you eat pussy…”

“Oh, well, that stuff is all good, I like it all I guess.” I decided I may as well tell him everything, or as much as I thought wouldn’t jeopardise our new friendship. “I do like to cum on girl’s faces or in their mouths, you know like in porn movies? They look so sexy afterwards…”

“Yes, I know. The Japanese like it a lot I think. I like that too, but not all girls let you. Some do though, I’ll tell you before we meet them.”

The conversation continued in a similar vein until we had both finished our beers. I declined a second, beginning to feel a little tired after travelling all day and then the recent session in the bedroom, so decided it was time to go. Before I left though, as promised John fished out his old phone, which was flashier and more up to date than my one at home, so that he could let me know when he had arranged meetings with girls for us.


I spent most of the next day doing tourist stuff, taking photos, the usual, until 6.30 when I was due to meet Vanessa and Herman, the American couple. Checking my email, it turned out that the place we’d arranged to meet was about 30 seconds walk from where I’d met John the day before, so I had no problem finding it, but turned up early in any case so as not to miss them. This was lucky as they had done the same.

“Howdy!” Herman said, although from the grin on his face I guessed he was being ironic rather than truly stereotypically American. As we shook hands I recognised him from one of the action shots on their profile: white, mid-forties, a little taller than me but also wider – let’s be honest, fatter – and balding, the hair he had left somewhere in its transition from black to grey. Even in his business suit he managed to look a little lecherous and seedy, as his face was unshaved and no longer that handsome.

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