What a Night

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It wasn’t really the thing I would do, or ever expected to do. However, now that I found myself in this situation, I could not imagine anything more exciting.

I looked at the time; it was nearly six in the evening. My friends’ train would come any minute, and as I stood outside the station, I could feel myself getting slightly wet. Technically, only one of them was my friend, I had no idea who the other two were, I only knew their names. James, Thomas, and my friend Harry.

Finally, the train arrived; I could see Harry and two strangers coming out of the gate. My clit was tingling with lust, and I gave Harry a quick hug, and the other two a handshake. It seemed a bit formal considering what was in the cards for later. We had planned it for a while, months actually. Having built up the sexual tension for so long, it was difficult to remain calm.

Together we stopped by the shop to buy drinks, before starting the short walk to my flat. Harry had a light smirk on his face as he talked to me; he seemed in a good mood. James and Thomas also appeared to be happy, so I got my hopes up.

As we got to my flat, we mixed up drinks and beer, and got our shoes off. As I took off my high heels, it occurred to me how much shorter I was than the men I had brought home. Oh well, not much I could do about that, I was known to be of the small type. I felt a bit shy in the little dress I was wearing, but I wanted to look nice for my guests. It was a black lace dress with an open back, and although my breasts were a bit squeezed together, it fit me pretty well. Underneath my dress, I had red lace knickers, bought new for the occasion. My red hair was tousled from a tight ponytail, to show off my slender back.

Getting out my nicest cocktail glasses for my drink, I was wondering if I should get drunk with strange men in my home, or if I should stay sober “just in case”. I decided to take it as it came, and follow their lead.

As we sat making small talk until eight o’clock, I could feel myself getting a bit impatient. Was I supposed to take the lead, make the first move? bakırköy türbanlı escort Or one of them? I stared at Harry, trying to tell him with my eyes that I was tipsy and ready. I bit my lip and looked up at him. Harry must have got the hint, as he shuffled closer to me on the sofa.

He lifted me up onto his lap, my back to him, and started kissing my neck. James and Thomas didn’t seem to notice at first, until Harry gently undid the strap on the back of my neck. I could feel my nipples harden under the dress, not wearing a bra, they were visible to the others. Harry slowly pulled my dress down, exposing my breasts to the others. I had never had an intimate relationship with Harry until now; this was new territory for us all. I slowly stood up and let my dress tumble to the floor. Only in my knickers, I bit my lip again, slightly frustrated at this habit I have when excited. I can’t help but biting my lip, or even nibbling at mine or my partner’s fingers. I put my dress on a chair, and looked around as they were all staring at me.

I felt shy all of a sudden, and blushed. I had never done anything like this before, and it was intimidating and sexy all at the same time.

Feeling brave, I sat down on Harry’s lap, facing him, with my legs on either side of him on the sofa. My knickers were wet at this point, and my nipples could not get any harder. As he grabbed my breast, I sat up straighter to let him gently bite my nipple, as I had told him I like so much. I took his t-shirt off, and tentatively kissed him on the lips. I started rocking back and forth on his lap, before he abruptly moved me off and stood up.

Confused, I realised he was taking his jeans and boxers off, showing a hard-on like no other. He sat down on his knees in front of me, and removed my knickers. Pushing me down on the sofa, I became nervous. Harry put his head between my legs, and very gently licked my clit. He seemed to go down on me in a pattern, I couldn’t tell, just that it was an incredible turn-on.

I had closed my eyes in bakırköy ucuz escort shyness, but as he pushed two fingers inside me, I gasped and opened them, only to realise Thomas and James were naked, masturbating at the sight of Harry and me. It was so hot, and I got closer to coming.

I wouldn’t usually come so quickly, but the build-up had been so long, and so slow, I could barely contain myself. As I started making quiet groaning sounds, Harry stopped what he was doing. He refused to let me come yet.

He picked me up from the sofa and carried me over to the living room wall, I panicked slightly at the thought of someone seeing us from outside the window, but that thought disappeared quickly as he pushed me against the wall and fucked me slowly. He was holding me securely in his strong arms, moving carefully in and out. I moaned again, he kissed me to make me quieten down.

I kissed him hard as I came, my entire body moving with the orgasm. Harry came after me, I could feel his warm cum fill me up, and it was dripping down my thighs as he pulled out.

I knew there was more to come. I smiled at James, who took a step forward. He nodded towards the big, wooden kitchen table, and I took his hint to lie down on my back on the table. James came over and looked me in the eyes, before putting his hard cock inside me. It started off slowly, but as James got more and more excited at how tight I was, he could not hold off. He fucked me fast, hard, furiously.

He pulled out just in time, and came all over my stomach and breasts. As he walked off, I wiped myself down with a towel, but there was no time for rest.

Thomas was more than ready. He waved me over to where he was sat on the sofa, hard as a rock. He stood up, and let me place myself on the sofa on my knees, leaning over the back of the sofa, facing the wall.

Thomas pulled my hair back tight and whispered in my ear, “You’re going to come so hard you won’t know what hit you”. I sighed in pleasure as he started on me, first slowly, and then picking up başakşehir escort the pace. Bent forward as I was, his cock hit my g-spot, and it felt amazing. It didn’t take long before my thighs started to shiver, I was close to coming.

I reached down between my legs to play with my clit, I much preferred a clit orgasm over a g-spot one, but the very best was both at once. I barely touched myself before I came, my muscles contracting in the strongest climax I’ve ever experienced. I didn’t even think of Thomas, or what was going on, and I was loud. He came inside me whilst I was whimpering, my muscles squeezing his cock with each pulsation around it.

He pulled out, and moved away.

I was so exhausted, but Harry had recovered, and was not finished with me. Or rather, I was not finished with him. He took my hand and led me through to my bedroom. I had an enormous bed in a small room, almost going from one wall to the opposite. He lay down on it and pulled me along, I got the hint.

Gently teasing him, I stroked around his cock, and cupped his balls in my hands. I pressed a finger against that sensitive bit below his balls, that I know can make a man cum really quickly. I licked my lips and closed them, not too firmly, before pressing them down onto him, so that the pressure of opening my lips could be felt on his cock. I did this a few times, before going further down on him. I came off, and carefully licked beneath the head of his dick, listening to him groaning in frustration and enjoyment all at once.

I licked the insides of my hands and placed them around him, moving them in a loose twisting motion whilst letting my mouth go up and down. I could feel Harry tensing in my hand, and I took him all in, deep throating his perfectly sized cock. I came off, pushed down with my lips and all the way down until I nuzzled my nose into his skin. And repeat. It did not take more than a few minutes before I could feel him fucking my mouth, getting excited. I let him, and not long after, I could feel the warm liquid in my throat, swallowing as much as I could.

As I removed myself from him, we collapsed in a bundle on the bed, both too tired to speak. We had forgotten about Thomas and James, who were now sat naked in the living room, drinking again. I put on some new knickers, and we went to join them. As we sat down, I wondered… What would happen later in the night, if that was the start of it.

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